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Author Foxy Moto (1 month)
I ride a Yamaha but the Honda easily sounds the best here.

Author pugo itlog (13 days)
cbr1000 got the sweetest sound

Author Full Metal Jacket (2 months)
CBR = Lamborghini , R1 = blender , Ducati = lawn mower

Author gmantio97 (28 days)
Why u put aftermarket cans on r1 and blade and nufin on 1098?
That's far lol

Author Yamasaki Honda (11 months)
Ducati sounds like a broken Ninja 250.

Author Michael Henry (4 months)
shit man. pull in that clutch of the ducati before you rev it. that dry
thing gives me a cringe everytime i hear it

Author OGS IV (6 months)
that r1 sounded pretty good the cbr average and the duc sounded like its
been used for bumper cars

Author M'Mew Swiftie (6 months)

Author franco russo (8 months)
Usa people are so stupid, the Ducati it's 2 cylinders because that's sounds

Author Spytat (6 months)
ducati ..... tractor 

Author Jose L Sevilla (6 months)
Honda, But none of them sound as good as a GSXR!

Author HANZO YAKUZA (1 year)

Author Yamasaki Honda (11 months)
R1 sounds like a muscle car.

Author Thiago Ulisses Borges (10 months)
CBR !!!

Author ivan morales (8 months)
cbr and ducati

Author janis76 (8 months)
Ducati the only one with stock exhaust...comparison not fair.

Author alfonso hernandez (1 year)
Ducs sound like farm equipment!

Author Kaze Iff (9 months)
CBR sounds !

Author remyleouf (1 year)
Ducati is good looking but shit 

Author Spytat (6 months)

Author samram52 (8 months)

Author Ono Ini (8 months)
sepedah g jg bgs tod

Author ButterOnMyBiscuit (1 year)
The Honda sounds like a F1 race car.... The Yamaha sounds like a quad...
And the Duck sounds like someone left a bolt in the engine

Author Bu115y (10 months)
. . . .and your point is?

Author pwnage Best (1 year)
Ducati sounds like a Tractor!

Author matthieu cuvelier (1 year)
Ducati *~*

Author tylerdevloo (1 year)
id have to say for this video it goes cbr, r1, then ducatti. and im not
bias, i own an r1.

Author MrJustinTechno (1 year)
Ducati has such little sound

Author jay nelson (2 years)
Sounds like Jeff Foxworthy

Author priscott1963 (4 years)

Author Riku Kurkioja (2 years)

Author Satya Ihsan (4 years)
from the unbelieveable sound to the bad sound..

Author pablof59 (2 years)
R1 by far !!!

Author DM1GTLMS (4 years)
I just love the sound of the Crossplane crankshaft on the R1 !!

Author Albileo Wahyudi (2 years)
CBR 1000

Author GiangTien MeowDaji (2 years)

Author HazOrusNDA (3 years)
CBR <33

Author Kevin Jordan (3 years)
cbr 1000 best girl of street

Author Neo Khan (3 years)
Wait... so the ducati uses a stock exhaust, while the cbr and r1 use an
aftermarket? NOT fair. Put a termignoni, Zard or Arrow on there and lets
see what happens.

Author vegaquarker (4 years)
That R1 have a cylinder failing... isn't it? WARM IT UP!

Author Kingsarg r (2 years)
I love cbrs but that r1 sounds mean

Author Gunawan Wicaksono (3 years)
cbr got the coolest sound there....

Author Foxy Moto (1 year)
Conventional in-line four of the Honda sounds best. Love the Yamaha and
Ducati also!

Author Lion heart's (2 years)
CBR !! *_____________________*

Author Михель Эрасмус (3 years)
the ducati sounds like a bulldog out of breath :)

Author Isara Seri (4 years)
Sorry, i still fall in love with R1 sound..

Author Harman Kardon (4 years)
1º CBR 10 2º R1 7 3ºDUCATTI 5

Author OpieSVT (4 years)
yamahow yeehaww

Author roadsterX (3 years)
r1 rules

Author Yegezkel (3 years)
Yamaha is the best!!!

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