John Oliver - Armenian Genocide

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  • efyization
    efyization 16 hours ago

    The massacre was mutual because Armenians rebelled to Ottoman Empire backed by Russian Tsar. When Tsar was murdered by Bolsheviks Armenians lost support because Bolsheviks knew Armenia was backed by Western interest. And Armenians were deported and many died :( a big number around 500000. Similarly around 500000 Turks and Kurds died during Armenian rebels and terror organisations. But the Armenians in big cities continued their lives gradually felt threatened and left the country in the following years. Their transportable possessions were not confiscated... But this story is about exactly what happens when local communities fight each other for an alien interest. As a Turkish person, i hate politicians sneaky and cunning whatever nationality i don't care. But traumatizing both societies and world with an unnecessary hostility towards each other because of a past civil war? That is sick. And then you want us to stay silent and obedient about Israel? Or maybe you dont but whats the reason of this silence? There are even some ridiculous claims by American historians suggesting the presence of gas chambers in 1914 ottoman empire. a nice hit of LSD i hope otherwise that is insanity. Pure propaganda. I am very sorry the souls that are lost during the baby steps of toddler like egoistic stupid capitalist brain fuck soup that we have to live in today. Maybe it was exactly like that in the past. So stupidity goes on by abusing thousands of dead bodies thrown around oil maps and wait for Superman to come to save us. Or just USA maybe, would fit great with the self centeredness. Sorry for punctuation i am terrible with that.

  • Stop Armenian Lies
    Stop Armenian Lies 2 days ago

    If you want to learn more about Armenian question, follow my Instagram account "stoparmenianlies"

  • Dayı Oğlu
    Dayı Oğlu 3 days ago

    yes Armenians are dead but we r dead to. why do you talk about this. why do you talk about Deceased Muslims ? .. you r just racist. J U S T

  • chance2413
    chance2413 4 days ago

    Who was behind the genocide and who funded it? Could it be the same people behind the genocide in China and the former USSR? The people who started and funded two world wars? The people who raped and murdered their way through small villages and towns all while claiming they were the victims and they torched cities and replaced them with their own. The people who are the most powerful in the world and pretend that claiming such is racist? Does anyone know who I am talking about?.....Here's a (((hint)))

  • StarmanDeluxe
    StarmanDeluxe 4 days ago

    i first heard about the Armenian genocide from system of a down

  • TheMKALEnder
    TheMKALEnder 5 days ago

    The fact that the so called "Armenian genocide" is just a widespread, shameless lie will surprise only those who watch the kardashians and the news and ignore history.

  • Effie W.
    Effie W. 6 days ago

    WHAT ABAOUT CIRCASSIAN GENOCIDE? I bet You fucking armenians dont even know about it.

  • AL WAG
    AL WAG 6 days ago

    And don't forget the Pontic genocide!!!

  • Vugar Bakhshalizada

    The only reason behind why people know about this fuckocide (!) is Kardashian's ass lol :D

  • Zelousmarineinspace

    I found out about the Armenian Genocide because of The Young Turks. Fuck the Kardashians.

    Also, despite John Oliver being a massive cuck, this WAS a very good video.

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 9 days ago

    The interesting thing about this is that if Kardashian had shown no interest in the Armenian genocide, and not given a fuck about it, none of these precious morons would be complaining about her.
    It doesn't matter how you get a message out. As long as it gets out. When it finally does hit the mainstream, people complain? No wonder Armenians haven't been able to get this message out if that's how little they understand how the media works.
    They can either build on this new focus created by Kardashian or complain about it. Seems like looking a gift horse in the mouth to me. Would they rather their messenger was some unknown academic who can't get more than 10 people to listen to him?

  • DEMETRA1978
    DEMETRA1978 9 days ago

    Whoever is against Armenia, he is against civilization

  • husamettincintonik
    husamettincintonik 10 days ago

    ah, Armenians... why do you have to be so pathetic? So pathetic that when I laugh at your situation I feel ashamed of myself.

    Here is a "friendly" advice from a Turk, take it as you will: The Genocide was a necessary evil. Either get over with it already and focus on progress OR stay stucked in the past and continue to illegaly immigrate to Turkey to do our laundrywork for 5 TL/hour. The choice is yours, and it is really that simple, for Turkey will NEVER accept the genocide.

