Yeezys vs. Fake Yeezys: Don't Believe the Hype

Complex's new weekly series Don't Believe the Hype takes a look at what's hot and what's just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food — nothing is safe.

This week's episode pits the most hyped-up sneaker in recent memory, Kanye West's signature Yeezys, which sell for $2700 on the secondary market, against $27 fakes. Can people really tell the difference? Find out on this week's episode of Don't Believe the Hype.

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Author TeeDotcee l ( ago)
Someone give me a site to buy yeezys for cheap for the uk

Author Twisted Soul ( ago)
Where is 20$ sneakers I m cheap I wanna buy it

Author Garrett S. ( ago)
Who's got the link to the fake site?

Author iJamie8467x ( ago)
shows how much there really worth when the 20$ ones are better

Author Mr Bong ( ago)
1:21 wtf this shoe is like 10 numbers bigger than his foot :/

Author Lucas Brown ( ago)
everyone needs to understand when u buy expensive ass shoes, most of the time you can get a decent amount of money back. its like buying a car, everyone forgets you will be able to sell it in the future. obviously this still doesnt rationalize buying resold shoes because the entire concept is ridiculous but my point stands.

Author Lucas Brown ( ago)
wheres the fake link lmao

Author zombiekiller5505 ( ago)
I'm surprised they didn't know how to legit check 😂

Author An Over Used Meme ( ago)
if u can't tell the difference, yeezy are just over-priced and frankly stupid

Author food Machine ( ago)
How to get 2 solar jordans !!! YouTube this

Author Eric Monroy ( ago)
Los esta haciendo mas pendejos de lo normal 🤣🤣🤣🤣 me vale madres yo no compro chingaderas originales o falsos para mi solamente son uno pinches putos tenis o zapatos los artistas y las companias le quieren ver la cara de pendejo a uno no pos que chinguen a su archirecontramegaputisimamadre!

Author Sopheara Eang ( ago)
Bruh someone send me one of those fake pairs😂

Author alex ingrao ( ago)
where did you get the fake yeezys

Author Thomas Pippin ( ago)
can someone send me the link to buy those

Author Electro_Saf ( ago)
where can i get those fake pair then??

Author Viwe Mbava ( ago)
What cartoon they watching at 2:40?

Author frockoff1 ( ago)
I would say they are top of the line fakes, not even close to $20 more like $130..

Author Hugh Mongus ( ago)
i already know yeezys dont feel very good i owned a pair of turtle doves and they felt like shit but fakes are comfortable😝😝

Author BPHD ( ago)
where do you buy fake yeezy's? like amazon?

Author Valerie Roxanne ( ago)
Where can I get the 20 dollar pair lol

Author The King Max ( ago)
Yeezys are ugly as fuck anyways.

Author Chuckie Waitt ( ago)
I wanna know where I can get these fake Yeezys

Author Scpzy ( ago)
Where did they get the $27 pair of yeezys

Author Mi Ma ( ago)
i can see ben 10 in 2:40

Author R3negade films ( ago)
stfu i´m going to get fake yzys

Author Meechie Sosa ( ago)
I really wanna know why someone wants a pair of yeezys. Serious Question.

Author Clark Kellog ( ago)
Yo hit me up with the link for them feezys

Author Mateo Maroney ( ago)
Where can I get the fakes fr

Author RobloxLiveChannel ( ago)
Imagine, walking on street with yeezys and a weird person gets on knees with magnifier and searches ur yeezys. what would u do?

Author Donux ( ago)
stop at 1:08, your welcome

Author DatGuyBlake ( ago)
If they both weigh the same and are identical why the fuck are they doing a jump test

Author Simpsons Futurama ( ago)
no i bet even kanye wouldn't be able to get the right one

Author Wise Legato ( ago)
Why are they so expensive

Author Emilio Vasquez ( ago)
there both ugly no matter if it's real or fake

Author Zac Claridge ( ago)
im 13 and even i know you should look at the bottom real ones have ultra boost foam through the bottom thats the easiest too tell

Author JohnnyGuitar ( ago)
Ugliest sneakers of all time

Author Katya Argudin ( ago)
now there only one question left to ask, whered you get the fake pair?

