John Oliver - Armenian Genocide

From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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Author Tigran McHitarian ( ago)
wow, so many genocide deniars.... thank you turks for showing the world that you have not learned ANYTHING in the last 100 years. you are the same blood-thursty, hating, ungodly, creatures. I feel sorry for your existence

Author - SlAlex MSP- ( ago)
im armenian.

Author alperen kral ( ago)
if turkey did armenian genocide no more armenian live in the world now stupid lie fuck off

Author Great White ( ago)
The biggest lie and political propaganda. Absolutely easiest way to collect money..

Author baghatur41 ( ago)
The genocide is a lie.The Turkish government opens all of military and civillian records of ww1 to all researchers and journalists.However, as usual people prefer talking to reading .

Author Greg Zohrabian ( ago)
yo this is hilarious screw turkey

Author MrFuthisshit ( ago)
Turkey denying everything the ottoman empire did , genocide and enslaving the Balkans .. with recent developments they showed who they are .. fuck em

Author v s ( ago)
Listen, ermeni!
In 1914 your traitor grandparents chose to side with Russia and began the revolt with the aim to detach the territory of Eastern Anatolia from the Ottoman Empire for your to-be free-of-Turks ethnically-pure-and-clean Armenian state. And you failed! You killed almost 1 million defenseless Turkish children, women and elderly while their fathers, husbands and sons heroically fought on the frontlines of WWI. This was very typical of your dirty genes - stabbing on the back, fighting with the children.

However, you miscalculated the consequences. You thought Russians came there forever and Turkish army was kicked out forever, didn't you? My ass! The glorious Turkish army returned and fucked your mother! Call this genocide - who gives a shit? If it was a genocide, then it is the only justified genocide in human history which I fully applaud! Your traitor grandparents deserved to be fucked!

Thanks for the retaliation of the glorious Turkish Army, today Turks happily live in their homes. If your idiotic grandparents had some wits, they would have lived there too, side by side with the Turks. But they wanted to live without the Turks, in "Armenia". Fuck you! Now get the fuck out of Anatolia, and live in California. You will never return to Anatolia. You lost those lands FOREVER!!!

Guess why? Because you are fucking L O S E R S!!!

Author menckencynic ( ago)
Oh thank God: Oliver in such a moron, it's sort of possible he could be a genocide denier.

Author Robert Harwood ( ago)
Canned laughter, says it all!

Author Jj T ( ago)
Only Turks deny the Armenian Genocide

Author snoble2k ( ago)
@John Oliver et all- All those who recognize the so-called genocide claim come 50 to 100+ years after the war. Remember Iraq and the weapons on "mass destruction"? Never proven and got us into a mess! All recognition of the So-called genocide has been financed! Uruguay(Who had no diplomatic or geographical ties) was the first country to financially adopt the claim 50 years after the war! France (1998), Russia (1995) adopted the claim and they were a part of the war during the time that the Armenians claim such an incident occurred but did not say a single thing regarding during the Paris Peace Conference. All other countries had been lobbied Note that Britain, France and Russia armed and backed Armenian militants who were trying to create a Greater Armenia. Armenia after WW1 in 1920 was annexed as part of the Soviet Union and later given Independence in 1991, Armenians claimed oppression during the Soviet rule. Britain claims there never was a genocide! Before incriminating the Turks or anyone of anything remember hear-say is not admissible in a court of law and bribery is illegal!

Author Joseph Khudeda ( ago)
I just watched this horrible video and didn't enjoy any bit of it. I am Armenian and take this very offensive! Imagine if 1.5 million of your race or culture gotten tortured and slaughtered by Turks would you still be up on set cracking up jokes? This is pathetic I am going to make sure this video gets taken down asap

Author Mustafa zzstu Mahfoudh ( ago)
George Clony called it a genocide, it must be a genocide

Author Y Kazerr ( ago)
Get your facts right. Turkey does not deny or acknowladge the Armenian genocide but insist in an independent investigation by historician and has opened their archives in this matter and requested the Armenian prime minister several times to open their archives in order to let the historicians do their work. Erdogan has said many times that Turkey will face the past whatever the outcome of the investigation would be but will not accept any decision taken by foreign governments without an investigation...

