Binging with Babish: Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

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    R26HMATZORILEY 5 hours ago

    Subbed :3

  • FixIt
    FixIt 13 hours ago

    I can't believe you've done it

  • golden animator
    golden animator 13 hours ago

    ughh! i needdd this

  • Git Gud
    Git Gud 21 hour ago

    Ever think he just sits down, gives up, and eats a cup of roman?

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla 2 days ago

    You blend the shell? Or did he mean tail?

  • mmm orkeie
    mmm orkeie 3 days ago


  • Raqayyah Howard
    Raqayyah Howard 4 days ago

    I never wanted something so bad

  • Chase Creech Production

    I should feel bad masturbating to cooking videos but I don't

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti 4 days ago

    Make a Special Sentient Sandwich.
    Taste the LIFE.

  • Movies Trailers and MOVIES

    Stop copying other start making your own recipes.

  • Jade Hamilton
    Jade Hamilton 5 days ago

    I'm not crying it's just salty face water

  • Ninjalord 25
    Ninjalord 25 5 days ago

    Geral ferald you his friend👎🏻

  • Retrogage
    Retrogage 5 days ago

    question.... How do you not have diabetes

  • Predacon Productions

    Was everyone else like "I wonder what it'd be like do to this in real life?" when they watched that scene?

  • Lakitu
    Lakitu 6 days ago

    Salty face water...

  • Hal Microutsicos
    Hal Microutsicos 6 days ago

    Oh man, too awesome! Love your videos.

  • Aaron Hixon
    Aaron Hixon 6 days ago


  • Josh Ray
    Josh Ray 7 days ago

    can you make a cook book

  • Cornelius Heintz
    Cornelius Heintz 7 days ago

    bacon pancakes

  • Ellen S
    Ellen S 8 days ago

    my brother showed me this channel the other day. it brings me such joy and feelings of ease and relaxation. thank you, Andrew for the amazing content! you deserve many more views and subscribers.

  • celeste shepard
    celeste shepard 8 days ago


  • Sophie ______
    Sophie ______ 8 days ago

    lol you should try the chocolate cake from matilda....

  • Vorpal Gaming
    Vorpal Gaming 8 days ago

    Really awesome the see the accuracy and completeness subscribed because of this vid

  • rustydouglas33
    rustydouglas33 8 days ago


  • Tobias Salvatto
    Tobias Salvatto 8 days ago

    hey, man! i really like your videos. what about a "cocktail special"?

  • Jirpy Chirpy
    Jirpy Chirpy 9 days ago

    Omg my mouth waters... I SHALL TRY THIS! But I can't cook

  • Lightscribe225
    Lightscribe225 9 days ago

    When you make a sandwich too big for your mouth, I find wrapping it up and putting something heavy on it helps. Compress the sandwich and helps bleed flavor into the bread. Win-win.

  • Katrina Midgette
    Katrina Midgette 9 days ago

    Omg do the BLT sandwich from the movie Spanglish

  • Lenny Lynch
    Lenny Lynch 10 days ago

    Amazing although jake used facon (fake bacon) but I can see why you used real bacon.

  • Jazzy Jasmine
    Jazzy Jasmine 10 days ago

    dude the easier way to get tears is watching something sad like the first ten minutes of Up

  • Da White boy 503
    Da White boy 503 10 days ago

    I'm definitely going to try this recipe

  • S. Nifrum
    S. Nifrum 10 days ago

    Now do the one course meal from spongebob oh wait tat was god awful nevermind

  • Mary Dork
    Mary Dork 10 days ago

    How about Jake's bacon pancakes??

  • grimace the almighty

    do the ulti-meatum from regular show

  • HenryD gonzalez
    HenryD gonzalez 11 days ago


  • Joseph Knezovicz
    Joseph Knezovicz 11 days ago

    deboned chicken is really good to throw on a BBQ

  • Jordan G.
    Jordan G. 11 days ago

    One of my fav videos I've seen on this channel so far. I'm a cooking fiend and love seeing recipes I can attempt on my own. Keep it up!

  • Matthew Labbe
    Matthew Labbe 11 days ago

    Make fish fingers and custard from Doctor Who!

  • trace leone
    trace leone 12 days ago

    this is art

  • Gavin Whitham
    Gavin Whitham 12 days ago

    Probably not the best to put butane all over the food

  • JMCninja
    JMCninja 12 days ago

    If you could, put the ingredients in the description so I, the student, can be guided to do the same...
    *Teach me sensei*

  • Coremanite Siege
    Coremanite Siege 13 days ago

    now do the special sentient sandwich

  • Coremanite Siege
    Coremanite Siege 13 days ago

    Adventure Time really knows how to cook!
    the sandwich leaves him stunned...

  • Fabian gamboa
    Fabian gamboa 14 days ago

    Mmmmm, now I wanna see your take on bacon pancakes.

  • Pasta Hobo
    Pasta Hobo 14 days ago

    He was stunned my the sandwich, I guess it really is perfect

  • Pasta Hobo
    Pasta Hobo 14 days ago

    Jokes on you I can cry at will

  • jafeel?
    jafeel? 14 days ago

    Regular show, The Mississippi Queen drink

  • Electroman 73
    Electroman 73 15 days ago

    kraby paty pleaseeee

  • Partypooper 3009 -
    Partypooper 3009 - 15 days ago

    bacon pancake

  • Luiz Pinto Ferreira Neto

    so so so so so so so sooooooooooo good

  • August
    August 15 days ago

    I can never watch you at boarding school again (though I will) as I'm always so hungry and your channel just makes me yearn for food.

