Egyptian bellydancer Najwa Fouad - رقص شرقي - نجوي فؤاد

La mítica bailarina egípcia Nagua Fouad recientemente en una actuación espontánea en tv. Luego sale otra bailarina más joven pero no sé quien es

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Author marciajothbrazil1 (4 years)
Najwa was and remains the greatest talent in the Arab world .............
I'm your fan! Brazil wants you too

Author Maria Isabel Navas Rivero (5 years)
Hola! alguien sabe el nombre de la canción? Please some one knows the title
of the song?

Author EyyamDance (5 years)
Fantastic dance & music!!!!! I'm so impressed! What is the name of singer
or band? I like that song:).

Author bellyfierce (5 years)
¡¡¡Maravilloso!!! Delighting!!! Enchanteur!!! Affascinante!!!
Begeisternd!!! Encantador!!! Bedarande!!! Love from Mexico!!!

Author Hafsatheyounglion (4 years)
Acaso la bailarina joven no es otra que Doa Sallaam??

Author cairotiger1 (4 years)
I think it was not life show, seen so many videos from the same place,
could be a dancevideo studio and there are only few people sitting around,
should be full in reality, no????,,,,,,,,but nagwa still DANCE and she
sings also very very nice!

Author hashan15 (6 years)
gracias por el video:)

Author hayet77 (5 years)
how old is she now?

Author glby7sas (5 years)
راحت عليها نجوى الحين صارت متينه حتى الرقص مو حلو عليها قبل تتلاعب بخصرها
كان وايد حلو بس هم على سنها هذا وجذي رقصها هم وااو

Author EyyamDance (5 years)
Thank you so much Flordehenna, now I hope to find that:).

Author latanyasdance (3 years)
She is the most graceful dancer. Look at those arms and hands, movement
full of majesty. Although she always had a rhythm problem, I always admired
her for her grace and effortless shimmies.

Author shimmygirl75 (6 years)
Nice video. Shukran!

Author Flordehenna (5 years)
Si, es "gana el hawa". Preciosa cancion :-)

Author merlinado (4 years)
notice how he lets Nagwa sing since he cannot raise his voice that high. He
allows her to take over the song where he cannot keep up. Arrogant and
conceited and without any thing to show for.

Author marciajothbrazil1 (4 years)
Najwa Fouad, is the great queen of belly dance, congratulations AND THAT IS
MY FAVORITE MUSIC ... every time I hear I feel very happy! Here in Brazil
we love you very much!

Author 7Vails (6 years)
Nagwa always dances with a "Timeless Elegance"

Author DanganaSaliye (5 years)
I cant hold my tears,Nagwa I love you habibti

Author bashir al hamwi (1 year)
mustiff1977 ___ المطرب هذا إسمه بشار درويش

Author cocoa75 (4 years)
gana al hawa gana.....classic :)....but man najwa gotten old. I wonder if
she's still alive

Author liviapj (5 years)
The other dancer is lebanese Sahara! Thank u for posting this! They are
both gorgeous!!

Author sdsandiegoca (5 years)
سهرة رائعة بحضور نجوى فؤاد..السهرة ستكون أروع بدون المراهقات الموجودات بهذه

Author TheHlilou (5 years)
ih dhi alhimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

Author Nine Rine (2 years)
our best bellydancer

Author irmar (5 years)
The dinner theatre concept also means that, as in real restaurants, the
audience is more than welcome to join in the fun. Why would you find them
embarrassing and "tarts"?

Author Flordehenna (5 years)
the video is from 5 years ago. I think Najwa born in 1941

Author THE88DREAMERR (4 years)
Is Nour the actress there? with short hair cut??

Author mustiff1977 (5 years)
شرموطات زانيات

Author Claudia Jovel (4 years)
ilove it too what is the song called?

Author Flordehenna (5 years)
the original singer was Abdel Halim Hafez, the song is "Gana elhawa" :-)

Author Hafsatheyounglion (4 years)
Creo que la bailarina joven es Doa Sallaam

Author Sam Harris (1 year)
dude you are KILLING the song, he must be turning in his grave

Author DiamondRubyJewel (2 years)
nagwa should not have sat down!!! SHE IS JUST AS BEAUTIFULLL AND MORE

Author سيف الطالب (1 year)

Author Ana Martinez (4 years)
@CVJOrientalDancer gana el hawa

Author sevimli16 (5 years)
Great video! invigorating!!

Author Rod3000 (4 years)
i am not egyptian, but you dont have to be to apreciate talent like like
her, just

Author Ana Martinez (4 years)
amazing song..amazing dancer!!!

Author mohsen0503444074 (5 years)
روووووووووووووووعه يانجوى

Author Flordehenna (3 years)
@EyyamDance in this video the singer is Bachar Darwish

Author Red Wine (2 years)
I saw her many years ago in London ... She is still hot and wonderful lady.

Author scent007 (4 years)
@evaloladaco2 اسمه جار القمر

Author Ana Martinez (4 years)
one of my favourite songs!

Author Mannoush (4 years)
who is the 2nd one?!

Author Milene Rodrigues (2 years)
Amazing! Thanks for sharing! Eternal Happiness

Author Mohammad Salami (4 years)
البنات ذول ما عليهمش ثياب ليه من الفقر يعني نعم فقر الخلق والدين والعفة
والشرف وهذي العجوز المتصابيه لم تترك الخنا صحيح عفن فني اللهم طهر مصر من
الفسقة والمجرمين

Author latanyasdance (4 years)
What a pity she doesn't look like herself anymore...

Author mustiff1977 (5 years)
اذا سمحت تقولي ايش اسم المطرب اذا ممكن ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

Author liviapj (2 years)
The other dancer is the Lebanese Sahara.

Author Maria Isabel Navas Rivero (5 years)
Gracias, la canción es bellisima!!!

Author Essam Higazy (5 years)
Nagwa aged gracefully.

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