Xbox 360 Emulator 100% working

Forza Motorsport 3 on PC with Xbox 360 Emulator

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Author Hermann Felix (24 days)
Hey mates! This link doesn't work but I know a working Xbox 360 emulator.
You can download it from here: It's called
Xenia and currently I'm playing Forza Horizon 2 on my laptop. It supports
lot of games. Give me a thumbs up if it worked for you !! :DD

Author Abdul king (1 month)

If You don't believe Me, Go to wikipedia. You do know wikipedia says The

HERE: Read The First Line.

Download Xenia Emulator Here (PC ONLY):

Sorry If I am Advertising, BUT XENIA EMULATOR IS REAL!

Reply and tell that what do you think? Xenia emulator is real or fake?

Author Fak3Potato (8 months)

Author Mr.Black_Cat.KS(Blue_Ghost) (1 month)
Взяли и отсняли с Xbox и приклеили на видео

Author mitchcraft (11 days)
Anyone can record them selves playing games legit on a xbox 360 then use a
video editor to impose it on to your background layer being the desktop and
fake emulation or you would have shown it in full screen to prove it, you
fail at this badly. 

Author Matthew Brock (5 days)
Hello download link fuck

Author WAG GP (1 month)
too smooth in windows xp and its xbox 360, super duper fake

Author mitchcraft (11 days)
Sprechen sie bull shit?

Author Luther Frédéric (6 months)
working my ass 

Author RYANALLS1 (1 month)
Next time, try to crop in the video into the fake window a little better

Author Max_20son Manson (1 month)

Author Wojciech Jaszczuk (2 months)
FAKE... 1024x768 is not that resolution what a video show

Author norbi kis (2 days)
please upload full programs website 

Author Someone (2 months)
Also, there is a lot of options in options menu and this emulator is fake.

Author CrimsonMemory (1 month)
I feel bad for those who believe it's real.

Author Brus Wayne (20 days)
Гавнищеее.........Рускочитающие не видитесь, это лоховозка уже по видосу
виден монтаж

Author CrisTubeK (1 year)
It's fake. There's NO Xbox 360 emulator actually working.

Author amine tahiri (3 months)
xbox 360 and windows xp nice try nigga

Author Santiago Moralez (4 months)
your pc config please

Author theminecraftchido90 (9 months)
after effects detected XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD or camtasia studio...
habllo español XDD

Author igor isaac (5 months)
Mande o link do emulador do xbox 360. Muito foda.

Author gwardzino (11 months)
Nice fake xd

Author igor isaac (5 months)
Mande o link do emulador do xbox 360. Muito foda.

Author fullofbaddassness (6 months)
Soooooo.....??? You made this video for what benefit? There is no link to
anything,there is no explaining of anything! What did you really do this
for? Are you that lonely and bored?

Author John Smit (1 year)
Это просто окно которое показывает видеофайл! А видео файл списан с

Author DatlilgamerKiD - CRSlimey - V.I.P craft coming soon... (11 months)

Author Oyun Gezegeni (13 days)

Author Switchxblaade (7 months)
by the likes to dislikes ratio im assuming it works!

Author Kayden Farrow (8 months)
i could of done this on windows movie maker xD

Author Fak3Potato (8 months)
WOW, 100% working no way, i taught it was 75% working i can't believe it
i'm going to throw a celebration !

Author MoskoShake Munab (8 months)
fucking 357 mother fuckers...... liked this post! :/

Author dwip makwana (1 year)
plzz give me the link to this emulator

Author EMSI Dany (7 months)
link please

Author Sairon Busatto (10 months)

Author grabi SOFT (7 months)
how many slaves did you get for your trojan ?
you should use a better method, noob

Author PixelGaming BG (10 months)

Author gero185 (1 year)

Author aniruddh saxena (1 year) the only real emulator

Author Jarno siekson (10 months)
Where is link ?

Author Rage Quit (10 months)

Author Some random Amourshipper (1 year)
Now 48

Author Awdwawd Aawdawd (1 year)

Author a,a,aa,a,a,a,a (1 year)

Author lolzipop2 (1 year)
This guy is a liar. Video/download is a SCAM.

Author ruben carvalho (1 year)
link please

Author The Player Flash (1 year)
GUYS ITS A FAKE just look at the channel name. I also filled the surveys
and got the "bios" but it still didnt work its a fake just google it There
are websites which proves that

Author Ruttie2 (1 year)
Because I thought you had a good argument to make me reconsider, but
seeming that you don't I'll stop replying.

Author Ali Khedri (1 year)
plss link

Author Clonetrone (1 year)
Shut the fuck up. There is no such emulator. Stop fooling yourself and
other people. Im pretty sure these emulators will be available in near
future. Not now. Not from you. TLDR Shut up.

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