  • Chad Miller
    Chad Miller 15 days ago

    Lost me at the tear drops.

  • Animator365 Productions

    That episode was the first Adventure Time episode I ever watched!

  • Sil3nt Kn1ght
    Sil3nt Kn1ght 16 days ago

    Dear. GOD.

  • Bella Goodwin
    Bella Goodwin 16 days ago


  • Joyia Williams
    Joyia Williams 16 days ago

    Not going to lie kind of impressed by the commitment to the details of sandwich. The tears, man...

  • Froztarlozt
    Froztarlozt 16 days ago

    IT'S EASILY POSSIBLE! You can fit anything in your mouth as long as you try, FIT IT IN YOUR MOUTH BABISH! FORCE IT! SWALLOW! SWALLOW LIKE A GOOD GIRL!

    ACTION LEGEND 16 days ago

    ur not doing it the right way u didn't say the oath in the morning sun light.

  • misk one
    misk one 17 days ago

    you have cornered such a niche food subject and do it like it fits your very being. you are so interesting to watch bring these foods to life! love it

  • Muhammad Romy
    Muhammad Romy 17 days ago

    Hello, i'm new your subscriber from indonesia.. Salam Kenal.. Hope Someday you cook indonesian food from movie too 😉

  • doggotbitm
    doggotbitm 17 days ago

    holy shit

  • Alonzo Bradford
    Alonzo Bradford 17 days ago

    That was RAD!!!!

  • NeoGenMike
    NeoGenMike 17 days ago

    I laughed longer than I should have at the pigeon comment.

  • Jack S The gamer
    Jack S The gamer 17 days ago

    Dill pickles!!!

  • Mary-Celeste Ricks
    Mary-Celeste Ricks 17 days ago

    Can't . . .stop . . . watching these videos . . .

  • cranberries45
    cranberries45 17 days ago

    Can you make the foods in Studio Ghibli films? I hope I'm not the only one who always feel hungry whenever they cook in those films.

  • Ricardo Arcila
    Ricardo Arcila 17 days ago

    "...not totally necessary but i'm a completist..." "'s not exactly physically possible, but i'm no quitter..." awesome attitude, best thing about this videos...

  • Keasia H
    Keasia H 17 days ago

    Omg the steak was so pink inside ew😭

  • Dantae M.
    Dantae M. 17 days ago

    I'm literally watching this during class before lunch and I'm so hungry lol

  • Lord Of Admirals
    Lord Of Admirals 17 days ago

    Wait til this dude finds out about anime

  • floopteydoo icepants

    I would pay all the money for you to make me that sammich

  • Jack Kim
    Jack Kim 18 days ago

    have u seen chef

  • #FreeKekistan
    #FreeKekistan 18 days ago

    ofc you cant eat this normaly only the gods themselves can comprehend true perfection

  • Gavin Fuller
    Gavin Fuller 18 days ago

    Try doing the ultimate sandwich by ninja sex party

  • Fabled
    Fabled 19 days ago

    But can he make bacon pancakes tho?

  • Rhynie Rocker
    Rhynie Rocker 19 days ago


  • NicRadGaming
    NicRadGaming 19 days ago

    How much did this cost to make?

  • Hannah Currier
    Hannah Currier 20 days ago

    lobster soul

  • Benn3598177 Swag
    Benn3598177 Swag 20 days ago

    were the freak is the lobster soul boi?

  • Puchy Tech Tips
    Puchy Tech Tips 20 days ago

    Can you do a face reveal. Pleaseeeeeee. Thanks.

  • Guinea Pigs
    Guinea Pigs 20 days ago

    That looks so good,I would eat that sandwich

  • aftertonightjazz
    aftertonightjazz 20 days ago

    Make Glenn wads from "Accepted"!!!!

  • mike crox
    mike crox 20 days ago


  • X Tuneteck
    X Tuneteck 20 days ago

    you forgot the lobsters soul

  • David Schulberg
    David Schulberg 20 days ago

    Andrea Rea, I think I just found my Birthday Sandwich. I just need to find a suitable GF bread lol

  • jshdhh yshdhdh
    jshdhh yshdhdh 20 days ago

    You didn't wash a carrot and not use it

  • The Chill Hasid Show

    You should have done the everything burrito

  • ufinc
    ufinc 21 day ago

    Four course meal? More like a light snack. I could eat the whole damn thing and still be hungry.

  • Bella Garcia
    Bella Garcia 21 day ago


  • Simón Riffo
    Simón Riffo 21 day ago

    te amo wnnn te amo a matar :)

  • thenaxx
    thenaxx 21 day ago


  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 21 day ago

    Why does this guys voice remind me of Bob Belcher?

  • AwesomeCaseyVlogs
    AwesomeCaseyVlogs 22 days ago

    Make a krabby patty!!! 🍔

  • Gregor Barrass
    Gregor Barrass 22 days ago

    what about crabby patty?

  • Mister Meeseeks
    Mister Meeseeks 22 days ago

    Instructions not clear enough dick stuck between bread and eaten

  • EsOoBaCtvp
    EsOoBaCtvp 22 days ago


  • Escape Venus
    Escape Venus 22 days ago

    Can I please sleep in a bed made out of your voice?

  • Alexisapotato
    Alexisapotato 22 days ago

    Just an idea, but you could have tried toasting the bread in a pan with the lobster oil

  • ManicallyMetal
    ManicallyMetal 23 days ago

    That bacon looks nasty but great recipe

  • Lorcandoodlefox
    Lorcandoodlefox 23 days ago

    i have a maths exam in an hour.... i regret nothing, TO THE KITCHEN!!!

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