Oilers force Game 7 with 7-1 win against Ducks

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  • Adrian Mills
    Adrian Mills 10 days ago

    go oilers go ❤💙❤

  • GreenApple
    GreenApple 1 month ago


  • shaniecepiche
    shaniecepiche 1 month ago

    i love oilers

  • shaniecepiche
    shaniecepiche 1 month ago

    i love oilers

  • DerpyUnicorn14421 :3

    Good job oilers!!

  • Dunith De Costa
    Dunith De Costa 1 month ago

    lets go

  • Nicholas Mai
    Nicholas Mai 1 month ago

    At least we ducks fans werent salty like you oiler faggots

  • Nicholas Mai
    Nicholas Mai 1 month ago

    Oilers suck balls like always

  • Lowkey Fam
    Lowkey Fam 1 month ago

    Gtfo Out Oilers fans Ducks took you out!!!We just took the Oil outta your Ciry

  • Alvin Fajardo
    Alvin Fajardo 1 month ago

    r.i.p ana

  • Cameron Elms
    Cameron Elms 1 month ago

    You suck anahime oilers roule anahime drules

  • Brahm Jarrah
    Brahm Jarrah 1 month ago


  • Brahm Jarrah
    Brahm Jarrah 1 month ago

    Oilers 👍👍😱🤗😋ducks😭😭😭

    • Nicholas Mai
      Nicholas Mai 1 month ago

      Brahm Jarrah oilers on game seven 😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪 ducks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Royal_Mav
    Royal_Mav 1 month ago

    the title is wrong its not game 7, its game 6

    • Royal_Mav
      Royal_Mav 1 month ago

      ok thx for letting me know

    • Daniel Deng
      Daniel Deng 1 month ago

      The title is correct. Game 7 was not supposed to happen if the ducks had won. But now it will because Oilers won.

  • Erik Kebel
    Erik Kebel 1 month ago

    I was at the game. It got so loud I couldn't here the goal horn lol.

  • Jonah Lowe
    Jonah Lowe 1 month ago

    He says scored the same way every time

  • Victor Ruggi
    Victor Ruggi 1 month ago

    After this game, can you imagine how many calls that PETA received regarding "duck molestation" in Edmonton??? A lot. @nhl_ref_logic on Instagram encouraged his fans to harrass them after the game and many people did so.

  • SchoolSucks2894
    SchoolSucks2894 1 month ago

    the oilers are winning game 7

  • Preston Fontana
    Preston Fontana 1 month ago


  • The Real Canadian Bacon

    the refs wont let the oilers win next game if they have thd chance. they dont want canadian teams in the final

  • Soviet Russia
    Soviet Russia 1 month ago

    Child playing NHL on rookie difficulty

  • FDB
    FDB 1 month ago

    Taylor hall must be enjoying this

  • Matt Pyle
    Matt Pyle 1 month ago

    I'm more impressed by the face off win % than the score. They need to win more draws tomorrow, I think that was the 1st game of series Edmonton won more draws.

  • Jash
    Jash 1 month ago

    Let's go Duck hunting!

  • Chase Chambers
    Chase Chambers 1 month ago


  • Beyblades! let it riiip!

    Scores!!.. Scores!!.. Scores!!.. Scores!!.. Scores!! Scores!!.. SCOOREEES!! Hahaha

  • Connor Green
    Connor Green 1 month ago


    NORTHSIDE 306 1 month ago

    Oilers season !!!!!

  • Ruben Delgadillo
    Ruben Delgadillo 1 month ago

    Trump is gonna put more tariffs on Canada if they beat the Ducks!

  • Alex Almonte
    Alex Almonte 1 month ago

    Like a well OILED machine

  • dylan plantenga
    dylan plantenga 1 month ago

    I'd bet it's 4-3 Edmonton in overtime.
    Come on Canada, this is our cup, let's take it back!!!!

