Migos - Get Right Witcha [Official Video]

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  • Runtime: 4:18
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Comments: 7 229

  • Pietari Lohi
    Pietari Lohi 20 minutes ago

    Is Takeoff's part from McDonalds? Because im lovin' it.

  • Kevin Allybose
    Kevin Allybose 53 minutes ago

    This is such a fad

  • Rizwan Naeem
    Rizwan Naeem 2 hours ago

    Love this Quavo is best my niggas are real artists unlike JB , PSY etc who used *Authentic hits d o t com* to get their views

  • SK Energy
    SK Energy 5 hours ago

    Did Anyone Not Just See Ricegums House? Anyways This Song Lit Af

  • Bob Todd
    Bob Todd 7 hours ago


  • Leon Rutherford
    Leon Rutherford 7 hours ago

    If this sounds like a strip club banger. I see strippers dancing to this. beat sick as hell.

  • Wilt's Wisdom Show
    Wilt's Wisdom Show 9 hours ago

    This song is slept on

  • Arbol Records
    Arbol Records 10 hours ago

    He said it, "May the Lord have mercy" on him, and all these rappers who glorify money, sex, and dope. Yes, the Lord will have mercy but its up to us to repent and believe the gospel, and to live the gospel, not just mouth some words.

  • Ailyn Aguinar
    Ailyn Aguinar 10 hours ago

    migos 💞

  • EscocoB AVR
    EscocoB AVR 11 hours ago

    the french rap is the best lacrim pnl booba kalash criminel dtf sofiane fuck the american rap and migos

  • Phoebe Banks
    Phoebe Banks 12 hours ago

    Get right witcha hard summer festival. Been there and back.

  • Myguile Bethea
    Myguile Bethea 12 hours ago

    his name Is Not Migos. the group. calls. Migos

  • cody farley
    cody farley 13 hours ago

    witch way that way tell them

  • Anna Nunda
    Anna Nunda 14 hours ago

    0:20 thata to much ice

  • Martha Hankin
    Martha Hankin 14 hours ago

    That bando

  • Anton Henke
    Anton Henke 14 hours ago

    real hip hop ist dead

  • Yung Senatra
    Yung Senatra 15 hours ago

    They wack as sh**

  • Anang Kiki
    Anang Kiki 16 hours ago

    Quavo 💕💕💕

  • Simon Parsons
    Simon Parsons 16 hours ago

    Sorry but if this is what hip hop is now. Then hip hop has fallen so far from the tree. Lyrical skill nothing.

    • Quar CA
      Quar CA 13 hours ago

      Simon Parsons This is trap Music not hiphop

  • Pixelized Sirothe
    Pixelized Sirothe 16 hours ago


  • Beast Incarnate23
    Beast Incarnate23 16 hours ago

    Takeoff is fucking lit 🔥🔥

  • xjryanrussellx
    xjryanrussellx 16 hours ago

    absolute garbage

  • Albert Smekeru
    Albert Smekeru 17 hours ago

    this songs of the migos are perfect in luxury cars.Just like in my aventador

  • Borgeir Sjeng
    Borgeir Sjeng 17 hours ago


  • Toishawnti Faulkner
    Toishawnti Faulkner 17 hours ago

    I don't care what anyone's takeoff goes hard. My favorite migo

  • Fede pip
    Fede pip 17 hours ago

    This beat is litteraly the best ever!!!

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez 19 hours ago


  • lBeaverx
    lBeaverx 19 hours ago

    I remember these niggas from my old high school...

  • Sonny Rugani
    Sonny Rugani 20 hours ago

    going out to chailand wit dem chinks gat me dead

  • Stephen David
    Stephen David 20 hours ago

    This are my boys... i thought them how to rap in weed voice

  • ༺ĐΔ ARMY
    ༺ĐΔ ARMY 20 hours ago

    = O

  • Azimah Muhammad
    Azimah Muhammad 21 hour ago

    I am a fan of the migos

  • Bradyn Lind
    Bradyn Lind 21 hour ago

    get right wit you

  • Azimah Muhammad
    Azimah Muhammad 21 hour ago

    azimah muhammad2@gmailcom

  • Azimah Muhammad
    Azimah Muhammad 21 hour ago

    I love you too much migos

  • Max Max
    Max Max 22 hours ago


  • Dopamine
    Dopamine 1 day ago

    bruh these lyrics basic as fuck and people going crazy over this shit lmaooo

  • Angelica Murry
    Angelica Murry 1 day ago

    I love this Song!!!