  • DerManiac
    DerManiac 11 days ago

    Cenk Uygur disliked this

  • Milesh Shah
    Milesh Shah 11 days ago

    I don't agree with everything that comes out of his mouth, but this was gold

  • Guinness
    Guinness 11 days ago

    Oliver would kill Putin. I GIVE THE MAN A LIKE :D

  • Bilge Eda Gökçe
    Bilge Eda Gökçe 12 days ago

    I don't know history (No one knows) because our history was written by our ancestors so we know history in their sight (I believe). I know a lot of Turkish died in trains because of bad conditions when Russia Government told them to leave Russia (same as The Armenian Genocide). I can say that I'm sorry for Armenians but burning and trampling our flag (altough this genocide doesn't have anything to do with Turkey but Ottoman Empire) and saying curses to us. I know that a lot of Armenians killed Turkish villagers during the Independence War. Although they were called Millet-i Sadıka (The Loyal Nation) by Ottomans. I'm sorry for your loss but it was a war I won't say that "They did the same thing!! So we were right to do it." because killing people is always bad for everyone. I hope you will understand me.

  • Social Engineering
    Social Engineering 13 days ago

    what is this killing Putin shit? leave the guy alone, hes not fucking with us john. you know we think Russian news commentators are inflammatory, but youre the same if not worse. go back to merry old england you fucking limey

  • Kayra Yazıcı
    Kayra Yazıcı 13 days ago

    thats not a genocide. but u can say its genocide. cuz its like an ant attacking on lion and then lion step on it.

  • D90Girl
    D90Girl 13 days ago

    John is a fucking puppet ......

  • AFD dakhilaf
    AFD dakhilaf 14 days ago

    It is imperative to point out, and i reaaaaaly hope @JohnOliver listens, that the Armenians rebelled against the Ottomans and seized cities to hand them over to the enemy (Russia). the Ottoman Turks reacted in a very ruthless manner and almost a million Armenians were killed or displaced. I will not judge whether their decision to rebel against their ''country'' (as they were considered ottoman citizens) was a good one or not but they must have understood that it will come at a price. you can see them as freedom fighters or treasonous subjects.

  • Doğa Şele
    Doğa Şele 14 days ago

    there is no genocide, fucking liars.

  • joey clay
    joey clay 15 days ago

    what i can't stand are the straw-man arguements made by Turks in the comments section trying to justify this genocide by saying how the Greeks treated them bad back and how they were treated in the Balkans after the Turks lost the Balkans.

  • Zencani Bombaatar
    Zencani Bombaatar 16 days ago

    gerçekleri yazıyorum siz ayaklandınız bizi öldürdünüz biz de sizin ANANIZI SİKTİK. ALSKDŞLASKDŞASL

  • 737PilotDocSportelloLovesShastaFay

    i HATE this subhuman fuck bitch so much. he needs to worry about his own people. always slamming christians but never anyone else.

  • art dd
    art dd 18 days ago

    Excellent movie, I highly recommend it

  • icyburger
    icyburger 18 days ago

    As a Turk, I would like to apologize to the Armenians seeing how our shit government would not do it. Sorry, Armenians, let's hope other Turks like this!

  • coss crosss
    coss crosss 20 days ago


  • liedetector101
    liedetector101 21 day ago

    The Young Turks commited the Armenian genocide.

  • Pickle Barrel
    Pickle Barrel 24 days ago

    this is fucking disgusting, these people should be hung

  • bob doesdallas
    bob doesdallas 24 days ago

    There was no genocide.. it was a conflict when the armenians sided with the russians and they went on a killing rampoage thru turkey video titled 'The Armenian Revolt: 1894-1920 ' - or just google Armenian revolt .. educate yourself... these armeanians are trying to make out that turks just one day were bored and decided to kill armeanians for fun when they were all living together.. but when you watch the video you will see what lead up to it and how GUILTY THEY ARE

  • Bryan3934
    Bryan3934 25 days ago

    The Turks genocide on the Armenians shall not be uttered near Cenk Uygur....Branding nightmare! Thank god college leftist snowflakes don't know anything other than being a victim.

