Binging with Babish: Jake's Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

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  • MyDepressionIs Chronic

    I dont usually eat pickles or cream cheese but if it is for the Perfect Sandwich, ill do it!

  • Niña Bordamonte
    Niña Bordamonte 4 hours ago

    Bacon Pancakes!!!

  • Darkjet Productions
    Darkjet Productions 5 hours ago

    You know why it didn't glow? His tears didn't come out of his soul's happiness

  • Ian Kay
    Ian Kay 6 hours ago

    Make the Ultimeatum from regular show

  • J&M Cinematics
    J&M Cinematics 7 hours ago

    do the ultameatium

  • Acron
    Acron 10 hours ago

    This is the best sandwich i'll ever see

  • Jaco Mendoza
    Jaco Mendoza 13 hours ago

    Souleoli 😂😂

  • Kai Lim
    Kai Lim 19 hours ago

    u still watch cartoons?!

  • SanoJ
    SanoJ 21 hour ago

    Does not glowing tho

  • MaximusStars
    MaximusStars 1 day ago

    0:18 - is dat drug?

  • LegoBrick 69
    LegoBrick 69 1 day ago

    I have seen this video too many times. help me

  • Trever Chan
    Trever Chan 1 day ago

    I love to eat bacon and steak

  • Lara Christenson
    Lara Christenson 1 day ago

    please make special sentient sandwich

  • Drew Daily
    Drew Daily 1 day ago

    eat a goddamn pigeon you tenderfoot

  • Alex Ahn
    Alex Ahn 1 day ago

    The death sandwich from Regular Show (make sure to eat it right)

  • MakoRuu
    MakoRuu 1 day ago

    Fuck I would eat this.

  • TheDaxsz
    TheDaxsz 1 day ago

    Lol why did he make himself cry 😂

  • Darkjet Productions

    i am hungry now

  • obt vevo
    obt vevo 1 day ago

    My nigga just want 2 say this shit is so fucking gay it hurts walk into moving traffic

  • Adriano Andrade
    Adriano Andrade 1 day ago

    Jake can stretch his mouth as much as he wants, so a sandwich like that works for him. In my experience, too many ingredients in a sandwich are not a good idea: the sandwich will inevitably crumble and it the flavors of the ingredients won't come together.

  • Navyboy Gaming
    Navyboy Gaming 2 days ago

    The question is, did you get the pickles from Prismo ?

  • Galactic Meme Federation

    i think you did two things kinda wrong
    i think bird from the window needs to be a blue jay
    and you need you use pickles like how jake describes them

  • Panda Swaggz
    Panda Swaggz 2 days ago

    hey whats up guys

    scarce here

  • Taco Watson
    Taco Watson 2 days ago

    I've watched this like ten times

  • zaidan kun
    zaidan kun 3 days ago

    Please do Death sandwich from regular show

  • Dr. PewPewSamurai
    Dr. PewPewSamurai 3 days ago

    pls do Peter griffins Cadbury egg sandwich

  • Paputsza
    Paputsza 3 days ago

    He didn't finish it so he must not Iike it.

  • 2009edman
    2009edman 4 days ago

    If a woman I was dating made this for me I would marry her

  • Man Man
    Man Man 4 days ago

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnnnnn !

  • postshift19
    postshift19 5 days ago

    Now I know my last meal.

  • Kyle Tekaucic
    Kyle Tekaucic 5 days ago

    This is quite the mathematical episode!

    Although if I tried this, I might scoop the bread out a bit to make it easier to fit the stuff in without spilling. That doesn't make the sandwich less perfect, does it?

  • Brainhorn
    Brainhorn 5 days ago

    If you need a tear, just don't blink for a few minutes. That's gotta feel better than lemon in the eye

  • kaltiny1997
    kaltiny1997 5 days ago

    wouldn't that lobster solioli have salmonella because of the raw egg yolks put in it?

  • Niko
    Niko 5 days ago

    it could have tasted better if you had requested an omen from the gods.
    Jake had clearly received celestial orders from the realm of creativity above him. They, in turn, sent him a bird from the window. If you had requested the same, you would have received the same.

  • Melina Castillo
    Melina Castillo 6 days ago

    ANYTHING from the movie Tortilla Soup!!!! So much delicious food to choose from!

