Wonder Woman's True Power

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  • Alex Harwell
    Alex Harwell 5 hours ago

    Wow... Wonder Woman could take some lessons from Piccolo... and learn how to freakin *DOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDGGGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • BrandonWillWin
    BrandonWillWin 7 hours ago

    Alfred Molina?

  • Zek Wizeye
    Zek Wizeye 13 hours ago

    I prefer the animated justice league version of wonder woman

  • Friedchickens forlife
    Friedchickens forlife 18 hours ago

    i see this is where they get the Xena warrior princess inspiration

  • Anthony Begyn
    Anthony Begyn 23 hours ago

    Ha ha ha, her "Oh crap..." sound like a girl who been sodomised by mistake !

  • Kalitoz Kaliente
    Kalitoz Kaliente 2 days ago

    I wonder if Xena can take Wonder Woman

  • Peter Petersmann
    Peter Petersmann 2 days ago

    so her true power is that lasso swap ability from DotAs vengeful spirit?

  • Scarlett Rose
    Scarlett Rose 2 days ago

    GAL GADOT ruined ww

  • C.L Cox
    C.L Cox 3 days ago

    dude got his ass kicked!

  • Scottie Pimpen
    Scottie Pimpen 3 days ago

    What movie is this?

  • Brandon Yamamoto
    Brandon Yamamoto 3 days ago

    The dude looks UUUUGLY

  • aboomination
    aboomination 3 days ago

    Answer: TITS

  • Vemon Ranger
    Vemon Ranger 3 days ago

    Yeah I guess we're screwed.

  • Jared Douglas
    Jared Douglas 4 days ago

    As his head is sinking he's thinking, "I should have ducked."

  • Tick-Tack girl
    Tick-Tack girl 4 days ago

    why did he call out for Zeus, did he save him the first time?

  • Leilani Robinson
    Leilani Robinson 4 days ago

    I love woder woman she is strong

  • ty -coon
    ty -coon 4 days ago

    movie name?

  • lorenzo jaxsun
    lorenzo jaxsun 4 days ago

    its not like she took him down with brute force

  • TheIvar19
    TheIvar19 5 days ago

    So this is the fight angry joe got his dick all hard about? Not even that good. He needs to stfu if he thinks this is so much better than wonder woman 2017

  • Side Tracker
    Side Tracker 6 days ago

    as strong as Hercules
    as fast as Hermes
    and is like Hades

    I KNEW IT...Hares IS Triple H

  • Perry Perry
    Perry Perry 6 days ago

    Aries looks like Eric Roberts

  • john michael
    john michael 6 days ago

    True power? all I see is wonder women getting brutally beaten

  • marquez hicks
    marquez hicks 6 days ago

    If he's as fast than Hermes then he should've seen that coming

  • Panagiotes Koutelidakes

    That upwards heel kick was just bizarre... (Let's not discuss the rest.)

  • Teevee
    Teevee 8 days ago

    More like true lasso skillz

  • Elleia Syxvey Consunji


  • Ricardo Souza
    Ricardo Souza 8 days ago


  • Swantje Arndt
    Swantje Arndt 8 days ago

    oh crap 😂

  • kungfumaster51
    kungfumaster51 8 days ago

    Came here after watching Wonder Woman in theaters.

  • larnizzo91
    larnizzo91 9 days ago

    I never thought I'd say I like the live action movie version better than the animated one. Cus the animated was amazeballs. Which says a lot if the live action comes out on top for me

  • Condor1970
    Condor1970 9 days ago

    Ares: Zeus, Zeus!!!

    (Zeus taking a nap...Cue the elevator music).

  • Alicia Rydbeck
    Alicia Rydbeck 10 days ago

    SHazam...oh wait wrong movie

  • mdredzuan29
    mdredzuan29 10 days ago

    Zeus won't help disobedient and cruel child!!
    Zeus: Agreed!! Plus he never wished me on Father's Day. You deserved it!! hahahahaha

  • Terry Best
    Terry Best 10 days ago

    Anyone can be strong but being smart enough to use your opponents strength against them is a much better strategy.

