How To Be A College Student

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Author MrGoforthewin ( ago)
know this is old but rewatching just noticed edward 40hands...priceless

Author Emma Alice ( ago)
I'm 22, average college age in my country is 19, am I too old to go back to school? I've been f*cking up my life for the past 3 years and now I want to get back on track, is it late??

Author Zac Hansen ( ago)
This hits pretty close

Author Irene Gerber ( ago)
you missed getting drunk then getting laid then not knowing what happened last night

Author completelystupid87 ( ago)
Best vid I ever watched, lol

Author Quinn Mann ( ago)
The pamphlet thing was funny😅

Author Breakbeat90s ( ago)
philosopy major working at mcdonalds

Author ayu 98 ( ago)
omg so relatable😂

Author Molly F ( ago)

Author Teresa Scavotto ( ago)

Author vos non habent jams ( ago)
0:03 looks like arden cho!!

Author Howard Ng ( ago)
What is step 26?

Author James Hayes ( ago)
How to be a college student in 2017: Be P.C., a Liberal-Socialist, tree hugging hippie who needs safe spaces & trigger warnings.

Author Paragone ( ago)
Haha... I'm a mechanical Engineering Student. We don't work that hard.

Author Austin Hernández ( ago)
I'm so glad I've never had and never will have a roommate.

Author adiprana Julian ( ago)
the stage of an all nighter part is so true lmao

Author DJ Shuffle ( ago)
The only time I had to use a condom on my uni course was to protect a £700 microphone when recording underwater sounds. Living life to the fullest, ain't I?

Author maximus ( ago)
I did step 24 on tuesday night and now i'm famous in a uni with 16k students

Author Just Me ( ago)
Those are the guys that did the round the world trip! Ha! Pretty cool 8)

Author Nintendo genius ( ago)
4:02 I am in 6th grade so how do I know what that means!

Author Erin Smith ( ago)

Author Happy ( ago)
white girl: ugh i have 4 courses
asian guy *moves aside books:i have 12

and if i get even one A-, i get a beating

Author Mattia ( ago)
P"hilosophy Major" *works at McDonald's *

Author Erik Kebel ( ago)
Spot on 👌

Author Abhi ( ago)
Omg the counter pamphlet tho XD dead

Author Bart Whydoyoucare ( ago)
Step no. 32 be liberal and feminist

Author John Hamtion ( ago)
what does 26 actually mean???

Author John Regis ( ago)
0:42 That is my exact Physics book I am using right now! In high school lol!

Author Alicia P. ( ago)
0:44 bottom two are nursing textbooks. they cost a ridiculous amount of money and they weigh like 10lbs each😭😭

Author SoluriZe ( ago)
Explain to me again why people go to college?

Author Kayla Younkins ( ago)
If you haven't had sex in the library you haven't colleged yet

Author Aram Poghosyan ( ago)
this is too underrated

Author Ethan Bates ( ago)
Be extremely money savvy but then spend it on glow in the dark socks

Author Simbarashe Kandagona ( ago)
4:49.... hits way too close to home :(

Author Will Murphy ( ago)
the philosophy major one was savage

Author Simba ( ago)
I subscribed.

Author It's Hard to get Fat in a Famine ( ago)
I'll be the international student, thanks.

Author MaytePicks ( ago)
lol :P this is great :) specially the pamphlets dodging tactics !

Author A very personal android ( ago)

Author Anany Panchal ( ago)
damn now I am excited bout college

Author crimedia ( ago)
I wanna go to college In America (I'm from Ireland)

Author Templar Exemplar ( ago)
college looks lit

Author Matthias Janshen ( ago)
What is 26? :)

Author Jasmin NL ( ago)
100% accurate

Author Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V. ( ago)
sleeping in your friends dorm after long study. sleeping in public. using a study room to sleep

Author Lucy Driskill ( ago)
What's the sock thing?

Author Nushie Nush ( ago)
Counter-pamphlet technique. Genius!

Author iloveicecream127 ( ago)
dressing to impress and then giving up after a month is sooooooo accurate

Author ThatOne youtubeguy ( ago)
how to be a college student go to college

Author Jeonicia ᅳ ( ago)
that "say no to protests" killed me😂😂

Author Inês Silva ( ago)
- attend college

Author Denpachii ( ago)
BG music is TOO LOOOUD!