  • Dirty Turtle
    Dirty Turtle 1 month ago


  • Dirty Turtle
    Dirty Turtle 1 month ago

    At 8:23 he says allah o akbar

  • Ethan Pontes
    Ethan Pontes 1 month ago

    rip burnier 2017

  • Snuka Palu
    Snuka Palu 1 month ago


  • 6IX
    6IX 1 month ago

    Man I'm sick and tired of lebron and curry so I watch the Stanley cup playoffs for entertainment now

  • steveforprez03
    steveforprez03 1 month ago

    Ducks playing like the Toronto Raptors

  • David Kereliuk
    David Kereliuk 1 month ago

    Great game

  • DucksFanSinceBirth
    DucksFanSinceBirth 1 month ago

    Thats what happens when your goalie and defense think the game was starting at 7pm...

  • Thunderbirds101
    Thunderbirds101 1 month ago

    With their failure to win Game 6, the Game 7 at home curse threatens the Ducks once again...

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 month ago

    woooooo! Drown in OIL ducks!!

  • Projectplantz
    Projectplantz 1 month ago

    I'm so proud to have been at this game!

  • Projectplantz
    Projectplantz 1 month ago

    Lots of blue dawn at the game so those ducks could wash the oil out of their feathers

  • Capitain_ Puppy
    Capitain_ Puppy 1 month ago

    Best fans in the league

  • Zylo Gaming
    Zylo Gaming 1 month ago

    This. Is. Rape.

  • Ken Zeier
    Ken Zeier 1 month ago

    exciting hockey wow

  • Wisegamer Youtuber
    Wisegamer Youtuber 1 month ago


  • Billy Jack
    Billy Jack 1 month ago

    Oilers win Game 7.

  • northlander
    northlander 1 month ago

    Looks like the Oilers mopped the floor with duck feathers .

  • Jovan Bozic
    Jovan Bozic 1 month ago

    2017 was a clue. 20 1-7

  • OC Beezilla
    OC Beezilla 1 month ago

    15 percent triggered ducks fans
    30 percent Allahu Ackbar before the ducks scored
    50 percent Germany vs Brazil game
    5 percent oilers fans

  • Chess, Math Master!
    Chess, Math Master! 1 month ago

    That's what I like to see:)

  • M Dayeh
    M Dayeh 1 month ago

    GO OILERS GO!!! Leafs fan

  • Le Douce
    Le Douce 1 month ago

    You ain't winning a Cup Kesler, after you deserted us.

  • Ss 240 v spec
    Ss 240 v spec 1 month ago


  • gurjodh dhillon
    gurjodh dhillon 1 month ago

    2:39 thank me later

  • HaydenDom
    HaydenDom 1 month ago

    2:40 "allahu akbar"

  • roryfitzpatric
    roryfitzpatric 1 month ago

    Is Edmonton not using their goal horn in the playoffs IR is the crowd that loud?

    • Sam Max
      Sam Max 1 month ago

      roryfitzpatric they do use the horns but this is edited

  • Havoc VEVO
    Havoc VEVO 1 month ago

    We need the cup back in Canada. Where it belongs

  • roryfitzpatric
    roryfitzpatric 1 month ago

    Hey NHL. Would you please stop spoiling the final score in the title of these videos?

  • Дмитрий Мальгин

    Гибсон явно выпил перед игрой

  • aliniem
    aliniem 1 month ago

    For the kid who said "oilers suck" in game 5, " ducks suck" lol

    • Nicholas Mai
      Nicholas Mai 1 month ago

      aliniem and for the oiler fans who said ducks suck at game 6 well oilers suck the next game :)

  • AlexJets44
    AlexJets44 1 month ago


  • Warhil Adeny
    Warhil Adeny 1 month ago

    So basically Brazil vs Germany

  • Download Finder :D
    Download Finder :D 1 month ago


  • AndrewFrank600
    AndrewFrank600 1 month ago

    Germany vs Brazil😂😂

  • David .Hattie
    David .Hattie 1 month ago

    7-1 never forget

  • ItzUdhay
    ItzUdhay 1 month ago

    the 6th goal was so smooth

    JMC JOSE 1 month ago

    Ryan getzlafed at

  • Agent Squidward
    Agent Squidward 1 month ago

    Doesn't matter. Duck still win.

  • Its. Ryan
    Its. Ryan 1 month ago

    R.I.P ducks

  • da melchior
    da melchior 1 month ago

    Oilers sens final 2017 let's do it!