  • Caressa Sanders
    Caressa Sanders 1 day ago

    like songs

  • Eagleman Stunna
    Eagleman Stunna 1 day ago

    TakeOff definitely killed it👌💰💊💯

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 1 day ago

    Dam that song

  • lala ohsoinsane
    lala ohsoinsane 1 day ago

    I loved their bet performance

  • PopAwholeLottaBitchT

    Quavo Really did that hook and 1st verse but Takeoff took off and went RETARDED ON THIS SLAP

  • J. E.
    J. E. 1 day ago

    Quavo: Chorus
    Offset: Raps in the middle
    Takeoff: Transports you to another place at the end

  • J. E.
    J. E. 1 day ago

    Take off with takeoff

  • Adams Brian
    Adams Brian 1 day ago

    Migos and the flute/piano are so godly bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Money_bagg Larry
    Money_bagg Larry 1 day ago

    quavo is the best

  • Almighty Family
    Almighty Family 1 day ago

    Y'all talking bout quavo,offset n takeoff buh I love all of em 💯💯

  • Pluto x Hndrxxx
    Pluto x Hndrxxx 1 day ago

    Niggas copy mike Tyson bite 😈🔥🔥🔥

  • Moon Man
    Moon Man 1 day ago

    The fake slow motion is cringy (twixtor)

  • Elmas Vergudo
    Elmas Vergudo 1 day ago

    fruity niggas aint killing shit

  • sosa Sosa
    sosa Sosa 1 day ago

    going to chi-land 💨 I'm get right witcha

  • Jordan Hanlon
    Jordan Hanlon 1 day ago

    offset is lyrically better then takeoff and quavo

  • Rexdemax
    Rexdemax 1 day ago

    takeoff fire shiiiiiit

  • Matty Healy Af
    Matty Healy Af 1 day ago

    I think I'm getting a seizure just watching this beautiful artwork . .

  • Rhiannon Ngawaiata


  • Aku xD
    Aku xD 1 day ago

    Here are the lyrics :))

    Get Right witcha

    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up fuck the system (fuck 'em)

    Yeah, coupe is robotic, I ain't touchin' (nah, skrt)
    Lookin' at your hoe because she bustin' (ye, woo)
    Ridin' in the coupe with the wings (brrt)
    Going to Thailand with them chinks (chinks)
    Percocet party, servin' fiends (perky!)
    Swear to god my plug was Vietnamese (brrt brrt brrt)
    Taliban, my drugs, wrap 'em please (Taliban)
    Servin' all day, my gas on E (let's go)
    Thirty hollow tips in extendo (bow, thirty)
    Shadows keep wavin' by my window (woo, shadows)
    Thankin' God he saved my life from kick doors (god!)
    Still sippin' oil, Migos Citgo (drank, gone)

    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up fuck the system (fuck 'em)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha

    In the kitchen with a lot of white (white)
    I done fucked a lot of niggas' wife (smash)
    Make a milli, then I make it twice (M's)
    Bought that Wraith and had the ceiling light (Wraith)
    I like a bitch with some cellulite (ooh)
    Tape a brick to her, take a flight (ooh)
    Used to ask what the lick was like (where?)
    Now I'm askin' what the Lear look like (huh?)
    Niggas copy, Mike Tyson bite (ahh-urr, ahh-urr, ahh)
    Smokin' cookie yeah that's dynamite (cookie, woo)
    Lamborghini, white on white (Lamborghini)
    All these diamonds yeah they white on white (white)
    Takin' chances, had to roll the dice (aye)
    Send my shooters, come and take your life (brrt)
    Born with it, count a hundred thousand start snowin' with it (hundred)
    Go and get it, thirty round clip tear off a arm or ligament (rrah)
    Bitch I'm a dog from menace (urr)
    You trappin' hard for pennies (go)
    Hop in the frog, it's tinted (skrrt)
    Askin' the lord, forgive me (hey)

    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up fuck the system (fuck 'em)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha

    Pop me a missile (aye)
    Take me a picture (flash)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Lit like Christmas (like Christmas)
    White like tissue (white)
    Drank too official (drank)
    Cut like scissors (cut)
    Boy got wisdom (wisdom)
    Fuckin' on vixens (smash)
    Hoe game itchin' (itch)
    Fuckin' with the wrong one, trippin'
    Thirty round extension for the tension (brrt)
    Hundred round drum, listen
    Fuck around and end up missin' (brrt)
    Get 'em knocked off for a ticket
    Have my young nigga do the sentence
    Aw man, whip up the white, Wendy
    Pick up the pipe, and she get no penny (nope)
    Rockstar livin' life, Lennon
    You can do better, never settle
    Keep a Beretta, case of the pressure (brrt)
    I tell the plug mail them
    Which way? dat way, tell 'em, aye

