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Hi friends:)
Welcome to the 1st official episode of FAM TASTIC! We played the Greedy Granny Game and it was super cool fun,my mum had a bad time tasting the Warheads and other gross candies,the Game was so much fun:)

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Toys Andme is a fun channel where i do Toy reviews and unboxing, Games and challenges.Trips and fun activities and more,i love kids YouTube Channels so i asked my dad too help me make my own! so guys can you please LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE to my channel and help Toys AndMe Grow❤️ TIANA

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won't you fly home jane voice search for it OK if you do you cool

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I don't even know what that is but I like

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do more with your mum plz xx

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I want Tiana touching challenge

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today is my birthday today

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Can you play Quess h

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Pause at 8:59

Author Tony Salloum ( ago)
I love you so much aym aya

Author Crazy Lewis UK ( ago)

Author Gracie-Mai Peace ( ago)
Tiana where do you get the sour duper from because I've looked on amazon and I can't find it

Author Femz Onyez ( ago)
Super senya LOL

Author Bella Montes ( ago)
shut the full up

Author Teighan-Marie Rushton ( ago)
I love you're vidios

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Love your vids

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ju ar best tojs andme
<3 :)

Author Masedog 190 ( ago)
I really want to make a 🐻 tiana

Author Maria Ramirez ( ago)
i love the game famtastic

Author B J ( ago)
is not fair beacuse tiana is cheating

Author Kaycie-leigh Marshall ( ago)
crazy grammar

Author Kofi Appiah ( ago)
tiana I lose my second tooth

Author Icilda Cooper ( ago)
how old are you

Author Cidney Brooks ( ago)
# that is funny 😂

Author Neisha-lee Wray ( ago)
What's your moms name

Author hi cookie l all day l see your vid Sultan ( ago)
i have never eatin war heads lam girl

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I love toxic waste

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i crayon to and its mango

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The number what you get you press the button the times you pick one biscuit

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i love you toys and me

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your moms face was fonny

Author ben allen ( ago)
Il eat your war heads

Author sai deepika ( ago)
i want the book please

Author Sandra Williams ( ago)
shush dont wake grandma: tiana try not to lose i trust you

Author Rejean Saulnier ( ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny.

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crazy grandmother

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is anyone waching in 2017 leave a like

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toy and me

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I like the name of that

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Ha ha ha ha so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry

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hey, I am not in the state your in but I think your fan

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I love Strawberry push pop

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Did you know

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Wear do you get worheads ???

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I have the mouth

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My grandma died can I have a like 😭😭😭😭😭

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I tried the push pop and it is very nice

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Reese Patterson you spelled Tiana wrongly it is T I A N A

Author Carmelo Espiritu ( ago)
can you do da pizza challeges

Author Peyton Woolwine ( ago)
I love extreme sour warheads!

Author Izzy rhea ( ago)
I love your hiar

Author Ellis Dawson ( ago)
I love warheads

Author Viliamu Uulopa ( ago)
make your mom eat war heads again it so funny

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Your dad is CRASY tiana

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you are my hero

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l love your videos 😊

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I love your video

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I love your episodes they are fantastic :u

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I felt bad for the mum

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I love all of your videos keep making them and I will keep watching them from levaeh

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I really love your Video 💖

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ur a faggot go lick a dong

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Plz tiana can i have ur like plz

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That scared ME SO BAD

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i love your videos tiana

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cool I whish that I can have warhead

Author Veronica Perez ( ago)
tiana you always cheer me up when im down

Author Takya Swims ( ago)
that's a bottom t

Author emma anderson ( ago)
i love waurheds

Author Stacey Melluish ( ago)
can I be your best friend
love from
Lillie melluish

Author Stacey Melluish ( ago)
does she have a boyfriend

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Author Elishamadawa23022009 Elisha ( ago)

Author Elishamadawa23022009 Elisha ( ago)
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te cool😛😛😜😙😏

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I love push pops

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candy blue jami

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I love candy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😗

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