  • Andre Soares
    Andre Soares 26 days ago

    Yet years later Kim uses a communist hoodie
    Talking about genicide huh

  • Jessyfurman
    Jessyfurman 26 days ago

    this guy is jack ass, no honor ,respect ,typical liberal fuck up

  • Eric O'Driscoll
    Eric O'Driscoll 26 days ago

    Was not just armenian, also greek and assyrian genocide. 3 million christians murdered by muslim turks . turk nation is built on blood, like others but turks are openly proud of it. i have been in several countries including turkey and the atmosphere in turkey is toxic. blind nationslism and islamic extremism. and this shit is in the NATO and negotiating with EU

  • Δημήτρης Χριστόπουλος

    for real what the f@ck there was a genocide and they care for the kardasians for fuck shake

  • Kaliss
    Kaliss 27 days ago

    Leave it to the Muslims to deny any wrongdoing ever in history. At least Christians can be self critical. The largest slave trade in human history was also Islamic. I don't see blacks asking Muslims for reparations.

  • ҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉

    kardashian are fat and ugly. nothing else... ariana grande is hot :D

  • ҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉

    all racist idiots assembled in the comment section... idiots go to school and read books instead of watching bullshit like this... first this is only satire not even true news and secondly there are many evidences that armenians massacred 130 000 turks and so ATATÜRK later forced 500 tausend of them to imigrate... 40-60 tausend died... during the fights also more then 60000 turkish soldier died against 200 000 russian supported rebells!1!!!!

  • ҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉

    FUCK MEDIA... the historians proved that the armenians did the genocide against turks with the help of russia cuz they wanted to establish their own state... they though they could be succesful cuz turkey was in war against 5-6 states and they though turkey would lose 100% so they started killing innocent people about 130 tausend kaukasian turks... but turkey won the war (at least could defent anatolia) and after the war 500 tausend armenians were made imigrate and during this 40-60 tausend died... thats all the story... so believe armenians who massacred 1000 azerbaijani in 1992 in karabag and also now taken land from azerbaijan or believe turkey and tausend of histical proves? and he most tragidic point is that people talk about greek armenian assyren genocidie?! wtf.. all know that greeks even burned mosques down with hundreds of people in them... but ok western madia is under their control and what they claim must be right... poor world

  • private91205
    private91205 27 days ago

    This is not a funny subject you fuck

  • osman kılıç
    osman kılıç 27 days ago

    guys do you even know how many people death at first world war? how many turkish people death at war?

  • Minkki82
    Minkki82 27 days ago

    fuck cenk uyger

  • Christine DerSarkissian

    Us Armenians hate the Kardashians because ONCE a year, they show that they are Armenians and actually give a shit about recognition for the genocide. There are so many other ordinary Armenians that fight for justice all year round and are far more active than these brainless celebrities

  • Rumelia
    Rumelia 27 days ago

    Too bad John, I and many other Turks liked you. I for one am a big fan of Ian Duncan.

    Seeing as you chosen to be history-phobiac, I'm gonna have to stop watching your show. You were starring to annoy me with your cringe-worthy impressions anyways.

  • AST Telman
    AST Telman 28 days ago

    Fuck armenian baran

  • Deli Mesepeci
    Deli Mesepeci 29 days ago

    FUCK armenia GO AZERBAIJAN GO GO GO GO GO GO TURKEY GO AZERBAIJAN GO PAKISTAN GO ISRAEL GO TURKISH COUNTRY GO! fuck armenia fuck russia fuck serbie fuck serbia fuck bulgaria!

  • smyrnianlink
    smyrnianlink 29 days ago

    Less than 500 thousand armenians died on an incident of forceful
    emigration that took place during the Turkish-Russian war in which
    Armenians (Turkish citizens) decided to revolt and took the side of the
    Russians. Forceful emigration was a military decision that aimed to
    secure the supply lines of the army.
    Armenian gangs (called tashnak, hinchak, tashnaksutyun) not only
    attacked Turkish troops from back but also were very good at "cleansing"
    and burning of Turkish and Kurdish villages. More than 2 million muslim
    civilians died and the armenian losses (along with cold winter and
    famine) were the result of local Kurdish tribes that attacked the
    emigrating armenians for the revenge of their own families and
    There is no dispute on the armenian revolt. Revolt is a historical fact.
    Something they are even still proud of. In fact they advertised the
    revolt very well with magazines, papers, posters and leaflets , with
    pictures describing how efficiently they were cleansing the muslim
    population. These documents became explicit after glasnost/perestroyka
    when KGB archives were opened. Was anyone surprised?
     Did anyone change his policy?
    It is just ignored.
    I am sorry but Armenians do not possess the "innocence factor" ...
    Jews did not revolt against the germans, nor did they burn any german
    villages. That is why that is called a genocide... Jews were innocent.
    Armenian case is a bilateral war-crime storm at best (or wost..).. or a
    civil war..

