Transcendence Street Jam: Live Music- Lindsey Stirling

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    Lindsey Time animation made by Ron Haas

    Supported by Sweet Frog yogurt

    Produced by Klepticenter Productions, LLC
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  • Runtime: 4:11
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  • LittleB
    LittleB 5 days ago

    She should make an album with all her songs that sound like this. No dubstep. Don't get me wrong. I love Lindsey how she mixes dubstep with violin and hip hop. But a whole album only acoustic would be sweet

  • Tim Alan
    Tim Alan 5 days ago

    Still my fav

  • Enolp
    Enolp 8 days ago

    Anyone else just staring at the people around the corner? Lol

  • Tim Alan
    Tim Alan 23 days ago

    One of my favs of the original 3. How things change...miss Gavi

  • Laura 17325
    Laura 17325 1 month ago

    WOH I love It. Seriously. This is amazing. Thaks For sharing It on YouTube!

  • Asya Burcham
    Asya Burcham 1 month ago

    AAH! I wish Gavi was still here! He was so amazing!!!

  • Dontae Crumes
    Dontae Crumes 1 month ago

    Lindsey is truly a gift to the world in her own way, legit love her, great light

  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez 2 months ago

    your the BEST

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 2 months ago

    Lindsey your so pretty with your hair up when I grow up I want to be as pretty as you 😭😭😭

  • Zdenka Malinovskij
    Zdenka Malinovskij 2 months ago

    Lindsey is amaaaaaziiiiinggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!! :*

  • Brad Bobb
    Brad Bobb 2 months ago


  • Macboi
    Macboi 2 months ago

    chills :~)

  • Mike L
    Mike L 2 months ago

    It always makes me cry so much music is so beautiful :')

  • Güntuğ akgün
    Güntuğ akgün 3 months ago

    03:29 When I cant see the camera but I smiling

  • Güntuğ akgün
    Güntuğ akgün 3 months ago

    Helal olsun keman reyiz adamsın len mq cCc

  • Rob Silson
    Rob Silson 3 months ago

    id love to see more of this

  • Kathryn's Kreations
    Kathryn's Kreations 3 months ago


  • Lindsey Gavi
    Lindsey Gavi 3 months ago

    we need another one of these videos lindsey 😄

  • ModeZt
    ModeZt 3 months ago

    Huge thanks to the whole team. To the great professionals working hard to make great music, shows and videos with Lindsey. Thank you!

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 3 months ago

    Spectacularly beautiful, incredible, create a song so full of life, feeling, go is something difficult to describe what makes this song feel. Thanks guys, greetings from Peru

    • Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos 2 months ago

      no se queme sucede cuando escucho esta canción hecha por los tres. es asombrosa

  • Amy Evers
    Amy Evers 3 months ago

    still one of my favorites.. miss you Gavi #wearegavi

  • Batcoon
    Batcoon 3 months ago

    bro, my internet fricken sucks

  • Calvin Charles
    Calvin Charles 3 months ago

    i love this

  • Robertas Koncevičius
    Robertas Koncevičius 3 months ago

    just perfect

  • Tigress maryam Monfared

    l Love you Forever.

  • Dominik Piskorz
    Dominik Piskorz 4 months ago


  • Zoey P
    Zoey P 4 months ago

    More and more stunned as I watch all these videos!  True talent knows no bounds, and great collaborations create great product!

  • Дмитрий Горшенин

    По моему самая лучшая скрипачка в мире!!!!!

  • Regina Esparza
    Regina Esparza 4 months ago

    te amo lindsey😄😄😄😄😃❤

  • Shadøw Wølf
    Shadøw Wølf 4 months ago

    I enjoy the beautiful music that Lindsey creates, she is truly a amazing musician

  • amber pennier
    amber pennier 4 months ago

    I loved this video!
    Lindsey It sounds great when you don't use dubstep and stuff like that!
    I personally think you sound so much better with out the dub step and stuff like that

  • MikeLee1083
    MikeLee1083 4 months ago

    I really miss her peacock hair style. Bring it back Lindsey!

  • Kita Ketchum
    Kita Ketchum 4 months ago

    Listening here in 2017

  • Andrew Bartlett
    Andrew Bartlett 5 months ago

    This looks like something I might do now. If I could move our piano.

  • Realistic Idealist
    Realistic Idealist 5 months ago

    I would kill for a studio version of this mix. Well not literally, but y'know. *Maybe*. Totally kidding.

  • Stephanie Curl
    Stephanie Curl 5 months ago

    Brilliant! Love this

  • Riley Newlin
    Riley Newlin 5 months ago

    Did anyone see the people with the bikes watching them around the corner?

