2 Hour Beautiful Piano Music for Studying and Sleeping 【BGM】

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  • 2 Hour Beautiful Piano Music for Studying and Sleeping 【BGM】


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    ✔2-Hour anime music Mix: https://goo.gl/5wygMh

    Track list:
    0:00:00 Senbonzakura
    0:05:55 Time to Love – October
    0:09:55 Bamboo - Piano Master
    0:14:09 Red dragonfly
    0:17:17 How to spend winter
    0:22:35 One day's leave - Foxtail Grass
    0:24:48 Floating flow - Foxtail Grass
    0:28:59 Moonlight Love
    0:33:01 In beautiful Landscape - 許嵩
    0:36:31 Lotus Rain - 劉珂矣
    0:40:18 紡唄 つむぎうた - 鏡音雙子
    0:43:27 Tokyo Ghoul – Nine
    0:47:23 Wrapping in snow - Foxtail grass
    0:49:39 A small piece - Foxtail grass
    0:53:34 Hatsune Miku – Pierrot
    0:58:34 ダブルラリアット - koma'n
    1:03:32 昨夜小樓又東風 - 費玉清

    1:06:09 Listen again =^^=


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  • The Soul of Wind
    The Soul of Wind 5 months ago

    2 Hour Beautiful Piano Music for Studying and Sleeping 【BGM】 , Listen and relax . . . :3

    • Hoàng Thanh
      Hoàng Thanh 4 hours ago

      what is the name of that song?

    • Sprite Khanasa
      Sprite Khanasa 12 hours ago

      The Soul of Wind Music 2 Name Music??

    • Gunta Censone
      Gunta Censone 2 days ago

      this hole video made me cries
      its brang back some good and funny memories <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • lyh123
      lyh123 6 days ago

      The Soul of Wind 😘😘😘

  • Yaki Criss
    Yaki Criss 1 hour ago

    ES HERMOSO¡¡¡, alguien sabe como se llama el primero :'v

  • Kevin Iz Neko
    Kevin Iz Neko 2 hours ago


  • Sprite Khanasa
    Sprite Khanasa 3 hours ago

    5:55 Song?

  • Daisy Taylor
    Daisy Taylor 5 hours ago

    the first one is in Nikki dress up queen isnt it ?

  • Love Music
    Love Music 7 hours ago

    Beautiful music good !

  • 김지원
    김지원 8 hours ago

    wow..this song is very good!

  • K.S.M
    K.S.M 10 hours ago

    Sooo Good :'(

  • Florencia H. Gomez Martin

    love your mix. Its ameyzing

  • Courtney Morgan
    Courtney Morgan 17 hours ago

    I love it so much it makes me feel like I can play just like that . 😍😍

  • Rose Feng
    Rose Feng 17 hours ago

    Wow I totally love this. I play the piano and is listening to this for 2 reasons:
    1. Find songs to play on the piano, and
    2. Come on. Admit it. Who doesn't like anime songs?

  • •Sakura•On'nanoko •

    I swear Kaori and Kousei from Your Lie In April was playing the violin and piano OMG!!

  • Wolf772k AJ
    Wolf772k AJ 1 day ago

    this song is gonna be me new intro BUT NOT THAT LONG XDD i gonna take 0:23 0:40 :3

  • 張綮哲
    張綮哲 1 day ago


  • Mr. Waffles /Lucius Leonide

    This song is a slow version of worlds end dancehall hatsune miku

  • hinotori enmaai
    hinotori enmaai 1 day ago

    oh god i need this music... i feel like my brain is going to explode any minute now. 😭😭😭😭 and im so stress and depressed....

  • Wati Spawi Wati
    Wati Spawi Wati 1 day ago

    I love itttttt!!!!!!!😚😚😚😚

    ANITA G 1 day ago

    i loved it , it remembers me of my family

  • 123 W
    123 W 1 day ago


  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 1 day ago

    boy shut your sensitive ass up.

  • Arib sirkhot
    Arib sirkhot 1 day ago

    plz someone tell me the name of the music at 40:18

  • Mama Jojo •3•

    This music helps me focus drawing cause I usually get distracted with Twitter or other stuff whenever I try drawing

  • Abby Luemen
    Abby Luemen 1 day ago

    And I'm a youtuber so watch my videos my favorite is stop the fighting if you seen not comment and subscribe

  • Abby Luemen
    Abby Luemen 1 day ago

    I love all of your music

  • Tim Kühn
    Tim Kühn 1 day ago

    whats the name of the first SONG !!!! ??? pls tell me !!!!!!!!

  • Marco Arthofer
    Marco Arthofer 2 days ago


  • Robertus Mertus
    Robertus Mertus 2 days ago


  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 2 days ago

    This was so helpful for my studying. though I may have dozed off once r twice

  • Tsukinose April Vignette

    i hope to study but why first song is Senbonzakura...I'm excited!!!

