Carnival splendor room 6450 largest balcony on the ship

large balcony room on the splendor

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Author trevhopp13 (5 years)
when are you going on it?

Author that1person343 (5 years)
hey i was on deck 6 too!

Author AKcharger (4 years)
I heard someone died in that room this past spring

Author Sue Davis (4 years)
@barrywhitee Did you notice if this balcony portion of this deck opens (so
you can walk through) to the aft balcony portion to stateroom 6452? (the
aft balcony cabin to the right if you are looking from the back of the
ship). I'm trying to get this wrap aft with a stateroom next to it to
"share" the deck area (I know the rooms do not join). I can see from your
video the room on the left joins but that stateroom is taken.

Author Faraz Qureshi (3 years)
Great video & even better balcony. Going to link to this from our Carnival
Splendor page. Nice work!

Author AKcharger (4 years)
@Ferrariman601 yup!

Author AKcharger (4 years)
Hey, that's our room.....sailing Sunday!!! Yippeee!!!!!

Author thismcfly (4 years)
@barrywhitee why is yours the biggest one. that really cool.

Author XplatinmsnipaX (5 years)
im going here

Author Julie Hendrix (5 years)

Author Barry White (5 years)
i know

Author trevhopp13 (5 years)
haha, i just went on it may 3rd through may 10th

Author InnerOC (5 years)
Wow, it's so strange to see a Carnival ship docked in San Pedro. I'm so
used to seeing (and being on them) in Long Beach, behind the QUEEN MARY.
Thanks for this, can't wait to see the ship in Long Beach...up-close, that
is :)

Author AKcharger (4 years)
Yup, our timing was perfect! But tell ya' what this room worked out
PERFECT! We had our kids and thier friends along who were on the 2nd deck.
the balcony was big enough that all of them could hang out with us with
room to spare. had we NOT had this room it would have been awful! We had
fresh air, light and we could prop our door open for a nice breeze. only
problem was our toilets were the last to get fixed so it was 2 days with a
clogged toilet. All in all weather was nice and we had fun!

Author nyyfan2k5 (5 years)
I'm going to be booking this exact room for my cruise june 2010. thanks for
the video, I wanted to see how it looked like before I went for it

Author LAFiregirl (5 years)
The bathroom is the same size as a balcony suite. We had a jacuzzi tub in
ours; however, the deck was smaller. We just opened up all (4) of the
partitions and had a deck about the same size.

Author katlady5000 (5 years)
I saw a 9A room on the Carnival Freedom. I did a cabin crawl and my hubby
never got to see the room so thanks for posting this so I can show it to my

Author aggieastrosfan (5 years)
My cabin from the infamous swine cruise. Didn't get to see the balcony too
much on that trip!

Author WamsWarrior (5 years)
Don't you think that balcony would belong to a suite?

Author Conchead (4 years)
@kottonmouthking505 The ship is on water

Author katlady5000 (5 years)
9A balconies rock.

Author gotoperson (5 years)
Thanks for posting this. We just booked 9A 6485 on the other side. Because
of your video I was able to talk me friends into booking this room. This
will be my first cruise. I'm so excited. Thanks!

Author jenben32 (4 years)

Author InnerOC (5 years)
Aw so lucky. I've had's not my last, of course, but whever my 2nd
will be...well I will be far BEYOND happy :D

Author Sue Davis (4 years)
Does anyone know if this balcony portion of this deck opens (so you can
walk through) to the aft balcony portion to stateroom 6452? (the aft
balcony cabin to the right if you are looking from the back of the ship).
I'm trying to get this wrap aft with a stateroom next to it to "share" the
deck area (I know the rooms do not join)

Author foofighter59 (5 years)
lol i saw the queen marry and i was liked freaked out becuz i just heard
too much stories about them

Author InnerOC (5 years)
Whenever I get the chance :)

Author Conchead (4 years)
These balconies are wonderful. We had one on the Triumph on our last
cruise. It is now a 9C. They changed the category. The "regular" balcony is
an extended aft balcony which is much deeper than a regular balcony. I am
sure you had a terrific time...we did!

Author Ferrariman601 (4 years)
@AKcharger Were you on the cruise from hell then?

Author AKcharger (4 years)
@Moosestuff2 All in all weather was nice and we had fun!

Author Jim Casey (5 years)
Thanks for the video. This is our assigned room in 3 days on a 7 day cruise
to Mexico.

Author Jari Fuller (4 years)
@suedavis580217 Yeah, they all can open. You can't do it, but you ask the
workers and they open them for you.

Author TheRD Channel (2 years)
there are 6 more on the back of the ship

Author Moosestuff2 (4 years)
@AKcharger I don't mean this to be mean, I really want to was
your cruise?

Author marcos chavez (5 years)
I'm afraid of heights how high are u from the ground???

Author Robert Mosher (5 years)
Very nice! Now we're looking forward to our wrap-around balcony on the
Splendor in a couple of months!

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