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Since most of you really like my Japanese high school videos, I thought I'd bring you guys along to spend a day with me at school!
Although this video was pre-filmed, I still hope you guys will like it! More videos will be up soon :)

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Author Skye ( ago)
4:47 so teasing this boy!! XD

Author Neko & Fox ( ago)
You can have a camera out in school without getting it taken away? Your school is much more lax than mine. Jealous T^T

Author fvckhemmo ( ago)
2:27 😍

Author Brittany P ( ago)
Haha you have the best background music ! <3 very nostalgic

Author Hazel ( ago)
this is like an ultimate dream:(

Author Ruby Magdalene ( ago)

Author ge200099 ( ago)

Author A Random Otaku ( ago)
I think I might have a problem because as soon as I heard one of the Magi endings in the background I started giggling from excitement. XD

but in all honesty, you and your friends are so cute!

Author Love Lots ( ago)
Someone spoke tagalog.. Is any of your classmates a Filipino?

Author Cherry Pug ( ago)
Haha are you Filipino? I heard "can you speak tagalog?" and "mahal kita" btw.. I want to study there in Japan or Exchange.. Im 13 and becoming 8th grade this year ;v; and also how do you exchange?

Stupid questions but:
1.) how long will you be able to study there?
2.) you also wear uniforms?

Author Kageyama Tobio ( ago)
1:42 is that the ending song of Magi? or I am just being mistaken?😂😂

Author GLITCHY ATARI ( ago)
I like how the girls were so excited that it was recording! That was so cute😹 I also love how when you flip the camera over to them they hold up a peace sign.

Author TheAnimeMan ( ago)
0:58 must've been where the fusion on DBZ came from.

Author Ron ( ago)
No wonder everything tastes so mute in Japan.. They think sugar cubes are super sweet... whew.. in America our drinks are basically 2 liters of sugar cubes,water, and food coloring

Author Yoosung kim ( ago)
I'm jealous

Author Celine Melo ( ago)
What mahal kita you love hin hahahahaha dare

Author AJ Laroza ( ago)
hey... you guys are cute and friendly . <3

Author Jose Martinez ( ago)
What's the song towards the ending of the video?

Author Gaby Bowman ( ago)
Everyone in your class seems so nice.

Author Catalina Canelo Olivares ( ago)
That "mushroom boy" tho...

Author arelistica ( ago)
all your classmates are so cute!

Author Ximena Machez ( ago)

Author Robyn Gill ( ago)
Why can't American schools be this nice and friendly?

Author Geo C ( ago)
I heard you said "Mahal kita". Did I hear it right? so cute!

Author Jyra Luna ( ago)
Mahal kita💕

Author Omar Ibarra ( ago)
awww I wish I lived in japan. NEW SUBSCRIBER😄

Author Ellie Asuncion ( ago)
Omy nearly died when someone said he speaks Tagalog 😂😂

Author Dalton Smith ( ago)
Seems lit af

Author Kitty Cat Gamer ( ago)
When everyone thinks it's a picture XD

Author The Blash ( ago)
what a huge butt 😲😂 talk dirty to me *music playing* lol lit 🔥🔥🔥

Author Денис Воронцов ( ago)
Привет из России )

Author YasAngelz ( ago)
omg i wanna live in japan T_T

Author I'm Nicky ( ago)
4:34 how old is she? She's so cute 😍

Author I'm Nicky ( ago)
I'm in 5th grade. But i'm 13 😐😓 And i'm kinda nervous because i will study in japan.

Author Habib Rahadian ( ago)

Author Alys ( ago)
3:33 wait is that guy filipino?

Author ScarletBunny Sama ( ago)
like everyone is just flashing peace signs x'D its so cute omfg

Author Kate Myrtle Dullesco ( ago)
that Mahal kita woah hahahahaha wtf

Author Flower Wolf ( ago)
Japanese hair is perfect!

Author Rona Ishizuka ( ago)
what camera do you use?

Author xKoy ( ago)
amazing that PE, we run for 30 min and pass out, literally we pass out ..

Author Francisca ( ago)
Wow! This was a lot different than I thought! Everyone is so polite and cute!