  • Lee Anne
    Lee Anne 2 days ago

    Can you make an extended version? Just in case I wake up in the middle of the night..heh.

  • Iuri Kobakhidze
    Iuri Kobakhidze 2 days ago

    great music's. and can you please tell me music's name at 14:10 :D

  • 장준혁
    장준혁 2 days ago

    악보 구할 수 있나여??

    TEENY 2 days ago

    "Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you don't feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!" :)

  • Michael Wang
    Michael Wang 2 days ago

    I've listened to this at least 10 times > - <

  • Derpy Daphne Is Derpy

    Im not studying, Im just here cause I like listening to this kind of music.

  • Estrela342 PG13
    Estrela342 PG13 2 days ago

    me apaixonei pela música

  • Gunta Censone
    Gunta Censone 2 days ago

    this makes me think of good memories like 5 years ago when i was 11.. my gymnastics... when i fell my bf helped me up and i kept going... it was a great childhood but now im just getting old and older but soon it will all change when i die i will be in heaven still trying to reach for the stars...my dreams... my everything.. i love this song it helps me bring back good memories... fuck rock music listen to this all day its just so realaxing when the beats started dropping i started to dance my bf caught me dancing and he said want to dance? .... i love this song to much.. this is basacally my favourite song now or should i say remix... who ever made this song they spent like 2 days just to make this song... i love it... you might be reading this now.. just subscribe.. i cant live without this its so nice i will listen to this all the time but the second song came in i just fell asleep with the music on and i dremt about nothing just the song.. its so nice make more of these vids they are awsome... keep on the good work... 1 like= 1 dream come true
    i comment= 1 kiss come true
    i sub= more lives in the world and let people with cancer cure it and make their lives better and yours too <3 <3

  • MydgaR Lavanchy
    MydgaR Lavanchy 2 days ago

    Me fasibnaaa!!!!la puedo escuchar muchas veses pero no puedo dejar de oirla n.n como desirlo es tranquilizantes y Alavés con un ritmo q llena el alma ...sige asi ;D

  • Alain Prajantasaen
    Alain Prajantasaen 2 days ago

    Do someone have all of these separated to download it ?

  • らら
    らら 2 days ago

    It's funny that there are more English speakers who are listening to this than Japanese when the title of the video is in japanese

  • ゆうゆ
    ゆうゆ 2 days ago


  • Pastelle Goth
    Pastelle Goth 2 days ago

    ....good for reading yaoi

  • Life
    Life 3 days ago

    Name of the first song?

  • A𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐎 𝓗𝓲𝓶𝒆𝓳𝓲𝓶𝓪

    Likes for Senbonzakura!

  • milky buskuts KAWAII

    you press you foot on to the soft wet grass and feel the wind agenst your chest. you see a glisening lake with ducks swiming happle on it. your sole escapes and you forget about the things that wory you
    be happy

  • MrWook
    MrWook 3 days ago

    Where do i get this wallpaper from 58:39?

  • Jiraya Sensei
    Jiraya Sensei 3 days ago


  • Kinpaku
    Kinpaku 3 days ago

    where can u get the first background picture?

  • Shanki Gaming
    Shanki Gaming 3 days ago

    The Soul Of Wind this piece of music is so relaxing I listen to it every day thank for making my life more inspired

  • song hunter
    song hunter 3 days ago

    man love it superbly chilled

  • Otibum
    Otibum 3 days ago

    I love a girl who stay with another, but I love her more than any other love possible on this earth ... and this song helps me to cry alone for two hours consecutively

  • Corbin Deremer
    Corbin Deremer 3 days ago

    So good I literally cried.

  • 안민경
    안민경 3 days ago

    노래가 너무 좋당~! 숙제 하면서 들었는데 집중이 안돼야 하는데 더 잘됨 ㅎㅎ

  • Phusc Dương
    Phusc Dương 3 days ago


  • Nazmul Hasan
    Nazmul Hasan 3 days ago

    Is it sen bonzakura??? :O

  • Gedd Priscion
    Gedd Priscion 3 days ago

    This is why I love this channel. This content without monetization. Thanks!

  • Mihika Bangarbale
    Mihika Bangarbale 3 days ago

    I don't know why, this reminds me of Anime.

  • Rekha Healy
    Rekha Healy 3 days ago

    this helped me SO much with my homework for an extra summer class i'm taking! <3

  • Rekha Healy
    Rekha Healy 3 days ago

    this is so beautiful. i cant put it in words : ) <3 <:3

  • KumaGaming808
    KumaGaming808 3 days ago

    The beginning part melody reminds me of "Senbonzakura" from Hatsume and Wagakkiband

  • 박진우
    박진우 3 days ago

    Oh.. this is Senbonzakura!!

