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The greatest problem of the modern education system is that it doesn't focus on systematically preparing students for many aspects of the real challenge out there: Life itself. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for new films every week:
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Author Courtney Sierra ( ago)

Author BD Pictures ( ago)
The School of Life is putting too much responsibility in the hands of the teachers and faculty 😄!

Author Sicellia Tsui ( ago)
I first learned about capitalism in highschool reading sparknotes for a novel. Not until later in uni did I realize that I needed to understand capitalism before I could attempt to exploit via the system aka find "SUCCESS"

Author Sandra D ( ago)
the second part looks like therapy, which i have heard proposed the suggestion of making therapy a mainstream for everyone. not just those who are considered with severe problems, or those wealthy enough for it.
The question i have is what is the hidden price for all this? Seems like there would have to be something.

Author Troy Allen ( ago)
The purpose of school is NOT to "prepare you for adult life," that is the job of the parents. The parents should guide you and show you what steps to take in life. The true purpose of school is to learn how to reason through problems (not life problems, but science, math, history, etc.) and learn how to think critically and learn from mistakes (mainly referring to history). That's one of the problems that people have, they expect school to reach their children EVERYTHING. Stop being lazy and expecting everything to be handed to you, or your children. Sometimes you have to actually rely on yourself instead of everyone else. School is a place to share ideas, have discussions, and learn from those ideas and discussions.

Author Dizzmal Dayz ( ago)
If I were a person that worked for any of these "Departments of Education", and saw this video, I would feel like utter horse manure.  Loans and fake scholarships.  What's so sad is that "they" were duped into this skit/play, that they now must dupe others.  And I still feel a bit sorry for these people, because its a perpectuating system within a system.  Everyone has to work in order to have some form of livelihood.  But those that know the truth, will never expose it because they need to keep their jobs.  This is ubiquitous in the U.S.

Author Ted ( ago)
what is app for doing the video?

Author muallimnaci web sitesi ( ago)
As a elemantary school teacher or a parent you may be interested.

Author AdamDeeZam ( ago)
My teacher encourages everyone to ask a question if they forgot or confused but when I wanted to ask a question, my teacher always reply to my question that they're irrelevant or stupid. Also sometimes my friends would call me dumb for not knowing the obvious things. Ever since that happened to me. I kept quiet keeping it to myself and when until I have the test. I usually always get lower grades than anyone else. :(

Author faisal arefin ( ago)
So basically business school with a dash of philosophy and psychology

Author omar6000 ( ago)
If you have a thirst for knowledge then this is the best time to be alive. You want a new curriculum? You're on this video right now!

Author Friglite 2006 ( ago)
This is not education. It is Marxist conditioning.

Author Fatimah Alfadeel ( ago)
Where can I apply to The School of life?

Author The Amazing Gamer ( ago)
I would rather drink bleach than have a live of learning all the tine this YouTube chats shit no one would do this because not everyone wants the education

Author LearnEnglishESL ( ago)
Thank you. Let's be fruitful. "The tree which does not bring forth fruit is fit only for the fire. Strive night and day to change men into fruitful trees, virgin forests into divine orchards and deserts into rose gardens of significance..." - Baha'i Quote

Author Julien Paris ( ago)
Clever ad

Author rodylermglez ( ago)
So, utilitarianism with an emphatic big dash of humanism? Interesting proposal.

Author Tube Gamer ( ago)
Love this idea. Subbing now

Author sepia circuit ( ago)
you guys man🌸🌸🌸

Author Sasha Farnsworth ( ago)

Author Ace Anon ( ago)
However, with that said I would like to point out that education, through complex math and science, stress critical thinking and problem solving. Although most of the material that we learn in school will not be used in real life, the skills that we develop while learning them are what we gain from education. So I believe, in that sense, that education is doing the right thing.

Author S Class Gaming ( ago)
Anxiety reduction techniques AKA Meditation. If only people knew how incredibly effective it is...

Author DailyRandom Smiles ( ago)

Author Meka B. ( ago)
Absolutely! School of Life

Author Jessica H ( ago)

Author debashish roy ( ago)
We don't need no education, we don't need no thoughts control, dark sarcasm in the class room, teachers leave our Kids alone, Hey teacher! leave our kids alone- Pink Floyd

Author jake wallace ( ago)
Your videos have helped me study for at least 3 classes in this hell of a week. As a non-religious man, bless you.