  • Kaiden Brown
    Kaiden Brown 1 month ago

    don't let this distract you from the Oilers 7-0 loss against the sharks

  • WaterCroc
    WaterCroc 1 month ago

    Oilers fans are so stupid! They think just because of one game, it's over. That's not how it works NOOBS!

  • WaterCroc
    WaterCroc 1 month ago

    What happened to the Ducks? 5 goals in the first period? Now the Ducks need to focus, so the Oilers can get eliminated

  • Elizabeth Achey
    Elizabeth Achey 1 month ago

    As a Ducks fan, I give props to the Oilers and they have my respect. Sunday's game was insane, plus they're all over the Ducks. Wouldn't surprise me if Oilers win game 7. #game7 #stanleycupplayoffs2017

  • gasripper2
    gasripper2 1 month ago

    Once Gibson springs a leak like this he is done! Go oilers!

  • Gladbach is cool
    Gladbach is cool 1 month ago

    Draisaitl beschte 👌

  • Alessio Grossi
    Alessio Grossi 1 month ago

    What a game! I hold love to see Nashville and the Oilers!

  • Gavin Nighbor pokèmon and More

    Glad to be Canadian

  • Samuel Suys élève
    Samuel Suys élève 1 month ago

    Mark Mezzier

  • PatrickStar 62
    PatrickStar 62 1 month ago


    • Nicholas Mai
      Nicholas Mai 1 month ago

      Anyoumouse 1x1x1 Guess who won game 7

  • Michael Magro
    Michael Magro 1 month ago

    5-1 Series lead for the Oilers... going to game 7 to close out the series... #WhatIsGoalieInterference

  • I'm not Creative with names

    As the saying goes, "ducks don't do well in oil."

  • James Marcino
    James Marcino 1 month ago

    It's all over for the oilers now....

  • Punished Mallard
    Punished Mallard 1 month ago

    lol lets just forget the oilers got blown out by the sharks 7 - 0 and won the series..ducks can do the same thing here

    • Punished Mallard
      Punished Mallard 1 month ago

      I'm just pointing out something actually relevant than a 4 year curse meme. A sour game after an enormously big win the game before is to be expected. Anything can happen game 7 was the point

    • MrSeviper03
      MrSeviper03 1 month ago

      Ducks have a 4year curse of dropping doughnuts in Game sevens. So your theory of using past games to your advantage works for me bubz.

  • SvR2011XBOX360
    SvR2011XBOX360 1 month ago

    Com on SPOILERS eliminate the Ducks on Wednesday night!

  • Fakto Vlog
    Fakto Vlog 1 month ago

    BRA7-1L :D

  • kawisaienhne albany
    kawisaienhne albany 1 month ago

    Glad Anaheim lost like that, game 5 Anaheim shouldn't have won cause it was clear as day goalie interference

  • Brok Homz
    Brok Homz 1 month ago

    Beautiful game.

  • Владимир Марченко

    Пишите по-русски!!!

  • Richard Harder
    Richard Harder 1 month ago

    It must be duck season in Edmonton

  • Dom F.
    Dom F. 1 month ago

    Anaheim suck it....

  • Lucky Sixteen
    Lucky Sixteen 1 month ago


  • Nataniel Casears
    Nataniel Casears 1 month ago

    Rangers better do exactly this tomorrow.
    Same scenario trying to stay alive at home LGR LETS change this damn ending
    (Nice Game Oilers thx for the inspiration)

    • Nataniel Casears
      Nataniel Casears 1 month ago

      Sayakawill thx bro if your a oil fan good luck in game 7

    • Sayakawill
      Sayakawill 1 month ago

      Nataniel Casears rangers rarely lost at home in the Playoff, good luck

  • Anderson Medeiros
    Anderson Medeiros 1 month ago

    7-1 and a hat trick by a german player......

  • Natsfan1112
    Natsfan1112 1 month ago

    Y'all going to crying after game 7 ;D #GoDucks #GoUSA

    • LuckyGuy27
      LuckyGuy27 1 month ago


  • The Lam Show
    The Lam Show 1 month ago


  • Arunalu Kariyawasam
    Arunalu Kariyawasam 1 month ago

    Don't get me wrong; as a Flames fan, I hate the Oilers. But it's so nice to see the Ducks get rekt.

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