Eyewitness describes deadly vehicle attack

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  • Rafał Szejny
    Rafał Szejny 3 days ago


  • joseph cristal
    joseph cristal 8 days ago

    Where can I send money to my hero Osborne?

  • joseph cristal
    joseph cristal 8 days ago

    I'm sending money and medals to my new hero! God bless him.

  • most stastifying
    most stastifying 9 days ago

    these comments are cancer

  • Half-Life Scientist

    Okay, LISTEN UP! For the 50% of you writing dumbass comments, this attack was NOT done by a Muslim!
    This was an attack ON Muslims by a NON-Muslim!
    I really shouldn't have to explain this, but way too many of you are saying this was an attack done by Muslims.
    Long story short: A lot of you are idiots

  • Half-Life Scientist

    Okay, LISTEN UP! For the 50% of you writing dumbass comments, this attack was NOT done by a Muslim!
    This was an attack ON Muslims by a NON-Muslim!
    I really shouldn't have to explain this, but way too many of you are saying this was an attack done by Muslims.
    Long story short: A lot of you are idiots.

  • Honesty baby
    Honesty baby 9 days ago


  • Michele4
    Michele4 9 days ago

    we are still working on a motive for this attack

  • Azhir iqbal
    Azhir iqbal 9 days ago

    i am so angry

  • Azhir iqbal
    Azhir iqbal 9 days ago

    wye do peopel not like muslims

  • Azhir iqbal
    Azhir iqbal 9 days ago

    yuo are bich if yuo kill muslims

  • AA GEE
    AA GEE 9 days ago

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    Ten Commandments

    Obey Thy Ten Commandments, Or Else

    There are many Christians and Jews who demand that the Ten Commandments should be displayed in public institutions. In my opinion it is only fair that if the commandments are to be displayed, so should the penalties for breaking those commandments. Matter of fact they should be posted in its entirety so that society can see just what kind of crap these religions are feeding us. I also encourage those of you Judeo/Christians who visit here to print out this very list and post it where your children can see it. It’s time you explain to them what a murderous, unjust god you brainwash them into worshiping.

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  • Tak
    Tak 9 days ago

    Now the mayor of the capital has to rephrase his statement "Terrorist attacks are just a parcel of living in big cities"

  • fuckevery0neup
    fuckevery0neup 9 days ago

    christians are terrorists too. nothing new for some nazi fkers

  • David thomas
    David thomas 9 days ago

    I hope he gets to see it again firsthand

  • Michael Everett
    Michael Everett 9 days ago

    My advice to muslims after this terrorist attack. Stay calm. Accept it. Learn to live with it. This is just part of living in a big city.

  • badazzboxer
    badazzboxer 9 days ago

    Well what is it the mayor of London say again??? Get used to it!

  • Family Clarke
    Family Clarke 9 days ago

    the cause of this attack is still islamic terrorism

  • J Hankins
    J Hankins 9 days ago

    Sura 4:89 commanded to kill anyone sura 8:67 slaughter people don't take them captive sura 9:56 they swear to Allah but they are but Hypocrites it's okay to kill them. there many more verses that Incite Muslims to kill non-muslims. I'm a born-again Christian I don't promote violence of any kind the only way out is Jesus Christ. This is why you see constant attacks from Muslims because the violent verses trump the peaceful verses in the Quran every time. politics is beneath religion every time .... so until somebody can come to the fact that politics won't appease these people that Christians do not do "the Crusades" by the Bible but Muslims do by the Koran then they can be informed. the Crusaders took the Bible out of context the peaceful Muslims take the Quran out of context. I only mentioned 3 violent verses there many more than that. Jesus Christ will give you the power, the Peace of Mind, the will and everything needed. I have no fear at all about this. don't fear Him who can destroy the body fear Him who can destroy the body and soul in hell.

  • A Team
    A Team 9 days ago

    the black van is gassed up and ready

  • starhit
    starhit 9 days ago

    Finally some great news to wake up to!!!

