Sports Massage Demonstration: Psoas Muscle for Back, Butt and Leg Pain, Athletic Tune-Up Austin

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Sports Massage Demonstration: Psoas Muscle for Back, Butt and Leg Pain, Athletic Tune-Up Austin

In this video, sports massage therapist, Ron Vaughn, explains why a tight psoas muscle can lead to pain or discomfort in the lower back, butt, legs, thighs, and core muscles. He demonstrates a unique technique for relaxing the psoas muscle and provides instruction that other therapists may find useful. The psoas muscle is a large part of the hip flexors muscle group and is used every time we walk, run, sit, etc.

Ron graduated in 1997 from Austin Schools of Massage in Austin, TX, and also has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise & Sports Science from Southwest Texas State University (a.k.a. Texas State University of San Marcos).
Ron's knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, health & fitness and his experience in athletic training, sports & recreation give him a unique style of sports massage. Ron uses Swedish massage, hydrotherapy, deep tissue, Myofascial release, and trigger point, (ROM) range of motion, stretching, and strength exercises to correct soft tissue dysfunction. Overuse of injured muscles may often create problems and imbalances in the soft tissues, which may become chronic if ignored.

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Kate your thighs are awesome ,, and your so adorable

Author Jacob4927 ( ago)
that was great

Author Angel Angel ( ago)
Hi I need to find someone to message my psoas, it so sore, if tape will it

Author Jenn C ( ago)
It attaches to the lesser trochanter of the femur, not the "femur area".

Author James Gaffney ( ago)
Thank you. Very helpful.

Author bigchris3121 ( ago)
I know unconditioned Love. That is enough.

Author stat2k ( ago)
Emotions is good, but don't let your feelings come into play. That's when
you suffer from your heart. Distinguish between emotions and feelings.

Author Jen Springer ( ago)
This is a great video, love your delivery!

Author bigchris3121 ( ago)
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No it's your mind, not your heart as you think. Heart is always related to
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Author bigchris3121 ( ago)
Tupac spoke fluidly because it was from his heart and flowed.

Author Min Moon ( ago)
That pun

Author Nancy Campoverde ( ago)
thank so much your videos has help me understand a lot that i didn't even
know !!!!

Author Massagem Quiroprática ( ago)
I do massage groin strain in association with manipulation of the legs, or
leg rotation internal sense and external standing direction, turning left
at the foot rotation, and lifting his foot in length. For only I can pay
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Author borosgirl ( ago)
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Author borosgirl ( ago)
She has a chewing gum in her mouth during massage! This could be dangeorus.

Author Valter da Silva ( ago)
One of the best videos on the subject. Thank you.

Author C.J Power ( ago)
Are you jealous?

Author shane hamilton ( ago)
weakness/balance is prob more of a nerve issue if only on one side or
something more serious if on both sides. Either way go to a physical
therapist and get it checked out:-)

Author stat2k ( ago)
I didn't say Tupac due to his lyrics, I said it because he always talked
fluid in his interviews without an "hmmm", "eeehh". You know why? Because
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Author beenbox ( ago)
I really liked the content of the video, and the delivery held my attention
well. This guy knows his stuff

Author scruffjones15 ( ago)
Could my psoas be causing balance and weakness in legs ?

Author NozomiChild ( ago)
Kate's eyes are boring into my soul.

Author haqatak23 ( ago)
kate is very pretty, i'd love to give her a sports massage.

Author Betty J Dombek ( ago)
Ron, that was very helpful; as I am having pain on my left side, pain in
Lft buttock, goes down entire left left leg to foot; hurts to lift my left
leg up, chiro told me my pelvis was off??how much? didn't say. I am hoping
i can get a good LMT to work on me as you have demonstrated. thanks!!

Author 001qas ( ago)
He is clearly a good doctor, but he seems to lack confidence. Maybe he
thought she was cute? I don't know.

Author 001qas ( ago)
He is uncomfortable so it makes her uncomfortable.

Author nachiangmai1 ( ago)
Ron. You are great. I learn a lot and keep watching your video. Creative.

Author Akash Nandnaware ( ago)
My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to get shredded applying
Moro Muscle Ripper, but then I showed them the results. Google Moro Muscle
Ripper to see their reaction.

Author nixter206 ( ago)
Good techniques. Pretty thorough with the muscle groups and tendons.
Obviously, not a public speaker, but I like the effort. Working the ITBand
also helps relieving knee problems, allowing the psoas to relax, if
overworked. Thanx for the demonstration vid.

Author puertorricane ( ago)
She seemed uncomfortable

Author KyleCoxTAMU ( ago)
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Author Kitty Paws ( ago)
God, people are so stupid! This was a very informative video. Being a
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Author Jonathan Giler ( ago)
Why not make a porno while your at it

Author TonyHype91 ( ago)
I couldnt do this job especially to women because i would get in trouble. I
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dude put his weewee on her hand lol... overly excited masseur...

(de)boning the chicken...

Author copsarestupidpigs ( ago)
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Author aliciavill ( ago)
You have a lot of knowledge and you're funny. Great video! hahaha

Author NooseForAGiant ( ago)
5:55. BAM

Author NooseForAGiant ( ago)
I love me a good cooter massage.

