Xbox 360 Emulator 100% working

Forza Motorsport 3 on PC with Xbox 360 Emulator

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Author gwardzino (4 months)
Nice fake xd

Author theminecraftchido90 (2 months)
after effects detected XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD or camtasia studio...
habllo español XDD

Author CrisTubeK (4 months)
It's fake. There's NO Xbox 360 emulator actually working.

Author aniruddh saxena (6 months) the only real emulator

Author dwip makwana (5 months)
plzz give me the link to this emulator

Author Bonea Daniel (8 days)
link please

Author DatlilgamerKiD (3 months)

Author kayden farrow (29 days)
i could of done this on windows movie maker xD

Author gero185 (6 months)

Author Switchxblaade (20 days)
by the likes to dislikes ratio im assuming it works!

Author Sairon Busatto (3 months)

Author MoskoShake Munab (1 month)
fucking 357 mother fuckers...... liked this post! :/

Author Jarno siekson (3 months)
Where is link ?

Author Angel Genev (2 months)

Author Fak3Potato (1 month)

Author Fak3Potato (1 month)
WOW, 100% working no way, i taught it was 75% working i can't believe it
i'm going to throw a celebration !

Author Ragequit RQ (3 months)

Author grabi SOFT (14 days)
how many slaves did you get for your trojan ?
you should use a better method, noob

Author Doge (1 year)
Now 48

Author Awdwawd Aawdawd (9 months)

Author a,a,aa,a,a,a,a (1 year)

Author lolzipop2 (1 year)
This guy is a liar. Video/download is a SCAM.

Author ruben carvalho (1 year)
link please

Author The Player Flash (1 year)
GUYS ITS A FAKE just look at the channel name. I also filled the surveys
and got the "bios" but it still didnt work its a fake just google it There
are websites which proves that

Author Ruttie2 (11 months)
Because I thought you had a good argument to make me reconsider, but
seeming that you don't I'll stop replying.

Author Ali Khedri (9 months)
plss link

Author Clone2VB6 (1 year)
Shut the fuck up. There is no such emulator. Stop fooling yourself and
other people. Im pretty sure these emulators will be available in near
future. Not now. Not from you. TLDR Shut up.

Author Clone2VB6 (1 year)
So, now you are probably convinced that there is no such thing as an
emulator; the game ports from Xbox platform to PC platform are even tougher
and it takes a large development team to accomplish that. One person can't
port a game the size of tens of gigabytes by himself. Don't worry about
power to run these games; high-end gaming PCs are already far more superior
than the upcoming PS4, not to mention PS3 and Xbox. I'm sorry, I shattered
your dreams, it's not quite possible to emulate them yet.

Author Clone2VB6 (1 year)
This is fake, there is no Xbox 360 emulator. How many times I need to tell
that your sorry ass will get hacked if you download this shit from the
video description?

Author Clone2VB6 (1 year)
Wow, you really lack understading. Either you promote malware by acting
stupid or you ARE that stupid. Xbox 360 games are available on download
from piratebay for JTAG:ed Xbox 360 (Hacked/Cracked Xbox 360). The files
are burned to disk or transfered to storage media, like USB stick, and then
played on the CONSOLE itself, not on the unexisting emulator. And dude,
stop lying to yourself already and say it out loud that there is no such
thing. It's technically impossible yet.

Author troymisti1 (1 year)
Yup im suprised it isnt emulated tho its been out like 10 years? ithink and
the wii was emulater straight away lol

Author Roberto Alan Monsalvo Franco (1 year)
Fake, not doubts

Author ceregaalen (1 year)
go to hell

Author RaiderLacrosse29 (10 months)
Actually, in terms of functionality and versatility it is more cost
effective to get a mid to high end PC as opposed to a console. A console
has limited functionality whereas a PC can do pretty much anything you want
it to. Not to mention the fact that a console is highly locked down whereas
a PC is open source and can be customized to whatever you like with extreme

Author LucasTheFlameBoy (9 months)
fake emulator

Author Sock Hiddenunderarock (1 year)
lmao faake

Author Clone2VB6 (1 year)
Do you seriously think that when you see an "Xbox 360 emulator" in
piratebay, it automatically exists and is real? Learn your shit son and do
some research before trying to convince me.

Author Ulf Holmström (1 year)
If you install this, your PC will have a red glowing ring on front of it
and stop working! :)

Author playstingo (1 year)
I just tried emulator for 3ds from Hackingnation (dot) org and the games
work like a charm , i dont know if i have good rig to run Xbox games though
, will try later

Author Mafia Grafferz (1 year)
what the password pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

Author Ruttie2 (1 year)
I can't believe people fall for this garbage.

Author BeemoDesigns (11 months)
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW that's a lot of dislikes LOL!

Author Armpitchair . (1 year)
Not to worry when the next gen Xbox Launches and people are all buying them
it wont be long before a legit Xbox 360 emulator is made as by that time
everyone wont care about Xbox 360 anymore and the Xbox 360 can run at low
resolutions which means less spec will be required to play the Xbox 360
games making them playable on most pcs. In a few years as new pcs drop in
price and have more power people will be able to go higher with the
emulators resolution

Author ☂ᗢᖰ-ᐯᓰᒪᒪᗩᓰﬡ (1 year)
Then what is this Xbox360 emulator that I have running on my pc hmmmmmm?

Author Alex mercer (1 year)

Author Maciej Pytel (1 year)

Author MrRoncape (11 months)
If u dont care, why do u reply?

Author daniel viteri (1 year)
hey man renews links Please

Author Clone2VB6 (1 year)
You don't want to do that unless you want your computer freezing up every
fucking 2 minutes and your facebook stolen. Now think twice before

Author H3ddo (1 year)

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