Caterpillar D9

Old Caterpillar D9 pushin some dirt

See my Ebay store for prints of this and other machines. More old dozer stuff to come soon, DVD's, CD's, more paintings, etc...

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Runtime: 2:39
Comments: 21

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Plus sur: Now, my blog is in English, passes and leaves a comment, thank you!


Author Journeyman (5 years)
Thanks Dave, great machine!

Author David Gruhot (5 years)
Thats a pretty clean D9. I'm looking at a D7. I'm not sure on the year but
it's the turbo version, with a cable dozer. the skin on the blade is pretty
well toasted and the undercarriage is shot and he wants 2500 bucks for it.

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
1955 was the first year of production for the D9

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
Only the little cats are hystats as of now- the D6 and up are still
powershifts like the old ones were. I had a brand new D6T for one of our
jobs this year, and while I'm not sure that I'm sold on the differential
steering it was certainly a more productive machine than my D6 9U LOL. Of
course it's not fair comparing a 100hp 12 ton dozer to a 200hp 25 ton one-
a better match for the new D6 would be a 14A D8 at 191hp and approx 25 ton
working weight.

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
Pull the sprockets and press on the ones that take segments, or cut the
rims off the existing ones and weld on the ring that accepts the segments.
I never converted a D9 but I did the D6 in my other vids.

Author localcrew (5 years)
That left-side idler was looking a little 'bouncy'. Great vid!

Author stealthbomberjacket (5 years)
that's pretty neat How those he keep that blade lever to the ground and
nice work on the mountain pile

Author cnote4461 (3 years)
Cool Clip..the shot at the end with it pushin' dirt up the mound during
sunset was great!!!

Author Brad Sullivan (3 years)
Rolling thunder! ; )

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
The machine itself is actually pretty quiet in real life. The tracks squeak
like that because they're so worn. I have a good undercarriage for it, but
it's a bunch of work to change it. The sprockets need 100+ tons to get them
off! Maybe this spring I'll get to it...

Author maria cristina palla (2 years)

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
The D6C was a great machine- one of the best Cats ever made. I've always
had my eye out for a good one at the right price, but for now I make do
with the old D6 9U. I just put a tilt cylinder on the old D6- it worls so
well I'm tempted to put on on the D9.

Author decaid53 (2 years)
Never seen a D9 moving so fast. Most low drives are so worn down and
superanuated that they got to be nursed in slow motion pushing wet grass!

Author generationll (4 years)
The 286hp D9 was first shown in 1954.Great shot a 2:02

Author Journeyman (5 years)
Nice video. Does anyone know what was the first year they made them?

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
don't give'em too much respect LOL Lots of chintzy plastic junk and
electronics, nowhere near the quality of the old ones.

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
me too- most of the time LOL The new ones are fast, productive, and comfy,
but they don't have the soul and personality that the old ones did.

Author dieseldave71 (5 years)
D9D, 18A series

Author Angorea (5 years)
Nice video--I never realised they were so loud and squeaky!

Author markdmy (4 years)
pretty good hand with the old cable

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