Author Food Galore ( ago)
"mahal kita" 😂

Author Madison See ( ago)
Everyone is so pretty. > . <

Author little shrimpy ( ago)
Omg this is soooooo cool

Author Aeri Tree ( ago)
Literally all the boys in my school like basketball. ONLY

Author Suga Park ( ago)
The boy on 4:41 Is so cutee

Author Yoruyonaka ( ago)
The guy eating at the end OMG that was cute af

Author Potter Bear ( ago)
I heard someone speaking tagalog(filipino) hahah

Author Cin ( ago)
Once i ate a broccoli and i cried, and dont ask why

Author Xylene Sanchez ( ago)
"Can you speak tagalog?"
"Mahal kita"

Omoooo filipino here hehe 😂

Author cherrɨlyɴ ( ago)

Author jikook rise ( ago)
mahal kita doe hahahahha

Author Ryusaki -.- ( ago)

Author Sharkeisha Levins ( ago)
2:44 when your friends lie to you to try and get u high

Author TheVorTeX23 ( ago)
Japenese people look awesone, their language is hard to learn though ^_^

Author RAB VIT ( ago)

Author Brooklyn ( ago)
Hitomi chan so cute!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Author Reaper XyZ ( ago)
Sugoi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Hifa Widya ( ago)
0:45 im so confused with that reaction. are they stuck in the 2000's?

Author angelica mae signey ( ago)
omg that "do you speak tagalog? & mahal kita is so sweet <3

Author Michael Lobigas ( ago)
i heared filipino langauage😀 do you have a classmate came from the philippines?

Author Studio Kojiki ( ago)
I'm doing this in 2019!

Author jelly sandwich ( ago)
ohh they all seem so nice

Author ray l ( ago)
Funny video, Thanks for sharing.

Author v8v6v8v6 ( ago)
how did i end up here

Author i2noobie ( ago)
Help me i can't spot the main character

Author Laena Everwood ( ago)
Yeah, if I tried recoeding people I know would end up slapping my phone away XD

Author Fridays vu ( ago)
*crys in japanese*

Author ryunosuke ( ago)
the matching tracksuits are dope

Author Jimin's jacket flip accident WASN'T an accident ( ago)
-_________- The schools here in The Netherlands are ghetto! EVERYONE THERE IS SO DAMN POLITE AND SWEET etc.. If i would even try to film the boys or girls in school they would curse the f out of me...................................................................................................................................

Author Two Lilly Girls ( ago)
I want to school at Japan but that's imposibble... :(

Author Melinda Xu ( ago)
WOW!! i wanna go to japan! its so cool!

Author Lynn GBT ( ago)
OMG everybody there is so cutee!! In my country doesn't have people like that, in your video the people says hi and those thing but here in Venezuela, maybe they would say "What's wrong with you. Fuck off" (In English looks so normal... But in Spanish it's worst)
Someday I wish go to Japan, maybe for tourism or go to live there... Idk.
I like your videos (: keep doing it!!

P.D: Sorry for my bad english jejejeje...

Author iBeatboxer ( ago)
mahal kita means I love u

Author Sayuw ( ago)
Wow this is so much like the schools and stuff in animes 😂

Author Sermelina Banggo ( ago)
Do you speak Tagalog? I really like your video and I like your school too honestly I am Filipino I really like your video saranghaeyo!!!!! 薩讓哈而言喔

Author bodewash ( ago)
This would have been way nicer than shitty American schools.

Author mightybfool C ( ago)
Well I learned how to say "it's a video." 😂

Author CosmicToaster ( ago)
I wanna go to a Japanese school so bad. it's so cutee

Author Bernard Liu ( ago)
lmao its zen zen zense at the end :P

Author L Lawliet ( ago)
Radwimps <3

Author Ji Ho Jung ( ago)
Hnngggg your schoolmates are all kawaiiiii I need to study Japanese and transfer to a Japanese school! The problem is I'm not that smart lmao I'll probably fail

Author peter good ( ago)
Sugar is not glucose... Sugar is glucose AND fructose..

Author L' GUYERS ( ago)
oh my god, i heard you said " mahal kita? " is your classmate is a Filipino or you are a Filipino?

Author Deym Melvin ( ago)
Im fine here in my country, I just want a bit of that respect and put it in this goddam country's soul.

Author Amna pp ( ago)
omg it's just like anime 😂

Author challaxlol ( ago)
omg takuya is so cute TT^TT and the fact that he can speak tagalog is super cool

Author kamille b ( ago)
Omg that filipino guy thoo 😂 "mahal kita"

Author ain't nochu ( ago)
4:40 istg this guy's cuteness will be the cause of my death.

Author Jiane 1203 ( ago)
Mushroom? Boy? 😂
Please explain. 😄

Author CocoCookiesJ GT ( ago)
Japanese boys are cute ;-;;;

Author Denielle Isn't Musical ( ago)
The girl with the short hair is so cute uwwaaah

Author Get Lost ( ago)
i'm burning from the inside now u r leaving my dream

Author Saige P. ( ago)

Author Saige P. ( ago)
just like in anime, lol XD

Author Salomé Grand'Pierre ( ago)
i like how they automaticly do a pose when they see a camera its so cute

Author Meilani Cheung ( ago)

Author chiisophiia ( ago)

Author Olivia Thor ( ago)
everyone is so happy and cheerful 😭

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