Author Last Young Renegade ( ago)
Why am I watching this? I will never go to college 😄

Author Jesper Önesand ( ago)
I have studied at university for 4 years and I have never ever worn sweatpants.

Author Melvin Blade ( ago)
why are these so true?

Author Marela9 ( ago)
Counting +1 on the study days, cause you have the night before, too. Ah yes... Finals...

Author Fitri Al Istiqomah ( ago)
some are same with here #LOL

Author Alice Bug ( ago)
The most confusing thing on this video was, he didn't spill anything! *mindblowing*

Author Edgar Cervantes ( ago)
How to be a college student? Enroll on a university

Author Exo tixa ( ago)
going to college this fall. ;)

Author Kelly Dang ( ago)
what does this 4:03 mean?

Author Emily Ye ( ago)
Does the sock on the handle mean sex?

Author Mark Angelot ( ago)
What does the towel on the doorknob mean?

Author Pizza Lover ( ago)
well, get admission in college.
boom, you're a college student.

Author Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!) ( ago)
Sounds about right...

Author John Esgarth ( ago)
Step 1: Get into college as a student
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit
Step 4: Use profit to pay for crippling debt.

Author Angela Luo ( ago)
i love how they blurred out the swear word and put a tiny little beep but basically you can still hear it LOL

Author Raju gautam ( ago)
2:54 really got me lol

Author Chrissy3480 ( ago)
forgot hookups

Author ARKAN joe ( ago)
you missed being broke af and how to prepared for a mental break down every once and awhile

Author otto Chan ( ago)
Counter-pamphlets ...

Author chello ( ago)
Bruh I'm a senior in high school and I've pulled so many all nighters already 😪

Author Mina Haru ( ago)
"Vow never to procrastinate. Then procrastinate!" The first time I ever saw this video I was a stupid, naive highschool student in ny 2nd last year. I thought I'd never pull this shit.

Now after a year of uni, this...This is so true.

Author I don't care tbh ( ago)
That girl still looked ok in the sweatpants/hoodie look. When I try that, I look homeless.

Author Martina Bali ( ago)
who is the guy painting and saying its next to the library ?

Author Gabriel Simoes ( ago)
"Im on vampire studies" hHahahahah

Author Yellow Alien ( ago)
Dont forget that to tell all of your friends your in college

Author DanceDiva234 ( ago)
Freshman year of college as led me to fail my first class ever and have a mental breakdown that was only treatable with a few glasses of wine. Have fun upcoming college students, it only gets worse from here.

Author cool boi ( ago)
get drunk every Friday and layed

step 1: get into a college

Author Ryota Takahashi ( ago)
What does step 26 mean?

Author dbkattel ( ago)
I'm so using the counter panflet

Author Max Spiegel ( ago)
you guys are AWESOME

Author Black Swan ( ago)
too accurate.

Author Tammy Tie ( ago)
this is funny xD lols

Author SAVAGE ( ago)
The surprise attack is just rude am i right

Author Robert Pinkham ( ago)
freshman at college, so far have done 99% percent of this video. spot on

Author Leonie Lu ( ago)
Awwwww I saw IKB library:) Could I also bring my sleeping bag during next final:)

Author CraftedGamer 1170 ( ago)
also youre broke all the time

Author Lava Yuki ( ago)
I had that exact Asian friend who got 90s in every subject while I scarped by, and she refused to tell me what she got for ages in fear that I'd get offended...

Author warriorofguitar ( ago)
step 18 is truth

Author Jack Ding ( ago)
Counter pamphlet? GENIUS

Author ritacoelho ( ago)

Author wentao zhou ( ago)
true that

Author Farbod Tb ( ago)
Could relate to most of them

You forgot to get ready for unplanned parenthood

Author lilly sam ( ago)
lmao! Legit!

Author яΞD_ИФХ \/ RED /\ RX RX_Clan ( ago)
In step 27 I forgot a lot of name so I use like
Hey bruh
Hey dude
Was up and other stuff

Author Smarty Maggs ( ago)
That last one though

Author R4NG3RD4NG3Rlol ( ago)
26? What it mean

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