  • paul mc
    paul mc 9 days ago

    who is the largest killer of muslims in terrorist attacks? Muslims or the rest of the world combined ?

  • MyFutureSelf-Slaughter

    I'm not for innocent people being killed, but what do you expect when Europeans have to constantly hear about their people being murdered and raped by Muslims and then they are called "racist" and "Islamophobic" when they speak out against it. Eye for an eye.

  • taos treror
    taos treror 9 days ago

    So when are the white community going to apologise for this? Love to watch the right wingers find bullshit excuses for this.

  • Joey Verso
    Joey Verso 9 days ago

    Oh they cry when muslims die! Keep running them over!

  • Golden Golly
    Golden Golly 9 days ago

    These scumbags wipe their asses with their bare hands, filthy pigs

  • Y2JRedskins
    Y2JRedskins 9 days ago

    This comment section disgusts me. Wtf

  • christy contois
    christy contois 9 days ago

    good it's about time people fucking retaliated they kill innocent people I guess people are going to start killing their innocent people that's what happens when the government picks only one fucking side you'd think they'd know better by now

  • not yrbsns
    not yrbsns 9 days ago

    Boo Fucking Hoo. Fuck you muslims for not doing something about the assholes in your so called religion of peace. If you are not with us,You are against us.

  • Martin Feroli
    Martin Feroli 9 days ago

    This is an example of the unfortunate circumstance's that follow a comment such as, "Terrorism is part of life in a big city" People feel Vulnerable, Suspicious and Trapped. The most docile of creatures will abandon all civility when Threatened. I just hope the people of London will keep an eye out for retaliation.

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 9 days ago

    payback is a bitch! carry on your government tells you, then does nothing? looks like some of y'all say BS!

  • Doesman Nzedimma
    Doesman Nzedimma 9 days ago

    now d real war started....!!!

  • Twin Owls
    Twin Owls 9 days ago

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

  • tim paull
    tim paull 9 days ago

    Fucking media has no backbone

  • Bobby Long
    Bobby Long 9 days ago

    Congrats to the attacker. It takes a TON of courage to run over a bunch of smelly trash and lose the renters insurance on your van.

  • DreadlockDbeuty TV
    DreadlockDbeuty TV 9 days ago

    Hey guys in case you didn't know.. the quran chapters 9:6,9:13,9:30 ,9:37 commands Muslims to kill non Muslims..
    check it out and come for debate.

  • Senor Cabeza de Grande

    It's war!!! The government refuses to protect the citizens therefore the citizens are protecting themselves. If you have a cancer you cut it out.

  • Ako
    Ako 9 days ago

    if extremists wont assimilate....white will assimilate their culture

  • noor zee
    noor zee 9 days ago

    Anyway during that one especial day you all will know the truth..
    And then it would be too late

  • Ako
    Ako 9 days ago

    looks like non muslims are learning from muslim extremists. ramavans should kill more than just 1. study more.

  • Hugh-John Fleming
    Hugh-John Fleming 9 days ago

    Smells of a scam...

  • stop button
    stop button 9 days ago

    I support Brit's new Ram-a- Van Holiday (Justice will be served and The Cult of Islam is on the Menu))

  • Wrubag Rohme
    Wrubag Rohme 9 days ago

    the major cities in Europe are a shithole now

  • Mika Lee
    Mika Lee 9 days ago

    Maybe if they helped stop Islamist from killing people. This wouldn't be an issue. But they sit by and allow their own to murder innocent people. Now maybe they have some idea of how it feels.

  • Mr Gotrocks
    Mr Gotrocks 9 days ago

    If the Brit's want to fight back , i support them, Just tell the Mayor Kahn it's just part of living in the Big City now that the Cult has been attacked, Kahn the Mayor is in the same Cult Europe is fighting. Now how you liking London,It's going to fight back..

  • truth and common sense warrior

    We should commemorate this day as the Finsbury run down terrorist day. That man is a hero.