Author Arunabha Das ( ago)
Muslim Empire did so no genocide
3.5 bengalies killed by pakistan 1971, that noooo its just muslim way of war
10 million indian died in Exodus of 1947, Still people Ask questions why do we hate pakistan?

Author Sergey Karenov ( ago)
it the tragedy

Author Mandy Olsen ( ago)
just learned about this today. never heard of it before. very tragic . may those souls rest in peace.

Author MonteGermanian ( ago)
Oliver you are Amazing

Author Nu B ( ago)
Israel doesn't believe it's a genocide either.

Author Murad Ələkbərov ( ago)
genocide?what?it is lol! Never Turkey kill them.
Armenians kill peaceful Azerbaijans in 1918…1992

Author Drew Haney ( ago)
Why is this TWIT commenting on something this SERIOUS? This isn't FUNNY, you pathetic little Terry Gilliam wannabe..some things aren't MEANT for COMEDY

Author jakewalle ( ago)
Haha didnt know Obama was this damn weak, fucking cuck. Now I can fully say he is the reason why syria had their massive civilwar and also why isis didnt get destroyed right away, weak fucking clown. Oh and now you got another clown in the white house...when will another real president with actual balls be your president again? Like you know..washington and others

Author Selcouth Human ( ago)
"That's too glib." John, your Britishness is showing

Author WhiteOakRidge ( ago)
John Oliver would have been ripping on Cenk Uygur this entire episode if he happened to be a Republican.

Author S J. ( ago)
To be fair. Most people in America don't know about the millions of people murdered by the US government in the last few decades. A global genocide if you will...

Author Trident Gaming ( ago)

Author Rguha Liolrm ( ago)
How many comments are there to be read here on youtube saying "[insert person/tv show/movie/music] brought me here" ..??

No fan of the Kardashians but why someone should be mocked for knowing about the Armenian genocide through them is beyond me.

No fan of John Oliver either. Showing a laughing girl in this context is kind of saying "what a dumb and ignorant girl"" yet John Oliver wants the audience to laugh at this girl for reasons congruent with the way her ignorance is framed. Vile tv.

Author Dr Ralph Kennedy ( ago)
John Oliver is Mi6 - and I know that for a fact

Author Jay Gravity ( ago)
wow man people just laugh and stay ignorant.....

Author Henrik Hovhannisyan ( ago)
just type Armenian Genocide in Google Images, and you will see what did turks to innocent Armenian people. killing woman , children and old people, shame on you turks. you have the sins of your ancestors on you. so recognize it each one of you and ask the forgiveness of the GOD.

Author Tyler Smith ( ago)
You think you could kill comrade Putin? Lul

Author andreas tsi ( ago)
turkey gave nothing in the world except genocides and holocausts . They have stolen everything from the Greeks and Armenians

Author Volturis ( ago)
What's fucked up is during the genocide, Arabs (muslim or otherwise) provided refuge for the Armenian survivors. I wish the Arabs, at that point, realized, "Holy shit, this religion thing drives people to murder. Fuck this!"

Author mr bigtürk ( ago)
stupid armenians. they keep crying. loosers.

Author R&N RailProductions ( ago)
Of course Obama would cuck out and suck Turkey's dick, glad Trump won.

Author MsKsmith1234 ( ago)
The Genocide happened. Even Turkey itself admitted it in the trials in 1920's. It's only recently that this offended 'amnesia' has appeared in the Turkish government.

Author Nelly Bell ( ago)
It's so sad that you still need to educate people about this. Almost my whole family was raped or murdered with just a few woman escaping to America and that girl says "that genocide thing is going on now"... really?? So sad 😢

Author Len Telekom ( ago)
fuck armenia armenia is bitch

Author Melting Caramel ( ago)
As an Armenian, I find it rude to add that laughter in the background. Like, what the fuck is your problem? Oh millions of people were killed!!! HAHAHA SO FUNNY!

