30 Days Of Sex • Life Change

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  • “I feel like my dick is going to fall off…”

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  • Max sucks
    Max sucks 1 hour ago

    Me: *asexual*

  • Libby Price
    Libby Price 8 hours ago

    Omg.....their glasses r soooooo eww.....making a fashion statement as a couple...ewww

  • • Erica •
    • Erica • 10 hours ago

    lol what if their parents watched this

  • Savage 123
    Savage 123 18 hours ago


  • zickey Thenerd
    zickey Thenerd 22 hours ago

    Since when can men have sex.

  • Mitch Plays
    Mitch Plays 1 day ago

    she thinks sex everyday is good. but the people who do it thinks its not. i dont think she does sex everyday so why encouraging to do everyday?
    she shouldve used these people experience to conclude that everyday is not encouraged

  • Animé Nerd :P
    Animé Nerd :P 1 day ago

    Idiots didn't get drugs before. Use drugs to maximize that sex.

  • Animé Nerd :P
    Animé Nerd :P 1 day ago

    The guy with the beard and glasses looks like he has a fake nose.

  • Reda Deroua
    Reda Deroua 1 day ago

    Easiest challenge for pornstars

  • Caley Blythe
    Caley Blythe 1 day ago

    their crazy glasses. hahahha

  • UltimaZ
    UltimaZ 1 day ago


  • Hoe Gotti
    Hoe Gotti 1 day ago

    that old bich seem like a freak oml 😂😂

  • John Francis Doe
    John Francis Doe 1 day ago

    This may explain how couples that try really hard to make a baby fail, until they stop trying. Making sex a chore can make it not work.

  • old timer
    old timer 2 days ago

    let's face it, I love to have sex as much as possible, but as a responsible man, I have to deal with the fact that I have other duties I have to fulfill but if I could just have sex and not have to worry about anything else it would be bliss. let's face it, there's nothing better than giving it to a woman that wants it oh so bad

  • Ben Angel
    Ben Angel 2 days ago

    The 'worst glasses' couple. Good good.

  • JerrieYT
    JerrieYT 2 days ago

    why are there gays wtfff

  • Benyamin Vafaei
    Benyamin Vafaei 2 days ago

    those two people were gay

  • Andrea Seferi
    Andrea Seferi 2 days ago

    I like this guy DImitri, he's cool

  • Brittany Schaubhut
    Brittany Schaubhut 2 days ago

    How is this even a problem!? In my last relationship, I would pester my partner just about every night, and most nights she'd be like "...seriously? 😒" and just go to sleep.
    What is with you people?! Am I the weird one??

  • Biruk Tola
    Biruk Tola 2 days ago

    Its disgusting to watch two gay people on .....

  • Harambe
    Harambe 2 days ago

    Lately fapping twice a day. Like this is outta the word from me.

  • JockiboisHund
    JockiboisHund 2 days ago


  • The GRGamer
    The GRGamer 2 days ago


  • Star96
    Star96 3 days ago

    i have a great idea lets make couples have sex for 30 days straight. it'll totally make them more intimate.

  • Tabatha Taylor
    Tabatha Taylor 3 days ago

    What about your period?🤔

  • Sophia Rocks
    Sophia Rocks 3 days ago

    That one guy that looks like he's wearing cartoon props with the huge glasses and mustache and then his girlfriend with the ugly glasses 😂

  • sup2239
    sup2239 3 days ago

    wait how do guys have sex?

  • Kaydin Ludwig
    Kaydin Ludwig 3 days ago

    I love their glasses! Like OML

  • Itageta Final Susanoo

    This lady sound so whack lol u she sound so boring

  • Meena Kwon
    Meena Kwon 3 days ago

    This is an awkward video to watch in public

  • Ryden Was Real
    Ryden Was Real 3 days ago

    That one guy looks like he's wearing a disguise

  • Matlockization
    Matlockization 3 days ago

    How come the homo couple get more video time ?

  • Maneo Rhakho
    Maneo Rhakho 3 days ago

    10k + dislikes from the Virgins who can't relate.

