Binging with Babish: Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

Scholars have attempted to crack the code to the perfect sandwich for millennia - in the end, it was Jake the Dog who finally achieved the zenith of 'wichcraft. Can Jake's glowing dream sandwich be realized outside the cartoon realm, or will it topple under the weight of its 12 separate components?

Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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Author Jon20202 ( ago)
No usual opening??

Author Kofi Cherry ( ago)
I always wondered how someone would do the the the lobster soul

Author pgmp ( ago)

Author Taylor Oh ( ago)
who's here from buzzfeed?

Author Rue I ( ago)
cucumbers with chicken taste nasty as fuck

Author RandomGuy123 ( ago)
Babbin' with Bingish

Author Lewis Woodward ( ago)
I'm obsessed with these videos everything looks so delicious but being a lowly university student I'm limited to instant noodles and toast :'(

Author Fuhe Yu ( ago)
Awesome video, also you sound a little bit like H. Jon Benjamin, only with a slightly lighter voice.

Author DaKush Man13 ( ago)
can you do the Sunday morning from Spongebob

Author Evan Moreno ( ago)
You know babish you inspired me to start making YouTube videos, it seems so I made one check it out let me know if you dig it!?

Author Jacob Traylor ( ago)
I would love to see the ultimate sandwich from Ninja Sex Party

Author Serenity Galletti ( ago)
I love you for doing this!😁lol

Author Yuki Rabbit ( ago)
Make the kiki's delivery service herring pie.

Author Oh Snap A Cupcake ( ago)
Andrew Rea grew to level 99.
Andrew Rea learned "Iron Chef In Yo Face Biotch"
::Hairy Arms Must Be equipped to use this ability::

Author Chrishumnoi ( ago)
Should of hollowed out the bread brah.

Author Esel ( ago)
tears. wtf.

Author how woh ( ago)
insta subs. Like your Vids

Author newgamingspies ( ago)
I just subscribed... You made my mouth water for it!!! :D

Author lauravodniza ( ago)
Dude are you rich or something?? You have a vacuum sealer AND a sous vide?? Damn! I'm officially jealous Lol great videos btw love them!

Author Pixel4Square ( ago)
This is such a great channel! I've been binge watching your videos for 3 hours now and I feel like I've learned more here than in 2 years of cooking course at school 😅 The best part - you are delightful to listen to and you have a great sense of humor 👌🏻

Author Robert Miles ( ago)
If I won the lottery I'd definitely have a professional chef make me this.

Author Blade Mercy ( ago)
Plss cook Crabby Patty

Author MrStarsking ( ago)
You should do the dessert dog of Marge Simpson!

Author Mantis Toboggan ( ago)
This is the cooking equivalent of man at arms.

Author Jacob Pasner ( ago)
I would fight to the death for this sandwich if propositioned right now

Author Jack Burton ( ago)
LOL at the thick loaf cut in half for a sandwich. That's way too thick.

Author somebodythatsbored ( ago)
Watch out for magic man.

Author dunruden ( ago)

Author ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ( ago)
There is a god

Author Fudail El-Mofty ( ago)
Top decision impress speech speed search meet bird hole.

Author Cee Hern ( ago)
This is all I've ever wanted!!! Your channel is pure genius!! Now if you ever do the Krabby patty my life would be complete!

Author Henmister3 ( ago)
Wait is his name Andrew or Babish?

Author sankgreall ( ago)
A lot of interesting Western/European/American recipes. Might I suggest checking out "Eat Drink Man Woman" by Ang Lee for some amazing things to try. There's this scene where the chef is called into the restaurant to save an important dish that an inexperienced chef was struggling with. It would be fun to see something non-Western!

Author mizNRG ( ago)
Do you take requests? If so, please try the Turducken Slammer from Supernatural S7Ep9. High inducing grey goo not necessary. 😉

Author Kenneth Eriksen Haneboe ( ago)
Make the Eriksen potatochip, gummybear and mayo salad from HIMYM

Author Mud Kappin ( ago)
Make a crabby patty

Author Tommy Dempsey ( ago)
I think you should make Homer's "Patented Space Age Out of this World Moon Waffle" at some point.

Author jack junior ( ago)
make the everything burrito 🌯

Author Kamal Zia ( ago)
Whats your upload schedule?

Author JoiyGaming ( ago)
make potatoes and mollases from over the garden wall

Author Green Is Not A Creative Colour ( ago)
I only watched to see how they replicated the lobster soul.

Author Luke Schoen ( ago)
Including Lobster Soul?

Author keysersoze718 ( ago)
Hi!!! Love your videos! May I ask where you find your lard? I find it impossible to find lard without half of it being hydrogenated. Thank you so much for your work and I hope you have time to help me out. Thank you, again

Author Michelle Kasprzak ( ago)
Your channel is amazing... so well done. I have watched and rewatched the timpano video -- and I will make it! Absolutely inspiring.

Author Jose Santos ( ago)
Need a recipe book from you my friend.

Author Nathalie Duverna ( ago)
salt tears, lol, love it

Author GLITxH ( ago)
I wanna eat it

Author Squiddy_101 ( ago)
Question. How expensive was the sandwich?

Author Robert Castellano ( ago)
New subscriber. Great content. In the spirit of spring break, maybe a hangover friendly food and drink special? Haha first that comes to mind would be the Stinson's hangover fixer elixir from HIMYM.

