#RHOA Reunion Show DRAMA: Phaedra's Busted, Porsha Slept With Apollo, Peter Breaks Down, and More!!!

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Author Geleesa D ( ago)
appreciate the spoiler alert lol even though i'm here for the tea!!

Author tracy caroline ( ago)
I think Peter was emotional due to the fact that he knew Cynthia was a good woman, and generous financially. He's an old coot with limited options after his divorce. Cynthia's beautiful in her options are Limitless. Who else would want to put up with Peter's shenanigans.

Author Breazie ( ago)
Cynthia could be a luann - in & out. Nene will be too Hollywood she shud go to a diff city like RHOLA

Author Cristal Quinn ( ago)
Idk why they keep calling porshia a liar she said she !HEARD! they were planning to drug her I guess in all of kandi's rage she didn't hear that part

Author Cristal Quinn ( ago)
No porshia got involved when sheree said she started the rumor about kandi being gay

Author Shirley Jones ( ago)
Todd is the one who wants to have sex with Apollo. He is too invested in hating Phaedra and is very emotional when it comes to Apollo

Author momma bully ( ago)
It was confirmed by Bravo that the rumor of Cynthia isn't true and she didn't get fired nor anything about her not returning. Basically they said it's not true.

Author lesley mbuyi kayembe ( ago)

Author I-Dream Ofjeannie ( ago)
They will say and do anything at this point for ratings. it's all in the name of remaining relevant after almost 10 seasons. I love these ladies and Gents....and wish them much success. Cynthia.... most men will flirt, look at ass and see how far they can get with a woman so therefore divorcing Peter due to any of those reasons was not worth it. I believe in giving them a dose of their own medicine tho.

Author tawanna colbert ( ago)
If Andy is shocked it has to be something BIG ! Because Andy has seen it all !!!

Author MISS GEN ( ago)
I believe that about porsha and Apollo

Author Kane SB ( ago)
boring video

Author deadwalke ( ago)
Just as long as Kenya stays on the show, I'm good.

Author kallahari ( ago)
Ughhh Nene is coming back, and i bet she's going to hook up with Kandi..... Kandi girl don't fall for it.

Author kallahari ( ago)
Yep here i IS???? As a foreigner youtuber i know that's not proper English. :-)

Author WBEG RADIO ( ago)
I believe Porsha and Apollo had sex for sure. She's a hooker. Just like that call-girl mama of hers.

Author WBEG RADIO ( ago)
If Nene and/or Kim comes back, I will no longer watch the show. Peter tuck your tail and move on. F you crying for. Tired ass!! He definitely cheated on Cynthia.

Author Latonya Gibson ( ago)
Peter didn't have breakdown, he left because all the questions that was asked.

Author long dont ( ago)
Phaedra not upset cuz Phaedra , Porshia, and Apollo had a threesome and Phaedra don't want to be exposed

Author ria ( ago)
i don't care for ( drag queen nene) nene.

Author Sheilah Bullard ( ago)
Todd is teaching Porsha a lesson on lying on GP! or he's on some get back crap

Author terelon ( ago)
Andy looked like all the life left his body leaving that reunion, it must've been crucial.

Author Slim Goody ( ago)
Girl! I'm staying in this video, lol..

Author Michelle A ( ago)
I'm sorry girl but ur spolier alert put me to sleep, you kept repeating the same thing over and over, you know some of us have short attention spans sorry😴 😐😔..!

Author Nisa Carla Smith ( ago)
No to Nene back. yes to Cynthia leaving.

Author Ivonne G. ( ago)
I don't understand the logic behind ppl saying that Cynthia doesn't have a Storyline????? Hello, CELEBRITIES, TOP MODELS, SUPER MODELS, MS USA/AMERICA/UNIVERSE, AUTHORS/SINGERS & ICONS....."DON'T NEED A STORYLINE


THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT NEED STORY LINES ARE THOSE WHO ARE NOT ANYTHING OF THE ABOVE..common people who are close to being much like the 'VIEWERS"...

Author With love, Stephanie Denise ( ago)
people, this is all for ratings.

Author BLKFREGRL76 ( ago)
I haven't watched since NeNe left. However, if NeNe comes back and if they add Tiffany Pollard B.K.A. New York, then maybe I will watch. It is unheard of to add Tiffany, she can move to Atlanta.