  • AZE Medic
    AZE Medic 1 month ago

    Kardashian is a national armenian hero! True spirit of armenians

  • paul robbins
    paul robbins 1 month ago

    americans love talking about armenian genocide what about the genocide of the native Americans and the Africans slaves

  • 413689765t
    413689765t 1 month ago

    Politics is always involved in these types of situations. Here are a few brief points:

    1. The Ottoman Empire did not plan the genocide alone they had the counsel of their German Allies

    2. The Ottomans wanted complete control of the empire b/c it was slowly beginning to collapse, so they began a purge of not just Armenians, but anyone who was not Muslim (the majority were Armenian).

    3. The purge was due to multiple other reasons, eliminating any threat of rebellion, confiscating wealth that non-Turks had to feed their war machine, starting an ultra-nationalist movement (once again for military purposes)

    4. The genocide was primarily orchestrated by three individuals known as the three pashas (a quick google search will reveal their names and bios) there is also some evidence suggesting that they had links to the State of Israel.

    5. Similar to the Holocaust, the price to deport a large population out of the country was too high so they simply began killing everyone. They first executed anyone they perceived as having money/power/valuables to confiscate their stuff.

    6. As for everyone else, to really reduce the cost of killing all the common folk, the Ottoman Empire used the desert as a giant oven and lead people on death marches (they told them they were being relocated).

    Today several nations including the US for example, have not accepted the genocide primarily because of military/economic reasons. Turkey is a NATO member which allows the US to have strategic military bases in the region. Don't take my word for it, if you look at the historical facts, the vast majority of reputable scholars and people with no political, military or economic interests on the issue have concluded it was in fact a genocide. Please try to be objective about this and argue with facts rather than feelings.

  • Jenna Nahas
    Jenna Nahas 1 month ago


  • Erdinç Yılmaz
    Erdinç Yılmaz 1 month ago

    Heil Enver Pasha, Heil Talat Pasha... Long live Turkiye...

  • A A
    A A 1 month ago

    Is genocide such a funny topic for your program? choose another topic for sarcasm!!!!

  • Cray0n Soldier
    Cray0n Soldier 1 month ago

    current year man is a faggot

  • Jacket Stfu
    Jacket Stfu 1 month ago

    Turkey always hate Armenia since 884 A.C

  • Lucy Lu
    Lucy Lu 1 month ago

    Not funny😡

  • Tigran McHitarian
    Tigran McHitarian 1 month ago

    wow, so many genocide deniars.... thank you turks for showing the world that you have not learned ANYTHING in the last 100 years. you are the same blood-thursty, hating, ungodly, creatures. I feel sorry for your existence

  • - SlAlex MSP-
    - SlAlex MSP- 1 month ago

    im armenian.

  • Great White
    Great White 1 month ago

    The biggest lie and political propaganda. Absolutely easiest way to collect money..

  • baghatur41
    baghatur41 1 month ago

    The genocide is a lie.The Turkish government opens all of military and civillian records of ww1 to all researchers and journalists.However, as usual people prefer talking to reading .

  • Greg Zohrabian
    Greg Zohrabian 1 month ago

    yo this is hilarious screw turkey

  • MrFuthisshit
    MrFuthisshit 1 month ago

    Turkey denying everything the ottoman empire did , genocide and enslaving the Balkans .. with recent developments they showed who they are .. fuck em

  • v s
    v s 1 month ago

    Listen, ermeni!
    In 1914 your traitor grandparents chose to side with Russia and began the revolt with the aim to detach the territory of Eastern Anatolia from the Ottoman Empire for your to-be free-of-Turks ethnically-pure-and-clean Armenian state. And you failed! You killed almost 1 million defenseless Turkish children, women and elderly while their fathers, husbands and sons heroically fought on the frontlines of WWI. This was very typical of your dirty genes - stabbing on the back, fighting with the children.

