Paattu Kurbana : Syro-Malabar Qurbana [Holy Mass] in Malayalam

Beautiful sung mass : Holy Mass in Malayalam from Shalom tv

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Author Jibin Mathew ( ago)
good bless you acha

Author Manu Davis ( ago)
thanks..... 😊

Author onlygodcanjedgeme ( ago)
thanksssssss...... from Saudi

Author panolete ( ago)
beautiful songs....I don't understand it but it's very inspiring. what's
the language used?

Author maya mathew ( ago)
pls ellavarum e lokathu vedan a anufavokunna oro kunjugalku vedi
prathikanam nammude nattil pidipikapedukayum kola cheyuka pedukayum
cheyunna nammude kunju makalkum syria polulla rajayangalil dhurumtham
anufavikunna makalkum vedi prathikanam daivathinu matrame avare rekshikan
kazhiyu amen

Author Tyler Thorne ( ago)
Fascinating to to see the Eastern mass

Author thomas T.K ( ago)
this holy mass very helpful for come with jeasus early morning. Thanks to
Lord God.

Author Praveen Anto ( ago)
Beautiful rendition of the Holy Mass

Author Ani Varghese ( ago)
ethra santhosham....

Author Gregory Lascelles ( ago)
Beautiful! <3

Author saniljacob jacob (53 years ago)
ദൈവം താങ്കളെ അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ

Author Jibin Mathew ( ago)
god bless

Author Joby Mj ( ago)
thanks for watching and attending mass in shalom tv. God bless u!!

Author Ashish Joy ( ago)
Proud moments, very nice joby acha...blessed..

Author Manu Mathew ( ago)
Thanks for this holy mass
thanks to Joby acha....

Author alice saji ( ago)
god bless me

Author bibin kuriakose ( ago)
Praise the lord..

Author Anju Geetha ( ago)
good mass

Author Ammu Jinso ( ago)

Author Greshma Devasia ( ago)

Author BABU VARGHESE (1644 years ago)
Holly mass

Author George Thomas ( ago)
Is it required mediation of Mother Mary for Holy Mass also? See 1 Thimothy
2: 5

Author Dominic Antony ( ago)
God is. Love

Author Abin Abraham ( ago)
praise the lord

Author JOBIN JOHNY (1226 years ago)

Author Raju Raju ( ago)
praise the lord amen ...............

Author siby mathew ( ago)
hai my dear joby achaaaa,,,,,

Author betty jose ( ago)
praise the lord

Author Noby Thomas ( ago)

Author maria das mercez ( ago)

Author maria das mercez ( ago)
For God so loved the word that be give tis one and only Son that whoever
believes in him shall not perish but have eternal

Author Saly Suresh ( ago)
orupadu orupadu nanni

Author Joby Mj ( ago)
fr.joby 9961186232

Author SIJO thomas ( ago)
Vishudha kurbana uplode cheythathinu orayiram thanks.....

Author Mathew TP ( ago)
Great, I always found peace by attending the Holy Mass and get energized to
face the troubles..Thanks to my Lord.

Author Pradeep KV ( ago)
Syro Malabar church is traditionally part of ancient "The Church of the
East" based in Persia. When Syro Malabar church (Nasrani church) adopted
Roman Catholicsm, Rome allowed continue their original tradition &
spirituals. Thats is why Syro Malabar mass is different from Roman Catholic
mass (original Latin Catholic mass)

Author Jineesh George ( ago)
god things .in people like is the grate think in the world.....

Author SIBI CHETHALAN ( ago)
Is it possible to get Fr. Joby's contact number?

Author SIBI CHETHALAN ( ago)
How can i get Fr. Joby!

Author James Paul ( ago)
Missing VISWASAPRAMANAM ???? why is it not necessary??? nothing bad...just
my doubt ???

Author nirmala k c ( ago)

Author Tony George ( ago)

Author Rafdaganga ( ago)
and why is unleavened bread being used?!?!?!

Author Rafdaganga ( ago)
why is the Qurbono Qadisho being celebrated facing west not east?

Author Kevin Miller ( ago)
What church is the Divine Liturgy being said?

Author joe jo ( ago)
is this why our priest from India offers Mass versus populum?? I have asked
him if he would offer Holy Mass Ad Orientem once in a while for my
confirmation students and he totally refuses caliming "Jesus didn't do it"
. I would have thought his native rite ALWAYS celebrated Ad Orientem with
the very rare exceptions. I get a different impression from the video. :(

Author Joby Mj ( ago)
@robinkjperavoor thanks robin

Author Henrik Hagnell ( ago)
@londonseye do you always celebrate Mass versus populum?

Author Little Flower Church ( ago)

Author Robin Jose ( ago)
Hi Fr.Joby.... My loving friend.....

Author MrBiju777 ( ago)
HI, thanks for uploading the holy mass.....

Author Preveen George (345 years ago)
Holy Mass in Malayalam

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