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Author Enayatullah Waziri (8 months)
Long live pashtoon Tajik and all afghan love u all

Author Farzad Hassani (8 months)
ههههه ، دختری که کل عمره خود ره د وطن گذرانده باشه، نازش دلنشین تر است ، I
love Afghanistan and Afghan people 😊

Author Mohsen Tanha (4 years)
waqehan khobish ba asi aftekhari ma ast hamisha arozoy mowafaqiat daram

Author persianofafg (3 years)
آفرين بر شما افتخار افغان و افغانستان هستيد

Author kumail hussaini (3 years)
poor girls, i really feel sorry for both of them... they are our
celebraties, they dont know even how to talk... lolz arzo kalan kar ast
khoda zada ra....

Author Shafi Halim (4 years)
besyar hali , besyar hali , mashallah really nice program, long live afghan

Author Wahid Safi (4 years)

Author MrBolboL1 (4 years)

Author kamran2406 (3 years)
jalali very interisting long live for afghanistan

Author kabuli jaan (4 years)
زنده باشی جلالی صاحب

Author Mohammad Majidi (1 year)
besyar khobesh

Author shabeerfaisal (3 years)
that fat girl is sooo annoying, she doesnt do anything boring slag, fuck
off back to your mummy, i really do feel sorry for your future husband, if
theres gonna be one!!! i hope you read this comment too!!

Author (3 years)
@yaqubhanifi20 ok i dont think i or anyone else cares what you think of the
program or what your name is.

Author Ahmad john (2 years)
how are you are aguys

Author Mansoor Parwany (2 years)
Hamida you surf

Author mustafaamini89 (4 years)
The poor girls, he's bullying 'em

Author afg4love (4 years)
wow besyar barname khob

Author Mohammad Arif Jamil (4 years)
hahahahahaha this guy is hilarious.

Author behnaz afg (4 years)
hahahh bisyar khobesh ...ami da kodam canal pakhsh mesha ! bisyar programe
khobesh ast lol

Author TheSharewired (4 years)
@baburmirzad17 hey i like the show, but you can't blame the girl, he asks
some stupid question "like how much gold do you have?" and what do you do
with your money, these are private question, i can not believe he asked her
how much gold do you have? would you answer that question?

Author NesheGajdom (3 years)
En 2Girls Ke Ba Afghanistan Kalan Shodan, Dari Gap Sadan Ra Dorost Yad
Nadaran, Pass Az Mo Qandolaka Che Gelaa Ke Ba Kharej Astim? :P But
MR.Jalali is really good.

Author pakol (3 years)

Author Ghamai- KDr (4 years)
very nic and funny jalalii sab zwande wose ... faridazim thnc for nice

Author mohammad Sultani (4 years)
please find more of this chanel i live in london ok please thank u very

Author Par100milyon (3 years)
مجري برنامه خيلي شوخ وسرو زبان دار است.كارش قشنگ است..خنده وشادي درمان هر
دردي است

Author SaMeeR25HaMrAAz (4 years)
cool nice jok

Author Massoud A (4 years)
Salaam I hope this Tv come to USA .

Author SuperAdventure12 (3 years)
I don't I agree with dawoodsultan007 i think this is great

Author Sahar megzara (3 years)
@xzaxx Hahahah But that is not all,, unwa ke ajizz ast befam ke yak khab ast

Author clickafghan1 (3 years)
please go to w w w. click afghan . com Best place for All Afghans. please
click on facebook like button to become memeber. thank you.

Author kalash ahmadi (4 years)

Author NesheGajdom (4 years)
Jalali Saheb Besiar Khubesh, TeeT,TeeT :XD

Author behnaz afg (4 years)
hahahh bisyar khobesh ...ami da kodam canal pakhsh mesha ! bisyar programe
khobesh ast lol

Author Wahed Afghan (3 years)
jalale is to funny man

Author lafok khan (4 years)
ahah chi lauda lauda dochtara astan dammm

Author Almas Kotwal (4 years)
I like the idea of this show... a sign of progress

Author TheSharewired (4 years)
@MyLoverIsMineForever i agree

Author Razoo66 (3 years)
Both of the work in film industry but honestly non of them they can't even
normal talk, my little sister she 4 years old talk better then them .

Author afghanistan941 (3 years)
affrin ba shema azizan man baheton eftekhar mekonam

Author ShIrEEnMahSaGaKMSCK (3 years)
They even dont know how to talk lol...Hech gab zadan yad nadaran lol...

Author koshan666666 (3 years)
بسيار عالي بود ! هر كس كه انتقاد ميكند اول به خود بايد بيبيند بعداء انتقاد
نمايد. اكر إز اينها كرده زياد تر ياد دارد سينما افغانستان ضرورات دارد برايش
واكر ياد ندارد وتشويق نميكند خاموش باشد

Author Arash Jan (3 years)
salam ba jalaly saheb wa tamam dostan besyar barnamy haly wa ha amena jan
wa arezo jan besyar mafaq astan nam khoda my favourite is arezo jan besyar

Author Afg. mohajer (2 years)
akhe to ke harf zadan balad nisti chera rafti on ja iranio afghani ro ghati

Author Jaghoriboy Jaghori (4 years)
hahahaha,, on dukhtari ki daste rast neshashta wa man onna khaili dostash
daram..norway boy

Author TheSharewired (4 years)
she was right some of the questions he asks are really stupid, and
childish, like would would ask" How much gold do you have" that is a
private question, why would she tell everyone on national television, its
like going outside your house, and saying hey everyone, We have put all our
money under the bed, they will steel it.

Author عبدالرحمن ظاهر (3 years)
ر لاؤلا

Author Afghan Gurlie (4 years)
this guys r so sad seriously afghans these dais

Author farhad896 (4 years)
noshi jani jalali dokhtara gir kada bisyar jalib bod

Author Atef Qayoumi (3 years)
weee ke cheqa eba

Author Jack Ali (3 years)
hahahaha amazing guy!!!

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