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Author noé èon (1 year)

Author Francisco Cantero (2 months)
To sweeten the ears of my friends

Author Nines del Castillo (2 months)
Pavarotti "caruso":

Author stephane saliques (28 days)

Author liliana tosi (15 days)

Author tallula bell (3 months)
Pavarotti "caruso": absolutely beautiful. ♡♡♡

Author Lloyd Clement (3 months)
Amazing how you can feel the words.

Author ilkin hummatov (4 months)
Привет из Азербайджана всем кто чувствует музыку :)

Author Art of Piano Playing Music School (3 months)
Luciano Pavarotti "Caruso"

Author OY gl (23 days)
Luciano Pavarotti

ténor lyrique

Author oded fried-gaon (1 month)
Schmaltz Corner... but TERRIFIC schmaltz!
Here are 2 versions, done with excellent artistry.
Have yer tissues nearby.

Author Zaur Intizar (3 months)
Luciano Pavarotti - a legend. He produced an opera revolution, and even his
strongest critics will argue that his name will always be synonymous with
the beauty of the human voice.

Author Josev Slotnikow (7 months)

Author Mario Delise (28 days)
Eterno Luciano,sei il piú grande fra i grandi

Author Patrícia Aires (5 months)
Pavarotti "caruso"

Author Miguel Odaíl Robles Rincón (10 days)
4:55 Es humano!!!! fue lamentablemente. La mejor voz de todos!!!

Author Delfino de la Fuente (9 hours)
Lo más hermoso! ¡BRAVO PAVAROTTI!!!

Author Erzsébet drDanitz (1 month)

Author Magdalena Ambrósio Rodrigues (2 months)
Bom dia.Com carinho!!!!

Author aparaschivei toader (4 months)
per te

Author terra leve (1 month)
Um tema central na trama .
Em boa verdade, um tema de morte.

Author Рузанна Хачатрян (3 months)
До глубины души <3 ~
#глубина #души #идеальный #голос 

Author Andrzej Dzwonnik (2 months)

Author Michaela Ursea (1 month)

Author Maxim ML (5 days)

Author 0311RFLMN (3 months)
OMG misty you douche. im sure GOD has no use for you because you are a mean
self centered slut. you just like to cause trouble with your youtube
dietribes. we know your fucking stupid and were brought up by vermin.

Author jaime bernardo medina tapia (1 month)
es un clasico muy bueno

Author m (8 days)
i'm fucking stoned

Author MrMartinGods (3 months)
Pamiętajmy o Wielkich których nie ma już z nami.

Author dimodo dimodo (8 days)
C'est tellement beau !!!!

Author Alessandra Abbruzzese (1 month)
Guarda questo video su YouTube:

Author Cathryn Bruce (2 months)
Christian Miconi from +Vlad In Tears Official Youtube Channel does an
incredible version of this. It loses a lot because i / we are English and
I'm told the song contains a lot of slang terms, but the story is heart
wrenching. His delivery of it is beautiful. Try and check it out. 

Author alejandro garcia (24 days)

Author Regina Lucia Silva (19 days)
a letra da musica caruso em portuques

Author Fernanda Benevides (1 day)

Author Михаил Зюгаев (2 months)
Три тенора, это талант от Бога! Это не повторить и никогда не превзойти.
Ушла эпоха, уходят люди, остается память в веках.

Author Arzu Görgülü (1 month)
özel bir ses...

Author Алексей Яркевич (16 days)

Author ΜΑΓΔΑΛΕΝΑ IΩΑΝΝΟΥ (6 months)
week end with freshhhhhhhhhhh........και σεις επιλεγετε τον

Author Ivaylo Angelov (1 month)
It's interesting how I've been passionate about this song for so many
years. I've never known a single word in Italian and yet this masterpiece
has always brought me huge emotion and vivid pictures in my mind. Some time
ago I finally came up with translation in English just to find out that
these beautiful lyrics do pretty much coincide with my vision of the song
so far. I guess this is what music and art are supposed to be at all - no
barriers and obstacles, just love.

Rest in peace, Maestro and thank you for this heritage.

Author Adrian Da Vinci (24 days)
Ti amo Luciano.

Author Fatih ayyıldız (1 month)
sözlerin türkçe anlamlarına bakın harika bir şarkı

Author mag atlántica (3 months)
Pavarotti "caruso":

Author janine cami (7 months)
12 octobre 1935 : Naissance du ténor *Luciano Pavarotti*

Author Alexander Rodrigues (1 month)

Author Cleide rocha maeda (1 month)
que paixão.

Author Fabry fabrizio (1 month)
Lucio Dalla, un Poeta della canzone italiana, un genio. L'esecutore Luciano
Pavarotti, forse, la più bella voce mai esistita. Un capolavoro.

Author Zaur Intizar (3 months)
Лучано Паваротти — легенда. Он произвел оперную революцию, и даже его самые
непримиримые критики не будут спорить, что его имя навсегда останется
синонимом красоты человеческого голоса.

Author Pete Carma (8 days)
let me refer you to a version by Lara Fabian.

Author Liviu Bojin (3 months)
Un ecou dicolo de moarte mii de aplauze meriti si pentru acolo unde nu este
drum de intoarcere.

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