#RHOA Reunion Show DRAMA: Phaedra's Busted, Porsha Slept With Apollo, Peter Breaks Down, and More!!!

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Author Cheryl Young ( ago)
I think it!s true.

Author L V Coto ( ago)
Yes, Porsha probably slept with Apollo because she is trying so hard to take up with Phadra on everything. She is trying to keep Kenya the focus in Phaedra's eyes to hard. I can see it unfolding. I had a friend try to be really, really close to me and it was because she didn't won't me to see her for who she really was and that was she was ??????? my husband and claiming to be my bestie. It happens!!!

Author lenetia marshall ( ago)
porsha is stupid, and a pea brain and has no common sense... sad... a mind is a terrible thing to waste smh🤔😂😂😂😂😂

Author Monica J Valdez ( ago)

Author Qwert Qwerty ( ago)
love Nene

Author Qwert Qwerty ( ago)
no one cares what you think

Author tony palmer ( ago)
i hope she's renting that house. kim coming back too

Author Josephine Marino ( ago)
Porsha slept with Todd

Author Krazyness 33 ( ago)

Author kewana Johnson ( ago)

Author kewana Johnson ( ago)
that dumb ass hoe fukk him i cant wait to 👀 these thristy ass hoes get em kandi

Author Patricia Taylor ( ago)
Watch season 9 Atlanta house wives reunion part one

Author Tamika Gardner ( ago)
Porsha and Apollo are BOTH liars.!! But let's be honest this is the same chick who tried to give her own boyfriend a damn "Baby Nup"....who tf does that to their own man that they supposedly love and want to be with. Then you have the same man that lied to his wife and his friends about Kenya giving him head. Yes, it was very clear that she was flirting on camera when she first came to the show, which was STILL WRONG, at the end of the day he was a married man but sucking dick and flirting are TWO total different things. Lol, so it is very hard to believe what comes from Apollo or Porsha.

Author regina adams ( ago)
I don't believe a damn thing Todd gold digging desperate ass have to say. The man allowed Kandi and her rachet mother to disrespect his mom on national TV solely because he didn't want to mess up his cushy situation with having a paymaster and all.

Author Kelly I. ( ago)
Thank you for this video!! Good info. and alerts.

Author Reine Essindi ( ago)
what did you say/what ever else Nene is doing?, get your fact right sister, Nene is very busy with fashion police on E! and some other lucrative projects!!!

Author Chosen ( ago)
Porsha slept with that man and we all know this. Why all of a sudden, of all people, she chooses Phaedra as a true confidant? It's her guilt and fear that Apollo would expose her. You know that saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer?"

Author Chaka Moore ( ago)
I believe Porsha did have sex with Apollo

Author real issues ( ago)
It was reported that Peter was drunk, when he walked off the show, not that he was so torn up about Cynthia. I truly believe that Peter loves Cynthia.

Author rd ( ago)
Did she say egg set out of the video? Lol

Author Julian Stewart ( ago)
I don't think it's true. I think both Todd and Apollo wanted to sleep with Portia. I believe Todd invited Portia into his bedroom.

Author 3rika 112 ( ago)
Remember how Apollo lied on Kenya? I don't think it's true.

Author DcySive TV ( ago)
I don't believe it, first off, Todd busting his so called friend?

Author littleminx330 ( ago)
Is it just me or does beautiful soul sound like Marlo?

Author oh mygoodness ( ago)
Nope! Phaedra and Porsha would not have recently been on Watch What Happens Live together, if this was true.

Author Damn Tees ( ago)
speed up when talking... you take too long to get to the good parts...

I think Todd going on some sht Apollo told him cuz was he there when this sup to have happen. Porsha is young and gets into some messy sht but really Apollo . I think tht Cynthia been sneaking around with Peter giving him false hope.

Author Shetauja Coburn ( ago)
I sure do believe it. Heck why everybody believe Kenya did it and not Porscha when Porscha is the desperate one always flirting.

