Japan Exchange: A DAY IN SCHOOL WITH ME Pt 2! | Euodias

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  • Kuku Kukuruyuk
    Kuku Kukuruyuk 11 hours ago

    ugh i hate sport

  • marmota1512
    marmota1512 13 hours ago

    you: popular guy
    me: tall guy @4:34

  • Angela Monalisa
    Angela Monalisa 17 hours ago

    OMG HARVEST MOON BACKSOUND, summer eh??!?!

  • Babi Lily
    Babi Lily 21 hour ago

    ahhh im so jealous! your school looks amazing! everyone is so friendly!

  • MinT Otaku
    MinT Otaku 1 day ago

    When you are a big rugby player and thinking you can blend in with the japs

  • Jemimah Tan
    Jemimah Tan 1 day ago

    why is everyone so warm💝💝

  • Saibaozi
    Saibaozi 1 day ago

    Waaaah at 1:57 it's Harvest Moon bg music!!

  • GaileeSims
    GaileeSims 2 days ago

    the guy 7:31 is cutee omg

  • valen dussan
    valen dussan 2 days ago

    so cuteeeee <3

  • Random Stuff!
    Random Stuff! 2 days ago

    anime in real life guys

  • Food :3
    Food :3 2 days ago

    "Mister potato head"😭😂

  • DailyIce
    DailyIce 2 days ago

    7 languages? すごい!

  • lucy pevencie
    lucy pevencie 2 days ago

    how old is keisuke?

  • Princess Princess
    Princess Princess 2 days ago


  • lucy pevencie
    lucy pevencie 2 days ago

    What is their age?

  • 07nichii uwu
    07nichii uwu 2 days ago

    Keisuke 😂💕

  • Just Player
    Just Player 3 days ago

    omg must be so exciting school in there 😁

  • Jungkook new stage name is Justin Seagull

    Why all thing they do looks literally like anime ㅠㅠ

  • Olívia Silva
    Olívia Silva 3 days ago

    5:03 "The taste of hot guys"
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mafa _4334
    Mafa _4334 3 days ago

    You say that your school in America, England, France and so on is worse? ffs, you were in a Russian school? IT SUCKS! (pls help me, oh wait, i alredy finished 9 years and now i'm free, fuck last 2 years)

  • InésPerada
    InésPerada 3 days ago

    *Peace sign* It's a video *oh, hi*

  • ella rose Adar
    ella rose Adar 3 days ago

    Lol "a video again??"

  • we live in hell
    we live in hell 4 days ago

    i wish if my life was like this..
    my school is a military school which is completely isolated from other world ....no T.V no phone and no internet for 8 months...
    our military school has only one purpose to create skilled soldiers for the country.(for National security guard, para commandos , Cobra and other special forces)every person who graduate from these school will join National Defence Academy.
    pros - you will learn shooting,horse riding ,archery ,martial arts ,trekking , camping.
    cons - No girls !!!!!!! only boys
    no internet , extremely disciplined , you are under camera surveillance for 24/7.

  • Selene Andalon
    Selene Andalon 4 days ago

    Keisuke is indeed so cute awe

  • fede is a gay potato


  • ware ogee
    ware ogee 4 days ago

    I like your video!!
    It's fresh for me.Is it a rural area in japan right?HS in Tokyo is so different.

  • jimin with pink hair had me shook

    5:09 whats tasty in busan , army inside joke

  • herman farlan
    herman farlan 5 days ago


  • katakuri
    katakuri 5 days ago

    7 lenguage wow

  • Lee Hyunji
    Lee Hyunji 5 days ago

    i like to watch your video *.*

  • Sora Tsukiko
    Sora Tsukiko 5 days ago

    When you read too much yaoi/shounan-ai manga 4:19 (please don't be angry at me, my imagination always run out the door with my dignity)

  • sofia branco
    sofia branco 5 days ago

    I need to live in Japan

  • ana Yeoreum
    ana Yeoreum 5 days ago

    honestly those people are so cute
    you included ofc ^^
    i wanna hug them all

  • เปรียว ปิยากร ตาตินิจ

    wow i just notice that she insert a harvest moon's theme in the background tho

  • Bert Haag
    Bert Haag 5 days ago

    Fast as fuk boi!!!!⛹🏿⛹🏿⛹🏿⛹🏿⛹🏿⛹🏿⛹🏿⛹🏿

  • ELLieX FeLiX
    ELLieX FeLiX 5 days ago

    Why your school is like a mall? Its huge! I want to go there! And also the students are so kind.... Take me already.