Author invizible flawz ( ago)
Kelly Starrett is about the definition of relaxed professionalism. Not
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Knows his stuff for sure, but I think he's a little too worried about the
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Author Ken McKean ( ago)
Hi Ron and Kate. Really liked your video. If I was making a video like
this, I would be the same so can relate and learn from your way of
instructing. Great stuff Ron. I'll be watching more of your vids :)

Author peteyinjersey ( ago)
I love the comment "It's like deboning a chicken" LOL....laughed so hard at
that comment cause it was unexpected while watching an instructional video.
Thanks for making me laugh =p

Author SERVISONE ( ago)
Hilarious! I think its cool cuz most vids are serious and to uptight!

Author Isaac H. ( ago)

Author Alex Flores ( ago)
Were you troubled as a child?

Author Brent Corvalan ( ago)
This is hilarious! This guy makes it so awkward LMAO

Author Kedar Pitre ( ago)
Ron, I get a pain in the area near the groin on the inner side of the hip
joint when I pull my knee towards the chest.It does not pain when I press
that area. The pain is also when I attempt a lunge where the action is
similar to pulling the knee towards the chest. It does not pain when I run.
Please advise a remedy.

Author Slitz Nicter ( ago)

Author carolyn martens ( ago)
i like how he says at the end.. if you dont like what i said, i get that a
lot.... lol i definitely would never get a massage from this guy

Author 1LGreenOut ( ago)
If you want to get ripped and cut, you should make a search on Google for
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Author Joe Lundin ( ago)
6:19 ''ohh''

Author John Rebel ( ago)
Sounded like Ronnie Coleman was hooting and hollering in the background

Author Mohammed O ( ago)
5:02 i wanna be a massager !!!!!!!!!

Author MrAntiBuffoonery ( ago)
This guy is lacking in professionalism.

Author Matt K ( ago)
Speaks his mind even though it's sure to get him in trouble....This guy's
the George Dubya of massage therapists.

Author Gina Miller ( ago)
THANK YOU! I have been having issues, that I believe are all related to
this muscle...time for some serious massage.

Author Simran Singh ( ago)
In the whole video I just heard aaaaa

Author Mahesh Gawli ( ago)
today i came to realize what problem i have been facing since few months.

Author Bruce Eaton ( ago)
good explanation thanks

Author NickiRue11 ( ago)
Love your accent! Lives in Atlanta for many years. Went to ASM :)

Author ImJust Great247 ( ago)
I want to be just like you!! lol

Author who8mahbacon ( ago)
this guy is hilarious.

Author Julie B ( ago)
I think u should do a Demo of the back and neck!! Also the ankle maybe!

Author Lucid Dreams ( ago)
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Author Lynnea Shrief ( ago)
Love your vids ron, learning loads!

Author jstacitizen ( ago)
No offense, but objective measures of tight/restricted muscles are
important. Too many clients are told by massage therapists, "this is tight"
and "that is tight" without any objective testing. Clients should be able
to measure improvement with simple tests and see the improvement. Your
style is fun, and if it works, good for you. Add some objective tests. gd

Author VivaciousFemale ( ago)
Thank You so much!! GREAT information. :)

Author joe mattner ( ago)
Thank you for your information (LMT)

Author 7drakkar1 (180 years ago)
I want a Job like His.

Author Deflection (1927 years ago)
Red flags anyone! Dang, he's lucky...

Author MatiMaster ( ago)
deboning a chicken... Beef Jerky... that how you know he is from Texas.

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Author Beles Eritrawi (Diasporean Eritrean) ( ago)
he's a perv, she's a milf. can you blame him?

Author Warsaw's Secret Fitness Studio ( ago)
Really helpful information...thanks!

Author Jessb4me ( ago)
I love psoas massage. Great info. Work on your professionalism. Other than
that....great stuff!

Author tyris wooten ( ago)
he seems awkward

Author dadondutta ( ago)
thanks alot for that, ive emailed him and hes been helping me

Author jch8182 ( ago)
The way he talks and just stops in the middle of a sentence and even in the
middle of a freaking word annoys the piss out of me.

Author Sven Kovacic ( ago)
thats why he became sports massage therapist

Author Viccy Quadrilio ( ago)
I love this channel...

Author PsycheTruth ( ago)
Did you contact Ron through his website? His website is in the description.
good luck!!

Author dadondutta ( ago)
ive wasted alot of money with people telling me they can help but havent
done nothing to help me, could you give me any advice on how to get over
the lower back pain , my chriopractor has diagnosed my condition so if you
could let me send you the info maybe you could recommand the best possible
course of action , ive really bee depressed i cannt even walk for a long
distance or stand up straight with out feeling pain, please help me im

Author dadondutta ( ago)
could you give me any advice to help

Author Athletic Tune-Up Professionals ( ago)
Austin, TX

Author dadondutta ( ago)
im from london, willing to travel where are you based?

Author Athletic Tune-Up Professionals ( ago)
Yes it probably is as well as your or post me more questions

Author Athletic Tune-Up Professionals ( ago)
Dude, I can help you..when can you come in?

Author dadondutta ( ago)
ive injured the pasos muscle and just recently has to go to a chiropractor
for my lower back pain i am a pro footballer i could realy use your help

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