Author Ravenna Morgan ( ago)
this why students dropout because we not learning anything that going to help us in our lives and kids lives, our dreams this why i want to continue pursing my passion as music entertainer i no longer a slave for the school system anymore and being in this box because i want my kids to have a life as they pleased to have

Author NGOC konIkON ( ago)
who have engsub of this video ???

Author Mason Bloomquist ( ago)
Way too much focus on personalities and not nearly enough choice about what YOU want to do and the topics you are interested in.

Author j- the-isso ( ago)
Totally agree. But what about Physical Education?

Author Notumengi ( ago)
will we learn about seizing the means of production to the people?

Author Farhan Anwar ( ago)
So economics, psychology & career ed?

Author Player9 ( ago)
Really well-made video, but I disagree with most everything.

Capitalism and making a profit as the main curriculum? Sounds like breeding a society that only looks after the individual and advances the material-centric attitude that leads people to being selfish and greedy. If the main thing kids learn about is how to exploit things like math simply to become richer, then where is its useage for the advancement and betterment of science and life? Economics should be a required field of study, but its focus shouldn't be to uphold a zero-sum game view of money and should focus on educating people on how to make smart money choices and philanthropy once stability is obtained.

Second, self-study should also be required, but not in the way presented here. Teaching young children about things like denial, delusion, defensiveness, and other negative aspects of the human psyche at such ages needed to educate effectively will only lead to more fear and uncertainty in oneself. Also, discovering the person best suited to be your friend? Sounds way too Big Brother-ish to me, especially when it's important for kids to discover on their own what kind of people they want to be around and not those they've been taught in school to be with. Absolutely kills individual choice and learning from failure.

Again, the video is well made, but the society presented here is a horrible one.

Author Guillermo Lopez ( ago)
Young people need you! Donate or share to make come true the completely free educational platform for all.

Author Noctis Lucis Caelum ( ago)
The irony is that we all came to this video for education.

Author Seth From The Phandom ( ago)
I'm failing science. Apparently, they've started a whole new thing for science classes instead of what they had. So my science teacher will write what we have to do on the board (which sometimes he doesn't even do that) and just let us learn the stuff ourselves. He's never had anyone read a page out loud. He doesn't even make his own study guide, nor search for any online that another teacher might have made. He has US make the study guides. Which might be fine if it's once or twice but EVERY TIME?

Author Minh Ngx ( ago)
you can put script below video?

Author Tazbeed Sharafuddin ( ago)
Thanks to YouTube, that's why we got School of Life.

Author Goo gle ( ago)
Good video.

Author AsapCodeMonkey ( ago)
Should you study something you love or a degree that will get you a job ?

Author Shalalanica ( ago)
Fr! tbh im a hard worker and i get good grades, but life has never been more unfair until the day school started stealing my life away from me to ever let me live it to the 100% fullest

Author sleepy ( ago)
Lol all of this is called college but I agree it should be done earlier in life

Author Ovando Graham ( ago)
school should teach us to understand our qualities and allocate them to a suitable career path that we would find meaningful so we don't end up miserable wasting our life on a job we hate. give us more opportunities to experience different work so we can come to grips to what we actually want to do. school is fake as it never really teaches you what you need to know. I mean if you want to be a maths teacher or doctor then by all means teach maths and science but most of us don't, the curriculum need to reassessed and remade

Author Compartilhando Ideias & Conhecimentos ( ago)
Very good, if you can meet my channel

Author Ren G ( ago)
Most of my teachers are not qualified to teach the lessons they are teaching.

Author 최가은 ( ago)
Thanks for giving a good idea!

Author Rick Sanchez ( ago)
This type of education is sort of what is taught at my church. Kindness, relationships, coping with anxiety...

Author Violaceous Phantasmagorical ( ago)

Author emily bronheart ( ago)
That would be simply ideal choice of education for future improvement!

Author David Mcdonald ( ago)
Great video! If you want to read more about problems with the current education structure in Canada, make sure to check out this article from The Global Millennial:

Author Tigerlily ( ago)
Hi, thanks for a great video! Would it be possible to post the transcript? Thanks :-)

Author Cletus Bulach ( ago)
How to address these 6 causes for the problems in our schools can be found in these two new publications: "School Culture and Climate vis a vis Student Learning" and "Enhancing School Culture and Climate." Both are "how to" books that use a common sense. There is no cost to improve schools, no new curriculum, and little resistance from teachers. The biggest change is that a process is used to get students correct their own and each others behavior which effectively adds 30 days of instruction to the school year. Teachers do not have to stop teaching to correct student misbehavior because they correct their own behavior.