  • Shittum Wood
    Shittum Wood 9 days ago

    There was a propaganda troll on YouTube today who commented, "I am a little Muslim girl who is very scared because an extremist white man drove a van into innocent people near a church in London today." ---->IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM GIRL, YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED BECAUSE SHARIA LAW IS THE SYSTEMATIC ABUSE OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN! YOUR GENITALS WILL BE MUTILATED AND IF YOU EVER DISAGREE, YOUR FACE WILL BE MELTED OFF WITH ACID!

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 9 days ago

    This is a tit for tat attack ; not really a surprise .
    Wasn't the mayor of Paris just telling the people in France to just get used to this kind of thing happening ?

  • Anthony Omega2
    Anthony Omega2 9 days ago

    I don't approve of violence, BUT don't blame people for assaulting mosques. they are fed up with the attacks on thousands of innocent Christian churches. This was bound to happen.

  • noor zee
    noor zee 9 days ago

    I dont understand how u people still believe that
    Wake up fools
    Dont believe everything ur media has taught u..

  • michaelofsc
    michaelofsc 9 days ago

    Should've planned it better, maybe they could've gotten more.

  • Walter Samuel
    Walter Samuel 9 days ago

    Pity Mohammad didn't get a bang of the van of peace ✌. 😁

  • Marc Bogart
    Marc Bogart 9 days ago

    Fuck Muslims......too bad only one died.....fucking muslim scum....allah is a pig

  • BrokenToy
    BrokenToy 9 days ago

    tit for tat mother fuckers.

  • merced256
    merced256 9 days ago

    What? We were just bringing them the truck of peace they've brought us so many times? I don't see the problem.

  • Hohum
    Hohum 9 days ago

    wow this guy is too fuggly.

  • C. Toman
    C. Toman 9 days ago

    he slipped up. shouldn't see that in there street but it ok if it a city centre or concert hall

  • Frank Stark
    Frank Stark 9 days ago

    1:35 Muhammed Assdullah says, "this is something we shouldn't see in our neighborhood".

    He means it should have happened in White neighborhoods. GET OUT. JUST GET THE FUCK OUT.

  • Ed Berger
    Ed Berger 9 days ago

    Fuck Muslims!!  The guy driving that vehicle should be given a reward in cash....

    THISTRACK ISABOP 9 days ago

    I haven't heard a single Muslim blame Christianity or other people...some of the men even tried to protect the guy who did this from the angry people...isn't this crazy?

  • Grey Chip
    Grey Chip 9 days ago

    "thank you come again".

  • P Hirokashimoto
    P Hirokashimoto 9 days ago

    I love how when white people are killed by muslims, white people are interviewed. When a muslim is killed by a supposed white man, muslims are interviewed. I call racism!!! Aaaaand this entire thing reeks of leftist propaganda. .

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 9 days ago

    Nigs will always nig. Enjoy your niggs race taitors. When race traitors are butchered by the ape niggs. I will be laughing. Bitch ass funky ass FOX News pieces of shit you. Monkey fuckers. Enjoy your nigpocalypse.

    • Ha Ha
      Ha Ha 9 days ago

      fuck yall

  • brandongibbs83
    brandongibbs83 9 days ago

    I don't see a problem. Didn't the Mayor of London say this stuff is part & parcel of life in the big city. Or is it only okay if a Muslim commits violence?

  • ruborbla
    ruborbla 9 days ago

    Islamists + leftists will destroy west world

  • John Preciado
    John Preciado 9 days ago

    it was just a joy rider. that's all

  • Ultimagtr650
    Ultimagtr650 9 days ago

    This sort of attack has been coming for a long time and it amazes me why it has not happened previously given the provocation.. I suspect sadly, that we we will see a lot more of these attacks, and maybe when the muslims start getting attacked on a regular basis the government will finally do something. They do nothing when British children get blown up, so what will it take to start taking this seriously?

    • MyFutureSelf-Slaughter
      MyFutureSelf-Slaughter 9 days ago

      Eye for an eye. It's sad ,but as long as Europeans are called "racists" and "Islamophobia" for wanting to protect their children and women from being raped and murdered and protect their culture from being destroyed I won't feel sorry for more attacks like this on Muslims.