  • Makayla Leybas
    Makayla Leybas 11 days ago

    Who's watching this after watching the live action Wonder Woman movie?

  • Kevin Mullen
    Kevin Mullen 11 days ago

    what movie is this?

  • Chucky Hagelo
    Chucky Hagelo 11 days ago

    Better than Gal Gadot

  • Paul Duarte
    Paul Duarte 11 days ago

    Y kkkkkkkkk,klkk,k,kkkkmkkkkklklkkmollkpññ.ll,, ,h. Nbbhpjhj k..la..ñ.ñ.ññ.ñ.ñ.ñ.ñ.ñ.ññññññññññññññññññññuopñkouñkoulljjkliyihlkhllu,in,jk,k,l,............... ..l.l.k,.k, .. ., ..k., .

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 11 days ago

    2:56 pussy crunch punch

  • Ferny b
    Ferny b 11 days ago

    so..... weak?

    All i saw is her getting her ass kicked.....

  • SaY4cT89
    SaY4cT89 11 days ago


  • John toupe.
    John toupe. 12 days ago

    why doesn't this shit happen in Mexico or something

  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan 12 days ago

    What show or movie is this from?

  • Adrian Kowalski
    Adrian Kowalski 12 days ago

    Się is weak

  • Severus Versus
    Severus Versus 12 days ago

    That moment you're calling your daddy like a bitch...

  • priya sarkar
    priya sarkar 12 days ago

    batman and superman gets full body suits... and wonderwomen getz an one piece bikini... nice...

    • priya sarkar
      priya sarkar 12 days ago

      even women with superpowers have to show butts and boobs...men!!!

  • Fajar Pratama
    Fajar Pratama 13 days ago

    Well to bad Ares, both in Animated and Live Action Movies you still get beaten by Wonder Woman, how bad is that for a God of War😂😂😂 LoL

    • Doctor Strange
      Doctor Strange 9 days ago

      Fajar Pratama He is not a god. There is only one true God,and he has no limits to his powers,he is invincible,perfect and just.

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  • Nate Dog
    Nate Dog 13 days ago


  • 김세훈
    김세훈 13 days ago

    Well that shows how the world is fucked up so much these days

  • Sandeepan Roy
    Sandeepan Roy 13 days ago

    who is here after watching wonder woman the movie ? :)

  • Heda Fan de séries5HLM

    zeus zeus lmao

  • Heda Fan de séries5HLM


  • Squats Deadlift
    Squats Deadlift 14 days ago

    Do Marvel or DC have gay superhero?

  • Víctor Barraza
    Víctor Barraza 14 days ago

    the difference between batman, superman and wonder woman? when wonder woman deals with an enemy, SHE DEALS WITH IT. PERMANENTLY.

  • Xanderstrife
    Xanderstrife 14 days ago

    i dont think that was really the true power of her. I mean all she did was catch him off guard and pulled him into his own attack....which didnt kill him by the way.
    Also he got his head chopped off cause he didnt dodge. He had plenty of time to jump out of the way. I dont recall her whip causing people to stand around like idiots.

    DAVID RAMASES 14 days ago


  • Pacer
    Pacer 14 days ago

    Fucking foreigners ruining the White House lol I'm kidding

  • SRRN Insect
    SRRN Insect 14 days ago

    Why does D.C. folllow Greek Mythology

  • Pirate Dog Music Videos

    True Power, using someones else's attack against them?

  • alba nigrum
    alba nigrum 14 days ago

    so confusing in justice league unlimited he was a force of nature when released from hell
    it took superman batman wonder woman and more
    to beat him there

  • Alvaro Calix
    Alvaro Calix 15 days ago

    wonder woman's true power? that ass

  • GamerDan145
    GamerDan145 15 days ago

    Ares: ZUES! ZUES!

    Stan: SOOS! SOOS!

  • kingpeter
    kingpeter 15 days ago

    this is what the new wonder women movie was missing how ares power works

  • chris rivet
    chris rivet 15 days ago

    i hope the wonder woman movie has good fights

  • Павел Визе
    Павел Визе 15 days ago

    2:05 hahahahah

  • Christopher Punzalan

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  • Victor Peterson
    Victor Peterson 16 days ago

    2:07 why didn't Wonder Woman dodge?

