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Coop Mode: Update the hack to work with coop mode!
FEATURES (This hack will be updated with new features each month):
Our de.bug Combat Arms Hack is the #1 rated Comat Arms Hack in the world! The hack has over 20 unique features including glitch key, ghost mode, teleport kill and more. Check out our feature list and beat every other player using our Combat Arms Hack.

Game Modes

* Works in ALL Game Modes


* Perfect Aimbot - Never miss a shot again
* Instant Reload - Gun is fully reloaded all the time
* Body Aim - Aim at Head, Chest or Nuts
* Aim Speed - Adjust the speed at which you aim
* Aim Key - Set the aimbot to only activate by a key
* Aim FOV - Set the field of view of the aimbot
* Targeting Mode - Aim at the closest target by distance or crosshair
* Bone Scan - Allows the aimbot to scan an enemy for a visible body part
* Stick to target - Allows you to track an enemy behind walls and obstacles
* Auto Switch Targets - Automatically targets a new enemy when possible


* Name ESP - Show player names
* Distance ESP - Show player distance
* Bounding Box - Draws a box around players
* Customizable Boxes - Change the width, and thickness of bounding boxes
* Fade Name tags - Fade distant name tags to prevent screen clutter
* Visible Chams - Changes colors when a player is visible
* Adjustable Nade Sphere - Show a sphere around explosives, adjust the size yourself


* Wallhack - Draw players through walls
* Chams - Player changes color when visible or behind a wall


* No Spread - Remove your weapon spread
* No Fog - All fog removed from the maps
* OPK - Move all the enemies to your current position
* Ghost/Fly - Allows you to fly through any wall, object, etc. ingame
* Tele-Kill - Teleport to any enemy and follow them or kill them instantly
* Show FPS - Displays the current frames per second on screen
* Show Time - Displays the current time on screen


* Ingame Menu - Edit all your settings on the fly
* Config Tool - Custom tool allowing you to edit your binds and colors
* Undetected - 100% undetected by HackShield
* Loader Based - Full custom loader that auto-updates

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Author Behemoth915II (4 years)
@AlexinoRO2 i only know the band : Distrubed

Author jaredismelol (5 years)
I hope you guys know that nexon tried to sue this game sucks for selling
and distributing hacks.

Author jaredismelol (5 years)
It's actually more likely that you will be sued, due to the fact that TGS
had for sale and free hacks, and yours are ONLY for sale, and it's illegal
to make money off of nexon games that are free, unless you are nexon.

Author wigginsr2009 (5 years)
Ok for one this isnt illegal what tgs did was because they we releaseing
pubs and vip that is way better then the other hack sites. And microsoft
people work here plus people for nexon that made ca work here so i dont see
why its illegal when there are people that own nexon corporation here with
us helping with the hacks. It takes common sense

Author chessegold748 (3 years)

Author ThatsGAMERZ (3 years)

Author F2POnlineGaming (3 years)
/watch?v=sR239Mh418I Gameanarchy cracked!

Author AlexinoRO2 (4 years)

Author klebermatheusdeam (3 years)

Author tylermaher0108 (3 years)
@jaredismelol kid your retarted, nexon makes hacks and sells them

Author mcjuninhoHabbo (3 years)
Aê véeio, pro povo que Critica , Lembrence Conhecimento Não é Crime, e
Foda-se Aos que Num tem conhecimento e fica falando Boosta :) Booa Mlq

Author PippoPr0 (3 years)
All hack aredetected noobs

Author Need4speed696 (4 years)
check out my video get all of adobe cs4 free! check it out! +fast download
and no need to jump through hoops or make an account anywhere!

Author NP811Sniper (3 years)
lov dis song

Author ryry2468 (4 years)

Author Beni4887 (3 years)
Want the latest hacks / cheats? Check out [ playandhack . com ]

Author LegitElements (3 years)
@MrJuggaloguy 20 bucks for CA and like 7 other game hacks including BF BC 2
and soon BF3

Author SrgntBlkula (5 years)
lol jaredismelol ur obviously retarted or something. Nexon cant do shit
about us selling FORUM ACCESS, we DONT SELL HACKS. What are they gonna do?
Sue us for having a private forum that CLEARLY STATES that ANY nexon/HS/PB/
etc. employees are there unlawfully, and will be dealt with to the full
extent of the law. If they try to pull shit on our site, our legal team
will shut them down.

Author teeheedude64 (5 years)
i wish they where FREE >_>

Author crazycold7 (5 years)
Yay ! MyFpsCheats FTW ! *I'm a Vip member* :D

Author ihategivemeadanmname (3 years)
I got some really good hacks for this from the site [ GamerCore . net ]

Author elperas007 (3 years) free combat arms hack with download link

Author lOMGNICOl (5 years)
Okay so? They won't be sueing MyFPSCheats cause we are to powerfull. Even
microsoft people are at MYFPSCHEATS JOIN NOW!

Author OddishVI (4 years)

Author Matiasu69 (3 years)
Want the latest hacks / cheats? Check out [ playandhack . com ]

Author slaywehrmachtanic (1 year)
i don't think my aimbot is working. box will turn green but will not lock
onto target. does this sound right?

Author zkwinter2014 (5 years)

Author naruto0arena (5 years)
Ya like none kicked or reported u

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