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Extreme Bull fighting is Extreme, and these guys, Wacey Munsell, Andy- Burelle, Dusty Tuckness, Curtis Smyth, Jesse Byrne are some of the best at it, just watch what happens to Dusty Tuckness!

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Author MrHungry4momoney (1 month)
where do they get bull fighter? looks like bull running. no fighting

Author gerardo alaniz (3 years)
thats a bull fighter

Author broncridincowboy (3 years)
wacey munsell lives bout 30 miles from me the first 2 bulls i ever got on
were at a buckout he did

Author MrYonathan444 (1 year)
1:25 sand eating lol

Author 02junebugg (2 years)
It's alright cause its white!

Author manygoatspd (1 year)
Only people that say or think that animals are beaten tortured crippled
etc... have never been to a real rodeo... stock are treated better and live
better than you... go back to hugging your tree and watching Free Willy

Author theprimesight (1 year)
you sicken me.

Author williamsbuckingbulls (2 years)
ill tell u what dusty tuckness is one tough s.o.b! ive seen him fight bulls
first hand and ooo boy that guy is as fearless and ballsy when it comes to
steppin around one as it gets!

Author clodge631992 (2 years)
that dusty guy is a BAD ASS

Author SHRIMPY78 (11 months)
What kind of shorts do they where .....??? Jesse Byrne where's them
wondering if I could order some

Author Roberto Mendoza (1 year)
this is bull

Author Karlee Anderson (1 year)
1:37 looks like he didnt like the first shirt...... or... RAPE!!!

Author jeffsdolphin (1 year)
The PBR, and usually ,all working Bullfighters gotta get out and make
money..BUT it's every single ride ,every event ..all season .. and
man-o-man is it DANGEROUS. !!!I Maybe i should train first? ..LOL

Author David Gonçalves Salva Vidas Gladiador (2 years)
pow loirim.. se fosse no brasil tu tinha sido vaiado um bucado!! kkkk

Author Gentrit Hoti (1 year)
elernoh oön4io oo obgo dkbi oroc do ro kro bo 9oueho hirb ioof u9fu
ifuohiddh ifhihbdu id hdihdi hidihh uduh iuey n idjndgx bgi gduy diui iohh
po dy d oduusxi niuhn duh ooidiu hodohdogd yugdb kud k sex6c jbdh brjhn j
eeuiheiu j iudhhi unuhd ooh ugd gdu gvoudu gdugu gi u n9cssi kwivgn ouhio g
ryiuroiu iyrfdebi jhekg leh n eui

Author clodge631992 (1 year)
why because i have respect for a man who can take a shot like that and get
his vest ripped off and still have the guts to keep goin whys that sicken

Author jaymzd12 (2 years)
It must be easier to grip that dust with 12 toes.

Author FunWithAly (3 years)
oooo he is cute the second one that got his stuff torn off haha hey hey

Author alekryde (1 year)
It looks like the bull is trying to rape him...

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