A train crash

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Author Carey Stargell (1 year)
He made a better film than all of you haters

Author Chris Swann (1 year)
this was the first youtube video that ive ever watched!!! memories...

Author jerjencas (1 year)
Joes he's just a kid calm down ok ilove this vid

Author Stacy Flick (1 year)

Author TheCRTman (2 years)

Author Shafiq5 (3 years)
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have no time to entertain lame shit people like u. They seriously sucks. At
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a life and stfu and make a video. U just sucks ah come on its obvious u
such a lame shit. U are still a small kid maybe 2 or 3 that's why u likes
this video u noobie !

Author Sonicrainboom218 (2 years)
i hate this video

Author joeredrocker (3 years)
I mean 1000000 veiws bad vid

Author Jake Thomas (2 years)
fuck you little kid

Author RubberNinjaPwn (3 years)

Author pittsfordredfox (3 years)

Author autumn brown (3 years)
Really?????? I hear too!!!! xD

Author antknighr (3 years)
ever heard of stop motion

Author Aidan Kennedy (3 years)

Author rwgunman GaMinG (1 year)
21 second vid WTF he's the nob head

Author Don W (3 years)
Oh this is such a wasteful day. I got to go to work...urk. LOL

Author TheTrainGame (1 year)
he could have a better train station and train then i like it =(

Author Shafiq5 (3 years)
@tomperanteau No i think you should dig a hole and get in with the kid n
stfu please mister 80 years old.

Author Troggbot (3 years)
I guess i have to skip work today? life doesn't work like that

Author MrChivasrule14 (3 years)
this is Quite dumb y does he have to talk it ruined it

Author drich381 (3 years)
Nice Job!

Author Minecraft Shannon (1 year)

Author mickmackmann (3 years)
calm down this is like a 5 year old

Author Ionut Vieru (3 years)

Author BionicleJuice5 (3 years)

Author Anthony Luecker (1 year)
How old are u

Author pikminmaster101 (3 years)
its vaders light saber oh no its your dislikebar

Author ninjapickaxe (2 years)
That stunk!!!!!

Author Doggy123Funny (3 years)
thumbs up if you think the dislike bar is funnier than this video

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worst video ever

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how the fuck did this get over 1.3 million veiws?

Author binzo9015 (3 years)
Yay i get to skip work today,
I did skip wok!!!!

Author A Jolly Good Jester (3 years)
Lol this is a ridiculous way

Author VNSS (2 years)
i think this kid is mentaly fuking retarded up the ass so like so everybody
can see IT

Author steamtrain6000 (2 years)
This video made me want a lego train. Thanks!

Author x Kyroh (3 years)
"Way older"=FAIL

Author autumn brown (2 years)
@Berakha111 My little brother has autism.

Author chris wilson (3 years)

Author Shafiq5 (3 years)
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Bad vid and how can this have 1000000 vews

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u go get some likes then u comment at here. So please go on with your
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Author Stupidnamestealers (3 years)
you remind me a bit of the guy with the mustache from family guy

Author Donnie Skuza (2 years)
Workers' Compensation was never really something they needed in Legoland.

Author Explosive Gaming (2 years)
haters gonna hate

Author ririxe (3 years)
fun but try to do it in stop motion next time it would be funyer

Author brayden janz (2 years)
how dose this have 370 likes??? youtube us so weird...

Author Da Craftsgirl (2 years)

Author jemoeder LOLXD (2 years)
to all haters. you were like this in you early ages.

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