Author Cory Holt ( ago)
Whats the point of the real ones if you can get ones that look exactly alike for 20$

Author Michael Castro ( ago)
to those who just wanna brag about droppin 2,500 hundo on a pair of kicks, take them first world problems along with the L and kick rocks. if it looks good, rock it. and if you're out here rockin fakes, dont try and flex like you're not. have some integrity. and to everyone else, stop hating on the next man. bitter face is not a good look

Author 3-1 Lead ( ago)
The zebra's are my fav they 220$

Author Kirito Sao ( ago)
Where'd y'all get those fakes I'll buy them since theirs legit no difference

Author 10,000b subs no videos challenge official!!! ( ago)
Who the fuck actually buys shoes that are 2700$ I buy shit around the 60's

Author Antonio Newton ( ago)
When Kanye designed the shoe it was supposed to sell for a actual consumer price so the production of the yeezys probably weren't that much money, and if the "fakes" are literally the exact same (dimensions, materials. etc) then could that justify perhaps buying the fake pairs cause to me its the same Chinese boy making my shoes so does it really matter.

Author OXO ( ago)
Where can I buy fake yeezys?

Author Barely Awake ( ago)
uhhh can somebody link me to the $27 version

Author BankesSupreme ( ago)
This makes me wanna buy fake yeezys

Author TheQzzyollie ( ago)
People with straight hair trying to get shaped up need to stop, just stop.

Author Tristan Jurek ( ago)
This video aint gonna stop people from buying real yeezys, if they have the money they're gonna buy the real thing. I got fake yeezys but I'm a broke bitch if i had money id buy the real shit all day long

Author Chico ( ago)
Fuck everyone working there, that Asian chick holding the mic for the vid is wife material 👏🏼👏🏼

Author highview seeker ( ago)
i got the cheapest fakes i found and they comfortable and nice too, it doesn't have boost and they slippery but the comfort is there and easy to jump and sprint. the thing is in the shape of the shoe and upper with is just long pannels, so getting identicals or copys that at least have good boost or the originals if u can are definetely a deal. yes adidas bullshits us with ads and more ads but theyre clothing very good too and they have a name for a good reason

Author Victor Canas ( ago)
You know how you can tell easily. Just ask yourself if the person can afford them. 😂

Author Pupanugi ( ago)
2:39 this guy is mentally unstable. The money doesn't go to Kanye but it goes to the reseller who bought it for $250.

Author lilsuperman77 ( ago)
if i shouldnt believe the hype then i shouldnt believe in complex

Author The 5th King ( ago)
Imma buy me some fakes then, cause I never believed in the hype of Yeezys, I just thought they looked really good, except I only really like the Pirate Blacks and V2 Breds but still, Imma definitely get some fake Yeezys if you aren't able to feel a difference in quality or anything.

Author Jon Jackson ( ago)
Yo where you get those fake ones for $20 at?!?! Hook a brotha up!!! 😂😂😂

Author xXChelseaXx 11 ( ago)
Fake Yeezy crew where you at?!?!?

Author World'sFinest ( ago)
i could just tell by looking at them

Author ernest mak ( ago)
They both cost less than 20 dollars to produce

Author Travesty TV ( ago)
It was a guess statistically half we're going to get it right

Author Gustav Kolling Nystrøm ( ago)
Send a link to the fakes ahahah

Author Agtwiz ( ago)
wait where do they get those perfect replicas for 27$ tho

Author Isaac Palileo ( ago)
the pull tabs are too far away

Author Brandon Polzin ( ago)
Lol that's a fake chance hat

Author Gucci Goofy Goober ( ago)
This guy does the most for these tests 💀💀😂😂😂

Author Hudson Hardin ( ago)
any sneakerhead could tell immediately at 0:01

Author Wout Vandenberghe ( ago)
they are obviously fakes because the stitching in the middle of the fake shoe is too dark to be the legit one

Author ib10jhs45 ( ago)
I can appreciate the fact that ya'll support the shit out of Kanye's moon shoes...But lets keep it real here...those shoes should only be worn on the moon cuz they funky looking & no one on the moon would care about your style, but do you like ugly, hyped gear...those kicks & Kanye belong in the trash bin.

