Please Don´t Let Me Be Misunderstood- The Animals

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Author Daniel Flores Rivera ( ago)
unos genios sin duda

Author 이종원 ( ago)
놈놈놈 ost의 원곡?

Author 内藤みつえ ( ago)
私が生まれた年の曲なんですね!驚きです。 終戦後10年・・・!日本は・・・!本当に遅れてたんだと!恥ずがしながら今、実感しました。

Author lanabae queen ( ago)
Ooohh Lana del Rey cover this song!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

Author susan brown ( ago)
Eric tasty back then.

Author O Tavarez ( ago)
o back é horrível, mas essa música é viciante

Author G Tay ( ago)
Awesome live, don't get many with such great talent these days.

Author rooplekha srimani ( ago)
.......all my life I have been listening to the remake by Santa Esmeralda.

Author pokemon gamer ( ago)
oh lord,what's Donald trump doing in here?...0:51-0:56

Author wavepropulsion1 ( ago)
Burdon looks as Darryl's little brother. The Walking Dead character.

Author Zaida Garcia ( ago)
I'm Ringo and I play the drums
I'm Paul and I play the bass
I'm George and I play the guitar
I'm John and I play better guitar too

-The beatles 💕

Author nicolas parra ( ago)
how much money do you think this girl made with the video?

Author Pauline Jones ( ago)
he has a strong powerful voice, he can make a rotten song sound great

Author Axwell MCoz ( ago)
Que clase de "La casa del sol naciente" es esto?

Author Faizal Aswari ( ago)
guitar man looks like President Trump

Author Isabel Laing ( ago)
Superb ! Love This 👌The Animals were Fantastic and for 60 odd years ago WoW That Lead singer is Hot ! 💋❤️✨😎💓

Author Andrew Howard ( ago)
Who let Richard Nixon introduce them?

Author muamer vrabac ( ago)
2:10 Trump glitch :) :)

Author Alexander Cherepanov ( ago)
Donald Trump was a pretty fine bass player back in 60s

blood in blood out

Author LiCa Nascimento ( ago)
Cade os BR ouvindo em 2017?

Author GF Sports ( ago)
Why so many dislikes..crazy fuckers !!!

Author Mateus Henrique ( ago)
esses caras são eternos!!!

Author luis milicich ( ago)
eric burdom era un pibito con la cara llena de granos pero QUE VOZ

Author A Fluffy White Kitty ( ago)
I hope wearing suits while performing becomes a thing again

Author Frank Júnio ( ago)

Author Stephen Pitaluga ( ago)
bring back really good memories.

Author Dominika ( ago)
skam anyone?

Author Sudsy Sutherland ( ago)
why is the Beatles at the start?

Author with ness ( ago)

Author Jessica Medina ( ago)
love this but Nina Simone's version is my fav.

Author JoshJamesification ( ago)
I'm ringo and i play the drooms!

Author Jsppooo ( ago)
who's that fat guy with the guitar I'm crying they look like if someone had tried to draw the Beatles from what a toddler is describing to them

Author Jsppooo ( ago)
they're so ugly and so young!!!!!!

Author RONNIEBMW1 ( ago)

Author Norbert Aule ( ago)
one of them look like Trump! Poor Man.... ,,Don`t let me be misunderstood";)

Author busdriverrider ( ago)
Is it just me or is Steven fry rocking the bass

Author jean lopez ( ago)
this is rock & roll !!   yeah !

Author DoctorBohr ( ago)
0:53 who'da thunk that President Trump was the Animal's bassist back in the day? All that stuff about him at military college was FAKE NEWS

Author Renaud-Jules Deschenes ( ago)
Mon coeur flanche...

Author SpeakingEyeStudio ( ago)
I find that a lot of singers today, even those who do have a good voice, they have a lot of expression in their face looking like they are singing in pain but Eric sings like he is cool, calm and collected but at the same time has that strong and aggressive baritone voice that beats any prominent male singers today.

Author Naldo Rocha ( ago)
Erick burdon,was a mix of: Mick Jagger,Lennon and...dr. Spock. rsrsrs.


Author Roberto Ezquivel ( ago)
I love music Eric Burdon and the animals Pura Vida

Author Sharp Tube JIM ( ago)
40 years too early ....

Author Michael Green ( ago)
..............Me to a "T"................

Author Gislayne Littrell ( ago)
Nice music

Author The Peregrine Falcon ( ago)
much better than hippie beatleas

Author Antoine Zwei ( ago)
Fuck these screaming girls they're ruining the audio

Author Fernando Marquez ( ago)
open your eyes Vato
and fierrasos en la pinta
american me the movie

Author Pentti Muttonen ( ago)
ihan törkeen hyvä.