  • dőrée
    dőrée 5 days ago

    Wah. Étant française, ce lycee ou collège a l'air tellement bien, les garçons ont l'air telelement gentils ! Puis les cours ont l'air géniaux surtout le sport et les uniforme sont justes trooop beau. J'adore

  • HudaDesu
    HudaDesu 5 days ago

    You're school mates are so cute I can't even 😩❤️
    But the Harvest Moon background music tho ❤️😭

  • fede is a gay potato

    I'm fangirling on your classmates because I'll never go to Japan :(

    NEET-TO 5 days ago

    7 lang... ♥

  • Alexander XII
    Alexander XII 5 days ago

    I just realized how embittered I am...

  • Yada Yada
    Yada Yada 5 days ago

    WHAT DOES POPULAR GUY LOOK LIKE we need to know for science :^D

  • ライカ oxo
    ライカ oxo 5 days ago

    Are they watching this? HEEEY ^-^)/

  • ライカ oxo
    ライカ oxo 5 days ago

    sometimes i can see those kind of "looks" from the guys **wriggles eyebrows**
    you're such an ikemen magnet lolol

  • Daitsuki That net
    Daitsuki That net 6 days ago

    "feel free to eat the bread on your desk" i wonder when will someone say that to me

  • Daitsuki That net
    Daitsuki That net 6 days ago

    popular guy alert

  • Yuki Benio AMV's
    Yuki Benio AMV's 6 days ago

    ahhhh they're all so cute and nice!!! Am i the only one wanting this to be animated into a anime series???

    last one.... at the end.. please tell me i wasnt the only on singing along to zenzenzense

  • Brissa Ponce
    Brissa Ponce 6 days ago

    6:52 the boy in white is sooo cute 😍😍

  • Brissa Ponce
    Brissa Ponce 6 days ago

    por qué se cubren la boca??

  • Mysaki Sakamaki
    Mysaki Sakamaki 6 days ago

    kyosuke is so cute ahhhh i am fall in love ♡

  • Dandoes Vocamelodica

    i like hitomi :((

  • Jaxx
    Jaxx 6 days ago

    mister potato head 😂😂😂😂

  • Adrian Spicy
    Adrian Spicy 6 days ago

    At my school there is only 1 person that brings me happiness as these people do when i watch them. Although he recently had a seizure and he hasn't been to school recently. Please pray for him / \

  • X Arc
    X Arc 6 days ago

    i guess i can finally say that those on anime are really true and real ;-;

  • Christian
    Christian 6 days ago

    why do they have those masks on during outside time ;-;

  • Moonlight Angel
    Moonlight Angel 6 days ago


  • Moonlight Angel
    Moonlight Angel 6 days ago

    the girl with the hairclip s really cute

  • Opal Oktapiana
    Opal Oktapiana 6 days ago

    i wish i'm kyousuke..and become a populer guys 😂

  • Opal Oktapiana
    Opal Oktapiana 6 days ago

    japanese girl and boys are so cute

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 6 days ago


  • DarkBubbles12345
    DarkBubbles12345 7 days ago

    holy crap, 7 languages? O_O

  • Cailey Wildes
    Cailey Wildes 7 days ago

    I am going to Japan in 3months, I am kinda scared because I'm am from Australia and we are going to a school for 4 days, and I know the basics of Japanese but I am also going with my school so anxious. I think I am just going to smile and nod,

  • Lar Sheenღ
    Lar Sheenღ 7 days ago


  • Red
    Red 7 days ago

    aww it's nice to see all of your friends friendly and kind like that. in my school if i record my friends all the girls be like "are you recording this? wtf not now i don't wear makeup today" and the boys just take my camera and delete the video😢

  • blake the snake
    blake the snake 8 days ago

    Dont take this wrong, I dont know much about Japans culture, but, why do they always assume it is a picture? Are videos not common there?

  • Clorox Bleach's cousin

    3:40 in the Philippines, if u act as joyful as that u get called gay

  • Berwyn Hau
    Berwyn Hau 8 days ago

    Were you an academic exchange student or a cultural exchange student at this time in this video for part 1 and 2?