Author iZilly ( ago)
And there is my reason for paying for a good replica.... hardly anyone can tell! the difference on real and good replicas anymore!

Author parthk101 ( ago)
where can I find these exact fake yeezys?

Author Khang Nguyen ( ago)
Someone wanna shoot me a link for some fakes???😅😅

Author Cimbo Sayalioglu ( ago)
where can i buy the fake once?

Author John Hill ( ago)
Yo.... anyone know where I can get that $30 pair?

Author diego aguilera ( ago)
link to the fake ones??

Author ANA ( ago)
1:07 speedy just ate her ass real quick

Author Shelly Bennings ( ago)
I saw yeezys at Marshalls...

For 18.00...

Author KP Mahoney ( ago)
There is a new kid in my school and his feezys are so fugazi.

Author oscar mejia ( ago)
Theyre 200 not 2700 I hate when people do that shit

Author MAquatics MHickey ( ago)
Who else would just get the fakes they look exactly the same

Author Cole Leslie ( ago)
Those fakes were not $27

Author iFlamez ( ago)
They didn't check the boost??? Dafuk

Author UK Music ( ago)
anyone wanna link where to get fake yeezys

Author Uyen Vu ( ago)
Ummm can I get the link to the $27 pair?

Author K_ Alpha ( ago)
so where would one go for the 27$ fakes ones...just curious...

Author MoonBoone ( ago)
Wouldn't buy the fake ones and I wouldn't buy the real ones, they're fucking disgusting shoes.

Author UncleGaming ( ago)
I like that the girls was more right than the guys

Author Meme Master ( ago)
Erm....Where could you...cough....get the fakes?

Author Alpaca Llama ( ago)
You confirmed why I rather not be a sneaker head...

Author Linus Poon ( ago)
before watching the video i can already tell not to believe. The pattern on the fake pair isn't going across the shoe diagonally, but I would still buy them if i had no choice, nonetheless.

Author An african kid ( ago)
Those shoes wouldnt resell for fucking $2700 if adidas and kanye would bring out more of them and restock them. And of course if shitty fuckhead resellers didnt buy 10 of them at the same time to make some money. I think yeezys are interesting shoes because of the boost technology and the colorways but I wont ever buy them because I have to pay 5x the retail price or wait 2 days infront of stores that are miles upon miles away from my fucking home. Fuck you kanye and fuck you adidas.

Author Annu Naki ( ago)
Where can I get those fake pairs??

Author HammerBaseball34 ( ago)
the fakes aren't even good. I could tell they were fake from the thumbnail

Author REAL ONE ( ago)
why is that weirdo half breed keep saying that th shoes cost 2,000? they are only 200 retail. they only cost 2,000 if you're willing to pay resell

Author Matthew Chapman ( ago)
I like to see real and fake Rolexs

Author Rut Cornelis ( ago)
Where do you score fakes for 20€

Author tin nguyen ( ago)
What's that show at 2:42

Author gmoney2840 ( ago)
where can i buy the fake yzy ill rock em so hard

Author Twannyaak ( ago)
Is it just me, Or are yeezys really ugly? Personally i dont see why the fuck anyone would drop almost 3 Grand on a pair of ugly shoes.

Author Agent Cooper ( ago)
Now I wanna buy fake yeezys

Author Steelermayo2424 ( ago)
That chance 3 hat though

Author Joendi Espinal ( ago)
next do ultraboost

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