A train crash

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Author TaJe Edit ( ago)
I'm guessing you we're bored?

Author jerjencas ( ago)
Joes he's just a kid calm down ok ilove this vid

Author Chris Swann ( ago)
this was the first youtube video that ive ever watched!!! memories...

Author Dropout Bear ( ago)
He made a better film than all of you haters

Author Stacy Flick ( ago)

Author TaJe Edit ( ago)
loved i am serious.

Author TaJe Edit ( ago)

Author Anthony Luecker ( ago)
How old are u

Author Joe Martinez ( ago)

Author TheTrainGame ( ago)
i hate it

Author TheTrainGame ( ago)

Author TheTrainGame ( ago)
so bad

Author TheTrainGame ( ago)
he could have a better train station and train then i like it =(

Author ORBC Pain ( ago)
21 second vid WTF he's the nob head

Author Mailednaillegos ( ago)
That sucked!!!!!!

Author max campbell ( ago)
so fucking gayyyyy

Author Horrible Kid Videos ( ago)
so, you mean your gonna hate? benaho

Author Pee Ter Steev Uns ( ago)
and haters r going to hate so yer u got that right

Author Pee Ter Steev Uns ( ago)
just no.....NO

Author Horrible Kid Videos ( ago)
wow, you just discribed YOURSELF!!! HATERS GONNA HATE!

Author Horrible Kid Videos ( ago)
haters gonna hate

Author Horrible Kid Videos ( ago)
that is true.

Author Donnie Skuza ( ago)
Workers' Compensation was never really something they needed in Legoland.

Author Joshke1 The one ( ago)
to all haters. you were like this in you early ages.

Author USSWisconson Gaming ( ago)
sorry,but i hate it

Author Sonicrainboom218 ( ago)
i hate this video

Author pooper Vegas ( ago)

Author B25Pilot ( ago)

Author YanzinhoGamer ( ago)
@snrqpcp yeah. this is really fantastic. Listen to this, i really got
shocked when i got paid a cheque of $300 for reading emails and doing
surveys. lol. you can also get it from here =>

Author Pee Ter Steev Uns ( ago)
i think this kid is mentaly fuking retarded up the ass so like so everybody
can see IT

Author Bambi600 Motovlogs. ( ago)
This sucks so bad it's actually funny, Liked.

Author dxcga1834 ( ago)

Author ShinyOshawott99 Sean.King.Of.Johto ( ago)
Who spilled Relish over the Darth Vader's Lightsaber?

Author B King (790 years ago)
hey look its darth vaders lightsaber oh... wait... thats the dislike bar

Author Christine Ingram ( ago)
Im in the baby part of YouTube...

Author brayden janz ( ago)
how dose this have 370 likes??? youtube us so weird...

Author brayden janz ( ago)
only good part of the movie... =P

Author Alex's Bikes and Motors ( ago)
why the hell does this have 2 million views?

Author John Smith ( ago)
fuck you little kid

Author ninjapickaxe ( ago)
That stunk!!!!!

Author Max Bailey ( ago)
I have to skip work today

Author autumn brown ( ago)
@Berakha111 My little brother has autism.

Author Propanium ( ago)
Best story evar. :D

Author yoojeanbeans ( ago)
I love this! Five stars


Author Neddyfram ™ ( ago)
I think I hear the train coming

Author Libella ( ago)

Author dominic esposito ( ago)
nice nice now go do some thing else that dosent involve being stupid and
make it so people can also here diffrent voices for the lego peeps

Author Jillips Entertainment ( ago)
Wait. If you made this when you were 7, and now you're 55, weren't tracks
much different then they are now?

Author Jacob Young ( ago)

Author cphacksone ( ago)
thumbs up if you heard the kid go oh ow when the train came

Author lalinda1985 ( ago)

Author VinTheHero ( ago)
This video made me want a lego train. Thanks!

Author TheCRTman ( ago)

Author hudwalk ( ago)

Author Ali rahbaran ( ago)
look just calm down ur a big spaz attack no one cares !