Author X_ Calibre ( ago)
Am I one of the very few people who actually heard of the Armenian Genocide NOT through Kim K? On a side note, I'm pretty sure that the victims of the genocide are rolling in their graves at the thought of having those degenerates visit their burial sites.

Author Ethan Doughty ( ago)
Muh Ottoman Empire - every Turk

Author Ethan Doughty ( ago)
Kill: Pope
Marry: Putin
Fuck: Clooney

Author samvel tamrazyan ( ago)
Vse aziki Tuziki.

Author samvel tamrazyan ( ago)

Author vi hu ( ago)
wow he´s not funny

Author turkesgeri ( ago)
There was no genocide. Armenians betrayed Turkey and helped Russians to massacre Turks. Therefore Turks fought back and punished them. Lets talk about genocide which US did against natives and japanese people, what French did to Algerians, what Russians did to Circassians. What about British and Belgian atrocities against Africans?

Author Engin Diker ( ago)
It is one of the greatest imprealist lies. It is absolutely clear that thousands of Armenians, like the Turks, Greeks, Assyrians, Kurds, have died between the years 1910-1922 but as the European Court of Human Rights stated (You may recall from the trial from Lawyer Amal Colooney) there has been a great tragedy but It can't be said that a government which was at it's weakest point at the moment, planned and sentenced a genocide.

Author Red Panzer Productions ( ago)
I knew this genocide long time ago. :/

Author DinoLoverandArtist ( ago)
The Ottoman Empire was the Islamic State in the 20th century. Today the Turkish State is working it's way to being a Neo Ottoman Empire.Turks massacred not only Armenians but also Arameans/Assyrians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Yezidis and non Sunni minorities. The 9/11 Hijackers chose September 11th because of the Ottoman Empire's loss at the gates of Vienna in 1683.Turks and (Islam in general) are an existential threat to Christians and Western Civilization.

Author Pink Star ( ago)
I'm an Armenian. I am not pissed off by the Turks' killings, because there is no way to bring back millions of lives. But I am pissed off at the fact that they deny denial.

Author özgür alçın ( ago)
Without denying the tragic massacres and countless deaths the Armenians suffered during World War I, it is important to place them in their proper context. When this is done, the application of the term “genocide” to these events is inappropriate because the Turkish actions were neither unilateral nor premeditated. Rather, what transpired was part of a long-continuing process that in part started with the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78, which triggered an influx of Balkan Muslims
into Anatolia with the attendant deterioration of relations with the indigenous Christian Armenians. To make matters worse, Patriarch Nerses, an Ottoman subject and one of the leaders of the Armenian community, entered into negotiations with the victorious Russians with an eye to achieving Armenian autonomy or even independence.
This was followed in coming decades by continued Armenian nationalist agitation, accompanied by the use of terror, aimed at provoking retaliation, which they hoped would be followed by European intervention. When World War I broke out, some Armenians supported the Russians and the British both of which at that time Turks deemed enemy. Kurdish/Muslim-Armenian animosities also played a role in this process. As for the necessary attribute of premeditation
to demonstrate genocide, there are no authentic documents to such effect. Although there are countless descriptions of the depravations suffered by the Armenians, they do not prove intent or premeditation. The so calledAndonian documents that purport to demonstrate premeditation are almost certainly a fabrication.And in response to the Armenian contention that the huge loss of Armenian lives illustrates premeditation, what then should be said about the enormous loss of Turkish lives among civilians, soldiers, and prisoners-of-war?
Were these Turkish deaths also genocide or rather
due to sheer incompetence, neglect, starvation,
and disease? And if the latter were true of the
ethnic Turkish population, they were all the more
so in respect to an ethnic group that had incurred
upon itself suspicion of acting as a fifth column
in a time of war.
Even so, Armenian communities in such large
Western cities as Istanbul and Smyrna were largely
spared deportation probably because they were
not in a position to aid the invading Russians. Is
it possible to imagine Hitler sparing any Jews in
Berlin, Munich, or Cologne from his genocidal
rampage for similar reasons? If, as the Armenians
allege, the Turkish intent was to subject their Armenian
victims to a premeditated forced march
until they died of exhaustion, why was this tactic
not imposed on all Armenians? Therefore, without
denying outright murders and massacres that today might qualify as war crimes, it seems reasonable
to question the validity of referring to
the Armenian tragedy as "genocide".

