Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do In Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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  • Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do In Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    An awesome game with a legendary amount of stuff to do! These are some of the coolest tricks, the hidden secrets, the little easter eggs that you can find while traversing Hyrule in Nintendo’s newest blockbuster sensation. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    00:28 #10. Throw A Rusty Weapon At A Rock Octorok To Fix It.
    01:05 #9. Gather Arrows With A Wooden Shield
    01:45 #8. Make A Catapult
    02:17 #7. Cook During the Blood Moon To Get Better Quality Meals
    03:08 #6. Use Burning Grass To Create Updrafts
    03:55 #5. Throw A Cucco At Enemies To Make Them Swarm The Bad Guys
    04:37 #4. Make A Raft Fly Using Octorok Balloons
    05:18 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 1 hour ago

    "The Jerudo desert"

  • Elie R
    Elie R 8 hours ago

    We all know this is possible, but SHIELD SURFING DOWN DEATH MOUNTAIN!!!!

  • Elie R
    Elie R 8 hours ago

    2:31 ...and is a rip off of terraria

  • Ryan Horner
    Ryan Horner 21 hour ago

    "You can lite up some grass to get you high again". You did that on purpose didn't you? Lol

  • ffff8071
    ffff8071 1 day ago

    the wording on "get your self high again" D:

  • Lochlainn Healy
    Lochlainn Healy 1 day ago

    "Mercifully pecked to death"
    Define merciful.

  • -TheRealPikachu -

    he said to keep is spoiler free as possible, just spoiled the blood moon and other powers and runes

  • Internet Traveler

    this wasnt cool but rather cool tips

    Name video better next time

  • John Steuw
    John Steuw 1 day ago

    What about mauling guardians with master sword

  • Cake lord Pokémon

    Can we throw coocos at Gannon

  • Reen OwO
    Reen OwO 2 days ago

    Top ten video game references in 60s movies 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😩😩😩

  • Midna Lazuli
    Midna Lazuli 2 days ago

    Does anyone else never use their weapons in this game and just throw bombs at everything?

  • McShugg
    McShugg 3 days ago

    This game actually is like Prey I'm the sense of puzzle solving. It feels very open-ended

  • Levy Schirmer
    Levy Schirmer 4 days ago

    Where is Link, this is Putin (Thumbnail).

  • Ernesto Diaz Silva
    Ernesto Diaz Silva 5 days ago

    #1 putin ride The beer :v

  • butztill #delsystem33

    nr 1 is like How to be Putin

  • просто Дэн

    2:55 where is it?

  • Ethan Vigil
    Ethan Vigil 6 days ago

    what town was that at 4:43

  • T-Bag
    T-Bag 6 days ago

    wait how does he have number stats above the health bar for enemies??

  • AlexfromNorway
    AlexfromNorway 6 days ago

    Game of the last two decades right there!

  • Abdulrahman Ahmed
    Abdulrahman Ahmed 6 days ago

    No.1 Jumping

  • Almandho P
    Almandho P 6 days ago

    My mind: "wait. There are bears?!"

  • marjosonic
    marjosonic 6 days ago

    "You can out-Russia Vladimir Putin"

    That quote is one of the best things in the video. XD

  • Cristian Rivera
    Cristian Rivera 7 days ago

    Have to admit, I didn't know about the wooden sheild trick.

  • Cara Keefe
    Cara Keefe 7 days ago

    at 0:18 not to be racist but he looks asian

  • CraigEmberson
    CraigEmberson 7 days ago

    Gerudo = Geh-roo-doh... It's basically the world Geld but in romanised Japanese guys, come on!

  • Caleb Jahn
    Caleb Jahn 7 days ago

    where is she surfing

  • The Dorito Demon
    The Dorito Demon 8 days ago

    you can burn grass to get high.

    Need I say more?

  • Dr.Awesome990
    Dr.Awesome990 8 days ago

    Can anyone tell me where to buy a Nintendo switch for 300 dollars

  • Lindsey Fisher
    Lindsey Fisher 9 days ago

    I keep getting Nintendo ads

  • Boinkity C.
    Boinkity C. 10 days ago

    I have a suggestion: Top Ten Camouflaged Enemies in Video Games.