    However, you miscalculated the consequences. You thought Russians came there forever and Turkish army was kicked out forever, didn't you? My ass! The glorious Turkish army returned and fucked your mother! Call this genocide - who gives a shit? If it was a genocide, then it is the only justified genocide in human history which I fully applaud! Your traitor grandparents deserved to be fucked!

    Thanks for the retaliation of the glorious Turkish Army, today Turks happily live in their homes. If your idiotic grandparents had some wits, they would have lived there too, side by side with the Turks. But they wanted to live without the Turks, in "Armenia". Fuck you! Now get the fuck out of Anatolia, and live in California. You will never return to Anatolia. You lost those lands FOREVER!!!

    Guess why? Because you are fucking L O S E R S!!!

  • menckencynic
    menckencynic 1 month ago

    Oh thank God: Oliver in such a moron, it's sort of possible he could be a genocide denier.

  • Robert Harwood
    Robert Harwood 1 month ago

    Canned laughter, says it all!

    • w3irdo13
      w3irdo13 1 month ago

      It's called a studio audience.

  • Jj T
    Jj T 1 month ago

    Only Turks deny the Armenian Genocide

  • snoble2k
    snoble2k 1 month ago

    @John Oliver et all- All those who recognize the so-called genocide claim come 50 to 100+ years after the war. Remember Iraq and the weapons on "mass destruction"? Never proven and got us into a mess! All recognition of the So-called genocide has been financed! Uruguay(Who had no diplomatic or geographical ties) was the first country to financially adopt the claim 50 years after the war! France (1998), Russia (1995) adopted the claim and they were a part of the war during the time that the Armenians claim such an incident occurred but did not say a single thing regarding during the Paris Peace Conference. All other countries had been lobbied Note that Britain, France and Russia armed and backed Armenian militants who were trying to create a Greater Armenia. Armenia after WW1 in 1920 was annexed as part of the Soviet Union and later given Independence in 1991, Armenians claimed oppression during the Soviet rule. Britain claims there never was a genocide! Before incriminating the Turks or anyone of anything remember hear-say is not admissible in a court of law and bribery is illegal!

  • Joe Vlogs
    Joe Vlogs 1 month ago

    I just watched this horrible video and didn't enjoy any bit of it. I am Armenian and take this very offensive! Imagine if 1.5 million of your race or culture gotten tortured and slaughtered by Turks would you still be up on set cracking up jokes? This is pathetic I am going to make sure this video gets taken down asap

  • Mustafa zzstu Mahfoudh

    George Clony called it a genocide, it must be a genocide

  • Y Kazerr
    Y Kazerr 1 month ago

    Get your facts right. Turkey does not deny or acknowladge the Armenian genocide but insist in an independent investigation by historician and has opened their archives in this matter and requested the Armenian prime minister several times to open their archives in order to let the historicians do their work. Erdogan has said many times that Turkey will face the past whatever the outcome of the investigation would be but will not accept any decision taken by foreign governments without an investigation...

  • Arunabha Das
    Arunabha Das 1 month ago

    Muslim Empire did so no genocide
    3.5 bengalies killed by pakistan 1971, that noooo its just muslim way of war
    10 million indian died in Exodus of 1947, Still people Ask questions why do we hate pakistan?

  • Sergey Karenov
    Sergey Karenov 1 month ago

    it the tragedy

  • Mandy Olsen
    Mandy Olsen 1 month ago

    just learned about this today. never heard of it before. very tragic . may those souls rest in peace.

  • MonteGermanian
    MonteGermanian 1 month ago

    Oliver you are Amazing

  • Nu B
    Nu B 1 month ago

    Israel doesn't believe it's a genocide either.

