DRUNK 100 Cheeseburger Challenge

So there was a special at Burger King at the time for .69 cent cheeseburgers. So why not buy 100? And why not see how many we can eat while we get progressively intoxicated. Sounds like an awesome Friday night to me!

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Author lil almanach vlogs ( ago)

Author Atif Akhtar ( ago)
stop chatting shit

Author Ethan Wyles ( ago)
so was JP drunk driving

Author fiene hankins ( ago)
I would have to eat wendys or micky ds becuase i HATE bk

Author WingedWolfAJ Animation's & AnimaljamTM ( ago)
now I know were you are

Author shx 37 ( ago)
i feel hungry watching them

Author Emilio Atilano ( ago)
Not one burger, not two burgers, but 100 (holds up 10 fingers)

Author Gogeta ( ago)
hate it

Author Naomi Jaurello ( ago)
Our special on a basic Cheeseburger is like $2

Author chloe gloeckner ( ago)

Author chloe gloeckner ( ago)
Did anyone notice that they did not found right

Author catia miles ( ago)
twerk challenge

Author Kazuto KIrigaya ( ago)
i eat fast and it dosent hit me until 30 min later I could do it drive to the hospitable and let my last words be told you so

Author Jim Enriquez ( ago)
ok like the humor, but you guys really suck at eating LOL I'd say do one for real...not a word spoken other than when you place the order...the same 3 will order 5 club subs each at subway. Then you go home and devour them and no excuses!! LOL they'll be so damn delicious!!

Author Brody Milk ( ago)
Why is she hatin on jp

Author Ash Estrada ( ago)
just so you know, everyone in that Burger King is cussing at you

Author Umaka -Cchan ( ago)
I can do that no lie

Author Capitan PTY ( ago)

Author Achol Magiir ( ago)

Author ahmed mustafa ( ago)

Author tommy low ( ago)
lol this video is so funny

Author Ajmal Sanjid ( ago)
make a korean spicy noodle burger try it mannn!! and add the angry bun with it!!

Author DIMITSAS12 ( ago)
American shits...

Author AJs Cute Collectables ( ago)
I hate burger king, I love hellthyjunkfood

Author Jean Toro ( ago)
Your Drunk Shut Up

Author Louder Speakers ( ago)
How are you doing tonight? :D
What would you like? :c
OMG I thought you were a machine sorry :'c

Author Armie Espiritu ( ago)
hey jp and challenge to you is to eat 50 pieces of BALOT...BALOT is a filipino food..i you like eat

Author Eduardo Diaz ( ago)
I feel like JP gets drunk off half a beer lol

Author lexa clark ( ago)
are you driving drunk smh

Author eLem3nT ( ago)
Didn't even watch it and i k ow you aren't going to do it

Author tinisha28 ( ago)
That was so sad next time can you really eat 100 burgers😒😒

Author CalterPvP ( ago)
foda aew viado deve ter custado um pau kkk

Author karina murison ( ago)
common mistake your stomach shrinks after four hours of not eating should eat steadily throughout the day haha

Author Thomas Kurian ( ago)

Author Rift Comics Stop motion ( ago)
you should have a chalenge where you have to make a cafentaded food or drirk and see who can stay up the longest

Author Winter McKenzie Rafferty ( ago)
they seem really obnoxious

Author Alex Vong ( ago)
hey JP, do you still have the Evo?

Author cat crazy ( ago)
How in he hell does this shit channel have that many subs??? I hope you're all proud of forcing others to work harder for the shit wages and your waste!!!

Author Joe R ( ago)
I love that you guys love Burger King. Good Job!

Author John Tran ( ago)
More Challenges!!!

Author Sophrosyne 11 ( ago)
tayax 😂 neeow😂 wtf?