    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up fuck the system (fuck 'em)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha

  • Ryan Torres
    Ryan Torres 1 day ago

    migos the new bonethugs

  • Poefua Scott
    Poefua Scott 1 day ago

    migos has the best trap songs

  • Que Lucciano
    Que Lucciano 1 day ago

    When did all y'all become a takeoff fan 🤔 that's all I see on every migos song 💯

  • zeezk Ak
    zeezk Ak 1 day ago

    I like these song soon mutch

  • El Risitas
    El Risitas 1 day ago

    Team Quavo

  • King
    King 1 day ago

    When I hear "yer" I get high.

  • BulletDC
    BulletDC 1 day ago


  • Logz HD
    Logz HD 1 day ago

    Quavo is the brother that has to bring his little brothers everywhere

  • Logz HD
    Logz HD 1 day ago

    Takeoff is sooo overrated

  • Alex Jawad
    Alex Jawad 1 day ago

    future nigga Gangs..new blood..new beat..this is fucking crazy

  • reverse king
    reverse king 1 day ago

    get right witcha

  • Matrix Trauma
    Matrix Trauma 1 day ago

    Quavo is overrated. I prefer Takeoff.

  • Safia Asiya
    Safia Asiya 1 day ago

    2:58 (takeoff looks at offset rudely) 😂😂😂😂

  • Kevin Chavez
    Kevin Chavez 1 day ago

    Fuck 12

  • petar petrov
    petar petrov 1 day ago

    https://www.facebook.com/KradliviqFT/ like share enjoy :)

  • Melody Spencer
    Melody Spencer 2 days ago

    takeoff my nigga

  • Rico Joseph
    Rico Joseph 2 days ago

    Likes 4 quavo

  • Jadym Johnson
    Jadym Johnson 2 days ago

    who is takeoff

    LOLL LOL 2 days ago

    this video is a unique music video. it starts out with showing a cactus xD

  • C J
    C J 2 days ago

    That fear of God jacket was tight

  • Ke'shawn Franklin
    Ke'shawn Franklin 2 days ago

    quavo killed that and everybody know he did

  • RippleEffect420
    RippleEffect420 2 days ago

    2:58 the look on Quavo's face LOL

    • RippleEffect420
      RippleEffect420 2 days ago

      On the left its Quavo... takeoff was in the shot as well so cant blame you for making that mistake.

    • Make Movessz
      Make Movessz 2 days ago

      RippleEffect420 that's Takeoff not Quavo.

  • Christian Santiago
    Christian Santiago 2 days ago

    get right witcha

  • Kimberly Thomas
    Kimberly Thomas 2 days ago


  • delano vicious
    delano vicious 2 days ago

    bought my groceries....'that ll be 7.80 klasse: me Get right withcha

  • Sui Vung
    Sui Vung 2 days ago

    This song makes me wanna sing the flute

  • jonathan.
    jonathan. 2 days ago

    These dudes are fucking garbage

  • Eunice Glover
    Eunice Glover 2 days ago

    i be like ok

  • Eunice Glover
    Eunice Glover 2 days ago

    i be like what are yall singing they be like our song duhh

  • Eunice Glover
    Eunice Glover 2 days ago

    a dude sing it to

  • Eunice Glover
    Eunice Glover 2 days ago

    my cuosin terry sing this everyday

  • Laura Taylor
    Laura Taylor 2 days ago

    PERCYY 📣📣📣

  • Jonathan Aguilar
    Jonathan Aguilar 2 days ago

    takeoff was my favorite

  • John Russell
    John Russell 2 days ago

    Percocet party serving fiends. Being used to much.

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson 2 days ago

    this track better than t shirt

  • Renee Pitts
    Renee Pitts 2 days ago


  • Limitless Range
    Limitless Range 2 days ago

    They call him takeoff cause they always take him off the track

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 2 days ago

    aint one of these guy get caught with a tranny? im sure of it i just forget which one

  • Nikkisha Polk
    Nikkisha Polk 2 days ago


  • David May244
    David May244 2 days ago

    Snapp Diggie...

    LOKO CFM 2 days ago

    Tem Br aki??

  • Why You Cringy
    Why You Cringy 2 days ago


  • buggie buggie
    buggie buggie 2 days ago

    You know what they say...gotta keep the best for last🔥🔥🔥

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