Special Weapons and Inventions Crafting Guide + Weapons Combat Demo - Assassins Creed 3

Please, please read the description for more info, and before asking questions. Chances are, it's already answered.

Ok! Another monster here. All the crafting recipes for the special weapons, and Benjamin Franklin's inventions.

To get and level up your artisans and builders (who provide the raw materials), check these guides:
Part 1:
Part 2 (including big dave):
Dual Holsters:

Combat Basics:

Special Iron Ingots: 0:16
Getting more special iron ingots is possible from a chest near the Manor ONLY when you have none left in your inventory.

Detailed instructions on how to make them, even without the recipes:

To craft without a recipe, simply select an empty recipe, and add artisan, and ingredients, then hit craft. This will unlock the invention. 0:57

To create special weapons, you'll need to have at least one recipe (randomly from a chest) that uses special iron ingots. Then switch out the ingredients, leaving special iron ingots in place. 1:18

You'll need from the Stockpile:
Farmers: Wool, Flax, Fresh Water, Vegetables.
Minerals: Everything
Hunting: A few of each pelt.
Forest: all the lumber. you'll need access to at least Rosewood.
Generally, buy everything

Materials required: 2:40
Flints (6), Sewing Thread (6), Dye (1), Glass Bottles (2), Weapon blades (1), Linsey Woolsey (1)

Special Weapons: 3:50
"Broken Sword" Knife
Weapon Blades, Special Iron Ingot, Big Dave Level 2

English Flintlock Pistol
Oak Lumber, Flints, Special Iron Ingot, Big Dave 2, Lance 2.

French Coat Pistol
Iron Ore, Flints, Special Iron Ingot, Big Dave 2

Iron Blade War Club
Ash Lumber, Special Iron Ingot, Lance 2, Big Dave 1

Italian Flintlock
Maple Lumber, Special Iron Ingot, Flints, Lance 3, Big Dave 3

Washington's Battle Sword (replica)
Special Iron Ingot, Silver Ore, Big Dave 4

Naval Axe

Lincoln's Sword Replica
Hickory Lumber, Special Iron Ingot, Lance 3, Big Dave 3

Naval Duckfoot (a gun, not a sword, sorry)
Special Iron Ingot, Lead Ore, Flints, Big Dave 3

Royal Navy Sea Service Flintlock
Gold Ore, Flints, Special Iron Ingot, Big Dave 4

Royal Pistol
Silver Ore, Flints, Special Iron Ingot, Big Dave 3

War Tomahawk
Special Iron Ingot, Big Dave 2

Lincoln's Sword (replica)
Special Iron Ingot, Dyes, Big Dave 3

Small Saddlebags (all saddlebags refill your inventory from your horse)
Sewing Threads, Copper Ore, Ellen 3, Big Dave 4

Medium Saddlebags
Sewing Threads, Copper Ore, Ellen 3, Big Dave 4

Large Saddlebags
Sewing Threads, Gold Ore, Ellen 3, Big Dave 4

Inventions: 6:25
Iron Ore, Sand, Big Dave 2

Electrostatic Generator
Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Sand, Lyle 3, Big Dave 4

Franklin Stove
Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Big Dave 3

Glass Armonica
Charcoal, Sand, Big Dave 4

Joseph Priestly Soda Apparatus
Fresh Water, Glass Bottles, Oliver 1

Kite and Key
Linsey-Woolsey, Kindling, Ellen 2

Leyden Jar
Copper Ore, Fresh Water, Glass Bottles, Big Dave 2

Copper Ore, Rosewood Lumber, Big Dave 1, Lance 2

Watt Steam Engine
Fresh water, Iron Ore, Big Dave 3

Axes: 7:35
Blunt Weapons: 9:30
Swords: 11:28
Small Weapons: 12:45
Firearms: 13:50

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Author Yestin Cahill ( ago)
How do you get sewing threads?!?!PLEASE HELP!!!!

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what do the inventions do

Author Connor S. ( ago)
How to get silver ore ?

Author Gorm sørensen ( ago)
I can't select the ingot

Author Ajinkya Naik ( ago)
this somewhat sounds like minecraft :D

Author Seán Meehan ( ago)
Thanks man! Awesome video! Very clear and you explain it at a very good and
easy pace. Left a like and subscribed.

Author adllan eric ( ago)
wow i love your video u help me tq

Author Suhas Sriram ( ago)
How can I get war tomahawk...I really need it

Author Ezio Auditore ( ago)
What if i sold the Iron ingots? :)

Author Alex Petrov (404 years ago)
Help,it says i have 7 special iron ingots,but when i go on the crafting
option it doesnt show them to me.

Author Fifa Master ( ago)
For the iron ingots if you run out can the box still be looted?