Author Archie Arch ( ago)
No matter what anybody says: IT WAS a GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author 503leafy ( ago)
So Turkey is more important then Armenia?

Author özgür alçın ( ago)
Prominent Historian regarded as the "dean of the Middle East scholars", Bernard Lewis' response to the genocide allegations and those who liken what happened to Armenians to what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany :
“This is a question of definition and nowadays the word "genocide"
is used very loosely even in cases where no bloodshed is involved at all and I can understand the
annoyance of those who feel refused. But in this particular case, the point that was being made
was that the massacre of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was the same as what happened
to Jews in Nazi Germany and that is a downright falsehood. What happened to the Armenians
was the result of a massive Armenian armed rebellion against the Turks, which began even
before war broke out, and continued on a larger scale.
Great numbers of Armenians, including members of the armed forces, deserted, crossed the
frontier and joined the Russian forces invading Turkey. Armenian rebels actually seized the city
of Van and held it for a while intending to hand it over to the invaders. There was guerilla
warfare all over Anatolia. And it is what we nowadays call the National Movement of Armenians
Against Turkey. The Turks certainly resorted to very ferocious methods in repelling it.
There is clear evidence of a decision by the Turkish Government, to deport the Armenian
population from the sensitive areas. Which meant naturally the whole of Anatolia. Not including
the Arab provinces which were then still part of the Ottoman Empire. There is no evidence of a
decision to massacre. On the contrary, there is considerable evidence of attempt to prevent it,
which were not very successful. Yes there were tremendous massacres, the numbers are very
uncertain but a million nay may well be likely.
The massacres were carried out by irregulars, by local villagers responding to what had been
done to them and in number of other ways. But to make this, a parallel with the holocaust in
Germany, you would have to assume the Jews of Germany had been engaged in an armed
rebellion against the German state, collaborating with the allies against Germany. That in the
deportation order the cities of Hamburg and Berlin were exempted, persons in the employment
of state were exempted, and the deportation only applied to the Jews of Germany proper, so that
when they got to Poland they were welcomed and sheltered by the Polish Jews. This seems to me
a rather absurd parallel.”

Author T. Fairuz ( ago)
Fuck then kill. Kill. Marry.

Author Harrison Shone ( ago)
Between this, the constant terrorism and the massive human rights violations and the fact that their dictator looks like Gollum in a business suit, Turkey will be lucky if there is anything left of their reputation with the west by the beginning of next year.

Author Just Masum ( ago)
Lol this has 1.5 million views

Author Bay Bilek ( ago)
hero Turks.

Author Don Stoyva ( ago)

Author allie fisher ( ago)
So John Oliver decided the Armenian Genocide was funny, Turkish soldiers raped Armenian babies to death and boasted about it, was that funny too ?

Author KHJ vs AR ( ago)
Fuck armenians and their ''genocide''

Author Armenian girl ( ago)

Author Jon Bones Jones ( ago)
The Armenian genocide never happened cenk uygur told me

Author itssamaraa ( ago)