Author Grace ( ago)
It's true... they did it. Explains why Porsha loved PhaPha so much - she keeps Phaedra very close. Guilty!

Author Ceci C ( ago)
I abosolutely believe Porsha slept with Apollo.... haven't you heard???? She's a Freak-Ho!

Author Torri Coco ( ago)
The show is a snooze fest without Nene. They definitely need to get Nene back , she made the show!

Author Angela Jackson ( ago)
The only ones I like now, are Kandi., Kim. Nene, I didn't even know Porshs & Apollo even knew each other. Cyntthia is cute, but self centered and boring. the one who should go is Sheree, she's boring an so two- faced an a fire starter with know shame. Porsha is so immature, her getting dumped made her a crazy out of control liar. Phaedra is turning out to be a back stabber too! Kenya is petty. Marlo is a nasty dude,

Author mtownboi4ya ( ago)
I think Mrs. Phaedra is trying to outdo Kenya on biggest villain on the show
Also, Cynthia could go. I like her a lot but she got her businesses going. I dont think she needs the show for money reasons.

Author trina whaley ( ago)
don't believe nothing Apollo says, he's a big liar

Author alice richardson ( ago)
sheree why did they bring her back i hate when people be in the company of other and run back and start miss. she is the rat from atlanta she been this way since atlanta started.please bring nene back.i cant take sheree mouth anymore.i think they can do better with anyone else.we hate rats.just look how she stare at people. you know she is about to bring trash back and pile it up to bring back trash to someone house

Author Michelle Martinez ( ago)
Beautiful Soul....❤
*I wanted to ..💃💃.. but, you know I have to have your ...🔥... tea and I have to have the 411* 😂👍😻👏

Author disgrazia quattro ( ago)
Very nice commentary, Beautiful Soul. Good chat! <333

Author aldo holmes ( ago)
I think it Todd & Kandi trying to show what UGLY LIES can do !!

Author aldo holmes ( ago)
I think it Todd & Kandi trying to show what UGLY LIES can do !!

Author TheEvolvingMe ( ago)
I can believe that"Frick" slept with Apollo. Now it makes sense why she's going so hard for "Frack". It's her way of apologizing for breaking the Girl Code.

Author Keinia Sharp-Bucknor ( ago)
How sad can Peter be??? He got busted cheating!!! TAKE MANY SEATS PETA!

Author Mocha Love ( ago)
Porsha and apollo... yup I can believe it

Author Kim Jones ( ago)
I don't believe Porcha slept with Apollo I believe just what u said a lessin to be taught to Porcha abt things u don't say that isn't true but now! Now! That Kenya would be another story. Lol yeah!

Author Emmett Thornton ( ago)
Porsha lied about rape, anyone who supports her is trash!

Author Emmett Thornton ( ago)
porsha banged him! she admitted it

Author Cynthia McKinney ( ago)
Oh and and I wouldn't put anything past Porsha. She may have slept with Apollo

Author Cynthia McKinney ( ago)
Cynthia wants a younger man. She's tired of him sexually, and physically point blank and period...

Author Cheryl Young ( ago)
Phaedra honest and true what a joke and having preachers as parents is a disgrace her parents should feel so humiliated for Phaedra lying and discrediting Candy and starting such a dreadful rumour. Phaedra Parks should be sued for slander and defamation of character and disbarred is that the type of legal system they have in the south she can't be trusted she should lose her job if she's trying to ruin Candy who knows what kind of damage has she done to Apollo. Does it stop at Apollo,Candy,Kenya Cynthia,Sherae, and to use Porsha as her puppet sure does not make for a good person or a friend says a lot about her character sounds like fake pha pha and the devil are good friends shame on you Phaedra!

Author Cheryl Young ( ago)
Boo hoo Peter has been sucking Cynthia dry for years now she's fed up with his bullshit and decided too exit stage left now with his crying does he think that the abc is going to do a show with him "The Bachelor" starring Peter lol he's making a fool out of himself.