  • Sherylin Matthew
    Sherylin Matthew 9 days ago

    Ok then so when do the celebrations start? :)

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 9 days ago

    "We're gonna need a bigger van"

  • Todd Metal
    Todd Metal 9 days ago

    Stop Infidelophobia #NotAllKuffars

  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 9 days ago

    karma spilt milk👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Samuel Hain
    Samuel Hain 9 days ago

    Is the van OK?

  • LittleGojira
    LittleGojira 9 days ago

    Why is there is musleem church in Great Britain?

  • It's Just Milk I Swear

    this is what muslims have created. force answers force. they'll become so hated in the coming years that they will be incapable of practicing their faith out of fear alone, regardless of the law.

  • Shittum Wood
    Shittum Wood 9 days ago

    Happy RamaVan!

  • Mr2012molonlabe
    Mr2012molonlabe 9 days ago

    What goes around comes around, bitches.

  • Shittum Wood
    Shittum Wood 9 days ago

    Thank goodness they banned guns! whew!

  • JoseJose Jose
    JoseJose Jose 9 days ago

    Jesus Akbar !

  • Arlet Mun
    Arlet Mun 10 days ago

    look at this monkey bravo to van driver👏👏👏👏

  • Arlet Mun
    Arlet Mun 10 days ago

    Death to islam

  • Aaron N
    Aaron N 10 days ago

    This isn't even newsworthy, a van ran over and killed a random goat, who cares

    MAS JOS 10 days ago

    I find it ironic about all the people cheering on the van driver. You do realize this is probably the same way radical muslims think about Christians right?

  • Smiley Gladhands
    Smiley Gladhands 10 days ago

    Surely there will be public outcry to get rid of this cancerous ideology! How can people live with this? Islam needs to be sent packing back to the wasteland it came from.

  • At
    At 10 days ago

    ISIS is claiming responsibility.

  • Nathaniel Brown
    Nathaniel Brown 10 days ago

    lol........you started it

  • Mr. Pants
    Mr. Pants 10 days ago

    Many more Muslims seem outraged this time around...
    Europe is a shit hole. Fuck them all.

  • Lon Spector
    Lon Spector 10 days ago

    Total "False Flag." Just like we had under Bill Clinton for 8 years, and what
    we'd be having under Hillary Clinton RIGHT NOW if she'd won.
    The Globalist's WANT civil war, and they'll probably get it.

  • Kendub x
    Kendub x 10 days ago

    What is this world coming to ,like seriously whats killing each other gonna prove literally nothing at all just prove how weak minded we are we need to aim for world peace for once in our lives geeez.

  • punkin71
    punkin71 10 days ago

    Simple accident, maybe a broken tie rod. not the drivers fault. case closed.

  • English - the Most Illogical & Inferior Language

    Now, Muslims know how it feels when Non-Muslims die!!!!!!!

  • Game Bred Duramax
    Game Bred Duramax 10 days ago

    This is not a terrorist attack regardless what the Msm say! This is westerners fighting back against the moslem take over! These people that are fighting back are the TRUE HEROES and the REAL PATRIOTS of EUROPE! Much Respect From America!

  • 04mzwach
    04mzwach 10 days ago

    They're calling it a terror attack but retaliating doesn't seem like a terrorist attack

  • UofMichFan
    UofMichFan 10 days ago

    The only thing I feel sorry about is that it didn't kill more Muslims.

  • jimbones155
    jimbones155 10 days ago

    Looks more like a drill.

  • Will E.
    Will E. 10 days ago


  • rosie her
    rosie her 10 days ago

    oh, now they saw something. they usually don't see a thing and they don't know a thing

  • Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong 10 days ago

    Where did he get the idea of driving a van into them, I wonder!

  • ric s
    ric s 10 days ago

    remember, these fuckers will lie like crazy. suspected driver? get the video of him driving the van

  • Uranius Johnson
    Uranius Johnson 10 days ago

    Good to see such outrage from the Muslim community. Cunts.

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