Super Smash Bros. Rumble Brawl Gameplay Demo 1 Version

made by an 8 year old

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Author jj12j ( ago)
@MetaRLfunkyman123 u need an flash cartridge.

Author narutodemon04 ( ago)
@Bluechaokid101 I am with you.

Author rikkiandsparkey ( ago)
wtf those arent even REAL mario sprites!! D:< all it is is sonic's "sonic
battle" moves and his "sonic advanced" idle!! D:< who ever made this should
be shot! lol

Author Daviiid18Z ( ago)
it´s a fake rom not a demo version from an original game. FAKE!

Author Daviiid18Z ( ago)
it´s a fake rom, it´s not a demo

Author LegoHaloTube87 ( ago)
this was not made by an 8-year old, it was coded by Fuzzy!

Author fredfed5 ( ago)
can you take pics and record vidios and put in your sd card?????????????

Author johncena1866 ( ago)
como lo descargo

Author Hasan Uddin ( ago)
I like Super Smash Flash 2 better than this.

Author GinoZump ( ago)
wow, isn't that... shit!

Author TinyKnight TheGuardian ( ago)
seems like the cpu is scared of you.

Author Jack Davidson (373 years ago)
me again get a r4 then download it

Author Kami Breaker ( ago)
How do you get the homebrew for DS? REPLY!!!

Author Theflossmoss ( ago)
whats SSF2 ???????????

Author blitzsonicforever ( ago)
Well, Yeah, but SSF2 is a pc game. THIS is a DS Homebrew game. He was using
an emulator.

Author melloncoll ( ago)

Author viewtifulkye ( ago)
Mine you, this si still in the testing zone and is actually made for the
Nintendo DS.

Author knukles647 ( ago)
how do you get it

Author BreakTheWall666 ( ago)
what program did you use to make this

Author ssbbrocker ( ago)
are you 8? why don't you make a better one? :)

Author TechCrap ( ago)
it was not made by an 8yr old

Author Marcel Perez ( ago)
SSF2 is way better than this

Author Yasuke ( ago)
where did u download it

Author hokage97531 ( ago)
I downloaded the dmeo for the R4 and its... well... stupid

Author I can't think of a good YouTube username so sue me ( ago)
you fail it's not called Brawl and not made by a 8 yr.

Author noahwang615 ( ago)
this game it's on the ds dude, the nintendo wouldn't accept this

Author omar44zelda444 ( ago)
i only like the song...joke it looks cool. i wish i knew if it were true or
not. ya-know.

Author dougchvz213 ( ago)
only mario as a playable caracter wow that S*** Sucks some F***ING Balls
Cuz that F***ING S*** Wouldn't be worth $1 F***ING dollar.That F***ING
S***Y M*****F**** can't even make another F***ING caracter?Not even 1!!!.It
don't mater who it is at lease one!!!!!!!DX.

Author omar44zelda444 ( ago)
thank u.

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
Audio information for this video Artist: Dennis Hitchcox Song: Cat Song
Album: Instrumentals Volume I Time: 04:59 Genre: Country & Folk

Author omar44zelda444 ( ago)
wats the theme called at the begining?

Author soniciscool10 ( ago)
whats mario;s recover to come back to the stage in that game

Author omar44zelda444 ( ago)
what the hell is this?

Author McManager ( ago)
haha good point

Author maskedsora ( ago)
what the h

Author Andrew Le ( ago)
Hey! i like to see if you can make a game for the DS comparable to this!!!!!

Author Persioncool ( ago)
yes now there is a link.

Author reallycuteguy102 ( ago)
im playing demo 5 im said because it has one map and 9 characters sadly
toon link dont work, well he does but its glitchy but i tried playing as
mario and teen link works perfect

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
the description

Author MetaRLfunkyman123 ( ago)
do you must buy it or download it through your Nintendo DS?

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
you got 2 b ironic :P ok it looks good but when you play it......

Author MetaRLfunkyman123 ( ago)
Holy shit! son of tabuu! This game looks awesome. Im playing it...

Author meleebrawlman97 ( ago)
there is a link

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
your a emo see the descriptionmo

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)

Author GTAWISCONSIN ( ago)
fck u!

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
finally :P

Author GTAWISCONSIN ( ago)
well screw u im done :D

Author KingStryfe (787 years ago)
Smash flash also messed up by adding anime. Smash bros is supposed to be a
fighting game for VIDEO GAME icons. Not anime. If you want anime. Play Jump
Ultimate stars.

Author GTAWISCONSIN ( ago)
better then this crap and i meant the second is way better or the smash
bros brawl engine own this ridiclolous piece of crap looks like i could
make this game meh

Author KingStryfe ( ago)
Smash flash sucks to begin with. It has horrible controls and physics. Plus
I havent seen it on a DS yet.

Author thomas duong ( ago)
Ummm dude Demo 5 has Sonic.

Author zerzavy ( ago)
these r the best ssf games flashes of the franchise ssb SuperSmashFlash
SuperSmashFlash2 demo 1 2 3(three is best cause sonic SuperSmashDuel this
game is nice but in demo

Author NovaHero3 ( ago)
you got that right

Author GTAWISCONSIN ( ago)
this sucks baddly super smash flash waaaay better

Author boyzone5000 ( ago)
htt p://ssbrumble.blogspot.c om/

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
htt p://ssbrumble.blogspot.c om/ remove the 20%'s or spaces!

Author KrrAinagotable ( ago)
ah rthx

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
nintendo ds????

Author KrrAinagotable ( ago)
wht was this made for?

Author ArtilleryCrusader ( ago)
I'll post the link can look in the related video descriptions
to find the link faster

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