L2 GoLD (Euro World) 2raseL (addition )

L2 GoLD (Euro World) 2raseL (addition )

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 10:40
Comments: 82

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Uploaded by: andrius bucys
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Author DOTAforTRAXEX (4 years)
i think that baium and ant queen really works :P

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
nop :) 3 rebs hp :)

Author M4dDuck (5 years)
this server was the beste server ever sucks atm

Author dultakis (5 years)
kox cia mldc.. lopas cp clickeri isijunges ir pries botukus warosi, arba
visokius afk kala.. bbd ..

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
wich one 1st destro?

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
for what? :D want to join my, killing others? or just want pk me :/

Author Goana91 (4 years)
Gold o pio axoneftos server p vgike pote eleos den aksizi can o server
einai oli donator %

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
Dude u are too crazy :D

Author iWaterFlood (5 years)
hi :P

Author david bidzishvili (4 years)
nc video . im very good in l2 eurogold with AQ and baium too :)

Author GeorgeTheDoc (4 years)
well with your gear you've done a pretty good job... but i like you as a
man from what i saw.. like we greek say.. "palikari" : P but dont work as
an english teacher plz... xD

Author ViolentJwillrise (5 years)
u see? I am soor that u are a vary idiot player... Titan are the best
fighter in 1 vs 1 dude... check my video with Bombing my titan..

Author DemonKnight7 (5 years)
Nice video and music . Who was the hero?Antiholly?Well really newbie hero,

Author mitrakos21 (5 years)
gia ena logo s paradexome...xonese pantou me as+0...afto thelei ARXIDIA

Author cristian18dejulio (5 years)
man alto video por si algun dia nos vemos mi nombre es metal2008

Author theodoris4ever (5 years)
I AM necroth4ft1s and dragonslayer123 if you want pm

Author nisaniux (5 years)
geri laika ibuwa kai su 2rasel pvp warem goldas geriausias is c4 servu
2rasel #1!!!!!!!!!!

Author andrius bucys (4 years)
yea health :) but that lol can play not bad :p

Author wortex933 (5 years)
maladec baxuras :) gerbiu ziurejau topuose golde daxuja pvp turi :) 3.5k ~

Author BITONAS (5 years)
tn f3ll ton n00ba ton efages eukola e?wraios man

Author BadK1ll3r (5 years)
ahahahahah noob u with ue and pt die omg what a n00b ,i,

Author kostas323 (4 years)
and cp and aq and this noob men this very noob

Author ViolentJwillrise (5 years)
you have no idea whats the meaning of a titan...

Author Lraulenas (5 years)
pwp gal ir turi daug bet botas tai visiskas cp clikeri isijuges kiekvienas
tampa kietas

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
hello :D

Author ViolentJwillrise (5 years)
who is that noob orc?

Author andrius bucys (4 years)
yea u try in this server be without cp pots :p and i think u can't do
bether u just jelous of this ^^

Author Anderson Rivera (5 years)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
Thx for comment man :)I know u can do better then me, just do the wideo and
shou us your pvp ;)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
1st Guano Apes - Break The Line 2nd Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes

Author andrius bucys (4 years)
thx i trie that it to be the best :)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
no no no :D i told many times rebs on health :D look another my clip there
i have just qa :)p

Author ZerefeL (4 years)
I can play 1 v 1 with frenzy with dragonic / as cd +3 / baium / aq just
tell me

Author akkon2 (5 years)
looks like your sound(card) is fucked up

Author MilfsLikeItBigs (5 years)
3 reb eva maybe??pow give more eva dude.... xD

Author siknabirbis (5 years)
Thx :) yea antiholly, jap i was with UE :) thx again ^^

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
1st Guano Apes - Break The Line, 2nd Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes, 3rd Foo
Fighters - The Pretender. All song name's :)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
visai imanomas dalykas :) ss+cd nuo as+cd ctr power per ~200 tesiskiria o
nuo p ataka guno nedidina dmg kai leidi skill tai musdamas tik 200 dmg
maziau daromas :)

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
1st Guano Apes - Break The Line, 2nd Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes, 3rd Foo
Fighters - The Pretender. All song name's :)

Author andrius bucys (4 years)
if u think that here were noobs wach my another wideo ;)

Author L2GoldMember (5 years)
Nice Video Dude And Nice PvPs :P See you In Game :)

Author LineIIageR (5 years)
ur england is the bestest

Author andrius bucys (3 years)
@CaponeMJ Labas :) ar dar tebezaidi ten? :D jau uzvaldei pasauli goldo? :D
ateik geriau i avalona, atsidare 2010.10.20 8 val :) golde ateities
nematau, ten seni rulina, nera galimybiu naujai mesai :/

Author andrius bucys (5 years)
Snekėt kiekvienas sugeba, o tau paprasčiausiois patirties truksta, kad tu
taip sugebetum daryt :P

Author Chris100FTW (5 years)
titan r idot char... so slow.....

Author CaponeMJ (3 years)
Senai girdėtas, būtų malonu sutikti jį golde, tikrai puikus žaidėjas,
malonus ir paslaugus. Game nick: NakabeLT / Lanbergis :)

Author TheSokra (4 years)
nice video bro DLd4gg3r here ^^

Author quattroable (5 years)
nieko gero is to dagerio jei gauciau wideo tai imesciau kaip mano draugelis
su gh su ss+cd wisus s greidinius piso

Author cristian18dejulio (4 years)
with what program do these videos? I tell you are re piola and more than 1
and you see I have done pvp = D

Author Dimitris Galanhs (1 year)

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