DRUNK 100 Cheeseburger Challenge

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  • Dazzle Captain
    Dazzle Captain 10 hours ago


  • Sandro Neves
    Sandro Neves 20 hours ago

    Julia my dogs name is king

  • Brandon Raccio
    Brandon Raccio 1 day ago

    #mattstonie #furiouspete hahahaa plus #JPComedy w/ #PLE

  • Minty Marshmallow
    Minty Marshmallow 2 days ago

    I think I can eat one of those burgers in 2 min

  • whateverminerva
    whateverminerva 3 days ago

    jp is ugly as fuck! there i said it cant believe julia fucks him! who agrees??

  • mike hudson
    mike hudson 3 days ago

    heheehhe nice look hero nakamora xD no no jk jk love you guys

  • Marshmallow Lemon
    Marshmallow Lemon 3 days ago

    eating 300 ice cream scoops between 3 or 4 people ( jp, her and other people)

  • Albert Schliesleder

    did you guys tip the BK staff?

  • Wes M
    Wes M 7 days ago

    69 cents are u for real!? 😃

  • Plopdog -
    Plopdog - 10 days ago

    Pasta men panties made me die of laughter

  • Zyhir Harris
    Zyhir Harris 16 days ago

    not only order 1 not only order 2 but order 10 really her fingers said that.

  • Ricardo Vazquez
    Ricardo Vazquez 16 days ago


  • Kredes
    Kredes 16 days ago

    cant unsee those underdeveloped teeth the girl has

  • Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson 16 days ago

    100 gheiken wings

  • Lily Dagdag
    Lily Dagdag 19 days ago

    I can watch this 100000000000000000000 times and still laugh😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Allie 1224
    Allie 1224 20 days ago

    5:39 I bet Matt Stonie could do it..

  • mirror man
    mirror man 22 days ago

    You guys are weird I like it :)

  • Zachary brown
    Zachary brown 24 days ago

    Why is she talking?

  • Jayy Kayy
    Jayy Kayy 24 days ago

    Did he really just dip his burger in his glass of water?????._.

  • John Harlan
    John Harlan 26 days ago

    JP is such a lightweight! He ate 4 little 69 cent burgers and can't eat spicy food.

  • Terrible ProGamers
    Terrible ProGamers 26 days ago

    Hot cheeto and takis challenge (50 cheeto bags ) (50 takis bags)

  • super crack
    super crack 1 month ago

    atleast it is not a mcdonlads burgers that is just really unhealthy like too

  • Patrice Johnson
    Patrice Johnson 1 month ago

    I know for a fact i could eat 100 burgers in 30 minutes at least 50, such a fat ass I AM!!!!

  • Trap boi
    Trap boi 1 month ago

    Almost 1 mil in 2017

  • Bullzeye101 Martinez

    dovall i can eat crab legs .. count em out

  • Bullzeye101 Martinez

    I'm guessing 30 total for all three uv them.

  • Bullzeye101 Martinez

    sry .. luv duh faces. .. that's the personality, i think, makes nikki m. appealing too.

    sooo effen cute .. i need a chik w/ what ever that personality iz.

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot 1 month ago

    the most drunkest video I've seen them do! 😁🤓

  • MuttFatmenson
    MuttFatmenson 1 month ago

    how drunk

  • halo
    halo 1 month ago

    DAg, what's up with the leftover burgers. I would have went 2 days without eating to kill ALL DAT !!

  • Davida Braxton
    Davida Braxton 1 month ago

    is that real meat? ,? I wonder. ..get a bucket. .yu never know. lol

  • Davida Braxton
    Davida Braxton 1 month ago

    this is so fun. its all good JP...enjoy yur food..the flava. ..lol

  • Uton Francis
    Uton Francis 1 month ago

    those subtitles murdered me😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Rendon
    Maria Rendon 1 month ago


  • lil almanach vlogs
    lil almanach vlogs 1 month ago


  • Atif Akhtar
    Atif Akhtar 1 month ago

    stop chatting shit

  • Ethan Wyles
    Ethan Wyles 1 month ago

    so was JP drunk driving

  • fiene hankins
    fiene hankins 1 month ago

    I would have to eat wendys or micky ds becuase i HATE bk

  • WingedWolfAJ Animation's & AnimaljamTM

    now I know were you are

  • shx 37
    shx 37 1 month ago

    i feel hungry watching them

  • Emilio Atilano
    Emilio Atilano 1 month ago

    Not one burger, not two burgers, but 100 (holds up 10 fingers)

  • Abstract Alex
    Abstract Alex 1 month ago

    hate it

  • Naomi Jaurello
    Naomi Jaurello 1 month ago

    Our special on a basic Cheeseburger is like $2

  • chloe gloeckner
    chloe gloeckner 1 month ago


  • chloe gloeckner
    chloe gloeckner 1 month ago

    Did anyone notice that they did not found right

  • catia miles
    catia miles 1 month ago

    twerk challenge

  • Kazuto KIrigaya
    Kazuto KIrigaya 1 month ago

    i eat fast and it dosent hit me until 30 min later I could do it drive to the hospitable and let my last words be told you so

  • Jim Enriquez
    Jim Enriquez 1 month ago

    ok like the humor, but you guys really suck at eating LOL I'd say do one for real...not a word spoken other than when you place the order...the same 3 will order 5 club subs each at subway. Then you go home and devour them and no excuses!! LOL they'll be so damn delicious!!

