LG G6 "Real Review"

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  • Flossy Carter
    Flossy Carter 2 months ago

    #Squad Roll Call

    • andrew brown
      andrew brown 1 month ago

      Flossy Carter is the phone still a go?

    • Ali
      Ali 1 month ago

      Flossy Carter Where can I download the Watch Face? 14:36

    • Christopher Thompson
      Christopher Thompson 1 month ago

      Flossy Carter That watch face is HOT!!! Where can I get it?

    • SinglePotMike
      SinglePotMike 2 months ago


    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 2 months ago

      +Chuck The real SHEESH is that you're the only one who doesn't get the joke馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆解嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆解嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆解嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆解嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆解嶁檪锔

  • ankit chandra
    ankit chandra 1 day ago

    please let me know how to update my m8 to nougat

  • ankit chandra
    ankit chandra 1 day ago

    my g6 in India has both hi-fi dac and earphones both.

  • Ervine Browne Jr.

    hi floss, can you do a review on the Huawei p10 plus and what you think about it

  • Isaac Beke
    Isaac Beke 1 day ago

    The black is Hella sexy 馃憣馃徎

  • archie rome
    archie rome 2 days ago

    went with g6 over Samsung and Huawei mate 9. Samsung needs to understand, not everyone feeling curved displays. a S8 plus flat screen would've made my choice tougher.

  • Mark Schwacofer
    Mark Schwacofer 2 days ago

    think your a funny guy and i like your reviews

  • Alec Everett
    Alec Everett 3 days ago

    how do I get nugget 馃叡

  • eli parker
    eli parker 3 days ago

    Top budget phone on the market, and one of the best phones on the market. It's only $500. I'm still skeptical of buying any android phone. Too fragmented

  • JCHGaming69
    JCHGaming69 4 days ago

    I heard the unlocked G6 has better battery life.

  • AMPyro
    AMPyro 4 days ago

    phone companies need to copy Idol 4 speaker placements ASAP

  • Mirakuru
    Mirakuru 4 days ago

    Is 32 gb of storage enough these days? I know theres expandable but apps be taking up all the space

    • AMPyro
      AMPyro 4 days ago

      you're actually getting 22 or 24 free not 32 because OS is like 8 or 10 gb of space , if you game a lot you need SD card that if you install like 10 or 15 games or more , depends on the games size

  • Kitten Whitley
    Kitten Whitley 5 days ago

    I just got this phone on Monday and I agree with everything you said about it, good and bad.

  • VapeKing
    VapeKing 7 days ago

    moto z droid and verizon w 5gb plus rollover or sprint lg g6 w unlimited data? I only use about 3gb a month both options will cost me about the same over 2 years. I have sprint now I get lte but its not as fast as verizon however I always seem to be able to view youtube. Been with sprint like ten years.

  • pngmick
    pngmick 9 days ago

    his cat loves the g6 too

  • M S
    M S 10 days ago

    Man, I watch your reviews just for entertainment! You are awesome. Love the gangsta style talk but still your content is seriously relevant!

  • Szabolcs Nagy
    Szabolcs Nagy 12 days ago

    I see u Xerx with them white sneaks

  • Jeff Merheb
    Jeff Merheb 13 days ago

    Hey bro excellent review as usual! How do you consider audio on the 3.5mm? Is it as good as S8 or U 11 with its usb c to 3.5mm adapter?

  • Blake Patterson
    Blake Patterson 13 days ago

    Bro, no Oneplus 3t in that top 5???

    • Blake Patterson
      Blake Patterson 13 days ago

      Damn lol. Excited about the Oneplus 5? Also, right now I'm rocking the Note 4. Looking to upgrade soon. Can you give me like the top 5 phones I should look into?

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 13 days ago

      +Blake Patterson nope

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan 13 days ago

    Nothing beats going from 0-100 real quick

  • Pavel Zamora
    Pavel Zamora 13 days ago

    Whose is that other g6?

  • djinnwerk
    djinnwerk 15 days ago


  • Alpha Kara
    Alpha Kara 15 days ago


    Are you for real. 34 minutes to review LG G6. No thanks.

    10 to 15 minutes is all anyone needs to do in depth technical review. Of the LG G6.!