Author Joshua Mcgill ( ago)
ok thanks

Author Joshua Mcgill ( ago)
how y level up the people

Author ~TheBigboyOfDestiny~ ( ago)
How do I get silver ore?

Author DeathCreationist ( ago)
the black flag crafting is so much easier dam.

Author Logan Virone ( ago)
1 life dude I found it it is in the sphere at the end of the crafting

Author tushar hariya ( ago)

Author XBOX1 AlexTaken4Life ( ago)
its a lot idk about this game

Author XBOX1 AlexTaken4Life ( ago)
damn man. I can't seem to understand how tf you this

Author Mark Merriman (1096 years ago)
why when I duel weild the naval duckfoot pistol and fast travel it switched
one and puts Pitcairn pistol

Author George George ( ago)
were i can dowland the hack is freee or is fake

Author Christian Adams ( ago)
Fuck, why don't you go a little faster ass!

Author MegaAmazingman123 ( ago)
I cannot buy regular iron ingots for some reason can somebody help

Author Frosinfire ( ago)
how can you get the people like 'Big Dave' to craft with...

Author l7 Ul7R4 ( ago)
wait nvm just realized i dont have a recipe but where do i get the recipes?

Author l7 Ul7R4 ( ago)
Sporks in the pc i can't use the special iron ingots, well in my inventory
it says its there but when i go to the crafting tab there is no fucking
special iron ingot!

Author Nobelia Matias ( ago)
I have the same outfit! :D

Author Darrell Mccarthy ( ago)
Thanks, you have officially answered my questions.

Author Gamer Droid 13210 ( ago)
please tell me when you will make moore vids about Assassin's creed 3

Author Gamer Droid 13210 ( ago)
sorry i mean too good

Author Gamer Droid 13210 ( ago)
you are to good to !

Author michael jackson ( ago)
You are Awsome!!

Author SkrillexFanz Gaming ( ago)
Sporks, Thank You for your videos. They helped me reach 1000% completion of
this game . Thank you

Author Logan Virone ( ago)
My special iron ingot does not show on Connor in crafting how do I fix it 

Author Jude Alex ( ago)
You can take washington battle sword in officer hand but you cannot equip
with parkour so sorry

Author SuperSaber4 ( ago)
how did you get so much special iron ingots?

Author DOmWaRR O-O ( ago)
where to find iron ore in assassin's creed 3??? pls help

Author 95testaccount ( ago)
Awesome Video very helpfull

Author Trei Bocker ( ago)
I never knew u chould do this and I beat the hold game without it lol

Author junior adegoke ( ago)

Author RDW (1932 years ago)
how did u make that explosion in the biggining of the video

Author Chr0mA ( ago)
what do the inventions do?

Author CyberKnuckleBone - Animations ( ago)
Why I Cannot Craft The War Tomahawk Cannot Select Special Iron Inggot

Author Flo ( ago)
Who i can find flint stones

Author Michelle ( ago)
i can't find missions for my artisans, looked around boston and all the
areas, do you need to complete story mode?

Author Nour Darwish ( ago)
Fully upgraded homestead, searched through the entire stockpile, crafting,
and convoy section. Could not find out how to buy or craft lead ore. help

Author jose vazquez ( ago)
We're can I get flint please help 

Author jose vazquez ( ago)
How do you buy stuff from Ellen? Please help 

Author SpritezUp ( ago)
This May be a little old but as a tip for fighting officers you can break
there defense and disarm them or shoot them when you counter. For those
guys that hunt you at level 3 notoriety you can only disarm and shoot them.

Author Hyun Ki Ryoo ( ago)
How did you get rosewood lumber?

Author Hyun Ki Ryoo ( ago)

Author 335zhaoyun ( ago)
I don't see how there the best weapons like the sword I can use the sword I
have and still do damage. But what costume is Connor wearing in this video?

Author 335zhaoyun ( ago)
Don't be a noob mike bryme just because of a miss spell.

Author Gaming Garu ( ago)
Btw I have DLC in PC also, The French coat pistol is good I prefer the
Royal pistol over the French Coat 

Author JohnnyMarbles 27 ( ago)
Great video! I'm planning to buy AC3 next week, this will definitely help

Author beastly gunner ( ago)
How do I get to e crafting menu on ps3

Author sherwin conde ( ago)
I'm at sequence 8 and i still can't craft weapons and others. What sequence
are you anyway? The part where you got your blacksmith?

Author TheBoy14789 ( ago)
the war club is soo good it can kill in 2 hits

Author Ben Campsie (617 years ago)
Where can u get something that uses special iron in the recipe?

Author bradley Hammond ( ago)
Do they have to be level 2 or can they be level 3-4

Author fahad Khan ( ago)
hey if i go to craft arrows they say that my inventory is so what to do

Author PrimeInsanity ( ago)
How do you get bear grease?!?!