Author ILLEGAL ALIEN ( ago)
When music had sense

Author LadyEleanor93 ( ago)
What a cool dude x

Author Davidson Fernades ( ago)
2:11 Trump ?

Author Atomic Lobotomy ( ago)
Animals just sound better and better with passing time. Eric Burdon's one of the great rock vocalists of all time.

Author Narek Sargsyan ( ago)
The most underrated band in the history.

Author Enki Bergmann ( ago)
Never thought Nixon would introduce The Animals...

Author George Ahmed ( ago)
i love this song 😍

Author Luka radojičić ( ago)
2:10 Trump confirmed

Author Anastasiya Anastasiya ( ago)
Ах ты ж, Звери! Это круто! могу говорить, что угодно здесь, но это реально круто!!!!!

Author Mike Lyndsey ( ago)
1965 So long ago I was just about born. Love this.

Author hector sanchez ( ago)
Mr trump
just a soul whit intention
are good
So please don't let misunderstand

Author hector sanchez ( ago)
american me
bring me here

Author Molly ( ago)
I love their sound 💖

Author Tania Maria ( ago)

Author Hermaeus Mora ( ago)
What OutKast tried... and Miserably failed to be...

Author mutinyonthekitkat ( ago)
Looks like Stephen Fry on base guitar.

Author Mekilo1994 ( ago)
how can 2k people dislike this like what the fuck I can get enough of this

Author Trevor Wilson ( ago)
Do u think that the reason they opened with the beatles intro is because people always think that the animals music is the beatles.
Hence the title "please dont let me be misunderstood".
I wanna hear some other thoughts on this.

Author Jennifer Clark ( ago)
I love how Eric taps his thighs in time with the music. Kinda cute.

Author John Smith ( ago)
So he's saying, ok, now that I've blackened your eye because you pissed me off, do you understand, that I've just been misunderstood, right?

Author Grahame Johnson ( ago)
Chas Chandler the man who seen how good Hendrix was before many others did, I live in Heaton were he was born

Author Nikki M ( ago)
please God I pray im misunderstood is risky and exciting all at the same time and I didn't sign up for this and I certainly don't get paid for any of it either.

Author rober rivas ( ago)
essa é a musica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Elmerzouqui Dehbi ( ago)
the best elmerzouqui dehbi

Author TheSnowsbeauty5 ( ago)
Eric Burdon, so cool.

Author B Neff ( ago)

Author lenora bloomberg ( ago)
whoever wrote this must of been a naughty bf with polar issues imi

Author Mario Sandoval ( ago)
"Open your eyes Vato" lol

Author totally obsessed with stampy and sqaishey person ( ago)
I love this

Author Geraldine Moss ( ago)
they talk about the class system in England at that time

Author sejo tosant ( ago)

Author Taco Veldstra ( ago)
Animals One of the greatest bands of the sixties!

Author hankies klaasenbos ( ago)
So glad i grew up in the 60 and 70 every thing was so easy back then great times great friends margo

Author angela gonzales ( ago)
omg I love this song

Author Paul Brucker ( ago)
Eric Clapton: A tough guy with a sensitive, soulful, kick-ass voice. A demigod singer.

Author Ems Caminhoes ( ago)
Que bosta!!!

Author Jessie Torres ( ago)
The animals are so underrated. Their amazing

Author S T A R R ( ago)
My second fave Animals tune. "House of the Rising Sun" being the first.

Author julio soto ( ago)

Author The ripper 2 ( ago)

Holly mary mother of bologna how the HELL did this jam get this many more badthumbs in such short time ???

Once again i have now lost my faith in humanity ..

Author Darlito Mamaril ( ago)

Author HungryJoj ( ago)
Woah, Chas, lower those backing vocals a bit! 😂 no hate this is wonderful

Author Jaide Sponsler ( ago)
the people talking in the being are the Beatles not the animals

Author Nomadcreations ( ago)
So True Vanessa, a True dynamic voice, & The Suits Were A Very appealing  Respectfull stage persona. & he didn't Flaunt His "Stardom" , Just perform & Put his Heart into it!!!  Bravo Eric

Author perry jones ( ago)
wow...a song for the ages....

Author Samantha Velez ( ago)
open your eyes vato

Author Steef Kuus ( ago)
great song💪

Author Riparea Videography ( ago)
wow. you don't see many videos from this era that are truly "live".

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