Author Sophrosyne 11 ( ago)
*shows 2 hands* one hundred burgers 😂

Author Superman Logo ( ago)
thehealthyjunkfood makes me hungry

Author WoahNelly 01 ( ago)
franks glass hot sauce challenge. (pour a full glass of franks hot sauce into a glass and drink it as fast as you can)

Author solana ramirez ( ago)
100 chicken wings challenge

Author pratik astro saha ( ago)
call matt stonie , he will clean it up

Author Guest 1109 ( ago)

Author Rick Fountain ( ago)
Damn that girl has a pretty mouth.

Author Eitan R. ( ago)
these seem like nice people.

Author Maimouna Konate ( ago)
boozled bean challenge

Author Black Lion ( ago)
Are they 😵

Author Kiersten And Ethan ( ago)

Author griffon deremer ( ago)
JP what the heck man you ate 4 burgers in 30 min.

Author afton pranoto se ( ago)
maybe thats not good if you eat that many burger

Author Bombskull 21 ( ago)
make a giant Starburst

Author bboy xsasch xsasch ( ago)
im 16 have a sixpack, so im not fat and i vould easily get 6 burgers

Author TONIGHT WWE ( ago)
this video was made when I had my birthday

Author Tz Z ( ago)
Tie up ur grandma hahaha

Author Isaiah King ( ago)
#going to hospital #choke
#julia goolia

Like when peter ate 30 hamburgers and got all strokey

Author Blaues Kuchen ( ago)
hahahahah I love the subtitles xDddd what does she say when the subtitles say "pasta men panties" anyway? can anyone understand what she says?

Author Brian Cazares ( ago)

Author Business man ( ago)
asians drive the best

Author Gamer legend ( ago)
Can you do a bacon bacon rap 🐷

Author Lakesha Darant ( ago)
ugh 😷I hate meat I am a vegetarian

Author aseal4747 ( ago)
74$ ? that's like 5-7 trio in Canada ?

Author Jj Moody ( ago)
100 onion ring challenge

Author Norson7 ( ago)
4 hamburgers haha china

Author Francisco Antunes ( ago)
That Guy eats 7 cheeseburgers in 15 minutes while matt stonie eats 8 fillet o fish in 60 secs

Author Elise R ( ago)
"pasta men panties"

Author Michael Mayers ( ago)
100is Light

Author Olivia Wallner ( ago)
1000 fries

Author Noel Lind Larsen 7A Præstemarkskolen ( ago)
Com nr 1000

Author zZ Dragon King ( ago)
Hi love the vids

Author Jonathan Day ( ago)
the actual eating doesn't start until around 3:30

Author GoPhuk Yourself! ( ago)
I remember when I was a fatty mcfatty, I used to order 2x off everything on the dollar menu and finish it.

Now I can't do that anymore, because my metabolism slowed down with age :(

Author T.t. Williams ( ago)
wow jp just at 4 how could he be full

Author rosie rosza ( ago)
can u eat 100 happy meal

Author Devin Garcia ( ago)
200 wings from pizza patron

Author rahul b balsa ( ago)

Author Grace Scott ( ago)
OMG looks so yummy 😋

Author MrGrizmint ( ago)
you fucclords couldve called ahead

Author Counter Play ( ago)

Author cre8tivj ( ago)
omg julia you are soo stupid with that knife that was soo stupid

Author Bloomsberrybubble ( ago)
damn 69 cents ? I have to pay like 2 USD a piece for that kind of burger here at Burger King indonesia...

Author Camille Sayers ( ago)
Cause normally people are drunk eating cheeseburgers😂

Author Nancy Uveges ( ago)
hot cheetos and takis challenge

Author QualityDubs ( ago)
I'm fucking hungry now.

Author Jhosseline Marroquin ( ago)
To laud

Author Stephencurry batmanxd32 ( ago)

Author Abdullah Nafis ( ago)

Author Evelin Carmona ( ago)
takis challenge

Author Amia James ( ago)
10k calorie challenge

Author Denzal Perez ( ago)
taki monzarela

Author Clark O. ( ago)
For Burger King's cheeseburgers I think 3 is my limit. 4 if I'm pushing it, haha.

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