    P.S. Not that this is a technical review. SO what the fuck man??? 34 minutes...LMAO

  • brad h
    brad h 15 days ago

    The removable battery and IR Blaster are what made me a fan of LG. So disappointing.

  • Thekeyman1
    Thekeyman1 17 days ago

    In my opinion rear mounted fingerprint scanners feel more natural and make more sense than front mounted fingerprint scanners. But that's just me

  • mfa8000
    mfa8000 17 days ago

    patiently waiting for your HTC U11 review....

  • qlovox
    qlovox 21 day ago

    what u mean about NUGGET?

  • Herman Miller Jr
    Herman Miller Jr 22 days ago

    Whats up Flossy, Mann I learn a lot watching your videos, keep them coming.

  • firefightergoggie
    firefightergoggie 23 days ago

    9:20 - I was trying to figure out what that strange vibration sound was. Took me a sec to realise it was Zertz purring. :)

  • H
    H 23 days ago

    "screenshot that later" lol

  • Toney M.
    Toney M. 23 days ago

    This will be my daily driver until the V30 drops. Excellent video. Keep them coming.

    #salute #whiteshoes

  • F. Rose
    F. Rose 23 days ago

    Great Real Review! 馃憤馃徏

  • Victor Archie
    Victor Archie 24 days ago

    dont you said you hate the pixel xl?

  • Vinod Sudharshan
    Vinod Sudharshan 26 days ago

    I usually listen to phone reviews while I am being busy with something else. While watching this video I started hearing a pur noise, to see there is a cat in the video..xd

  • Ryan Silva
    Ryan Silva 28 days ago

    v20 ($480) vs g6 ($500) on tmobile please help

    • Ryan Silva
      Ryan Silva 27 days ago

      Flossy Carter I picked up the g6 thanks for the input bro...I'm go in to see how I feel about it the next week or so but may get the s8

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 27 days ago

      +Ryan Silva G6 all day

  • Kory Heard
    Kory Heard 28 days ago

    What's your top 5 Android phones now?

  • Cpt Kush Mush
    Cpt Kush Mush 29 days ago

    @Flossy Carter, I know the G6 has only been out for about 2 months but, I was thinking of buying the Pixel XL for it's amazing software, unfortunately, the Pixel lacks in hardware, and it's hella expensive, the G6 has great hardware features (SD-card slot, water resistant, etc) does the software on the G6 still run smooth after long-term use?

  • Caleb Wipf
    Caleb Wipf 1 month ago

    Love your reviews Flossy. You outline what actually matters- what its like to use. You don't just rattle off specs and say they are good. Keep up the good work!

  • Snappy Phoenix
    Snappy Phoenix 1 month ago

    Please do a Real Review of the BlackBerry KeyOne Dawg. I have one and to me, this is the best Android phone as it has a phsyical keyboard and a stellar battery!

  • Matt Watt
    Matt Watt 1 month ago

    Xerxes is the best!!! Lol!

  • James Myers
    James Myers 1 month ago

    I love LG's fingerprint scanner.. I have plastic over mine and it still functions 100%

  • LSR Devastator
    LSR Devastator 1 month ago

    Your reviews always have affected me before buying a new smartphone I thank you truly for your hard and honest work <3

  • Peter
    Peter 1 month ago

    That cat though....lol Zerk need to be in more videos man. Props on the vid as usual.

  • Andrew Lai
    Andrew Lai 1 month ago

    should i get the black or platinum color, so hard to decide! Can you explain the difference and your thoughts between the two colors. Does the the platinum look grey and dirty?

    • Chris Chen
      Chris Chen 1 month ago

      Np dude. Don't forget to claim your 200 dollar game bundle for the g6. Not sure about the other countries but US and Canada definitely get it.

    • Andrew Lai
      Andrew Lai 1 month ago

      Thanks man! Appreciated!

    • Chris Chen
      Chris Chen 1 month ago

      He said he prefers the black one over the platinum one: the Platinum one has a small black border between the screen and the edge of the phone, whereas the black one is solid black all around. Only thing is the black one is a fingerprint magnet compared to the platinum one.