  • John Webster
    John Webster 10 days ago

    Wait the chickens can fly? =D

  • Bertel Ingmar Bertelsen

    outrussian vladimir putin! Well said!

  • Brendan Zeitlin
    Brendan Zeitlin 11 days ago

    Is this the Wii U verison? WHY NOT THE SWITCH?!

  • EricGamer03
    EricGamer03 11 days ago

    I just beat BOTW!!!

  • call of duty brother

    hah boss chicken

  • Natakaye Roleplayer
    Natakaye Roleplayer 12 days ago

    Cool striped Lynel

  • Awesoman47 #OMG
    Awesoman47 #OMG 13 days ago

    7:17 LOL

  • Austin Best
    Austin Best 14 days ago

    Where's shield surfing?

  • Bluey the Latios
    Bluey the Latios 14 days ago

    _And here's life hacks with Mojo_

  • the ever lasting gamer

    I have been playing botw for a whole month now saved all 4 beasts killed ganon twice and have not found a bear once

  • Squidoodle55
    Squidoodle55 15 days ago

    Some of the things now i know how to do Thank you soooo much :3

  • Smurfinz
    Smurfinz 15 days ago

    great tips, i didnt know many of them

  • Wayne                  WW Brown
    Wayne WW Brown 16 days ago

    the Arrows, all you have to do is stand just out of range and let the arrows hit the ground. pick them up until the enemy's limit run out.

  • ThisIsMyName DontJudge

    Links face at 6:00

  • Gunde BOII
    Gunde BOII 17 days ago

    LOL That last part

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim 17 days ago

    LOZ fans can check out my 3 fan made videos in my channel (by title)
    1. Legend of Zelda Timeline (1986-2016)
    2. Legend of Zelda Timeline (30 years Part 2) and...
    3. Legend of Zelda (Ocarina to BOTW) enjoy those who look!

  • Kentucky FriedChicken


  • Denisa
    Denisa 17 days ago

    2:21 How Link's expression when the food is ready, so cute

  • DogePool 531
    DogePool 531 18 days ago

    where be sheild surfing

  • Levi Graal
    Levi Graal 18 days ago

    Hmm... If he can ride those things then can Zelda ride link :3

  • dotexe
    dotexe 19 days ago

    they used to ride these babies for miles

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 19 days ago

    Great picks. This game's revolution design just allows not just staggering possibilities... but fun and incredibly rewarding ones! All other openworld games are going to have to step way up... visuals alone won't cut it.

  • Hawaiian Chuck Norris 2.0

    guardians piss me off

  • JCFlo Gaming
    JCFlo Gaming 21 day ago

    I still wish you could keep the special mounts and they wouldn't just run away when you climb off them :c

  • Yuuki buyo
    Yuuki buyo 21 day ago


  • Cmikament
    Cmikament 22 days ago

    Riding rocks haha xD Reminds me so much of Spongebob xD

  • animevines ni
    animevines ni 22 days ago

    if legend of zelda breath of the wild was anime

  • Pablo de la Torre Gálvez

    7:00 Vladimir Putin can do that in real life.

  • patric pearson
    patric pearson 23 days ago

    burning grass to get high again

  • Mushroom Head
    Mushroom Head 23 days ago

    Link: I'm on a bear, your argument is invalid.

  • Nithin moviephile
    Nithin moviephile 24 days ago

    grass makes u high wow nice

  • Abdulrahman Ahmed
    Abdulrahman Ahmed 24 days ago

    6:06 the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles

  • erin Albright
    erin Albright 25 days ago

    I just got a switch today

  • CyberHax Inc
    CyberHax Inc 25 days ago

    Breath of the Wild IS A FAIL!!!!! THERE I said it you fucking dumbasses!!! #ZELDASUCKS2017

  • StarwindAmada1
    StarwindAmada1 26 days ago

    I played Halo and that game is fuck all crap,

  • itsjustbrycehere
    itsjustbrycehere 26 days ago

    Ride the Lord of the Mountain...
    Taming Zelda's Horse...

    not even those???