  • mi wish
    mi wish 3 days ago

    Chinese girl lucky one with the guy😍😍😍

  • Kiah Schmidt
    Kiah Schmidt 3 days ago

    The couple with the glasses were the most awkward people ever 😭😭 like it's just sex and y'all been together for 5 years

  • Unknown anonymous
    Unknown anonymous 3 days ago


  • Naomi Hallcro
    Naomi Hallcro 3 days ago

    It actually makes sense why the older couple was happier and I think it has to do with their rules. The older couple stated not necessarily penetration and both people had to climax so that allows for variety and ensures both parties are happy. The other couples incited only penetration, no handys and only one person having to climax; they sort of restricted it.

  • Greenly Greenone
    Greenly Greenone 4 days ago

    who is watching this and is younger than eight?

  • Anonymous Individual

    omg gay sex?! this is beyond repulsive

  • Bluemica
    Bluemica 4 days ago

    The guy and the girl with the glasses do 👓

  • DVLPanda Vids
    DVLPanda Vids 5 days ago


  • Mundy. Medics
    Mundy. Medics 5 days ago

    So basically she ruined their sex drives and turned sex into a resentful chore

  • Katie Boniface
    Katie Boniface 6 days ago

    the guy with the moustache looks like one of the muppets.

  • Jesse Solozano
    Jesse Solozano 6 days ago


  • Maria Mills
    Maria Mills 6 days ago

    I could never do this lol

  • Эxodus
    Эxodus 6 days ago

    remember when being called gay was an insult? man i miss the old times lol

  • alberto corral
    alberto corral 8 days ago

    sex comes easy if your a scorpio

  • Matthew J
    Matthew J 8 days ago

    What the heck

  • faisal almuteri
    faisal almuteri 8 days ago

    This old sex teacher is disgusting

  • faisal almuteri
    faisal almuteri 8 days ago

    In each day you can tell that the people were open heheh 😏

  • Haruun Rashid
    Haruun Rashid 8 days ago

    I do sex 5times aday.35times aweek. 140times amonth.1680times ayear. And my g/f is happy with it

  • Dancer Girl123
    Dancer Girl123 8 days ago

    The guys glasses are so ugly and that mustache

  • riley lijana
    riley lijana 8 days ago

    peasant 😂😂😂

  • Tom Basil
    Tom Basil 8 days ago

    Try having sex... everyday.... for 4 years straight...Beautiful Love

  • Jade Was here
    Jade Was here 9 days ago

    sexologist....I'm shook

  • Davi d
    Davi d 9 days ago


  • illuminol
    illuminol 9 days ago

    sex is overrated and not compulsory

  • MuMu124
    MuMu124 9 days ago

    why is this culture trying so hard to push homosexuality?

  • Jennifer Currie
    Jennifer Currie 10 days ago

    What am i doing with my life

  • Alex Lazaridis
    Alex Lazaridis 10 days ago

    The guy with the black glasses and moustache looks like potato head from toy story the movie HA HA HA

  • Katarina
    Katarina 11 days ago

    dunno but the gay couple srsly grosses me out!!

  • Emax Issac
    Emax Issac 11 days ago

    Iam 23 No girlfriend and virgin,Cant understand this but seriously need a beautiful Christian girl who is virgin.

  • Frmr Christian
    Frmr Christian 11 days ago

    Maybe the Sexologist is just a "horndog"!
    I believe it would turn your favorite thing into a chore, like the fellow said!

  • Thee Emma
    Thee Emma 11 days ago

    Buzzfeed does weird shit😂I hope no parents do it 2-3 times a week or I will throw up

  • IJP Gaming
    IJP Gaming 11 days ago

    You can tell that sexologist was excited for this

  • Brittany Irene
    Brittany Irene 12 days ago

    I have to have sex at least 2 times a day.. I turn into a big ball of stress.

  • Bananabunny axr
    Bananabunny axr 12 days ago


  • Edon the Theta Delta

    I really disgusted a minute in lol

  • Rowan Smith
    Rowan Smith 12 days ago

    I can't relate to this. Ace in the house.

  • Oscar Nagy
    Oscar Nagy 12 days ago

    Wait, what happened when the women were on their periods?