  • Jen Drayton
    Jen Drayton 5 months ago

    should've done it in day light.

  • Seanzo
    Seanzo 6 months ago

    I have been coming to this video for years now!

  • Seanzo
    Seanzo 6 months ago

    186 jealous talentless dinks!!

  • chikarmikoni
    chikarmikoni 6 months ago

    the knocking was unnecessary to be frank, otherwise superb!

  • Link Link
    Link Link 6 months ago


  • GitKnown Media
    GitKnown Media 6 months ago

    You really shouldn't wear a Coke t-shirt during this, you're sending the wrong message... unless you're sponsored by them, besides that, amazing video!

  • atiba jamir
    atiba jamir 6 months ago

    wahoo ur simply the best Lindsey, can stop listening awesome instrumental. keep it up

  • Жека Жека
    Жека Жека 6 months ago


  • pako ordaz
    pako ordaz 6 months ago

    Odio que esto pase y yo no este nada cerca

  • Joshua Gioffre
    Joshua Gioffre 7 months ago

    ..never tired to see that video....❤🎻🎶🎹

  • Radoslaw Rynas
    Radoslaw Rynas 7 months ago

    RIP man

    ADN-MW3-POWER EMILIEN 7 months ago

    Vin a lens

  • Andres Viteri Ponce
    Andres Viteri Ponce 7 months ago


  • Alexander Krestan
    Alexander Krestan 7 months ago

    Why is this comment section so sad?

    • Alexander Krestan
      Alexander Krestan 7 months ago

      Oh, okay. :(

    • FlameKing
      FlameKing 7 months ago

      Alexander Krestan a guy name gavi passed away and he was in this video

  • RandyAdams07
    RandyAdams07 8 months ago

    This video has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of all the times I used to play out by campfires with my friends. Plus you know, I feel a bit sad because I never got to meet Gavi. That's okay though because he was truly one of the most deserving people I've ever seen to go to heaven and when we die it's the greatest victory in our lives. Now I'm in tears but you guys are my absolute favorite band of all time now and I will always support your cause because you fight the good fight.


    TELIFUJ MO 8 months ago

    2016 still listen say +1

  • ahmad fares
    ahmad fares 8 months ago

    Awesome !!

  • Arnav Sinha Roy
    Arnav Sinha Roy 8 months ago

    This video was published on my brother's birthday? Would have been a really nice birthday gift for him.

  • a Jones
    a Jones 8 months ago

    2012...The year the judges rejected you in America's got talent...You sure showed them..^-^

  • Awesomeness Is real
    Awesomeness Is real 8 months ago

    Oh yeah

  • Rob Silson
    Rob Silson 8 months ago

    pls do more like this

  • aleyna l indesey sitirling Ece

    çok güzel

  • Bernd Erwin
    Bernd Erwin 9 months ago

    These are the most precious moments for me wandering about in foreign cities. Hoping to see some artists doing their thing just for its own sake and being able to witness their art, skill and talent. I wished I was there at that very night and town.

    So beautifully played.

  • Wa17rd Hasan
    Wa17rd Hasan 9 months ago

    Holy Moly
    What Are You Made Of?

  • karrit1
    karrit1 9 months ago

    Greatest throwback of all

  • Jane Conley
    Jane Conley 9 months ago

    I adore this version <3

  • FrostyBlue23
    FrostyBlue23 9 months ago

    This is still quite beautiful and Drew was a trooper for having used his knuckles the whole time, well almost. You all did great! :D

  • Belnick6666
    Belnick6666 9 months ago

    relly weird, but i felel i need a coca cola right now

    • FrostyBlue23
      FrostyBlue23 9 months ago

      It's the shirt. Lol! XD I have one, except it's with words made into a summer wave. :)

  • YouTube Professor
    YouTube Professor 9 months ago

    Haven't watched this in a while. It's so good. Too bad the piano sounds out of tune. Also Lindsey and Drew should do an acoustic song with Lindsey's violin and a Kajon.

  • Adrien Matos
    Adrien Matos 9 months ago


  • Monic Martino
    Monic Martino 9 months ago

    2 things
    1: when I started higschool I had trubble sleeping andwhen I turned on you music I was able to get to sleep
    2: I find it hilarious that you Very subtly promoted coke I ALMOST didn't notice it

  • mr.pianotutorial
    mr.pianotutorial 9 months ago

    +LindseyTime plz do more of this I really like this so much!!