Author sonia shaw ( ago)
look i stand some of you people what if Peters wife wanted to help open a business how many men has helped and is still helping women so what is good for goose is good for the gander they are married they can do thar

Author Renee Wimbish ( ago)
I feel sorry for Peter and Cynthia marriage ending. It's never a pleasant thing to do. I believe Peter truly loves Cynthia and was committed to have a marriage with Cynthia but I don't think Cynthia was truly committed. If you remember, she always said she didn't feel she was a person who wanted to be married. I believe she has unresolved issues about marriage from her parents which is sad. In time Peter will reform, refresh and refocus on what is to come in the future. As for Cynthia she will never marry again or have any kind of meaningful relationship until she resolves her personal issues with having committed relationships, male or female. I don't believe Todds' claim about Porsha. He just wanted Porsha to feel what his wife felt with her lies. Phaedra is going to have her covers pulled off of her.....from being Fake friends with Kenya and switching up later to her starting the rumor about Kandi and Shamia....I can't wait to see this reunion.

Author Jade b ( ago)
I doubt Apollo had sex with Phaedra. Apollo has lied on his dick before, Phaedra knows that. Can't say that it'll effect their relationship because Phaedra isn't that naive.. And Todd can't ruin Porshas reputation with that rumor that's not the first rumor put out about her an I doubt it'll be the last.

Author Laura Flewellen ( ago)
I think that if Cynthia does not return, it will be a blessing! She can build her own brand and leave the trashy reality TV world behind her. I hope Nene does not return either. She and Cynthia can team up and do their own thing. I also believe the show is beneath Kandi as well. I don't know why the hell they would wait for this woman to have a baby, then decide she needs to come out as a bisexual. I am disgusted at the level of low down gutter bs that Andy Cohen has subjected these beautiful black women to! He makes me sick! This show had maintained success throughout the years without having to lower themselves, but I see all that is out the window. Now it consists of nothing but lies and despicable scandle. Some things ain't worth the money, let alone your soul! People are always so quick to believe this nonsense and NONE of it is real! It's just about making and maintaining money! The show is now tabloid trash and I am no longer here for it!!!

Author Wilhelmina Jones ( ago)
This is way Frick&Frack are so close. They had a threesome b4 he want to jail than Porsha want behind Phradeas back and did him by herself only thing is Frick&Frack are still doing each other, watch how Phradea is always shaking her ass and making sexual moves around her. She wanted Kandi & Todd and they wasn't down with her...remember Kandi said her and Todd had a threesome and she told Porsha so she tried to get it on with them and they said no and she got mad so she want to Apollo & Phradea and because he was going to jail they did it only she Porsha got sum more without her friend knowing....Sometimes even liars tell the truth. Porsha nor Apollo have good track records for telling the truth but I think he is with this one. This is why Phradea is not mad at her because she knows what want down......that's why Kandi&Todd didn't do the threesome with Porsha because they knew it would come out eventually. They working on the new Todd....Phradea dancing around him and shaking her ass but when Kenya did that around Apollo she labeled Kenya as a Hoe......The Southern Belle is hot and she taking on all callers men&women!!

Author D'nise Jonson ( ago)
I believe that Porsha slept with Apollo. She is a freak which I am also, but my behavior doesn't change as a result of alcohol consumption. Porsha has demonstrated on TV how drinking can affect her. (remember when she was twerking and rolling her ass around off to the side by herself when everyone else was around the pool). She also finally admits that it was a possibility that she told Kandi her explicit desires at the party when they were drinking and dancing. Phaedra may not be upset because she may have known about it or participated in it. Phakedra is definitely no angel and she is also freaky.

Author Lisa A. ( ago)
LOL...Yes I believe Porshia's thirsty ass did it!!!

Author Patrice Patterson ( ago)
hell nol she did not sleep with apolla.but that what she get for her lies to candy.hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.good luck on that one ladys

Author MKatanda ( ago)
Phaedra is just the most vile woman I've ever seen on TV, with her disgusting swimsuit ew. There's nothing I hate more than someone who is crass all day and then says God's name like they live in the same building.

Author blkfoot blaque ( ago)
of course. Wasn't Phadrea and Apollo divorcing. All of them, the Housewives and their Mate are nice looking. They pretend their not looking, even though their mind Check each other out. I would have done Apollo, myself, but their is the line you don't cross. Says Who! This is how a Person miss out on what they could have. Its Prison and Apollo could get caught by the.rapist name Rock. which doesn't take Shyt for granite. ~~~foots~~~

Author slim slim ( ago)
you dont care if nene comeback... lol you got a youtube page, are you a man?

Author Priscilla Barnes ( ago)
LOL 😂 what is NENE doing let see what isn't she doing hun NENE don't need that show you sound straight ignorant get it together and baby girl how you reporting on shit you know nothing about so go somewhere and set your ass down

Author Bakeia Collins-Perry ( ago)
I am with! I can do without Nee,Nee !!!!!!!!!!.

Author Yvonne Sims ( ago)

Author Jessica Thomas ( ago)
Nene's coming back because her coins she's so full of s*** always talking about how rich he is no one cares

Author Jessica Thomas ( ago)
he misses her money that's what he misses he's full of s***

Author Jessica Thomas ( ago)
Cynthia is boring

Author Jessica Thomas ( ago)
yes I believe it she is a hoe

Author TR ( ago)
i cant with porsha and i cant stand phadrea

Author Trice Fountain ( ago)
Porsha aint did that shit...