  • Shelby Steverson
    Shelby Steverson 26 days ago

    Did he just say "Jerudo?" Instead of Gerudo?

  • Carolina Jiménez Rodríguez

    I am 150 hours deep in this game and I haven't seen a bear. So much to explore yet! :D

  • pug zilla
    pug zilla 27 days ago

    I've seen better

  • Bao Tu
    Bao Tu 28 days ago

    chiken attack

  • LeM3m3z
    LeM3m3z 29 days ago

    got the switch for my birthday with a bundle.. and the game was puyo puyo tetris....

  • Az Grahm
    Az Grahm 29 days ago

    salut les Ricains

  • Melva Edmiston
    Melva Edmiston 29 days ago

    top 5 awesome things breath of wild never know exist
    5 Seeing trailers come to life
    Remember trailer you encounter reason so low on list theories seen
    4 finding hunting bear
    3 0 teammates
    2 princess Zelda is out side her castle
    1 zero dungeons

  • Keating Presnell
    Keating Presnell 1 month ago

    "Bears can be ferocious animals", is that their bear minimum?

  • Keating Presnell
    Keating Presnell 1 month ago

    Link Can grab rapidly traversing boulders, but not cliff-sides when it precipitates liquids(rain).

  • Keating Presnell
    Keating Presnell 1 month ago

    He pronounces "Gerudo", "Jerudo".

  • pickle
    pickle 1 month ago

    When you realize this was a watchmojo video

  • Richard Manahl
    Richard Manahl 1 month ago

    5:58 "Jerudo" :,(

  • Georgeous76
    Georgeous76 1 month ago

    I hate this guy's voice.

  • tikrasseo
    tikrasseo 1 month ago

    Lol Vladimir Putin Link :)

  • Booster Boy
    Booster Boy 1 month ago

    Man, these pronunciations!



  • Angelo Krok
    Angelo Krok 1 month ago


  • Angelo Krok
    Angelo Krok 1 month ago


  • musukoru Miageru
    musukoru Miageru 1 month ago

    You can move the raft with Magnesis : take chest with magnesis and push mast when you are on raft.

  • Gilad
    Gilad 1 month ago

    In eventide island, when fighting the hinox, there's a certain tree I found that once I climbed and stood behind a thick branch, the hinox couldn't attack me. I simply threw bombs at him for a few minutes and BAM! killed the motherfucker

  • 阿良々ひたぎ
    阿良々ひたぎ 1 month ago

    The most overrated game and series ever conceived.

  • Captain Glittersparkles

    I tried to ride a deer into the Gerudo desert once, but there were rocks in the way, so I couldn't get through because the deer runs away if you get off and there wasn't any other way I could get the boulders out of the way without using Magneto powers

  • devin smithwick
    devin smithwick 1 month ago

    it can be any octorock to fix the weapons

  • Jeffa-lump Zimmatore

    Great list, but how about CONTROL THE GUARDIANS

  • Keelan Barron
    Keelan Barron 1 month ago

    4:44 where is this part of the map?

  • KoolCyberMatt1
    KoolCyberMatt1 1 month ago

    A good tip to get great ancient weapons is to visit Arena shrines. Once they're beat the guardians aren't spawned until the next bloodmoon. The best shrine to go to is the Tenah Ko'sah Shrine in the Ancient Columns region. Keep visiting this shrine after the bloodmoon to get powerful ancient weapons and some ancient components. Let the bloodmoon work to your advantage

  • Let's Play Up
    Let's Play Up 1 month ago

    Cucco No. 5! 😜😂

  • Mr Cupcakes
    Mr Cupcakes 1 month ago

    Just play the game that is the best thing to do in it.

  • Jareth Rodriguez
    Jareth Rodriguez 1 month ago


  • C-Rock C-Hawk
    C-Rock C-Hawk 1 month ago

    He mispronounced Gerudo.....

  • Thayne Solcher
    Thayne Solcher 1 month ago

    You can also ride undead horses, deer, and the lord of the mountain

  • Mister Hobo
    Mister Hobo 1 month ago


  • Antony Birtles
    Antony Birtles 1 month ago

    Am I the only one that hasn't seen a bear in this game?

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