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Finally, the long and awaited DAY IN SCHOOL WITH ME Part 2! Apologies for the shaky camera but hopefully you will still enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe for more!



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▻ Ending Theme 1 ▶︎ Magi
▻ 世界に一つだけの花 by SMAP ▶︎ Cover by
▻ Kimi Dattara
▻ 前前前世 ▶︎ RADWIMPS


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Author Tasos Keramidas ( ago)
cancer kids. why do all of them wear these hospital masks?

Author little shrimpy ( ago)
Keisuke guy is so cute

Author Pug Ieve ( ago)
Everyone's so happy in this, I'm not sure if its just because they're on camera or if that's their real attitude but there's just such a nice atmosphere

Author Pug Ieve ( ago)
The guy at 3:11 .... :)

Author Arinda Trisnasari ( ago)

Author Pandah Commander ( ago)
The guy's are so friendly arent they. But seriously tho i miss my high school days now. Altho i didnt do much, this video is making me miss them hahahahahhaha

Author Maggie Valencia ( ago)
part 3 please!!!

Author jin kim ( ago)
Hitomi is so cute

Author Kriziel Zamora ( ago)
i wish the boys in our school are like this, they're all jerks 😑

Author kate leachon ( ago)
omg i want to study in japan too but its soooo expensive

Author Hang Sivgech ( ago)
It's like watching real life manga💜😂

Author Samantha Cojuangco ( ago)
Wowowow I wanna study at Japan it looks awesome there and they all look friendly!!!

Author Chino Carreon ( ago)

Author Itari Calderon ( ago)
I love how everyone is so cute and friendly ❤️

Author Bella Neal ( ago)
everyone so cute in Japan!

Author Kingdom Player ( ago)
I don't know if I should laugh or cry
Please! take me to Japan

Author Chin Ramirez ( ago)

Author 606 Defender of Justice ( ago)

Author Jake Choy ( ago)

Author Lucy Hawkway ( ago)
i wanna go to japan ;-;

Author The_ Squirrel ( ago)
Broccoli! ^w^

Author Call Me Jee! ( ago)
Omg I love that song, Kimi Dattara -Happy birthday, I was so happy when it came up ~

Author lcmx ( ago)
AFS in japan looks so fun. i would do the exchange program but like it said i would return from japan on feb 2019 aND I GRADUATE THAT YEAR SO I CANT FML
I SHOULD OF DONE IT MY SOPHOMORE YEAR. i can do the 8 weeks and under but honestly $15,000+ aint worth it for 2 months in japan):

Author Kaori - 혜리 Chan - 김 ( ago)
You're Japanese is amazing ♥️

Author fattyonthecase ( ago)

Author Princess Mama Jin ( ago)
i'd date keisuke tnh

Author Kaitlyn Millsap ( ago)
Lmao if someone was filming at my school everyone would be giving them dirty looks:0

Author Holly Gallant ( ago)
It's so cool because they wear different types of uniforms at school.

Author Laena Everwood ( ago)
I wish my school was like that. I wanna play badminton but barely anyone knows what it is XD

Author Midnight Sumin ( ago)
Hitomi So cute!!! I love her

Author Nur Irdina ( ago)
i like hitomi ><

Author Jeon Hanna Moon ( ago)
mister potato head (?)😂

Author Jeon Hanna Moon ( ago)
they're all so friendly😁

Author Victoria Dududu ( ago)

Author Two Lilly Girls ( ago)
Wanted to go to Japan School's :(

Author Shansa Yuzu ( ago)
what city are u in?

Author HappyGirl 1 ( ago)
Wait can you use phones in school? Bc in my school people barely talk they always play with their phones

Author Ol Chap ( ago)
I swear they look like power rangers in those PE uniforms

Author sofia branco ( ago)
kimi no na wa song❤❤❤❤

Author Ezzy tv ( ago)
You guys get track suits and in America we just get shorts and a tshirt

Author lina rae ( ago)
anyone?what was the title of that japanese background please👏🏻

Author Jessica Wongso ( ago)
so where are those girls with sexy p.e costumes? '-')

Author ElizaBancroft ( ago)
Your love of broccoli is so cute

Author iam macy ( ago)
This maybe one month ago but....


Author spectrum chum ( ago)
I died at 7:48 he's so cute oh Lord JESUS

Author Kyoya Seo ( ago)
:D Kimi no nawa theme at the end!!!

Author CJ 83 ( ago)
this school feels like smth out of anime or jdrama

Author KV Kao ( ago)
I'm glad i'm Asian, :)

Author Stealth killer ( ago)
poor girl at 0:13 I guess not everyone is all charming and charasmatic

Author Eve Buston ( ago)
Too much cuteness in one video :3

Author Nikamon Khwamphair ( ago)

Author OmgItsBianca ( ago)
ugh, i wish i was a japanese exchange student from the U.S.... all i hear at my school is curse words 💔💔

Author W0lfofTh3Dark ( ago)
Sometimes I dream of being a popular boy in a Japanese school.