Author Evelyn Aguilar ( ago)
I like Cynthia on there, she's always a breath of fresh air in between the nastiness! It's just going to get mean and nasty with Nene. Phaedra is fake and two faced and hides behind faking to be a PROPER CHRISTIAN SOUTHERN BELL, then out and about she acts like a THOT! I feel bad for Peter and Cynthia I feel like they should have given their marriage more of a chance that, I think he being in Charlotte for his new bar for months. Oh it's true on the reunion Porsha admits to being with Apollo! That's what I said; OMG, she Porsha did admit it and then said it's nobody's business.

Author Elizabeth Home ( ago)
I don't think Porsha sleeping with Apollo alone is true, but I can see a manager trois with Apollo Pheadra and Porsha go down.

Author HipKnowSis 9 ( ago)
I think she slept with him...she's cute... but she IS thirsty. I think Todd is teaching her a lesson. Love it!!!

Author HipKnowSis 9 ( ago)
Can't stand that satanic, shit starting, "Head Doctor" Fakedra. Always starting shit... in the name of Jesus!!! She and Porsha are both idiots!!!!

Author Cenzo Fuego ( ago)
Who Gives a Fuck about These Nasty ass People.

Author Masasho81 ( ago)
I don't believe this rumor eventhough it could be true. I just get spiteful vibes from this. I don't trust shit Apollo's lying jailbird ass says after he lied on his 🍆.

Author Toya Martin ( ago)
thank you so much goody6112 he is a liar

Author felisa henderson ( ago)
girl..yesss...i believe its true.porsha is a hoe....she did know her and phaedra was not as close as they are now...she type that will do it and keep to herself but they wasnt hiding they were out in public together...they say cynthia needs a do phaedra talking about kenya and lets see if she be mad at porsha...peter dont care about his marriage so to cry about it now...whats the saying u never miss a good thing untill its gone...who cares wether todd lying cause porsha deserves it for lying but i personally believe this about porsha cause she is a thirsty whore who will lie....but why phaedra is a christian and act that way like a hoe...she start rumors and tell lies on ppl and be dressing like she about to get on the hoe strolle and the be holloring...jesus god glory..uhhhh lets a about....being a fake christian in every sense of the word

Author Andrea Hancock ( ago)
most of the ladies on the show need to be replaced. this is a housewives show not single ladies.

Author Hector Garcia ( ago)
definitely phaedra needs to go l don't like that woman,porsha l care less never pay attention on her, nene and claudia needs to comeback.

Author Jeannette Hall ( ago)
I think Todd is telling the truth, he probably has receipts, I think he is too smart to open himself up for a possible lawsuit. This is something he most likely would have kept to himself but Porshia lying on him and his wife made it okay to slay her with the truth.

Author Shirley Sidney ( ago)
porsha called herself a thot. anything is possible

Author ty Pope ( ago)
i believe that's ture because porsha is a freak hoe and she is the kind that will sleep with a another woman's husband because she has done it before

Author Mari Diall ( ago)
plz dont bring back kim or Nene! whatever bravo do

Author Deborah Elliott ( ago)
Cynthia should have never got married💙

Author Lonzema Lewis ( ago)
I believe that about Porsha she is a Freak

Author Mdot Campbell ( ago)
I honestly feel that Phaedra is not going to believe that Porscha slept with Apolo. Phaedra feels that Porscha is NOT a liar (bs lol) and is such a effin angel. All the crap she pulled on Kandi I would put it passed her. Porscha lying ass is in the dog house!!!

Author wthel22 ( ago)
Peter was crying because he is broke again and he can't fool Cynthia out of anymore of her money.  it's not because of love.

Author Rozelyn Parker ( ago)
Communication classes may help or listening to other blog lines. It took forever for you to get to the news... You have to get to the "punch" and "plot" of your story.

Author Torri Howard ( ago)
hope season ten is the end...

Author Kinshasa Hite ( ago)
Where there is smoke...a fire ain't to far from it! I think Porsha might have been inappropriate with Apollo..but i don't think she actually "slept" him...oh hell, i don't know! They all ratchett..except Cynthia! Porsha set herself up for this ish right here.

Author Denisia Thompson ( ago)
If Apollo had sex with Porsha trust me Kandi would've been told that on the show. Kandi told everything else about Porsha on the show to make her look bad so y not add that to the drama

Author Cheetarra Alford ( ago)
ok they might have had a therefore that's the only thing I can see

Author TheNaturalebeauty ( ago)
Todd and Kandi are two things: Consistent and Honest. So, yes, Porscha slept with Apollo.