  • Brooke Graham
    Brooke Graham 8 days ago

    How long did it take to make friends and learn the language ?
    Are the classes difficult ?

  • Nakamura Tomohisa
    Nakamura Tomohisa 8 days ago

    What i can't live my 'first person anime'!? T^T

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha 8 days ago

    you know, i paused the video when i saw goodlooking guy lol

  • Foodey
    Foodey 8 days ago

    In what year are you?

  • Rich Marlene
    Rich Marlene 8 days ago

    this school is so lively,, students are amazing...so anime-like...wish i can be in this kind of school..haha

  • ACE 001
    ACE 001 8 days ago

    the ending song is from kimi no nawa right

  • Tu turu
    Tu turu 8 days ago

    3:21 hot guys alert, drools

  • ~Missterious~
    ~Missterious~ 8 days ago

    Lol "the taste of hot guys"?

  • Amethyst Rose
    Amethyst Rose 9 days ago

    I want to see Mr. popular guy 😍

  • Aivee Allysah
    Aivee Allysah 9 days ago

    i wish my classmates were this enthusiastic about sports, this looks like a lot of fun

  • Lol z
    Lol z 9 days ago

    *popular guy alert* lol 😂

  • Anisyfqh
    Anisyfqh 9 days ago

    the song at the beginning sounds like harvest moon theme

  • Anna Dulaki Naivaqamu

    When the guy was interested in you, I was like," Anime and Manga is real."

  • SibunaHOA2
    SibunaHOA2 9 days ago

    This is really interesting. Since I've gotten into anime, I've wanted to know more about Japan and the culture and how different it is from America. I've always wondered about their schools a lot since I tend to watch a lot of anime that involve schools and I actually learned something new. This is really cool!

  • Tiantida
    Tiantida 10 days ago

    Your classmates looked like really sweet people

  • Kaitlin Sanders
    Kaitlin Sanders 10 days ago

    Lol I love this! People at your school are so funny and chill. I'd love to go to that school. :)

  • Hidemi Yamada
    Hidemi Yamada 10 days ago

    Are you in an international school? Because im planning on studying in jaapn next year and i dont know if i can handle the public schools

  • زوجة matsuoka Rin


  • pastel ghoul
    pastel ghoul 10 days ago

    the sad girl from part 1! at 3:06 she looks happier now, but doesn't she have any friends? she always looks lonely in the background, it kinda breaks my heart a little. awesome videos by the way Euodias! i hope you have more :D <3

    • Euodias
      Euodias 10 days ago

      Thanks for watching! And don't worry, she's friends with everyone actually, it's just that she's more shy and introverted :)

  • Akaki Yamazaki
    Akaki Yamazaki 10 days ago

    i wanna see your costume

  • Ninja Potatoo
    Ninja Potatoo 11 days ago

    You're so friendly, I really love your video <3

  • Med XDf
    Med XDf 11 days ago

    i am fan from algeria so i like ur vd and i love to talk with hanami

  • Sophia Ang
    Sophia Ang 11 days ago

    It looks like school is fun in Japan. I would never be absent if I studied there 😂

  • Ruby Klepac
    Ruby Klepac 12 days ago

    5:40 "he's interested" interested in the camera or a certain someone lol

  • indio 23
    indio 23 12 days ago

    the girls cute tho some of them

  • Anna Kirakosyan
    Anna Kirakosyan 12 days ago

    More this type of video please!!!!i love you ^-^ i think you are so cute,kind girl) i want to know about Japanese school-life more
    thank you~~~♡♡♡♡

  • Jiminie Redfox
    Jiminie Redfox 12 days ago

    TBH i really like how Japanese students acts in front of the camera.......they're so polite and kind...

  • Youna Chan
    Youna Chan 12 days ago

    oh so cuuute

  • Ilham Chughtai
    Ilham Chughtai 12 days ago

    It's like anime, girls running to popular guys 😂

  • minpd
    minpd 12 days ago

    y r all ppl so friendly my school friend cant relate

  • Julia Antonina Maanaima

    whats the song playing at 6: 57-58

  • Kakeru Masumoto
    Kakeru Masumoto 13 days ago

    3:43 wait isn't that the other half of AKMU?


  • Miftahul Mitha
    Miftahul Mitha 13 days ago

    i think japan people is kind

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