Xbox 360 Emulator 100% working

Forza Motorsport 3 on PC with Xbox 360 Emulator

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Author ‫عبد الواحد أحمد‬‎ ( ago)
spuitd video

Author snip3r band1t ( ago)
+Hermann Felix Do not download from that lik it's malware!

Author Parker Verboom ( ago)
seems legit...

rip anyone who thought this was real

Author loshosorus ( ago)
I really hope people dont beleive this. Its compleatly fake.

Author EDIJS REINIS ( ago)

Author ice age ( ago)
please upload full programs website 

Author Matthew Brock ( ago)
Hello download link fuck

Author mitchcraft ( ago)
Anyone can record them selves playing games legit on a xbox 360 then use a
video editor to impose it on to your background layer being the desktop and
fake emulation or you would have shown it in full screen to prove it, you
fail at this badly. 

Author mitchcraft ( ago)
Sprechen sie bull shit?

Author Oyun Gezegeni ( ago)

Author Brus Wayne ( ago)
Гавнищеее.........Рускочитающие не видитесь, это лоховозка уже по видосу
виден монтаж

Author Hermann Felix ( ago)
Hey mates! This link doesn't work but I know a working Xbox 360 emulator.
You can download it from here: It's called
Xenia and currently I'm playing Forza Horizon 2 on my laptop. It supports
lot of games. Give me a thumbs up if it worked for you !! :DD

Author Mr.Black_Cat.KS(Blue_Ghost) ( ago)
Взяли и отсняли с Xbox и приклеили на видео

Author Max_20son Manson ( ago)

Author RYANALLS1 ( ago)
Next time, try to crop in the video into the fake window a little better

Author KLC FG ( ago)
too smooth in windows xp and its xbox 360, super duper fake

Author UnboltingCube ( ago)

If You don't believe Me, Go to wikipedia. You do know wikipedia says The

HERE: Read The First Line.

Download Xenia Emulator Here (PC ONLY):

Sorry If I am Advertising, BUT XENIA EMULATOR IS REAL!

Reply and tell that what do you think? Xenia emulator is real or fake?

Author CrimsonMemory ( ago)
I feel bad for those who believe it's real.

Author Wojciech Jaszczuk ( ago)
FAKE... 1024x768 is not that resolution what a video show

Author Someone ( ago)
Also, there is a lot of options in options menu and this emulator is fake.

Author amine tahiri ( ago)
xbox 360 and windows xp nice try nigga

Author CS VETERAN ( ago)
your pc config please

Author igor isaac ( ago)
Mande o link do emulador do xbox 360. Muito foda.

Author igor isaac ( ago)
Mande o link do emulador do xbox 360. Muito foda.

Author Luther Frédéric ( ago)
working my ass 

Author fullofbaddassness ( ago)
Soooooo.....??? You made this video for what benefit? There is no link to
anything,there is no explaining of anything! What did you really do this
for? Are you that lonely and bored?

Author Canal nou :Dany Si Ceva ( ago)
link please

Author The Grabisoft ( ago)
how many slaves did you get for your trojan ?
you should use a better method, noob

Author Switch Blaade ( ago)
by the likes to dislikes ratio im assuming it works!

Author Kayden Farrow ( ago)
i could of done this on windows movie maker xD

Author Fak3Potato ( ago)

Author Fak3Potato ( ago)
WOW, 100% working no way, i taught it was 75% working i can't believe it
i'm going to throw a celebration !

Author MoskoShake Munab ( ago)
fucking 357 mother fuckers...... liked this post! :/

Author FR4NKY | G4M3S ( ago)
after effects detected XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD or camtasia studio...
habllo español XDD

Author PixelGaming BG ( ago)

Author Jarno siekson ( ago)
Where is link ?

Author Rage Quit ( ago)

Author Sairon Busatto ( ago)

Author TheKidThatCould ( ago)

Author gwardzino ( ago)
Nice fake xd

Author CrisTubeK ( ago)
It's fake. There's NO Xbox 360 emulator actually working.

Author Dwip Makwana ( ago)
plzz give me the link to this emulator

Author John Smit ( ago)
Это просто окно которое показывает видеофайл! А видео файл списан с

Author gero185 ( ago)

Author LucasTheFlameBoy ( ago)
fake emulator

Author Randell Joannes ( ago)
and i tell you man..why all the link at this youtube related to emulator a
fake..better buy a real console...

Author Randell Joannes ( ago)
tell me man..what happen with that survey if it is free??

Author Randell Joannes ( ago)
are you sure about it?why it got survey?

Author Crazyiziok22 ( ago)
come to my youtube channel and download it!

Author Crazyiziok22 ( ago)
come t my youtube channel and download the real one!

Author Crazyiziok22 ( ago)
come to my channel and downlaod the only real xbox 360 emulator for free!

Author Crazyiziok22 ( ago)
download teh real xbox emulator from my youtube channel for free !

Author Crazyiziok22 ( ago)
go and download the real one which works at 100% from my channel

Author Randell Joannes ( ago)
it is a fake emulator...

Author Ali Khedri ( ago)
plss link

Author Awdwawd Aawdawd ( ago)

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
Look at the dislike bar, you're the idiot! Plus, it's not possible at least
for another decade maybe.

