Honda CBR 1000, Yamaha R1, Ducati 1098 S Sound comparison test exhaust running

Honda CBR1000 , Yamaha R1 , Ducati 1098s , Sound Comparison running exhaust

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Author J.M. Boos ( ago)
the ducati has the stock exhaust, and the others got aftermarket ones....
what a fair comparison...

if i put my 848 evo with arrows and no damper flap next to it, you wont be
able to tell if the others are running or not

Author JAMES HUSBAND ( ago)
haha cbr wins! the are shit

Author coolshariq ( ago)
Honda Cbr1000

Author Taqweem Mirza ( ago)
and the Honda wins.

Author Dhan Lee ( ago)
i hav cbr cbr sound is the best

Author Daniel Beagle-Stabley (1782 years ago)
CBR all day Hondas rule 😆😆😆😆😄😂😂

Author Iban Gaming (434 years ago)
ducati the best

Author Cristian Reynoso ( ago)
yamaha the best!

Author Alex Sanchez cali ( ago)
mejor sonido HONDAAA ufff uaaoo beautiful

Author Rejc85sombor ( ago)
ducati sounds like shit

Author MILO W ( ago)
ducati sounded funny

Author pugo itlog ( ago)
cbr1000 got the sweetest sound

Author gmantio97 ( ago)
Why u put aftermarket cans on r1 and blade and nufin on 1098?
That's far lol

Author Foxy Moto ( ago)
I ride a Yamaha but the Honda easily sounds the best here.

Author Full Metal Jacket ( ago)
CBR = Lamborghini , R1 = blender , Ducati = lawn mower

Author Michael Henry ( ago)
shit man. pull in that clutch of the ducati before you rev it. that dry
thing gives me a cringe everytime i hear it

Author OGS IV ( ago)
that r1 sounded pretty good the cbr average and the duc sounded like its
been used for bumper cars

Author M'Mew Swiftie (703 years ago)

Author Spytat ( ago)
ducati ..... tractor 

Author Spytat ( ago)

Author Jose L Sevilla ( ago)
Honda, But none of them sound as good as a GSXR!

Author Ioannis ( ago)
Ducati the only one with stock exhaust...comparison not fair.

Author ivan morales ( ago)
cbr and ducati

Author Captaining (1704 years ago)

Author franco russo ( ago)
Usa people are so stupid, the Ducati it's 2 cylinders because that's sounds

Author Ono Ini ( ago)
sepedah g jg bgs tod

Author Kaze Iff ( ago)
CBR sounds !

Author Thiago Ulisses Borges ( ago)
CBR !!!

Author Bu115y ( ago)
. . . .and your point is?

Author Yamasaki Honda ( ago)
R1 sounds like a muscle car.

Author Yamasaki Honda ( ago)
Ducati sounds like a broken Ninja 250.

Author pwnage Best ( ago)
Ducati sounds like a Tractor!

Author alfonso hernandez ( ago)
Ducs sound like farm equipment!

Author HANZO YAKUZA ( ago)

Author remyleouf ( ago)
Ducati is good looking but shit 

Author matthieu cuvelier ( ago)
Ducati *~*

Author ButterOnMyBiscuit ( ago)
The Honda sounds like a F1 race car.... The Yamaha sounds like a quad...
And the Duck sounds like someone left a bolt in the engine

Author tylerdevloo ( ago)
id have to say for this video it goes cbr, r1, then ducatti. and im not
bias, i own an r1.

Author Phillymadedude ( ago)
Ducati has such little sound

Author swiekekodok ( ago)
i love the Japanese Big Bike Sound......Ducati?the worst!!

Author andreasline78 ( ago)
honda the best!!

Author Foxy Moto ( ago)
Conventional in-line four of the Honda sounds best. Love the Yamaha and
Ducati also!

Author syark PJ ( ago)
cbr win??

Author Mohammad Afwan ( ago)
cbr is da best bike... 

Author kevin soenarko ( ago)
ducati is suck.

Author Anupam Saha ( ago)
Thumbs up for Honda

Author virus468 ( ago)
R1 and Ducati ftw

Author Brent Pearcy ( ago)
Welp the Ducati does sound better than a John Deer but its a close one. 

Author Dominic ( ago)

Author Ryan Grimes ( ago)
Honda killing em

Author Subki Mahadzir ( ago)
Honda five stars

Author Brandon Moore ( ago)
I'd take a Ducati over the other but just not the sound !

Author The Deadpool ( ago)
dafuq is wrong with this? ducatis shake the ground with their sound!

Author Sean ( ago)
honda sounds best. r1 looks slightly better. 