Author heyjillian ( ago)
Am I the only one that wants to see Kenya go? Her solo bits are so boring and she tends to cause problems for no reason. Come on now..She went into Sherre's house party looking to start drama and nit picking her house. Who cares if they may/may not have similar light fixtures with each other. Move on lol. I've been watching RHOA since season one, so it was nice seeing Lisa and Kim come in for the last episode for sheree in my opinion. As far as NeNe goes, I've always been a fan so I wouldn't mind if she came back honestly. I'm looking forward to seeing this 4 part reunion with these girls. There's a lot of dirt and drama that even the preview looks intense! Fake divorce papers? Fake cease and diciest against porsha Ooohh I can't 🙈

Author Easlin Brown-Thelwell ( ago)
I think Kandi and Todd should leave the show. I like them but this was not a good look for them this season. Kandi don't need the show she should be the smart business woman that she is make a boss move and move on. Phaedra needs to move on as well. I don't think Porsha is the liar that she is being made to look like. Porsha is being the fall guy to get some views for the show. Some of the tea that Porsha ia spilling has been told to her. Remember they are all on here for a check and the garbage is what keeps us killing our brain cells to watch. This is such trash that I feel like I should just be on crack both this show and the pipe kills brain cells.

Author Just Saying ( ago)
Oh, I believe Porsha slept w/Apollo!!! She's sneaky, and is tri-sexual...will try anythang!!!

Author nona smith ( ago)
i think it's true porsha is a hoe anyway

Author SugaChellez ( ago)
I hope that Porsha and Apollo relations are proven false (how, idk), that would be some DIRty-LoW-down-IsH!!....Not for nothing while Phaedra and Porsha was in Maui having that post-convo about Kenya for the 'Divorce-Party' ---Did ya'll pay attn to Porsha's expression when Phae was like maybe Kenya thought he'd want her or something to that extent..she was like Pissh chiiiiild- but that expression read all types of (Shoo I wanted him!). Go back and Rewatch....and Another thing, I know she wanted to be a sport, but why stick around at a party if "YOUR GIRL" got sick and left a party..idk it was all types of fishy to me (Porsha's behavior and body-language.

Author baby al ( ago)
come on and learn how to talk AND talk fast. this not kindergarten. plus you take tooo long getting to point and ur facts not straight

Author L Warfield ( ago)
Yes, I believe what you said is true.  Todd is only saying that Porsha slept with Apollo before he went to jail to teach Porsha a lessons with her lying ass.

Author Larry Thornton ( ago)
Todd a pussy. He acts like a female

Author esther omotoye ( ago)
i definatley believe that porshia slept with Apollo, with the amount of lies and shade that she has thrown this season, it has made my faith in what she says has go from 100% believed to not even bothered  to hear her out. Lets not forget that when under the threat of exposure porshia decides throwing other people under the bus with her heinous life ruining lies is worth her secrets being kept a secret, even with the proof of her lies right infront of her porshia did not confess  or even apologise for the consiquences of her actions. another example why I know portia can lie from now to the rapture is the way she denied hearing about Phaedra insinuating that her "best friend" kalmia fucked allot of husbands and lets not forget the biggest net of lies that porshia has cought herself in...... the kandi incident.... need I say more...... I think not

Author Wildfire Bluebird ( ago)
porshe had sex with Apollo? 😃 naaahhh porshe didn't do that! she is not raw like that she is not like that !!! 😃 if she uses the "well.., we wasn't friends than Phaedra ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" than that is the only way I see her getting out of it . But nahh not porshe she is having fun but she isn't looking to damage homes an besides she knows about how Kenya an Phaedra were so she isn't gonna mess that up unless she feels bad so she friends Phaedra😯 but that is awful 😁 nahh she didn't do it just like Kenya didn't an I'm sticking to it !