Author Cletus Bulach ( ago)
The problem with our schools is a lack of motivation by students and in some cases teachers. This lack of motivation is caused by six factors: 1) A poor school culture and climate that creates a poor learning and teaching environment 2) time lost in the instructional process because teachers have to stop teaching to discipline student misbehavior. 3) students and teachers five basic needs are not being met because of that culture. These needs are survival (fear of bullying), happiness, control, caring, and purpose. 4) overuse of the four controlling forms of power and underuse of the five freeing forms of power. This causes resistance and reduces motivation. 5) lack of involvement of parents and the community. 6) A lack of openness and trust between administrators, teachers, and students is at the base of a school's culture and climate problems. This lack of openness and trust creates a dysfunctional environment.

Author asmighty 004 ( ago)
my parents dont remember algebraic and maths formulas or the difficult symbols of chemistry they read in school coz they dont need it. Then whyre we forced to memorize all of them if only you want to be a scientist or doctor and not in our life we need to live as adults. whats the point of learning all of them if you are going to forget them after the exam. whats the point of school if we arent gonna learn sth important for our life???

Author Haron Ashag ( ago)
thanks for this great job

Author Hyper Nova ( ago)
so why isn't this a thing

Author Tom Lahr ( ago)
What about history? Literature? Grammar? Social Studies? Politics? Writing? Biology?

Author Daniel M ( ago)
I'll tell you what's crazy. Having a timer on an exam session. It's not a race...

Author Katerina Zissouli ( ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Author zerox medox ( ago)
i like how at the end of the video you said that no one wanted this on purpose, it just happened.... If you said that 50 years before, i would even agree with you, but now its just obvious that financial elite is responsible for not only flawed education on conceptual level but also for media (propaganda, entertainment which is turning attention from important things). Educational system is just there to integrate you into this flawed capitalism framework. And generation after generation... we are here, without intelectual elite, only educated one which is useless because its generaly based on dogmatic thinking, unable to change anything. And funny thing is even if someone managed to speak to wider public about this they would just laugh cause they are indoctrinated in a very specific way to support the status quo...

Author ashish sharma ( ago)
Amazing. thankyou# 😊

Author Dots Grey ( ago)
It's a production line with a product that doesn't function.

Economics, so that we understand the operating systems that dominate our world.
Politics, so that we are no longer illiterate electorates.
Psychology, so that we understand ourselves and those around us.
Cooking, so that we eat properly.

These are fundamental to the human experience and yet I learnt nothing of these in schools and instead taught myself. It's truly saddening how much I know of these subjects compared to many family/colleagues/etc, despite actually knowing very little.

Author Haannibal777 ( ago)
Given that science and economics are the cornerstone of modern society, it is strange that science is given the proper due respect in schools but not economics. When I grew up some schools do not even teach economics. Personal finance and economics should be taught in schools along with physics and chemistry.

Author Lamia Siddiqui ( ago)
I feel like the education system is creating robots, not well-educated human beings. Many students are only obsessed with getting good marks rather than actually learning and processing the material for long-term use. Everyone just forgets what they learn after Finals

Author emiiee cx ( ago)
I hate this education system. It's awful.

Author Gentel Noober ( ago)
needs more science

Author Dedra Cannon ( ago)
amazing video

Author EmperorZelos ( ago)
Teaching math for economics is to denigrade the usefullness of mathematics.

Author ErinOcelotl :3 ( ago)
0:00 - 0:04 nope, i dont.

Author Adonan the stoic ( ago)
I believe education is about learning how to grab your dreams by the hand and kiss them passionately. I'm getting my education so I can better understand how our universe works and (hopefully) shake the very foundation of physics some day.

Author Anish Chhabra ( ago)
excellent video...

Author Erick Huerta ( ago)
This could be a revolution.

Author Mina Isfahani ( ago)
it was awesome! Thanks

Author Ethan General ( ago)
Im pretty sure most teachers have huge egos who would oppose to this....

Author Babar Tahir ( ago)
Some of this is interesting & yes we can always have a better education system. But for the most part, this vid is very vague "feel good" rhetoric. I didn't like school very much, but you can & do learn most of the stuff in school that this vid says you should be learning in school.