  • Brody Milk
    Brody Milk 1 month ago

    Why is she hatin on jp

  • Ashes Ashes
    Ashes Ashes 1 month ago

    just so you know, everyone in that Burger King is cussing at you

  • Umaka -Cchan
    Umaka -Cchan 1 month ago

    I can do that no lie
    RIP JP

  • Capitan PTY
    Capitan PTY 1 month ago


  • Achol Magiir
    Achol Magiir 1 month ago


  • ahmed mustafa
    ahmed mustafa 1 month ago


  • tommy low
    tommy low 2 months ago

    lol this video is so funny

  • Ajmal Sanjid
    Ajmal Sanjid 2 months ago

    make a korean spicy noodle burger try it mannn!! and add the angry bun with it!!

    DIMITSAS12 2 months ago

    American shits...

  • AJ's Roblox
    AJ's Roblox 2 months ago

    I hate burger king, I love hellthyjunkfood

  • Jean Toro
    Jean Toro 2 months ago

    Your Drunk Shut Up

  • Louder Speakers
    Louder Speakers 2 months ago

    How are you doing tonight? :D
    I'M HUNGRY >:(
    What would you like? :c
    OMG I thought you were a machine sorry :'c

  • Armie Espiritu
    Armie Espiritu 2 months ago

    hey jp and julia...my challenge to you is to eat 50 pieces of BALOT...BALOT is a filipino food..i you like eat

  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz 2 months ago

    I feel like JP gets drunk off half a beer lol

  • lexa clark
    lexa clark 2 months ago

    are you driving drunk smh

  • eLem3nT
    eLem3nT 2 months ago

    Didn't even watch it and i k ow you aren't going to do it

  • tinisha28
    tinisha28 2 months ago

    That was so sad next time can you really eat 100 burgers😒😒

  • CalterPvP
    CalterPvP 2 months ago

    foda aew viado deve ter custado um pau kkk

  • karina murison
    karina murison 2 months ago

    common mistake your stomach shrinks after four hours of not eating should eat steadily throughout the day haha

  • Thomas Kurian
    Thomas Kurian 2 months ago


  • Rift Comics Stop motion

    you should have a chalenge where you have to make a cafentaded food or drirk and see who can stay up the longest

  • Winter McKenzie Rafferty

    they seem really obnoxious

  • Alex Vong
    Alex Vong 2 months ago

    hey JP, do you still have the Evo?

  • cat crazy
    cat crazy 2 months ago

    How in he hell does this shit channel have that many subs??? I hope you're all proud of forcing others to work harder for the shit wages and your waste!!!

  • Joe R
    Joe R 2 months ago

    I love that you guys love Burger King. Good Job!

  • John Tran
    John Tran 2 months ago

    More Challenges!!!

  • Sophrosyne 11
    Sophrosyne 11 2 months ago

    tayax 😂 neeow😂 wtf?

  • Sophrosyne 11
    Sophrosyne 11 2 months ago

    *shows 2 hands* one hundred burgers 😂

  • Superman Logo
    Superman Logo 2 months ago

    thehealthyjunkfood makes me hungry

  • WoahNelly 01
    WoahNelly 01 3 months ago

    franks glass hot sauce challenge. (pour a full glass of franks hot sauce into a glass and drink it as fast as you can)

  • solana ramirez
    solana ramirez 3 months ago

    100 chicken wings challenge

  • pratik astro saha
    pratik astro saha 3 months ago

    call matt stonie , he will clean it up

  • Guest 1109
    Guest 1109 3 months ago


  • Rick Fountain
    Rick Fountain 3 months ago

    Damn that girl has a pretty mouth.

  • Eitan R.
    Eitan R. 3 months ago

    these seem like nice people.

  • Maimouna Konate
    Maimouna Konate 3 months ago

    boozled bean challenge

  • Black Lion
    Black Lion 3 months ago

    Are they 😵

  • Kiersten And Ethan
    Kiersten And Ethan 3 months ago


  • griffon deremer
    griffon deremer 3 months ago

    JP what the heck man you ate 4 burgers in 30 min.

  • afton pranoto se
    afton pranoto se 3 months ago

    maybe thats not good if you eat that many burger

  • Bombskull 21
    Bombskull 21 3 months ago

    make a giant Starburst

  • bboy xsasch xsasch
    bboy xsasch xsasch 3 months ago

    im 16 have a sixpack, so im not fat and i vould easily get 6 burgers

    TONIGHT WWE 3 months ago

    this video was made when I had my birthday

  • Tz Z
    Tz Z 3 months ago

    Tie up ur grandma hahaha

  • Isaiah King
    Isaiah King 3 months ago

    #going to hospital #choke
    #julia goolia

    JULIA PEREZ ABREU 3 months ago

    Like when peter ate 30 hamburgers and got all strokey

  • Blaues Kuchen
    Blaues Kuchen 3 months ago

    hahahahah I love the subtitles xDddd what does she say when the subtitles say "pasta men panties" anyway? can anyone understand what she says?

  • Brian Cazares
    Brian Cazares 3 months ago


  • TheWorlds Greatest
    TheWorlds Greatest 3 months ago

    asians drive the best

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