Author Mac Gowss ( ago)
0:10 I dont think you zoomed in close enough.

Author Sebebar ( ago)
Fake and gayyyyyys

Author FreshPrinceOfKnowledge ( ago)
Then why all the dislikes?

Author mike cortez ( ago)
i have it lolzipop2

Author Labella Suitt ( ago)
How do people not understand that you won’t get working Xbox 360 emulators
on youtube. Take the Xbox 360 emulator from RELOADED instead. They are a
very popular hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Author えお あいう ( ago)
So Fake.

Author charli martinez ( ago)
con eso voy a jugar grand the auto V

Author malte922 ( ago)
Wooow, amazing pic-in-pic video edit!

Author Heshan Karawita ( ago)
this is fake watch this video /watch?v=OPu6LWj-hI0 I have proof that xbox
360 emulator is 100% fake

Author Ali Eser ( ago)
fake. fucking bitch.

Author RaiderLacrosse29 ( ago)
Actually, in terms of functionality and versatility it is more cost
effective to get a mid to high end PC as opposed to a console. A console
has limited functionality whereas a PC can do pretty much anything you want
it to. Not to mention the fact that a console is highly locked down whereas
a PC is open source and can be customized to whatever you like with extreme

Author MrRoncape ( ago)
i actually have a pc for internet only. upgrading PC is not worth for me.
Too much money

Author Mischa Schmittler ( ago)
guess your pc sux and you got a console. nothing beats a good gamer pc.

Author MrRoncape ( ago)
PSN has a lot of hackers i tell that. But in xbox live you barely see
modders or hackers in multiplayer!

Author AtlasRedux ( ago)
Consoles never wins. Except in wasting your money, having horrible graphics
and even worse controls. Also, consoles suffer a great lot with hackers and
mods just as PC does. It's very easy to chip the console to pirate and mod

Author MrRoncape ( ago)
Have a good day sir. Console wins.

Author The Vengeful Engineer ( ago)
Because I thought you had a good argument to make me reconsider, but
seeming that you don't I'll stop replying.

Author MrRoncape ( ago)
If u dont care, why do u reply?

Author The Vengeful Engineer ( ago)
Lots. But that's of little relevance to the conversation. The PC is the
true source of all programming, and every game. Whether you like it or not,
is none of my business. And I couldn't possibly care less about what you

Author MrRoncape ( ago)
Lol, double LOL and triple LOOOL. Please tell me, how many hackers you see
in xbox live and how many you see in PC?

Author The Vengeful Engineer ( ago)
All games are made on pc's. All those games CAN run on a pc. Consoles are
capitalist machines who want to rip you off. You're tarded if you buy one.
Thanks for caring about my opinion, go and get fucked by microsoft or

Author Steimar Varon ( ago)

Author MrRoncape ( ago)
man, don't make me laugh harder

Author The Vengeful Engineer ( ago)
I guess it requires too much ingenuity. I always consider making one
myself. But I don't have time for it.

Author AimhackG ( ago)
views -.-

Author david kilzer ( ago)
what are they trying to acheive with this

Author troymisti1 ( ago)
Yup im suprised it isnt emulated tho its been out like 10 years? ithink and
the wii was emulater straight away lol

Author MeAndThatGuyXD ( ago)
I only wanna play Red Dead Redemption since its ps3/xbox only :C

Author The Vengeful Engineer ( ago)
Well it's technically possible to emulate it. But I think it requires too
much technological knowledge, which, unfortunately not every
hacker/programmer has. Consoles suck anyway. Real men use pc's.

Author troymisti1 ( ago)
well the wii was emulated quickly when the xbox 360 has been out for like
10 years now so im surprised there isnt one

Author The Vengeful Engineer ( ago)
Because I hope for it to be real one day, but it's videos like this that
always remind me how retarded it is, to think that ANYONE would or could
try to make an Xbox 360 emulator.

Author troymisti1 ( ago)
why did u search it up then?

Author troymisti1 ( ago)
well i can tell you i know 100% thes a emulator that emulates the home
screen of a xbox i also know 100% thres a ps3 emulator that emulates but
they havent got games to work yet because i have downloaded them

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
Trust me. It's fake. There is no proof and the development of such
emulators is very very very improbable. It's not an 'emulator' if it just
makes a fake menu. If it plays console games THEN it it's an emulator.
Don't make excuses for this fakery. Don't get deceived. There exists NO
such emulators. There are PS1, PS2, etc. emulators but NOT PS3, XBOX or
XBOX 360. If there was, there would be tonnes of YouTube videos out there
with legit proof. But there is no legit proof. All obviously fake. :)

Author troymisti1 ( ago)
no there is but it just emulates the coding and menu atm they are still
working on the games :)

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
bullshit they're fake. ALL FAKE.

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
This guy is a liar. Video/download is a SCAM.

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
LOL YOU'RE FAKE. Don't believe this guy cristhian, he's a fake account to
help get people suckered into the scam. SEEN IT A MILE AWAY.

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
XBOX 360 emulators do NOT EXIST. You're either lying or fooling yourself.

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
Nope. This isn't possible at the moment. No such emulator exists. It's a

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
It's fake. They're ALL FAKE.

Author lolzipop2 ( ago)
It's fake.

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