Author Dee 12j ( ago)
in my own opnion i think school is pretty nessesary but what they teach is another thing, reading, tech, hand writing, spelling, health, and math should be the main teachings! but alot of parents are unaware what teachers are really teaching them, for example: history, social studies, and draft writing, is not really something that is nessesary to be taught because there is no perpose for the need to learn it, why i say that is because everyone goes from school to work aka: jobs! unless they are determined to learn it for there dream job there really is no need to teach them what does not need to be taught! english is also another thing that should not be taught unless you dont know your english well but its pointless teaching english to kids that already know how to speak it, kids dont get to have a say to what they want to learn because parents or teachers think they are too young to know what they want to be taught! dont mean not to menstion but if they are learning something that they do not want to learn will most probably be just something the parents or teachers think they should learn because it may come in handy later in life but doesnt, why because everybody goes from school to jobs!! or they end up with kids no job and no life, education is supposed to propare you for the future, but the only future is a job, no one tells kids that but im not really sure why.

Author Victor Eremita ( ago)

Author willyouwright ( ago)
can anybody who did not like this please comment. id like to hear your story

Author Ayesha Noor ( ago)
there is no Education
it is only a race
rich people Win
and Poor People lose..
Today's Education is not about learning it's just about Showing good percentage that's all

Author Mr Ubanity ( ago)
This is pretty similar to the stuff I learned at school

Author The Enlightener101 ( ago)
Other than the capitalism subject, all the subjects that were suggested are already being addressed in Catholic Schools.

Author Admiral Ackbar ( ago)
i love it

Author החלל הזן את ( ago)
Education is about gaining enough points to aquire documented acreditation and forwarding it to employers.

Author Charles Jennings Channel ( ago)
....forgets Sociology. . . Social construction of human life anyone?

The shape of the system - primary / secondary / university is also an issue not only what is taught.

Author jacques yon ( ago)
I'd love to learn more about life and work at school. Instead, they just throw us a pile of useless websites, mummified in red tape. Then again, I suppose that's pretty close to adult life...

Author Matthew Bissonnette ( ago)
Perhaps if new technologies could be devised that would drastically cut down on parent's utilities costs then one parent could refrain from work and the state would not have to be babysitter; then children could be educated much more effectively through interactive software and virtual classrooms. Such a method would save tax payers a lot of money.

Author Britt P. ( ago)
Wow very well put. Great video. More than 300 dislikes? Most likely the dislikes are from all those people profiting from dumb students who have no concept of what life is really like...

Author 8o7wer Endie ( ago)
School is not a place for smart people, morty

Author KarKar MuddaPuckar ( ago)
the whole point of school is to pass exams. nothing else. Anyone who tries to tell me and the rest of the students in my school otherwise I call bullshit. We all know that at the end of the day it's all about the results. It doesn't matter if you've trained 1 year or 20, it doesn't matter if you studied one month or one year, if you can provide the results people want then things will be easier to come by i.e. a job. That's not to say your results will give you a ticket on the path to an easier life, it's more like a higher chance than anything else. The first years of education is important, learning how to read and write etc.. After primary school it's useless. From then on it's not longer about how you could use your abilities to get a job but rather just passing a test. I can't do shot because my parents would butcher me for saying this, and my school would just send me to an hour detention/not give a shit.

Author Infinite Airline Alliance ( ago)

Author ben taylor ( ago)
this needs more views

Author dex H ( ago)
We are living in a ridiculous society. We all know that there's something wrong with our education and 99.9% of people hate this entire system and know something needs to change. But instead we do nothing and keep feeding politicians. Since money has appeared, our lives have turned into a joke. This entire life is a joke and everyone is a clown in the human society

Author Dave Knight ( ago)
I was thinking about it then it hit me, a majority to the points you made are a parents responsibility to teach their child, I would be better for parents to take serious parenting classes, since its like these generation of parents luck the parenting skills of the previous.

Author Md Haroon Ahmed Khan ( ago)
The only purpose of education these days is to narrow down the selection for getting a good job. Helping us in life? pfft

Author Art'uro TM ( ago)
*That whistle from Ed Ed N Eddy.

Author IndVR ( ago)
MAKE A "The School of Life" channel FOR KIDS! :D

Author Chesty Leroux ( ago)
Yes please. I want this!

Author JD Marasigan ( ago)
It would make them overthink and hate themselves right after if they fail at life when it's been taught in school for years, which they shouldn't be because everyone else fails whether they know too much or not- it's a matter of priorities and their individual purpose.

Author JD Marasigan ( ago)
I think that is just fair for schools to teach sciences, math and history rather than teaching them about life because if not taught about the former, they won't ever know that information. Science would be trashed and it shouldn't be or else it would leave us ignorant. Learning about life is subjective and the best way so is experience. Basically focusing on learning about life in school at young ages would disrupt the natural flow because it still wouldn't make so much sense. It is better for schools to inject in us as children in our streams of unconsciousness in learning about life because it would be more effective in building who we are.

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