  • Nycho Kill
    Nycho Kill 1 month ago

    Flossy Which do you prefer LG G6, HTC U11 or The S8?

    • Nycho Kill
      Nycho Kill 1 month ago

      Awesome I'm about to watch the S8 Real review I just finished watching the U ultra review

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 1 month ago

      +Nycho Kill the S8 Plus

  • YoYo G.
    YoYo G. 1 month ago

    @flossycarter I'm new to your channel.. I just got this phone after watching your review. Thank you and shout to the 馃樅 I'm liking Her! About 2 Troll your other Vids. 馃槈 馃憤馃憤

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 1 month ago

      +YoYo G. Hahahahaha thanks yoyo and welcome to the madness馃馃ぃ

  • Arefe Sadeghi
    Arefe Sadeghi 1 month ago

    as soon as you talked about the ir blaster my mom told me to reduce the TV's volume...I had to pause the video. go to the table to pick up the controller and realised how much I agree with you. btw do u recommend the mate 9 over this?considering it has the ir blaster and a better battery?

  • Gibson Charles
    Gibson Charles 1 month ago

    Yow flossy where can I get that watch face

  • christopher krause
    christopher krause 1 month ago

    I want that watchface bro..its umm lit as you sai d..thanks

  • Sakuraii -
    Sakuraii - 1 month ago


  • Peter Vincent
    Peter Vincent 1 month ago

    Does the LG G6 have a blue filter option for at night time?

  • Linda McPike
    Linda McPike 1 month ago

    i she is my sister she has always had the most beautiful and best friends that came me to be the woman friend of the year she has been the most amazing

  • Ratchet
    Ratchet 1 month ago

    saw this on eBay right now brand new TMobile for $450 USD

  • Pavel Zamora
    Pavel Zamora 1 month ago

    Man your hands make any phone look tiny hahahaha

  • Kicks And Coffees
    Kicks And Coffees 1 month ago

    What whatch face was that? Anyone got it?

  • Joshua Glass
    Joshua Glass 1 month ago

    I stumbled on your videos twice now looking at products. Yours are the best i've seen hands down. Props brother. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Daniel McPike
    Daniel McPike 1 month ago


  • louie beatz
    louie beatz 1 month ago

    this phone sucks

  • Hajime Yamasaki Vukelic

    Are you sure IP68 is going to work for salt water? I seem to recall salt water is still going to do a number on your devices.

  • Robin Mhel Nelson
    Robin Mhel Nelson 1 month ago

    Huawei mate 9 or lg g6?

  • Exprima
    Exprima 1 month ago

    Hey Flossy I have an HTC 10, is it worth upgrading to the G6 or U11?

  • Daniel McPike
    Daniel McPike 1 month ago

    I don't have any Thu Oct and the bottom

  • Daniel McPike
    Daniel McPike 1 month ago

    Finally naked momma

  • Running Heartless
    Running Heartless 1 month ago


  • Running Heartless
    Running Heartless 1 month ago

    Lol even though it was less time to be the church's opinion on the road in this week if I have a good home and I call you this morning but I'm sure I'll hear about the sweat and a double major in History and Exercise of a error code

  • Phanuel Laurent
    Phanuel Laurent 1 month ago

    I just bought the G6... and I got that wireless charger.

  • JanPogiMan
    JanPogiMan 1 month ago

    International version... no Qi charge.. :(

  • Justin Mackay
    Justin Mackay 1 month ago

    #good video of the lg g6

  • yashraj elevators
    yashraj elevators 1 month ago

    i am big fan of yours and would like to know which phone is your daily driver, which smartphone you use for day to day usage

  • Running Heartless
    Running Heartless 1 month ago

    I'm so proud to say I have to go on the tour of my room to see my family members of my life

  • Daniel McPike
    Daniel McPike 1 month ago


  • Linda McPike
    Linda McPike 1 month ago

    my favorite part about the new year

  • jaime garcia
    jaime garcia 1 month ago

    I think imma stick with LG v20. I love the battery life. Plus, I can swap batteries.

  • Cat Bourque
    Cat Bourque 1 month ago

    Love your reviews...I just got the LG G6 and paired it with my car....boy does the sound POP compared to the Iphone6...So much more variety to get the sound you want....