Author Londyn Harris ( ago)
You know 7 languages!?!?!? That's insane!!!

Author Jay Kwon ( ago)
I like Hitomi :'<

Author Hellen Motta ( ago)
I can't believe how friendly/nice/sweet they r. Ohmagod! I mean it. <3

Author Brittany joseph ( ago)
waaah!!! your school sounds soo cool! really like your videos😁

Author Laura Rovetti ( ago)
This made me so happy

Author BTS x Maemi Chan ( ago)
Boys in your school is so approachable 😭 I wanna be there

Author beloved ( ago)
Everyone seems friendly, I'm jealous

Author Shijuri ( ago)
this is so anime!! *scream*

Author lulu ( ago)
J'aimerai tellement aller au japon ! <3 , j'adore les vidéo que tu fait , sa nous permet de découvrire , merci beaucoup

Author Yay Kpop! ( ago)
the guy in the white and black jacket that's sitting in 6:58 is really cute ^^

Author Uyen Tu ( ago)
So manga and anime isn't a false source. Lol

I didn't expect popular guy to get that much love

Author アニメさくら ( ago)
I'm learning Japanese, but I don't know how to write in it, although I am interested in Hiragana...

Author Aximu c: ( ago)

Author Amber Silvan ( ago)
You must be so intelligent!!

Author Kelsta Nnawuba ( ago)
Oml girl what clothes were you wearing!?(Edit)
Damn it I needs take a while I love how the school looks XD

Author vanessa escobedo ( ago)
theyre all so precious

Author tucker m ( ago)
how was it like going there?

Author monochromeglass ( ago)
I wish I could be that Popular Guy™

Author DEUUEAUGH ( ago)
1:45 for some reason, the guy reminds me of the little giant from Haikyuu!!

Author jennifer sanchez ( ago)
the guy that asked why you had broccoli is so cute lol and funny

Author gabriella ( ago)

Author oh , why ? ( ago)
Oh my god the girls are so kind and even the boys . They all seem like bestfriends , hhhhh . How I wish I would visit a school like that

Author L. s. ( ago)
They seem all so friendly :o

Author Bts's army ( ago)
i wish i was born in japanT-T people in my school are way too cold.

Author Shikha Singh ( ago)
hey so.. ty for sharing video of Japanese school, i was smiling d whole time.. i m indian and i love japanese culture.

Author crusty chipmunk ( ago)
I love japan and japanese everyones amazing and genuine

Author crusty chipmunk ( ago)

Author Akira Danica Longcop ( ago)
japanese school is awesome

adorable girls and boys who taught it was just capturing picture but it was filming

Author Doud ( ago)
everyone looks really sweet and cool, like in my school (it's a little bit normal, i'm in an art school heh)

Author Grace Ling ( ago)
Eudolias, what part of Japan you in?

Author Celeste ( ago)
evergone is soooo freakin cute like omfff.

laughed way too hard wen u suddenly blurted _oshiri_ AAAAAA

Author Dark Sky ( ago)
7:26 so cute AWE

Author Wilberthe Sim ( ago)
7 languages wow. I'm learning Korean and know a bit of Japanese from all the anime I've watched but I'd love to be fluent in both. Time to study...

Author YoungGooninz ( ago)
I've always wanted to go to a Japanese school and be different... I've watched too much anime man

Author Cookie ( ago)
people at your school are so friendly
people at my school are getto as hell

Author kat ( ago)
their culture is so interesting! They seem much more friendlier than kids in American high schools.

Author Mirii pandah ( ago)

Author Kamarrion Harper ( ago)
there life is a anime i am jealous

Author michelle guerrero ( ago)
i once did exchange in japan and everyone was so intimidated by me.. they shied away when i tried to talk to them T_T

Author Natty Boo ( ago)
Why did alto of people wear mask???

Author mia mia medrano ( ago)
all the time you have 2 say its a vidoe you have to tall me its a vidoe 1000 times for me 2 know

Author XeoraG ( ago)
honestly i want to be a popular guy in japan

Author ellabear17 ( ago)
What are the 7 languages she can speak?

Author Lorien Lagiard Jones. ( ago)

Author Kiriay Troust ( ago)
Can you like come kidnap me & bring me back to Japan with you? Because everyone at your school seem so nice. The people at my school are pricks.

Author 사께세린 ( ago)
Japanese guy: Potato is better


(Nway the babdminton player looks handsome >_<)

Author felizmarceliaa. ( ago)
Will there be a beach episode?

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