Author Jacob Castillo ( ago)
You forgot you can through the iron war club

Author Venum - 20 ( ago)
Hessian axe and Iron Blade War are so cool ! :o

Author HyperSGaming ( ago)
The best sword is Washington's Battle Sword and the best gun is the French
Coat Pistol.

Author Richard Davies ( ago)
What do I do it says I have 7 special iron ingots but I cant use them

Author Jonas Borup Randløv ( ago)
i got 12 special iron ingots in the cheast

Author Jeff and Jane the killer lover. ( ago)
I mean nailbat 

Author Jeff and Jane the killer lover. ( ago)
That war club with the blade reminds me of a mailbag

Author Jeff and Jane the killer lover. ( ago)
My friend: here come the redcoats
Me: dont worry I'm ready
Me: u might wanna close your eyes
My friend: that's a fu$&ing lot of blood
Me: told u to close your eyes

Am I right 

Author Rain ( ago)
i like simple crafting where it does not get too much into detail it gives
me a headache i think this was perfect

Author Ben Limsumalee ( ago)
Gotta love the Italian Flintlock, may not be the best pistol statistically
but it looks orgasmic!

Author Warfareblades45 ( ago)
How come when i go to stockpile i have iron ignots but when i craft they
dont show up? Please reply

Author HAVAS ( ago)
This help me so much thanks man like and subscribe.

Author Mark Talana ( ago)
i just lost my tomahawk and i don't know where to find it please help.

Author Евлампий Зысь ( ago)
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Author Roman Bellic ( ago)
11:53 friends 

Author Claus Bakker ( ago)
i miss the little knife stabbing it was fokking great!

Author asswhite boom ( ago)
Stop making the fucking annoying disgusting noise with your mouth 

Author swat malig ( ago)
hey can someone help me pls i opened the chest with the special ingot but
why i still dont have it? i opened it a long time ago PLS PLS PLS reply

Author M McN ( ago)
I know I sound like a noob but... How do u get artisans?

Author jonas murray ( ago)
how to find a silver ore? i cant craft the weapon i want. please help.

Author tom fridman ( ago)
is there any other crates or can you get some from the mine?

Author tom fridman ( ago)
how do i get more iron ingots? i've already taken the crate on the cliff's
edge and done all homestead missions the game is fucked i really want
better pistol and washington sword

Author Smokey Joe ( ago)
Where or how can I get empty glass bottles?? When I try craft tje leyden
jar I need glass bottles... but cant buy and dont have any?

Author Ronnie Wimberly ( ago)
Are you going to the center or any other places
Do you have any plans for tonight at your email address or any attachments

Author Ronnie Wimberly ( ago)
''This is awesome so I will look at it again and again.
So when are you going to die on this game?
Were did you get this game?
Are you a girl or a boy?' BTW what are you having to dinner with your Dad
and Mom

Author josh michalski ( ago)
i literally had no idea you could do any of this and i beat the game fully

Author Keissy Melendez ( ago)
I only get a few homestead missions here and there but I never get to
upgrde big dave

Author jenjen6936 ( ago)
I had no idea you could craft things and i've finished the game :| Bit of a
shite system they have there if i must be honest.

Author wraith 180 ( ago)
I looted the Washington replica sword from a chest in Boston 

Author Unknown Unknown ( ago)
U have to craft flint

Author RookieN08 ( ago)
This is the actually the only AC game where I only do the main storyline
missions. Ubisoft could have done better with the crafting system like how
they did with Fra Cry 3.

Author Bruno Pinto ( ago)
How to open box

Author Brennan Hicks ( ago)
Where did you get flints I looked and I cant find it

Author Mike Brannon ( ago)
AC3's crafting and trading system was novel, but it was not thought out
very well. It really has so little bearing on the game. I mean you can
spend several minutes crafting, building a caravan, sending it off, and
awaiting its return for 500, or you could spend a fraction of the time and
get 5k by simply hunting and selling pelts. It felt so tacked on. Like "hey
look at this!!! Ain't this COOL!?"

Author Bill Gates ( ago)
a tip: you can you use killstreaks on the fat guys like that: immediately
after you kill someone, just quickly press space to break his defense and
immediately after that attack to take him out with one hit.

Author Saepul Rizal ( ago)
I wish to learn how to have more sex. My friend has started dating a ten
basically because 8 weeks ago he joined a site called Master Attraction
(Google it if you wish to know more.) I’m so jealous because I want to fall
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out if it may help somebody like me. Crazy point is, my friend used to have
NO luck with females. How does one change so swiftly? His girl’s like a

Author CosmicNava . ( ago)
how did you get war tomahawk?

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