  • Gemzy
    Gemzy 6 days ago

    wow I wondered what you were on about with the lobster soul, the version I've seen that part is cut out!

  • tehderpz1
    tehderpz1 7 days ago

    god i want to eat this

  • Noah Parkour
    Noah Parkour 7 days ago

    Please do the sentient sandwich from Adventure Time, I've already made it a few times but I'd love to see your attempt.

  • Ethan Burch
    Ethan Burch 7 days ago

    SWEET MARY MOTHER OF JOESEPH. (you should've put some heavy weights for awhile on it to make it easier to eat. Awesome video though)

  • Nick Francis
    Nick Francis 7 days ago

    tear drops??????

  • Chouci Vang
    Chouci Vang 8 days ago

    You rock!

  • ecaton kire
    ecaton kire 8 days ago

    Come on dude, i'm a french chef. plz never use french words if u make a sandwich like that it's an unbelievable disrespectfull for the cuisine. i'm sorry but u r just a troll... it's disgusting... u make me want to puke...

  • 813loonatic
    813loonatic 8 days ago

    you should make the pie from thinner 0.0

  • Luke Pennington
    Luke Pennington 9 days ago

    I like this guy because he actually takes a bite of the things he makes

  • thatdearguy
    thatdearguy 9 days ago

    Aww. I wanted to see Magic Man steal it.

  • leonardo leão leal


  • Brik Haus
    Brik Haus 9 days ago

    Ok, first I want to say that I think there is no wrong way to cook and enjoy a steak. Eat it raw or eat it overcooked, steak is steak. However, there are scientifically better ways to eat depending on what cut you're eating. 115 is techincally not even rare. I think that's called blue. Filet mignon is perfect for that, being a truly lean cut of meat. But a lot of people seem to think that just because a fillet is best enjoyed rare that all their steaks should be rare. Simply not true. On a ribeye, especially a ribeye that's going into a sandwich, rare is going to be tough and gristly. The reason you want to cook it medium, 150, is because the fat starts to render at higher temperatures. This is why filet mignons are served rare, they are the leanest cut of meat. Ribeye by contrast have a MUCH higher fat content and are juicier and more tender cooked at a slightly higher temperature. I'd say try a ribeye cooked sous vide at rare and a ribeye cooked sous vide at medium and then judge flavor and texture. I think people who like rare would be surprised.

  • gingcat
    gingcat 9 days ago

    You should've dug out some of the bread so that it could fit together better :)

  • Typowy Kanał
    Typowy Kanał 9 days ago

    I think you should make a sandwich like princess bubblegum ;P

  • Dillon Landis
    Dillon Landis 10 days ago

    This is like food porn on steroids

  • Lilmaster95able
    Lilmaster95able 10 days ago

    Fake!!! The sandwich didn't glow when you finished making it

  • Joseph Turnbull
    Joseph Turnbull 10 days ago

    hey man just wanted to say you're really funny and you make me laughing in all your videos

  • Kotes
    Kotes 11 days ago

    Lobster soul aioli.... LOBSTER SOLEIOLEI
    That cracked me up

  • Bobby Wilkins III
    Bobby Wilkins III 11 days ago

    now that's a mother fucking man sandwich!!!

  • xPara
    xPara 11 days ago

    I just found your channel yesterday and I've gotta say, you're phenomenal man. Thank you for making these videos.

  • mr blue
    mr blue 11 days ago

    by watching the video, i am now hungry as f**k

  • tree angry
    tree angry 11 days ago

    bacon pancake!!!!!

  • Uuh No
    Uuh No 12 days ago

    Do Bacon pancakes !

  • ArcherFish
    ArcherFish 12 days ago

    Everything Burrito Bacon pancakes Finn cakes sassages (w/ milk) BMO's Omellete sandwich Princess Bubblgums Sandwich etc.

  • jameseglavin4
    jameseglavin4 12 days ago

    Damn dude you nailed the 'lobster soul' that was clever AF

  • Horizon Heights
    Horizon Heights 12 days ago

    You're a legend, man. You bring these made up foods to life and always make them look delicious as hell

  • Andre Perolta
    Andre Perolta 12 days ago

    🅱️oneless steak

  • Yeahthumbsup
    Yeahthumbsup 12 days ago

    definitely gonna make that lobster mayo. holy shit

  • s'all good man
    s'all good man 12 days ago

    do the pig asses from cow 'n chicken!