  • Death Kitsune68
    Death Kitsune68 3 days ago

    Honestly, I need a moment where I ignore everything and pretend that nothing but me and whatever I'm listening to exists, be it the rain outside, a fan, total silence, or music like this. It allows me to take a break from the constant jab from family toward how incompetent they see me. Everyone needs a moment to themselves, where they don't cry, hate, try to forgive, or think. Just a moment where they can peacefully exist and do nothing for a little bit, cause everyone deserves a moment of peace.

  • Rohen Langham
    Rohen Langham 4 days ago

    I live these nights forever, in perpetual enlightenment, join harmony, you are an Earth Angel.

  • Sim Simmi
    Sim Simmi 4 days ago

    Is this for studying or sleeping? What if i listen to this while studying n end up falling asleep? XD jk nevertheless its good

  • Zies Uni
    Zies Uni 4 days ago

    Also for work outs

  • Shawn Thacker
    Shawn Thacker 4 days ago

    especially when someone you cared for died right in front on you someone who had courage 😥 and cared for everyone and everything why did they have to kill him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😨😨😨😨😨😧😧😧😧😧😢😢 my tears are drying on my face

  • Shawn Thacker
    Shawn Thacker 4 days ago

    mmm it helps me meditate even though I believe in Jesus it helps me get stuff of my mind😑

  • Joe DaPotato
    Joe DaPotato 4 days ago

    This is great :)

  • Jeremy Maggi
    Jeremy Maggi 4 days ago

    What anime is the floating flow song from? Couldnt find it.

  • Yohanes Rusario
    Yohanes Rusario 4 days ago

    uhmmm ... that second song or i mean second play piano ... that from where ? what song ? what anime ? truly from shigatsu ost Your lie in April ? i want try to play it '-' pleasee ... can you tell it ?

  • Megumin Riven
    Megumin Riven 4 days ago

    I listened for 5 days straight to this video, 5 x 2 hours= 10 hours. Because I had exams and it helped alot
    Thank you!

  • Leilani Nguyen
    Leilani Nguyen 4 days ago

    What's the songs name at 40:18?

  • Staifu
    Staifu 4 days ago


  • Hạ Linh Chi
    Hạ Linh Chi 4 days ago

    Very good!

  • sully cusi
    sully cusi 4 days ago

    muy buenoo

  • Gabie Guilles
    Gabie Guilles 4 days ago

    also it would be appreciated if people stopped commenting go back to work and stuff like that
    people just want to know if it really helps you study

  • Gabie Guilles
    Gabie Guilles 4 days ago

    amazing music that helped me study for my finals

  • Gabie Guilles
    Gabie Guilles 4 days ago

    this really helped me study thank you so much

  • ꧁ ꧂
    ꧁ ꧂ 4 days ago

    what song name?

  • Tanvi Das
    Tanvi Das 4 days ago

    am I the only one who thought the first one was Hatsune Miku's "One thousand cherry trees"?

  • ღSilverstarღ
    ღSilverstarღ 4 days ago

    This is absolutely beautiful <3

  • Florencia Vargas
    Florencia Vargas 4 days ago

    hatsune miku first❤

  • Lucija Mladenic
    Lucija Mladenic 5 days ago


  • Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez 5 days ago

    I need comfort and help while I slowly die and listen to music

  • HN-Bosr [CF-Mobile VN]

    Vietnamese điểm Danh nào !!!!!!

  • 김민서
    김민서 5 days ago

    한국인 찾아요..

  • th th 5 days ago

    plzzzz tell me name of first song🔥 from 1 to 5.i need the name

  • 閃耀初音
    閃耀初音 5 days ago

    千本櫻the first song

  • 閃耀初音
    閃耀初音 5 days ago

    miku's song!!

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 5 days ago

    I can't stop listening to this. Amazing!

  • xXPabuStarXx
    xXPabuStarXx 5 days ago

    I wish I could download it

  • jive jack
    jive jack 5 days ago

    Wow such peaceful music it only took me 2 hours to go to sleep

  • Espernor Taitano
    Espernor Taitano 5 days ago


  • Otaku Emily
    Otaku Emily 5 days ago

    What a beautiful song,I'm falling in a peace dream....

  • su yu
    su yu 5 days ago

    thank you! i like this music.

  • Phi Đặng
    Phi Đặng 5 days ago

    photo 1:10:35? please

  • Thailly Rea
    Thailly Rea 5 days ago

    ...........that subscribe button................was put in a horrible place

  • Luna B.
    Luna B. 5 days ago

    Your Lie in April better not have been spoiled for me

  • litte cat
    litte cat 5 days ago

    it's Relaxing and you guys not

  • Zeyno Yesil
    Zeyno Yesil 5 days ago

    I have literally been listening to this the past 3 yrs!!!!!!!! So good!!!!! <3

    • Hans Mendoza
      Hans Mendoza 3 days ago

      Zeyno Yesil this was published on 2017?

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