Author Stephen Leon Chase ( ago)
Get in my belly!!!

Author Ba Narne ( ago)
I'd love to see franks spareribs from house of cards!

Author Nimthiriel ( ago)
a sandwich scooby and shaggy would be proud of

Author Aaron Eads ( ago)
Love your videos. I like the idea of making meals from TV shows and movies. You should do games too. I suggest starting with the cake from Portal.

Author Zozette Balsaras ( ago)
I freaking love your commentary. "you can't hear me, but I'm giggling like a little girl right now..."
- And the fact that you actually make everything from scratch. It's like the most unassuming cooking class ever. Maybe I won't tackle this entire sandwich, but your instructions on the individual elements are still pretty great!

Author Ninja Bui ( ago)
Make bmo's sentient sandwich. DO IT

Author VeganRevolution ( ago)
Eating animals is weird.

Author salome demetrashvili ( ago)
the rabbit from "The Lobster" please

Author ShadowM0ses ( ago)
Two words. Schnitzengruben recipe.

Author Kisay Tejeda ( ago)
You have the best cook show on YouTube! Keep doing you! Much respect

Author Adam Zz ( ago)
Cook a krabby patty

Author AceAccel Games ( ago)
You sound like batman... Are you batman?

Author Sonny Davis ( ago)
can you do the ultimatum from Regular Show

Author Anisa J ( ago)
That is some big ass bread

Author 610 SAARi ( ago)
Listen to this:

Author Philip Shaw ( ago)
A sandwich made in the kitchen... by a cis male... with real male tears? Such delicious progress!!!

That's right, I assumed his gender. Ca$h me outside...

Author daniel pinto ( ago)
I love this channel, your amazing keep it up!

Author Robbie BloX ( ago)
The sandwich looks mouth watering you always know how to present food awesomely also I'm from Brooklyn New York

Author Ghaith kridi ( ago)
damn this steak is still running in the field 😂

Author Han Playlist ( ago)
Suggestions: Once Upon A Time In Mexico - puerco pibil recipe, Lady And The Tramp -spaghetti, Avengers - shawarma

Author Abraham Hernandez ( ago)
Hey I was wondering if you could make a vegetarian oriented video

Author Decoy ( ago)
Looks like a sandwich that if completed at a restaurant would result in your picture on the wall of fame.

Author ThatGuyChoro ( ago)
I've never been more anxious while watching some guy make a sandwich.

Author Mary Udomah ( ago)
I saw a video where someone put a sandwich like that under a bunch of weights. Would doing that - although not cannon - have made it easier to eat?

Author Samson St.Germaine ( ago)
Make the sandwich from mouse trap, great videos!

Author John Plato ( ago)
bingeing.... not binging...

Author Sandra Mills ( ago)
We as a species have friggin peaked with this. I am in awe, amazing.

Author Ryan Smith ( ago)
Oliver, please please please please please please please please please please please do the epic burger from Regular Show(the cheeseburger inside a cheeseburger with cheeseburgers for buns with Himalayan ketchup.)

Author Trevor James ( ago)
You should make a Krabby Patty from SpongeBob Squarepants.

Author Finn Vogels ( ago)
I can't even make good fairy cakes

Author TheCannibus420 ( ago)
what about the briskett from the big bang theory?

Author GreyDevil ( ago)
You should make Ross Geller's thanksgiving leftover sandwich. Featuring the moistmaker.

Author Doge Nation ( ago)
Where's the egg

Author VTAnimation ( ago)
So say your budget is like $10...

Author James Lines ( ago)

Author ThexXxXxOLOxXxXx ( ago)
I wish this guy was my friend, cuz then i would force him to cook for me every single day

Author Smellavision ( ago)
A proper sandwich should fit in your mouth without you having to scrunch it, cut it, or break your jaw. I don't understand why people make giant sandwiches, but it's pretty typical.

Author Kenzie Tysl ( ago)
uh. where's the intro? I'm feeling victimized right about now.

Author Particlepants ( ago)
do "Hot Ham Water" from arrested development lol

Author Sophie Sampson ( ago)
Do something from parks and rec! Like waffles for Leslie or a giant meat plate for Ron.

Author JeremySatan ( ago)

Author Sage Sevon ( ago)
"roll into a shape I could fit in my face" I lost it 😂😂😂

Author stellaarmstrong ! ( ago)
Im hungry now 😀

Author Anthony Morabito ( ago)
go on chopped plz

Author Lauren Bennion ( ago)
gotta love adventure time. that sandwhich is epic !!!!

Author Skylar Edwards ( ago)

Author LionHeartZ ( ago)
ravioli ravioli, whats in the lobster sole-ioli

Author Echo Fusion ( ago)
I'm just here eating my grilled cheese :(

Author kheath580 ( ago)
cant find a whole chicken in ny? the fuck

Author VINCE NET ( ago)
Pick something from Shokugeki No Soma (Food Wars)! I know its anime but before you roll your eyes, it's all about cooking and there are some very interesting dishes in it. It's quite popular on youtube to try the dish from episode 1!

Author shaunlikescheese ( ago)
Also, you gotta do an episode featuring all that Jewish food Kramer cooks in an episode of Seinfeld, for the Jewish singles night he hosted.

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