  • Sabian Pamungkas
    Sabian Pamungkas 1 month ago

    I never saw you petting your cat in your videos so far. That so sad, all the cuteness is wasted :D

  • RomeG10 [IBA]
    RomeG10 [IBA] 1 month ago

    I Use this phone as my daily driver and it helps me for my YouTube videos great phone

  • Paulette James
    Paulette James 1 month ago

    Can I have Zerksy??? I LOVE HER!!!!

  • RisaY D
    RisaY D 1 month ago

    I tried wireless charging but it didn't work for me. I prefer switching batteries.

  • BlackRain
    BlackRain 1 month ago

    Ey Floss! Nice review. I got the G6 just from coming to your review and also comparing it to the S8 from your other review. I was wondering if you knew how, or if we can, change the background in our messages so it isnt just constsntly white?

  • 6644pmr
    6644pmr 1 month ago

    Xerxes is adorable.

  • oldGnRrocks1
    oldGnRrocks1 1 month ago

    i got the lg g6 from amazon, and i got free headphones

  • Steven Mena
    Steven Mena 1 month ago

    Hey Floss! Should I get the LG V20 still? My budget is on the low low got priorities you know what I mean? I have a Iphone 6s normal. Is the V20 a Floss Factor and a hardware upgrade? Thanks!!

  • MT Yeezy
    MT Yeezy 1 month ago

    I like how you kept the cat in the video

  • RHK
    RHK 1 month ago

    What's the Background Music?

  • RHK
    RHK 1 month ago

    Very detailed review.

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J 1 month ago

    lg6 or s8 flossy?

  • aleksandra rekar
    aleksandra rekar 1 month ago

    Allways on display is not just software that's possible only on IPS panels @Flossy Carter

  • Bharath Dev
    Bharath Dev 1 month ago

    great phone. LG can surpass Huawei any given Day

  • E K
    E K 1 month ago

    "I want them headphones never going to use them but i want them" love that sentence. Same bro.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 1 month ago

    it's $500 at T-Mobile now. is it worth it?

  • Nandan Naik
    Nandan Naik 1 month ago

    I think this is fake video 馃槀馃槀

  • DigitalApprentice888

    hi, galaxy s8 is too expensive for me. what do u think is better galaxy s7 edge or G6? thanks

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 1 month ago

      About the same, the S7 maybe a little more

    • DigitalApprentice888
      DigitalApprentice888 1 month ago

      super thanks idol. hows the battery life of the G6 compared to s7 edge? im still watching this video right now. very very helpful

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 1 month ago

      +DigitalApprentice888 get the G6 bro

  • Jerry Luna
    Jerry Luna 1 month ago

    i just got the LG G6 and i can't figure out how you blacked out the clock. Can you let me know how you did that Floss? Great review. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos and for helping the consumers. 鉁

  • Sujata
    Sujata 1 month ago

    I want this really fucking badly but I've owned 2 LGs in the past and both died within 2 years (G4 started bootlooping after 9 months) and I swore to never buy an LG again 馃槱

    • Sujata
      Sujata 1 month ago

      Flossy Carter bro I can't afford the S8 lmao

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter 1 month ago

      +Sujata you don't like the S8?

  • mitavattuu
    mitavattuu 1 month ago

    Thanks for the review, these are the honest ones! Think I need to wait for the lg v30.

  • moulip
    moulip 1 month ago

    The cat's purring is just great ! It adds something really cool to your vids bro !

  • Gary Wu
    Gary Wu 1 month ago

    I think for Halloween or something, Flossy should make a video where he picks up different things that "feels bad in the hand.". *picks up snail, "Fellas, let me tell y'all, this feels disgusting in the hand."

  • Millard Fillmore
    Millard Fillmore 1 month ago

    You would be surprised at how good that wide angle can be. When your iphone friends are trying to get everything in the photo and then you just click a button and get it. It feels good. And they definitely get some phone envy.

  • Raven Romero
    Raven Romero 1 month ago

    Thanks Mr. Carter I was just going to get that phone today now I'm going to stick with my V10. I need the removable battery.

  • KL3XB
    KL3XB 1 month ago

    I also hate glass back phones.

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