Author Coşkun Göktaş ( ago)
The soldiers reached them. Refugee woman Reise Aslanova said in a statement by Human Rights Watch, "They were constantly shooting." Arabo's warriors began to stab their knives in the layers they were carrying their long horns. In the dry wind the wind whistled and the wind was too early to smell the body. At the masters, women and children bowed down on ceramics - no, "he whispered. This day understood his importance: today, when approaching the fourth anniversary of Sumgayit Pogrom, Hodja is a strategic objective and an action at the same time. According to British researcher and writer Thomas De Waal of Serge Sargsyan, Thomas De Waal, the president of Armenia and the commander of the Armenian forces in Karabagh during the war, thought that we were joking in advance and the Armenians thought that they would not oppose it (Stereotype) and we managed to get rid of it. Oh well, this also means that there are some people who escaped from Baku and Sumgayit among young people. Movses Abelyan, an Armenian deputy, said: An interview with former Azerbaijani president Ayaz Mutallibov and Czech journalist Dana Mazalova in the letter of Azerbaijan "shamelessly used" by the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the United Nations General Assembly and the newspaper published in Russia on April 2, Nezavisimia, Azeri People Front Front militants fleeing from the native landing to ease the escape of civilians in Karabakh In addition, Abelyan wrote that Azeri militants are actually trying to attack the people. Based on Human Rights Watch's Helsinki Follow-up report of September 1992, it condemned the identity of an Azerbaijani woman who said that the Armenians invited the Azerbaijani civilians to leave the white flag. In his subsequent interviews, Mutallibov noted that Human Rights Watch's Executive Director is directly responsible for the Armenian forces in Karabagh and that the reports and reports of the Armenian forces are directly responsible for the civilian casualties of the Armenians. The Armenian authorities have blatantly blamed their words for misinterpretation and only said that "the results of the Hodja massacre of the Azerbaijani People's Front are being used for their own political interests." De Anıtı's report states that Azerbaijani forces have no evidence Human rights violations support the claim that civilians have escaped from escape and opened fire on civilians INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE AGAINST HOCALIAN KATLİAMI Human Rights Watch described the incident as the biggest massacre in the Nagorno-Karabakh War. The Azerbaijani Parliament declared the massacre of Hodja in 1994 as "genocide" The 31 members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (12 Turkey, 8 Azerbaijan, 3 United Kingdom, 2 Albania, 1 Bulgaria, 1 Luxembourg, 1 Yugoslav Federal Republic, 1 Republic) And all parliamentary members must be recognized as genocide committed by Armenia since the beginning of the 19th century in the expression of the destruction of all cities Felipe Fuentes, Member of the California State Sub-Senate, in February 2009, In a letter sent to President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, describing the incidents as Azerbaijani massacre and the condemnation of victims' families in 2011. The Senate of Mexico sees Hoca as a genocide in 2011. The genocide took place in Hocali at the time of the connection between 25 February and 26 February.

Author eagle 3df ( ago)
There's no such thing as Turkey, they stole western Greece and eastern Armenia to spread islam through killing and genocide.

Author Liberty egypt ( ago)
it's not a joke it's tragedy

Author EDD Fire ( ago)
Fuck Cenk Uygur

Author Lawrence Parkes ( ago)
The young turds did it!

Author Stormborn ( ago)
I'm glad serj and system of a down exposed me to the genocide

Author Cornelius Maximilianus ( ago)
large scale mass murder yes but that does not constitute a genocide

Author jellyfishsii ( ago)
Just don't mention it to Cenk Unger

Author cosmic watermelon ( ago)
This story made me CLENCH my fists so hard!

Author Mert Sesli ( ago)
There is no genocide.If everyone says true about lie , is that true?

Author ConservativeAtheist ( ago)
Normally I can't stand John Oliver but he's hilariously right on this one!…lol!

Author Şıble ( ago)
All Christians,Jews, or atheists, they say we are Muslims : Muslims are the only reason the people of Europe their basic problems. European administrators murderer is a barbarian, and certainly not human.

Author Şıble ( ago)
50 years ago on this date 50 years between the date of the incident, Armenian genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, I'm taking down a portion of. In fact, this list goes on too, but we are able to write a portion of it. These Europeans, especially the Pope can make you do some soul-searching, do you think ? I want to scream to tell them:

Before you;
· Settled in the territory fired, 15 million generations, you consume millions of Mexicans and Indians,
· Genocide and discrimination of the oppressed Blacks,
· The United States, millions of Latin Americans who have died of terror
· Showing your hate for their religion with the massacre of Bosnians, Iraqis, Algerians,
Tell us, then, remember the Armenians...