  • Kevin Afrank
    Kevin Afrank 10 months ago

    I love it. No costumes, no make-up, just Lindsey. I wonder if she knows how beautiful she is in her simplest form.

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez 10 months ago

    Am I the only one wondering how they got the piano there?

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez 10 months ago

    I think more videos in the street like this would be cool though

  • Jeffrey Cuadros
    Jeffrey Cuadros 11 months ago

    Wowow Drew's knuckles must been hurting after that, and Woowoow that was beautiful <3!! I love the acoustic sound and looks like the ending was a bit different. <3!!

  • Jeffrey Cuadros
    Jeffrey Cuadros 11 months ago

    Wowow Drew's knuckles must been hurting after that, and Woowoow that was beautiful <3!! I love the acoustic sound and looks like the ending was a bit different. <3!!

  • SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ
    SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ 11 months ago

    Yeah sometimes I enjoy going back to see and hear the old stuff again.

  • Darcy Litster
    Darcy Litster 11 months ago

    This is gorgeous! Wow! So beautiful!

  • 18mockingjay2
    18mockingjay2 11 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed the parallels of this video with the burning piano at the end of dying for you? Or does those last 10 seconds of that video only break my heart?

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 11 months ago

    This song sounds so different to me now. I listen to the piano more, single it out. Even through YouTube Gavi's personality shined. He is so missed.

  • Mykenzi Haney
    Mykenzi Haney 11 months ago

    Every time Gavi starts playing, I get chills. #WeAreGavi

  • Linh Hoang Khanh
    Linh Hoang Khanh 1 year ago

    Do you play anymore street music????

  • Lee Elam
    Lee Elam 1 year ago

    Linsey,you should be on Americas Got Talent to win $1,000,0

    • Crush Your Enemies See Them Driven Before You
      Crush Your Enemies See Them Driven Before You 8 months ago

      More fool them. She's got more talent in her left hand then all the judges do combined.

    • stephen houghton
      stephen houghton 10 months ago

      +NothingSpecial99 it was 2010. i was watching it.

    • NothingSpecial99
      NothingSpecial99 11 months ago

      You do know that she competed in 2010 or 2011 if memory serves me right and was eliminated in the quarter finals

    • 18mockingjay2
      18mockingjay2 11 months ago

      ooh ouch, One of the big things about Lindsey is this exact show you speak of voted her off and told her she wasn't big enough to fill a theater.... She just sold out my city in 5 hours. #ksll

    • Matías Muñoz
      Matías Muñoz 11 months ago

      are you serious?

  • DarthNekochan
    DarthNekochan 1 year ago

    Gavi <3

  • 테미시온
    테미시온 1 year ago

    듣는내네 온 몸에 소름이... Lindsey덕에 귀가 호강하네~

  • Martin Mensez
    Martin Mensez 1 year ago

    me encanto que buena música la mejor que haya escuchado

  • Mei Melisa Chen
    Mei Melisa Chen 1 year ago


  • VIC GL
    VIC GL 1 year ago


  • Harald Edwin Wőrfel


  • Tim Alan
    Tim Alan 1 year ago

    how cool is this!

  • 봉구 Min
    봉구 Min 1 year ago

    니들이 뭐라는진 모르겠지만 음악은 참 좋다

  • Your Angel
    Your Angel 1 year ago

    A very pleasant instrumental song. ^^ I don't usually like instrumental songs but this one took my breath away. :)

  • MarsBarsMiranda
    MarsBarsMiranda 1 year ago

    Gavi, Drew, and Lindsey. The crew. R.I.P. Gavi. This music will not be the same without you. #WeAreGavi

  • Electric paisy
    Electric paisy 1 year ago

    haven't watched this for a long time... as beautiful as I left it in my mind

  • APN
    APN 1 year ago


  • WulfieZi
    WulfieZi 1 year ago

    The moment when you realize this is just a four minute long Coca-Cola ad.

  • L Schraal
    L Schraal 1 year ago

    my gosh, this is the most beautifull thing I ever heard. I'm almost crying, that's how beautifull this is :')

  • Casual Crystal
    Casual Crystal 1 year ago

    I love this so much 😭❤️

  • Eamon Hyatt
    Eamon Hyatt 1 year ago

    #TBT Miss you Gavi. I'll always come back to this video as a remembrance

  • Music Maniacs
    Music Maniacs 1 year ago

    Huhuhu, everytime I see Gavi, my heart aches #WeAreGavi

  • luvkaykay41
    luvkaykay41 1 year ago

    i look up and see gavi and my heart just breaks

  • Martin Šulc
    Martin Šulc 1 year ago

    I love you Lind!

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