Author mostafa shalabi ( ago)
cbr 1000rr and R1 :3 

Author Thean Long ( ago)

Author mauidirtbikerin808 ( ago)
what year is that r1

Author SIKishtrans ( ago)
cbr is ugly and sounds ugly compare to the r1! ducati sounds too bad and r1
sounds just perfect!

Author canadianhangover ( ago)
Was on my way ti get an aprilla or ducati. But ended up with an r1.
Personal referent on the sound. Italian bike dont sound good to
me....personall reference.. please dnt talk shit. ....cuz i dont give a

Author antonello ciano ( ago)
Ducati are the best !

Author Albileo Wahyudi ( ago)
CBR 1000

Author Mhd Faisal ( ago)

Author syed tariq ( ago)

Author crazylegzz007 ( ago)
All bikes have after market exhaust, except the Duc, not really a fair

Author jay nelson ( ago)
Sounds like Jeff Foxworthy 

Author Osvaldo De Santiago ( ago)
Yamaha R1 the best sound sound Mean !!!

Author pablof59 ( ago)
I use to do the same but with small balloons knocking the spokes !

Author pablof59 ( ago)
R1 by far !!!

Author Markozesinho ( ago)
cbr a beast

Author Daynard feltin ( ago)
CBR Sounds Awesome!!! 

Author Tony Morris ( ago)
PS: The R1 sounds that way due to its crossplane crankshaft (uneven firing
interval across the cylinders).

Author Tony Morris ( ago)
The Ducati sounds that way due to its desmodromic valve actuation system. I
think you'd change your mind if you heard it for real. I own a R1 and have
owned desmo ducks.

Author KingSargon (1346 years ago)
I love cbrs but that r1 sounds mean

Author CHAMPS WALL ( ago)
cbr 1000, the best sound !

Author Jason Fitzthum ( ago)
this r1 sounds like a fucking v8

Author Markozesinho ( ago)
cbr ruless

Author San4eZz ( ago)
Звук CBR мне больше всех нравится)

Author AwakeAudio ( ago)
Have you ever heard a real one

Author JR_2.5RS ( ago)
IMO it sounds like theres rocks in it shaking making a rattle sound

Author eslstinkt ( ago)

Author Riku Kurkioja ( ago)
ducati is suck!!!

Author Riku Kurkioja ( ago)

Author ih8momjokes1 ( ago)

Author Lionhearts Official ( ago)
CBR !! *_____________________* 

Author Meo GT ( ago)

Author AwakeAudio ( ago)
Terrible audio. Ducati's make the ground shake when you're next to one. Ive
got a sub hooked up to my PC and I can't feel a thing. I love the sound of
the inline 4's too, but to a truly appreciate the duc you need to hear/feel
the rumble. 

Author ih8momjokes1 (1848 years ago)
Why does Ducati put tractor mode on their 1198- oh wait. ..

Author maximus10463 ( ago)
R1 baby!

Author Nathan Badby ( ago)
Defo r1

Author LoganRoberts16 ( ago)
This is a terrible comparison. First off the ducati has stock pipes while
the other two have aftermarket. Secondly they are all VERY different
engines. And third, with some termis the winner would be the ducati, then
the yamaha, then the cbr. Fucking rice burner.

Author manu giaco ( ago)

Author Weerasak Youngcharern ( ago)
Well, this video doesn't show the actual sound as the microphone isn't good
enough to capture the low bass sound of both Ducati and Yamaha. So that's
why they sound like rattle aluminum can. In real life, it would be Ducati -
Yamaha - Honda.

Author jamiliu1 ( ago)
Ducatti sounds worst

Author standish250 ( ago)
Ok people, you do understand that the Japanese bikes and Ducatis have
completely different engines, no? Also the Ducati uses a dry clutch where
the Japanese use wet clutches, which gives it that famous clicking sound.
It's not really fair to compare them on sound alone as they're from 2
different worlds and it's all about user preference. I prefer the sound of
the Jap bikes, have an FZ6R with Two Bros, but I would sell it in an
instant for a Ducati. 

Author RamboRepublican ( ago)
Even with stock exhaust, Ducati wins.

Author kichansilva ( ago)
The yamaha does sound like V8 but for my likings ij sound, i prefer the
honda's sound.. My prefered bikes are yamahas

Author Nick LJ ( ago)
honda cbr has the best sound 

Author Bambang Wahyudi ( ago)
agree .. yamaha R1 sounds the best among two other bikes,.

Author Razzorraz Raz ( ago)

Author Neo Khan ( ago)
Wait... so the ducati uses a stock exhaust, while the cbr and r1 use an
aftermarket? NOT fair. Put a termignoni, Zard or Arrow on there and lets
see what happens. 

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