Author Wildfire Bluebird ( ago)
I believe peter loved Cynthia an she was the first female he loved the way he did . Peter always will love her ,he saw this coming. because he has her mind sense she was young,she was ready to spread her wings an feel for life ,what she didn't because she was locked down . she was married she said she didn't feel like she was the wife she wanted to be . She only did it to be wholesome. she done her child is older now she back out trying to feel what's out here but she is going to be right back with peter because no one is gonna appreciate her like peter an he will appreciate her more if she gets back because of how this lost made him feel

Author Wildfire Bluebird ( ago)
Phaedra even says it because they know peter has money they never even brought it up because they all new peter has money even Nene leaked knew that is why Nene got on her man. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Author Wildfire Bluebird ( ago)
peter really loves Cynthia he just didn't want her to do all she was doing an than end up not wanting him an she did it . this is what he was dreading he knows what comes after a woman gets her wings she been under him she has moneybyes but she didn't have to do much of anything because peter was a business man he didn't have to promote that on the show but do note this he always dressed the part.

Author Elizabeth Hubbard ( ago)
Yea he's hurt u guy's!! Ppl always think the grass is greener on the other side. You never miss the money until your well runs dry!! It is sad you guys!! But, she wad tired of him spending HER money!!!!

Author Bridgette Fuselier ( ago)
Yes I think it's true...

Author MissMjWilson ( ago)
If Porsha and Apollo had sex, I feel Phaedra would be a third party to it...they were so quick to talk about Kandi and Todd having threesomes, sometimes, the ones who are "guilty", will throw the accusation...

Author natural star wilson ( ago)
They betta not get rid of Cynthia! She's the only class act on the whole show! Nene lively but don't come back

Author Taja Gaiter ( ago)
Don't tell me Porsha slept with Apollo 🙏

Author Paulette Earley ( ago)
I believe that. Porsha did have sex with Apollo. Yep....

Author Karen Ward ( ago)
I hope Cynthia does not come back, she is boring. Also, I don't care if Nene doesn't come back. I don't believe that Porsha had sex with Apollo. Todd is some trash and I think he is a cheater and trying to deflect.

Author Dawn Roache ( ago)
Its really disheartening for Phaedra to be like that I look back on the Phaedra who went to Africa and had fun. Not this bitter person "fix it Jesus"

Author Bea Glover ( ago)
Phaedra, I liked u. You are a Lawyer and a Christian, (and I use that word loosely for you!) How could you do that. You were good for the show. You need to redeem yourself...BIGTIME!!

Author LaVette Harris ( ago)
I believe Porsha did have sex with Apollo... OOOOO I can't wait to see this reunion!!!

Author Ashanti Angelle ( ago)
I feel that if you gonna lie on Kandi at least have some type of proof like Kandi did why lie without proof

Author Harmonizers ignite ( ago)
This shoe has become to toxic like seriously

Author Jackie Taylor ( ago)
I see your point, I thought for a minute that Todd may be trying to show Porsha what it feels like to be lied on but why in the world would she have gotten so upset like she was. I can see her saying it was a lie but to have an emotional breakdown like she did...I kinda believe it.

Author Patti Briley ( ago)
Yea you can leave NeNe off the show did not miss her one bit. You can also get rid of Porsha and Phaedra can't stand either one of them an all they do is lie and try to blame every thing on Candi & Kenya. They are 2 back stabbing bitches !!

Author Awes Amb ( ago)
This is where I struggle with "reality" TV. Why does anyone need a "storyline" if it's reality? How about they just say "you're not that interesting" and "thank you for your services."