Before you;
· Saint Barthelemy night you murdered 50,000 Protestants,
· A few minutes in Hiroshima and negasaki that 1.5 million innocent
· Because you killed hundreds of thousands of years of Basque separatist teenager
· Then arm-arm putting him just because we're not communists you enter the world you removed that stand up to thousands of soldiers and civilians who died in the war in Korea,
· Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Haiti and Cuba..
Tell us, then, remember the Armenians...

Before you;
· Throw you to the hungry lions in the arena, greasy spikes you spent on the fire in you burn the Christians
· You cut in the Inquisition in the name of religion, you have burned tens of thousands of believers,
· The right kuduste Muslim massacre
· The brutal Crusades, you murdered an innocent,
· Thousands of people you killed in the Gulf War,
· Occupied Palestine,made in
Tell us, then, remember the Armenians...

Before you;
· Manhattan,
· Nitron Bomb,
· Other countries that you are preparing to destroy viruses
· Bio-terrorism the destruction of
· Invade Muslim countries,your intent,
· Made of sobataj, revolutions, massacres,
· Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Nicaragua, Argentina,Chile, and many other places of torture defenseless innocent people in what you are doing,
Give your account and, after that, the Armenians remember...

O America

If you if you are against Genocide, human rights and democracy in every country if you want to have, why 1 July 2002, the International Criminal Court (genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes to prosecute U.S. citizens for various countries to prevent the “impunity Agreement” are you trying to do ?

If you if you are against Genocide;more than 1 million people made warning that it can cause the death of “small nuclear weapons” don't stop cause the development ? (**)

Atomic weapons in their hands is not the thing; to produce these weapons (!) so; Iraq, Iran, Syria to launch attacks on you want; at the moment, with atomic weapons in the hands of Israel, France, England and many other countries against I haven't heard.

“Anti-terrorism”, “the diplomacy of persuasion” or “the preservation of the free world” around the world in private or public, making the blows, torture, massacres, operations, bombings “terrorism” outside the definition hold; others are declared “terrorist” and cause terror want to miss out on its own. (***)

Ottoman-Armenian genocides, and many of them made after that time during the incident with your support, massacres, of assassinations, I'm taking down a very short list. You guys can't see them or you can forget the “so-called Armenian Genocide”why forget ?

50 years ago on this date 50 years between the date of the incident, Armenian genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, we're taking down a portion of. In fact, this list goes on too, but we are able to write a portion of it. We don't know if they can make you do some soul-searching, wonder..

Author Şıble ( ago)
The French,45 thousand Algerians killed (massacre of Setif and Guelma)
More than 1.5 million Circassians killed by the Russians (Circassian genocide )
More than 6 million people were massacred Genocide Arawaks ( Spanish)
750 thousand,the massacre of Australian aborigines (British
Made in West Africa from Namibia Genocide. (132 thousand - Germans - Just for the money)
Norway (1920-1930) isolate neutering and Tatar Turks in concentration camps.

Author Şıble ( ago)
Ah stupid European and Americans, if genocide was really committed against the Armenians? Can you live near 250 Armenians in Turkey? You never know history. There's only one thing you know is to believe in your liars and stupid news channels. If you know some of the massacres of the Armenians in Turkey, you are never ceaseless. In Azerbaijan, Karabagh, would you investigate the massacres of the Armenians? Oh my god, though you have never loved Turks and Muslims. Why do you care?