  • clorox bleach NOICE
    clorox bleach NOICE 12 days ago

    who saw this on reddit

  • skits for days skits are life


  • Hunter Rose
    Hunter Rose 13 days ago

    do the Turduckin - supernatural 👌🙌👍🤘

  • chasem007ify
    chasem007ify 14 days ago

    So you'll use sous vide and debone a Cornish game hen, but you bad mouth squab.

  • Mac ky
    Mac ky 14 days ago

    care magicman here
    take your sandwich

  • Lance TheDivine
    Lance TheDivine 15 days ago

    Bacon pancakes?

  • Serpent XI
    Serpent XI 15 days ago

    I beleive "Lobster A-soul-e" is what he was going for.

  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy 15 days ago

    A Futurama episode would be amazing, with popplers, bachelor chow, and maybe slurm.

  • Lien Huynh
    Lien Huynh 15 days ago

    Hi! Is there a way for us to sub your videos, especially in different languages?

  • elliot maginn
    elliot maginn 15 days ago

    Do bacon pancakes!

  • Baron MCX
    Baron MCX 16 days ago

    I will pay you exactly $106.37 (as I've already sold my soul to the Dark Lord Satan and that's all he gave me) for you to make this sandwich for me.

  • JuriAmari
    JuriAmari 16 days ago

    Can you do the Naco from Kim Possible? I'd like to see your take on that.

  • Don Iguana
    Don Iguana 16 days ago

    this is a cool chanel

  • LizTheFolpe
    LizTheFolpe 17 days ago

    Ravioli ravioli bring me the lobster soulioli

  • Logan Nix
    Logan Nix 17 days ago

    Make Heavy's Sandvich from TF2.

  • Sketchy [Gamer]
    Sketchy [Gamer] 17 days ago

    Pendleton Ward should do a reaction video on this.

  • SilverPlasmaGuy
    SilverPlasmaGuy 17 days ago

    did you just use tears as an ingredient

  • Freedom Child
    Freedom Child 18 days ago

    Why do I torture myself and watch these videos when I'm starving

  • Josh Ferreria
    Josh Ferreria 18 days ago

    you sorta sound like Bob from Bob's burgers! amazing!

  • Flame 898
    Flame 898 18 days ago

    lobster solioli

  • KA1N3R
    KA1N3R 19 days ago

    I can't believe you cried on your Sandwich.

  • Richard_Rants
    Richard_Rants 19 days ago

    watching his videos high.... its a great feeling

  • harry dolin
    harry dolin 19 days ago

    A good way to make the sandwich more edible is to compress it. First, wrap it in tin foil, then put a cutting board under and on top of the sandwich. Finally, put two heavy weights on top of the top board and let it sit for a few hours. It should compress to an edible size. Hope this helps.

  • Cocoa Doodles
    Cocoa Doodles 19 days ago

    Do the bacon pancakes!

  • Malaika Joseph
    Malaika Joseph 19 days ago

    your really good at this shit but that was just disgusting....too many animals..too many.

  • justin brown
    justin brown 19 days ago

    mmmm this sandwitch taste like tears BET!!! IMA eat this sh#t

  • Gab The G
    Gab The G 20 days ago


  • Ryan Phan
    Ryan Phan 20 days ago

    Do bacon pancakes

  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker 20 days ago

    naruto favorite ramen

  • Crave the Dave
    Crave the Dave 20 days ago

    That's steak looks raw

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore 20 days ago

    Can you be as good as Gordon Ramsay?

  • J.R. Crews
    J.R. Crews 20 days ago

    The sandwich would have been perfect if you would have used saltwater instead of tears.

  • Mark Potter
    Mark Potter 20 days ago

    i am SOAKING WET right now

  • Rocket Shawk
    Rocket Shawk 21 day ago

    I'm in love with this channel

  • CSharpNerd
    CSharpNerd 21 day ago

    So happy to hear you ate it all; that's my biggest issue with Epic Meal Time!

  • DarkPath
    DarkPath 21 day ago

    Ps I have never done this, but add oil to the bread first then torch, only a suggestion/theory, it may work well.

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