  • Risk G3me
    Risk G3me 16 days ago

    1:23 coolest scene in the history of cartoons

  • Bozzash 153
    Bozzash 153 16 days ago

    wonder woman: oh crap...

  • Hobbes 123
    Hobbes 123 16 days ago

    Looks like trigon

  • kokayi Newsome
    kokayi Newsome 16 days ago

    The only thing that messed this movie up was the battle of the sexes stuff that plagued the beginning.

  • BK
    BK 16 days ago

    what the fuck. it's fucking wonder woman and she says two things that are sexist against women in under 5 minutes. fucking really?

  • The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry

    And in Injustice 2 Universe. This is what happens when you push the Superman button.

  • Uz to New York
    Uz to New York 16 days ago

    I saw nothing special, just playing wisely over the enemy. It wasant what I expected, but aint gonna leave a dislike or a like.

  • Yolol Saures
    Yolol Saures 16 days ago

    that was horse shit

  • Emet The drone
    Emet The drone 16 days ago

    4:26 *"GET OVER HERE!"*

  • Ethan Illidge
    Ethan Illidge 16 days ago

    Ares says he has the power of any god, ares is a god.

  • Sterling Jones
    Sterling Jones 17 days ago

    the fenesse

  • Jonathan Andersen
    Jonathan Andersen 17 days ago

    I feel like everytime you upload a video titled "someone's true power" it's just an excuse to upload footage from animated movies. Some of your uploads don't even contain anything about their true power...

  • LeDrunk ThatWalks
    LeDrunk ThatWalks 17 days ago

    "I have more power than the gods!!"

    "And i am on my period"

    "Oh, crap""

  • Binh Nguyen
    Binh Nguyen 17 days ago


  • Boostedbanta
    Boostedbanta 17 days ago

    I thought she was gonna give him a bj

  • Rydia the wolf
    Rydia the wolf 17 days ago

    ... in other words she has no "true power" she literally just used his own power against him... dissapointing

  • Helistra Aranwen
    Helistra Aranwen 17 days ago

    daddy daddy I'm a loser!

  • Tarik Tarek
    Tarik Tarek 17 days ago

    did she really decapitate his head in front of the children ?!

  • Diogo da Fonseca Bulhões

    Porra, resistência da mulher maravilha >>>>>>>> super man ? Cada muquetada q ela levou e ficava de boa. Não sabia desse poder dela.

  • Jade Smith
    Jade Smith 17 days ago

    what show is this

  • Trollovon Flidder
    Trollovon Flidder 17 days ago

    Pretty pathetic. Hercules from Fate/Stay Night would kick both their asses. These jokesters aren't gods. Barely even qualify as demigods.

  • EGA//Stillow 1
    EGA//Stillow 1 17 days ago

    I love that "oh crap" 😂

  • Crash64100
    Crash64100 17 days ago


  • Dog Person Thing
    Dog Person Thing 18 days ago

    How did they make this last November? Someone tell me!

  • Rickard Boman
    Rickard Boman 18 days ago

    A much better movie then the horrible crap currently showing at the theaters. DC does very good cartoons, but horrible crappy movies.

  • Buxinim Plays
    Buxinim Plays 18 days ago

    I was imagining if Kratos where there

  • Slayer 23
    Slayer 23 18 days ago

    When she said, "how are u suppose to beat Zeus if u can't barely beat a girl." TRIGGERED THATS SEXIST ASF FUCK DC YO

  • Marlon Burgess
    Marlon Burgess 18 days ago

    This title was so misleading. She didn't do shit. I thought her bracelets would atleast reveal her true power.

  • miggitdog3
    miggitdog3 18 days ago

    why is she so black?

  • Ray Perkins
    Ray Perkins 18 days ago

    Making sandwiches.

  • scatt jax
    scatt jax 18 days ago

    Her True Power: her Hips in the thumbnail.

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