Author nubeing500 ( ago)
i believe its true in regards to porsha and apollo... she's skanky like that... and very lose. and he's skanky like that...apparently he was hollering at everyone on the low

Author Leah Shaw ( ago)
Apollo is fine...typical bad boy. a dog as man. I believed he fucked kenya or tried too and its possible with Porsche. i mean why not. he pulled Phaedra and she is an attorney. every girl likes a rough bad boy. doesn't mean he is for keeps. i bet they all invite other into their bedrooms which is why it is crazy drama

Author Laquita Hogan ( ago)
Get rid of that bitch Kenya can't stand her ass

Author Rose Green ( ago)
This was the first season I didn't watch RHOA in its entirety. I hated the lesbian rumor and I stopped watching RHOA until the episode re the failed divorce party. Then I heard the lesbian rumor escalated to date rape. That was vicious and date rape is never, ever funny or entertaining.

Author Rose Green ( ago)
Peter cares only about himself. Cynthia got tired of being his personal ATM. In my opinion, seeing an abusive marriage break up is a reason to rejoice. As for Porsha sleeping with Apollo...idk. But Kandi and Todd are usually honest and carry receipts. I want to see ALL the receipts honey!

Author Bonquishria ( ago)
Nene is shady but she is a one trick pony. I don't want her back. We need new faces

Author rusbel cue ( ago)
This T is delicious honey. About Apollo and Porsche. I know it is the friendship of Porsche and Phaedra is over.

Author xxx x ( ago)
we are so in the dark you guys are to be trying to get ready for the most high they come

Author xxx x ( ago)
are you serious that's all you have to do what is you guys are sick

Author xxx x ( ago)
you people are all going to hell if you don't get your Sol right you hear me

Author Sheree Morgan ( ago)
Cynthia would have been better off not marrying Peter. He was creeping, but didn't want to give up his comforts.

Author Dawn Nicole ( ago)
#1.. F*** Peter NO one really cares.
#2...Hell NO....I wouldn't believe one word that comes out of Apollo mouth. Remember how he lied on Kenya.. Apollo lied too much, he's locked up for fraud...Need I say anymore..... I finally see what he and Pheadra had in common. I wouldn't be surprise if Todd and Apollo were fu*****.Any and everything goes down in the A.
#3 Yes...I'm happy Nee Nee bipolar ass is coming back and hopefully she bring some new ladies with her...Because Kenya and Cynthia ass needs to go.

Author Hope ( ago)
Porsha slept with him. She is so silly!

Author LaShunda Humphreys ( ago)
Todd messy. He's so female. They keep bringing up Apollo so he can have money on his books to buy commissary. That fake ass girlfriend of Apollo Todd messing around with her and she was paid to come on there. Todd trying to keep up mess so he can stay in Kandi pocket. Peter crying cause he can't blow anymore of Cynthia's money. Kandi so blind. they say love is blind well Todd is living proof because long as he can be in the midst of keeping Kandi all to himself he don't have to worry about anyone bringing back dirt on except his mother-n-law who still don't really trust him.

Author Phyllis Steging ( ago)
I hope Nene doesn't come back as her head got too big. I use to like her but no more. If she comes back - then I'm gone and I won't be the only one. Kim needs to stay away as well & stick with her own prgm. If Pheadra is gone--please take the other loser--her side kick Porshia. Talk about to totally dumb & use less.

Author Mz.Onasiss Onassis ( ago)
Cynthia is OK Phaedra is gone

Author John Keyes ( ago)
Peter storm of set crying cos he no longer has access to her money.. if he loved her he would not be seen with other woman. end off

Author pink Hill ( ago)
they need to get rid of Kenya she has no story line all she is there for is to piggy back off others she also keep buying men like she should of been gone off the show!

Author Dorene Rhodes ( ago)
top gospel just like a hole

Author Dorene Rhodes ( ago)
top medical Porsche said that about candy that's why he mad

Author Dorene Rhodes ( ago)
no I don't bleed that I'm looking at their show cuz I don't believe that s***

Author Dorene Rhodes ( ago)
no no no no hell no

Author Dorene Rhodes ( ago)
yes he trying to teach Porsche a listing he's keeping spending any money

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