Author Trevor Hoffman ( ago)
Member when John Oliver actually criticized liberals for doing something bad? I miss those days, now he defends their actions no matter how bad they are

Author Aşot Reppin ( ago)
I live in turkey . I am armenian and ı know Real story . Soon all the facts will emerge.Do not lie anymore please cannot look at anyone's face in the future. Armenians stop this and Apologize to the Turks , If you do not You will be very bad. Im pologize TUrks . MY grandfather die because armanians kill My grandfather . Because he was with the Turks.Rebels Armanians killed a lot of people and ran away. T . But I understand. The Russians promised us. That's why we did it.

Author Karaali ( ago)
look at the british and other countires history who blames turkey for genocide(thats not true also armeniens know that and they dont want to be scientific research about it???), in british and eu and america and the fuck elses history you can see easily many genocidies ...

Author Turqut Quliyev ( ago)
How fucking mad nation advertise there false genocide with pornstar

Author zenfira nasirova ( ago)
Armenia - a killer country, who occupied %20 of Azerbaijani territory between 1988-1994, ignored UN's 4 resolutions regarding to immediate evacuation of Azerbaijani territories, killed tens of thousands of Azerbaijani people, made Khojaly atrocity, is now playing victim opening a discussion about so called "Armenian genocide" ..
it is very funny indeed.
100 years ago, during World War 1, too many people suffered , around 17 millions people died.
Armenians killed Hundreds of thousands Azerbaijani muslim (called Caucasian Tatars at that time) people in 1905 and 1918.
It is complete nonsense to ignore today's problem as much as possible, but look for justice for the events took place 100 year ago..


Author Lawerence ( ago)
glad i learned about this myself and not through the Kardashians like wtf

Author Trashbag M0nkey ( ago)
Even fucking Iran accepted the genocide. wtf is going on Turkey?

Author Can Johnson ( ago)
armenian genocide hahahaahaha

Author Laura Asatryan ( ago)
you know WHY we are calling it a genocide??? because the Turks, during a war I don't have anything to say BUT they tried to wipe the ARMENIAN GENE from the face of the earth and that's why its a GENOCIDE

Author Incubbus incumania ( ago)
Look at this shit ,people who couldn't even find armenia's location in map suddenly became genocide experts thanks to Kardashians hahahaha^^.

It's so damn funny and people laugh because how irrevelant armenia is to world , nobody cares if Turks did it or NOT, some will use that their reasoning about why they hate Turks though.Just a lil' coverage..

Author Sparisi1122 ( ago)
More Armenians died than kikes in Aushwitz but John Oliver the cuck can make it into a funny joke hahahahahaha over a million Armenians died but we can have a laugh about it haha.

Author barış KURT ( ago)
Turks massacred by the armenian terrorıst ! There is no genocide.. Just TURKS fucked armenians terrorısts ! FUCK GAYmenia !


Author Rigopoula Talarantas ( ago)
Even Hiltler regonized the Armenian Genocide. When he wanted to clear out Poland men ,women children (Jews).He said" Who ,after all speaks of today the annihilation of the Armenians. 30 years after the Armenian Genocide we all know what Hiltler did...

Author hud4094 ( ago)
So why did the young Turks name their channel after those bastards?? So disgusting, typical hypocritical leftists.

Author YeshuaReigns ( ago)
John Oliver = British Cuck.

Author Yaroglek ( ago)
+ Hey we are at war, what should we do ?
- How about we try to kill an entire race and waste our soldiers out of front lines
+ Wow thats a really fucking cool idea.

Author jusuf amir ( ago)
Kurds and Turks are responsible for this

Author James Meyers ( ago)
Guess what group carried out the Armenian Genocide.....a group called "The Young Turks".

Author Mark Slayton ( ago)
That's very funny john oliver making fun of the Armenian Genocide. I got a good laugh thinking about how dumb the Kardashians  are. So what if 1.5 million innocent Armenians were slaughtered by Turkish Muslims. Like I mean - who really cares?Oh by the way, my Grandmothers parents and 4 of her 5 sibling's were all murdered by the Turkish Army back in 1909. But then again - who cares it was long enough ago to make a funny joke of it. I look forward to you making fun of more Christians having their head cut off by Muslim terrorists !

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