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Author DOTAforTRAXEX (5 years)
i think that baium and ant queen really works :P

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
nop :) 3 rebs hp :)

Author M4dDuck (6 years)
this server was the beste server ever sucks atm

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
wich one 1st destro?

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
for what? :D want to join my, killing others? or just want pk me :/

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
Dude u are too crazy :D

Author iWaterFlood (5 years)
hi :P

Author david bidzishvili (5 years)
nc video . im very good in l2 eurogold with AQ and baium too :)

Author GeorgeTheDoc (4 years)
well with your gear you've done a pretty good job... but i like you as a
man from what i saw.. like we greek say.. "palikari" : P but dont work as
an english teacher plz... xD

Author ViolentJwillrise (6 years)
u see? I am soor that u are a vary idiot player... Titan are the best
fighter in 1 vs 1 dude... check my video with Bombing my titan..

Author DemonKnight7 (6 years)
Nice video and music . Who was the hero?Antiholly?Well really newbie hero,

Author mitrakos21 (6 years)
gia ena logo s paradexome...xonese pantou me as+0...afto thelei ARXIDIA

Author cristian18dejulio (6 years)
man alto video por si algun dia nos vemos mi nombre es metal2008

Author theodoris4ever (6 years)
I AM necroth4ft1s and dragonslayer123 if you want pm

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
yea health :) but that lol can play not bad :p

Author wortex933 (6 years)
maladec baxuras :) gerbiu ziurejau topuose golde daxuja pvp turi :) 3.5k ~

Author BITONAS (6 years)
tn f3ll ton n00ba ton efages eukola e?wraios man

Author BadK1ll3r (6 years)
ahahahahah noob u with ue and pt die omg what a n00b ,i,

Author ViolentJwillrise (6 years)
you have no idea whats the meaning of a titan...

Author Lraulenas (6 years)
pwp gal ir turi daug bet botas tai visiskas cp clikeri isijuges kiekvienas
tampa kietas

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
hello :D

Author ViolentJwillrise (6 years)
who is that noob orc?

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
yea u try in this server be without cp pots :p and i think u can't do
bether u just jelous of this ^^

Author Anderson Rivera (6 years)

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
Thx for comment man :)I know u can do better then me, just do the wideo and
shou us your pvp ;)

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
1st Guano Apes - Break The Line 2nd Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
thx i trie that it to be the best :)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
no no no :D i told many times rebs on health :D look another my clip there
i have just qa :)p

Author ZerefeL (5 years)
I can play 1 v 1 with frenzy with dragonic / as cd +3 / baium / aq just
tell me

Author akkon2 (6 years)
looks like your sound(card) is fucked up

Author siknabirbis (6 years)
Thx :) yea antiholly, jap i was with UE :) thx again ^^

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
1st Guano Apes - Break The Line, 2nd Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes, 3rd Foo
Fighters - The Pretender. All song name's :)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
visai imanomas dalykas :) ss+cd nuo as+cd ctr power per ~200 tesiskiria o
nuo p ataka guno nedidina dmg kai leidi skill tai musdamas tik 200 dmg
maziau daromas :)

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
1st Guano Apes - Break The Line, 2nd Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes, 3rd Foo
Fighters - The Pretender. All song name's :)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
if u think that here were noobs wach my another wideo ;)

Author L2GoldMember (6 years)
Nice Video Dude And Nice PvPs :P See you In Game :)

Author andrius bucys (4 years)
@CaponeMJ Labas :) ar dar tebezaidi ten? :D jau uzvaldei pasauli goldo? :D
ateik geriau i avalona, atsidare 2010.10.20 8 val :) golde ateities
nematau, ten seni rulina, nera galimybiu naujai mesai :/

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
Snekėt kiekvienas sugeba, o tau paprasčiausiois patirties truksta, kad tu
taip sugebetum daryt :P

Author CaponeMJ (4 years)
Senai girdėtas, būtų malonu sutikti jį golde, tikrai puikus žaidėjas,
malonus ir paslaugus. Game nick: NakabeLT / Lanbergis :)

Author cristian18dejulio (5 years)
with what program do these videos? I tell you are re piola and more than 1
and you see I have done pvp = D

Author Dimitris Galanhs (2 years)

Author theodoris4ever (6 years)
thnks very much

Author mitrakos21 (5 years)
gamas sou lew :)

Author Athan CB (5 years)
Your rebs are all Health??? LOL?? :D

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
but you didnt saw my another beter video :)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
i can defeat not only destro, u saw all video? boring? maby wach another
video, i thing u will be more impresed :)p

Author DanteTheDevil7 (6 years)
l2 gold 4 ever :)

Author andrius bucys (6 years)
I don't think anything :) i am just killing ;) and pow is for me that i
look more attractive :D

Author odysseaslol (6 years)
2rasel FTW by KomisX

Author Sporos Tsoglani (2 years)
x0ax0a0x0ax0a0x0a0x0a i m apearing in 6:08 x0aa0xa0x0a0x0a0xa greedings
from Sp0ros Bro xD

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