To all the people who've left negative comments, you all are complete
jackasses, may the same gracious attitude come back to you in all you do in
life! What a cute little boy, and very cute video. Look at all the work
he's put into his lego scene, and funny narrative! His voice sounds just
like my little boy who has autism and does the same exact stuff with his
legos. It's uncanny. My son and I love your video! Keep up the good work,
and don't pay attention to the jerks comments posted.Blessings

Author Denise Houben ( ago)

Author OoJustCause2oO ( ago)

Author autumn brown ( ago)
@monkeymason 0814 They can't. They're ran over!

Author autumn brown ( ago)
Really?????? I hear too!!!! xD

Author GameZHackerFTW ( ago)
ur a fag fag

Author MrJediAres ( ago)
click lego runaway in the video responses. It's awesome, and obviously
better than this.

Author ThatWeirdGuy555 ( ago)
@ririxe did you see thethingy he was 7 when he made this but its really
funny i agree with you on that

Author Kristin Gray (1162 years ago)
No you won't have to skip work🏢 WALK YOU IDEITS

Author Daniel Leonard (1821 year ago)
sorry but you would be dead

Author ririxe ( ago)
fun but try to do it in stop motion next time it would be funyer

Author smexxybeast123 ( ago)
i dont like kids...

Author Antigo Pinheiro ( ago)
Oh. Quite indeed.

Author Thorogrimm ‍ ( ago)
Lol this is a ridiculous way

Author drich381 ( ago)
Nice Job!

Author The Question ( ago)
"Way older"=FAIL

Author UnknownETC ( ago)
Boring. My friend says not creative at all and lame.

Author MrMonsun1 ( ago)
co ja pacze o.O

Author Maeve Jones ( ago)
You know how you said you're "way older" in the annotation? Yeah, so,
you're, what, about 7 and a half now?

Author Tollaneer ( ago)
>way older Yeah. Like... 9.

Author TheMinecrafter747 ( ago)

Author XeLiiTExMoDZX ( ago)
a fuckin MILLION views?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?!

Author Don W ( ago)
Oh this is such a wasteful day. I got to go to work...urk. LOL

Author joeredrocker ( ago)
I mean 1000000 veiws bad vid

Author joeredrocker ( ago)
Bad vid and how can this have 1000000 vews

Author Rhys2908 ( ago)
guys, stop hating! it even says it the start that he was seven when he made
it. i bet no-one here has 1.5 milion views on a video they made when they
were 7!

Author TheLionelLover76 ( ago)
nice lightsaber! oh... wait... THATS THE DISLIKE BAR! HAHAHAHAHA

Author kameron deadder ( ago)
aare u like 3? my lil 2year old bro hAS A DEEPER VOICE THEN U

Author RichMan612 ( ago)
uhh, i have to go to work today, i tink i hear the train coming.:'TRAIN
CRASHES, THOUSANDS DEAD':. oh, i guess i have to skip work today, woo hoo!

Author clover99field ( ago)
Like: 1% Dislike 99% Honest opinion

Author MrChivasrule14 ( ago)
this is Quite dumb y does he have to talk it ruined it

Author SomeTeen ( ago)

Author Aidan Kennedy ( ago)

Author MrSillyman29 ( ago)
how old are you

Author Arsenius ( ago)
i gues i have to skip work today, WHOHOO

Author Exploding_Potato ( ago)
how the hell did get from epic meal time to here?

Author Doggy123Funny ( ago)
thumbs up if you think the dislike bar is funnier than this video

Author ThePaulolego ( ago)
haha, that, a train?

Author antknighr ( ago)
ever heard of stop motion

Author michigang0 ( ago)

Author Sepoz76 ( ago)
How did you got 277 likes???

Author RubberNinjaPwn ( ago)

Author River Matta ( ago)
fucking fail u 8==D ducker

Author legoclockfreak710 ( ago)
uxcvjolofjhg'sh ... srry... that was my forehead hitting the keyboard!

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