  • Murad Ələkbərov
    Murad Ələkbərov 1 month ago

    genocide?what?it is lol! Never Turkey kill them.
    Armenians kill peaceful Azerbaijans in 1918…1992

  • Drew Haney
    Drew Haney 1 month ago

    Why is this TWIT commenting on something this SERIOUS? This isn't FUNNY, you pathetic little Terry Gilliam wannabe..some things aren't MEANT for COMEDY

  • jakewalle
    jakewalle 1 month ago

    Haha didnt know Obama was this damn weak, fucking cuck. Now I can fully say he is the reason why syria had their massive civilwar and also why isis didnt get destroyed right away, weak fucking clown. Oh and now you got another clown in the white house...when will another real president with actual balls be your president again? Like you know..washington and others

  • Selcouth Human
    Selcouth Human 2 months ago

    "That's too glib." John, your Britishness is showing

  • WhiteOakRidge
    WhiteOakRidge 2 months ago

    John Oliver would have been ripping on Cenk Uygur this entire episode if he happened to be a Republican.

  • S J.
    S J. 2 months ago

    To be fair. Most people in America don't know about the millions of people murdered by the US government in the last few decades. A global genocide if you will...

    • S J.
      S J. 2 months ago

      If you defend the US then you are also responsible for genocide and the murder of babies.

  • Trident Gaming
    Trident Gaming 2 months ago


  • Rguha Liolrm
    Rguha Liolrm 2 months ago

    How many comments are there to be read here on youtube saying "[insert person/tv show/movie/music] brought me here" ..??

    No fan of the Kardashians but why someone should be mocked for knowing about the Armenian genocide through them is beyond me.

    No fan of John Oliver either. Showing a laughing girl in this context is kind of saying "what a dumb and ignorant girl"" yet John Oliver wants the audience to laugh at this girl for reasons congruent with the way her ignorance is framed. Vile tv.

  • Dr Ralph Kennedy
    Dr Ralph Kennedy 2 months ago

    John Oliver is Mi6 - and I know that for a fact

  • Jay Gravity
    Jay Gravity 2 months ago

    wow man people just laugh and stay ignorant.....

  • Henrik Hovhannisyan
    Henrik Hovhannisyan 2 months ago

    just type Armenian Genocide in Google Images, and you will see what did turks to innocent Armenian people. killing woman , children and old people, shame on you turks. you have the sins of your ancestors on you. so recognize it each one of you and ask the forgiveness of the GOD.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 2 months ago

    You think you could kill comrade Putin? Lul

  • andreas tsi
    andreas tsi 2 months ago

    turkey gave nothing in the world except genocides and holocausts . They have stolen everything from the Greeks and Armenians

  • Volturis
    Volturis 2 months ago

    What's fucked up is during the genocide, Arabs (muslim or otherwise) provided refuge for the Armenian survivors. I wish the Arabs, at that point, realized, "Holy shit, this religion thing drives people to murder. Fuck this!"

  • mr bigtürk
    mr bigtürk 2 months ago

    stupid armenians. they keep crying. loosers.

  • R&N RailProductions
    R&N RailProductions 2 months ago

    Of course Obama would cuck out and suck Turkey's dick, glad Trump won.

  • MsKsmith1234
    MsKsmith1234 2 months ago

    The Genocide happened. Even Turkey itself admitted it in the trials in 1920's. It's only recently that this offended 'amnesia' has appeared in the Turkish government.

  • Nelly Bell
    Nelly Bell 2 months ago

    It's so sad that you still need to educate people about this. Almost my whole family was raped or murdered with just a few woman escaping to America and that girl says "that genocide thing is going on now"... really?? So sad 😢

  • Len Telekom
    Len Telekom 2 months ago

    fuck armenia armenia is bitch

  • Melting Caramel
    Melting Caramel 2 months ago

    As an Armenian, I find it rude to add that laughter in the background. Like, what the fuck is your problem? Oh millions of people were killed!!! HAHAHA SO FUNNY!

  • X_ Calibre
    X_ Calibre 2 months ago

    Am I one of the very few people who actually heard of the Armenian Genocide NOT through Kim K? On a side note, I'm pretty sure that the victims of the genocide are rolling in their graves at the thought of having those degenerates visit their burial sites.

  • Ethan Doughty
    Ethan Doughty 2 months ago

    Muh Ottoman Empire - every Turk

  • Ethan Doughty
    Ethan Doughty 2 months ago

    Kill: Pope
    Marry: Putin
    Fuck: Clooney

  • samvel tamrazyan
    samvel tamrazyan 2 months ago

    Vse aziki Tuziki.

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