Author Shamella Samuel ( ago)
I swear ppl would believe anything negative about porsha how do ppl know how many men she slept with? what about kandi she slept with everyone under the sun with women as well porsha phaedra are the most entertaining to me love their friendship kandi n toddler are just jealous they are way to pressed this is all for a story line

Author Bre Sams ( ago)
I would love to see Porsha fine ass & Apollo having sex😂😂😂😂

Author GODGIVEN ( ago)
it's not true, todd is just getting back to porsha.

Author CJazz Stories ( ago)
Hmm so people are calling Kandi and Todd disgust and desperate.,. Saying that Todd should stay out of it when Porsha put him in it. When Porsha LIED about then setting her up to be drugged and taken to a sex dungeon? Then later admits it was a lie to get back at Kandi? But Kandi needs Miss thottin and Bopping the self proclaimed princess of thotland who did a complete 180 after the divorce. Inviting strangers back to the suite and making out with them in the jacuzzi. Porsha enjoys the attention and wants to keep it. She stirs the pot otherwise she would have declined on Hawaii. Kandi should have kicked her out.

Author NaturallyKoily Kuteness ( ago)
Apollo is the same sorry bastard who lied about him and no I don't think it's true.

Author NaturallyKoily Kuteness ( ago)
Listen, that whole crew is and has been messy from the start. The only seasons of RHOA that were decent enough to watch because the people were decent back then are Seasons 1 & 2. Since then the show and it's messiness has skyrocketed off the messy charts!! The decent folk are are gone with the exception of NeNe, Kim, Sheree, and the cast they have now. I think Phaedra and Porsha would've have been refreshing, even Kandi but damn it, THEY'RE ALL MESSY!!! Kim Fields brought something positive and dramaless to the show but the damn producers, directors are only interested in capturing Black women, successful Black women in their ratchetness! And the men are just as bad!! I believe everybody has fucked everybody on that show in some kind of way. More like swinging.....Todd, Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha, and Apollo....and some others who we don't/haven't seen. They're the more sexual beings on camera so nothing surprises me concerning them.

Author Lisa Catlin ( ago)
I don't believe that Porsche slept with Apollo and I hope Nene does not come back and I want Cynthia to remain on the show the three people I think should go is Porsche Phaedra and sh ree

Author Anthony ja,ed ( ago)
I don't believe it that's not true

Author Teemo slo ( ago)
who cares about Kandi

Author Teemo slo ( ago)
Kandi needs Porsha to have a story line

Author Teemo slo ( ago)
Porsha is the show is season

Author Teemo slo ( ago)
Cynthia is sooooooo boring

Author diane mitchell ( ago)
reality shows r based on drama N Cynthia is stiff N boring. kim N nee nee will bring double drama N that's what people want

Author Alison Adkins ( ago)
His mess is what made it end. She got tired of fixing his mess up. Peter is like a Mr. Good bar but after a while the nuts cracks your tooth and cause constipation. That's enough of that Peter . Your sweets is killing her

Author Shuntia Kindre ( ago)
does anyone doubt what Peter did how could you doubt one over other.

Author Danie Desir ( ago)
kandie can talk shit about everybody else's but once they te her about her business she got all types of receipts and all types of copies oh and some old text really girl🤔

Author Rashawn BORN! ( ago)
I know through a mutual friend Apollo smashed Porsha....more than once....FACTS!

Author phyllis garrison ( ago)
I think Todd is getting back at her for what she said about his wife! I don't beleive it. That is just how telling a lie about someone gets people to believe it.

Author theresa John ( ago)
I do not think that is true.That is just a hit back stunt.

Author Safe mode Safemode ( ago)
Who really give a f__ __k who is doing who this entire cast need to be replaced this ratchet ass cast of AHOA makes all the other Housewives shows look like Grammy winning shows and it's sad that all you views are so caught up in the he said she said shit that it say y'all don't have shit going in y'all lives to sit and entertain this fuckertry ....Bravo please fired them all off not just Cynthia

Author suchaladyj 0114 ( ago)
all this shit scripted. everybody need to go. new season new people!

Author LaTanya Renee ( ago)
Who do you think exited the video after the spoiler alert? NOBODY!

Author Jeanette Jamison ( ago)
Cynthia was never the committed type of woman. Peter is a business man 100 Percent and put too much into it and less on his wife.

Author Gregory Thomas ( ago)
People love to hate on Phaedra Ya'll so jealous and bothered.....

Author Gregory Thomas ( ago)
This is fake Porsha already confirmed that it's all lies she wouldn't stoop that low to sleep with her best friends husband. Todd bitch made ass started that rumor.... And Cynthia still has her peach she confirmed that yesterday in a interview..... They're called #RUMORS for a reason😏😏😏😏☕🐸

Author Sapiophile 2566 ( ago)
I don't believe Porsha slept with Felony Daddy.

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