  • Jon why
    Jon why 12 days ago

    Fucking annoys me that buzzfeed has to bring gay people for every single thing they do

  • Juho Raistakka
    Juho Raistakka 12 days ago

    They started running out of juices ;)

  • Bossguy999
    Bossguy999 12 days ago

    saw it and said "I must watch this" XD

  • Dawn Nikkelson
    Dawn Nikkelson 13 days ago

    The thought of Ashley with a man when now we just have her trying to accept that she is gay is just amazing 😂

  • Brandon Vistan
    Brandon Vistan 13 days ago

    Why does this exist?

  • Bradley Martyn
    Bradley Martyn 13 days ago

    I've never kissed a girl...

  • Trevor Hernandez
    Trevor Hernandez 13 days ago

    Is it not normal for couples to have sex everyday? dude my ex wife and i dated for 1 yr and a half and had sex 1 to 2 times a day can't think of a single day we went without sex. then my ex girlfriend and i had sex everyday morning and night for the whole 5 months we dated. everyone ive talked to said they normally have sex way more than that. what's going on here

  • Mrcoolface4220 So Cool

    How do gay people have sex?

  • jdprettynails
    jdprettynails 13 days ago

    I don't know what the message of this video is. I thought the point was "if you're not having sex every day, don't feel bad because that's normal." But then it seemed to be "No, you should be having sex as much as possible."

  • strocat25
    strocat25 14 days ago

    I had sex with my ex every day twice a day for 2 years straight.. period or not. I kind enjoy sex and she did too.. we split up because the relationship was nothing but sex.

  • Cameron Aminian
    Cameron Aminian 14 days ago

    so ugly

  • sweetest love
    sweetest love 14 days ago

    the couple with the glasses.so funny

  • LoreShocks
    LoreShocks 14 days ago

    The couple in glasses... Ewww

  • TristansAdventures
    TristansAdventures 15 days ago

    My Problem is Getting Someone To Even Date me To even Have Sex. I am 36 and I haven't even had sex in 9 Years. I Have Been Single For 14 Years now.

  • Murphy Hastings
    Murphy Hastings 15 days ago


  • buru kenge
    buru kenge 15 days ago

    why no lesbian couple !!

  • kate carew
    kate carew 16 days ago

    My current partner and I have sex at least once a day every day and I'm shocked that it hasn't gotten boring or burdensome! I'm 39 and he's 33, and neither of us have ever been this satisfied with a loving relationship...I think the sexual connection is one of the factors that keeps us so bonded? It's more than sex for us, it's what stimulates conversation and we have found that things that were previously difficult to communicate come out so much more comfortably. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be without sex in an intimate relationship at this point. The sense of oneness is very real and the frequent joining of bodies cements that notion and I cannot recommend it enough if trust and closeness and teamwork and partnership are what you're seeking this really works :D

  • GoldRise
    GoldRise 17 days ago

    When your asexual

  • James Callaway
    James Callaway 17 days ago

    Oh you poor opressed prrivilaged white people

  • Ethan Moore
    Ethan Moore 17 days ago

    Meanwhile political freedoms are steadily eroded...

  • Stan Marsh
    Stan Marsh 17 days ago

    wtf is wrong with that dimitri dude

  • Landon Brown
    Landon Brown 17 days ago

    I have been teaching sex 4 20 years and I love it

  • RedDragon :
    RedDragon : 17 days ago

    the two guy's are gay?

  • Mrhyperbolic
    Mrhyperbolic 17 days ago

    Above film is one way of looking at life and HERE is another for those who know the value of Celibacy done for a higher purpose, health etc...http://www.dlshq.org/teachings/brahmacharya.htm

  • DangerDolo
    DangerDolo 18 days ago

    Of course buzz feed has to include the token gay couple

  • red pandere
    red pandere 18 days ago

    just way

  • jacob matlow
    jacob matlow 18 days ago

    CHALLENGE:every time someone says sex you have to take a shot of vodka

  • Snickers
    Snickers 18 days ago

    Wtaf why'd you have to go and add a gay couple I'm not against it but it's fucking gross.

  • Argam Megerdichian
    Argam Megerdichian 18 days ago

    I feel so disgusted by the gay couple

  • arjenbij
    arjenbij 18 days ago

    I swear if I didn't know this was buzzfeed I'd think the couple with the glasses were acting out a comedy sketch.

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