Super Smash Bros. Rumble Brawl Gameplay Demo 1 Version

made by an 8 year old

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 5:14
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Author Jack Davidson (5 years)
me again get a r4 then download it

Author reallycuteguy102 (6 years)
im playing demo 5 im said because it has one map and 9 characters sadly
toon link dont work, well he does but its glitchy but i tried playing as
mario and teen link works perfect

Author johncena1866 (4 years)
como lo descargo

Author maskedsora (6 years)
what the h

Author itachimaster645 (5 years)
you fail it's not called Brawl and not made by a 8 yr.

Author MonkeyCrossing2 (6 years)
the description

Author narutodemon04 (4 years)
@Bluechaokid101 I am with you.

Author Andrew Le (6 years)
Hey! i like to see if you can make a game for the DS comparable to this!!!!!

Author omar44zelda444 (5 years)
wats the theme called at the begining?

Author jj12j (3 years)
@MetaRLfunkyman123 u need an flash cartridge.

Author MonkeyCrossing2 (6 years)
nintendo ds????

Author ssbbrocker (5 years)
are you 8? why don't you make a better one? :)

Author KingStryfe (6 years)
Smash flash sucks to begin with. It has horrible controls and physics. Plus
I havent seen it on a DS yet.

Author crashertristan (5 years)
where did u download it

Author Marcel Perez (5 years)
SSF2 is way better than this

Author fredfed5 (4 years)
can you take pics and record vidios and put in your sd card?????????????

Author Bluechaokid101 (5 years)
Yes it is right whos with me? SSF2 has more characters and final smashes
and better modes!

Author GTAWISCONSIN (6 years)
this sucks baddly super smash flash waaaay better

Author thef.lossmoss (5 years)
whats SSF2 ???????????

Author hokage97531 (5 years)
I downloaded the dmeo for the R4 and its... well... stupid

Author blitzsonicforever (5 years)
Well, Yeah, but SSF2 is a pc game. THIS is a DS Homebrew game. He was using
an emulator.

Author TechCrap (5 years)
it was not made by an 8yr old

Author MonkeyCrossing2 (6 years)
finally :P

Author GTAWISCONSIN (6 years)
well screw u im done :D

Author KrrAinagotable (6 years)
ah rthx

Author soniciscool10 (5 years)
whats mario;s recover to come back to the stage in that game

Author GTAWISCONSIN (6 years)
better then this crap and i meant the second is way better or the smash
bros brawl engine own this ridiclolous piece of crap looks like i could
make this game meh

Author MonkeyCrossing2 (6 years)
htt p://ssbrumble.blogspot.c om/ remove the 20%'s or spaces!

Author MonkeyCrossing2 (6 years)
I'll post the link can look in the related video descriptions
to find the link faster

Author Persioncool (6 years)
yes now there is a link.

Author melloncoll (5 years)

Author Hasan Uddin (4 years)
I like Super Smash Flash 2 better than this.

Author Daviiid18Z (4 years)
it´s a fake rom, it´s not a demo

Author GinoZump (4 years)
wow, isn't that... shit!

Author Daviiid18Z (4 years)
it´s a fake rom not a demo version from an original game. FAKE!

Author viewtifulkye (5 years)
Mine you, this si still in the testing zone and is actually made for the
Nintendo DS.

Author LegoHaloTube87 (4 years)
this was not made by an 8-year old, it was coded by Fuzzy!

Author omar44zelda444 (5 years)
thank u.

Author omar44zelda444 (5 years)
what the hell is this?

Author MonkeyCrossing2 (6 years)

Author godofwar641 (4 years)
how do i get this version do i need a ds

Author Rayshell Weathersby (4 years)
seems like the cpu is scared of you.

Author KrrAinagotable (6 years)
wht was this made for?

Author MonkeyCrossing2 (5 years)
Audio information for this video Artist: Dennis Hitchcox Song: Cat Song
Album: Instrumentals Volume I Time: 04:59 Genre: Country & Folk

Author BreakTheWall666 (5 years)
what program did you use to make this

Author rikkiandsparkey (4 years)
wtf those arent even REAL mario sprites!! D:< all it is is sonic's "sonic
battle" moves and his "sonic advanced" idle!! D:< who ever made this should
be shot! lol

Author Slender Man. (5 years)
How do you get the homebrew for DS? REPLY!!!

Author NovaHero3 (6 years)
you got that right

Author GTAWISCONSIN (6 years)
fck u!

Author MetaRLfunkyman123 (6 years)
do you must buy it or download it through your Nintendo DS?

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