Arzoo and Amena Shabkhand

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Author Fawad Sarvari ( ago)
بازار گرمی این مردم خر را ببینید

Author Mohammad Majidi ( ago)
besyar khobesh

Author brad n.n.d ( ago)
Unlike bich

Author mahajeryeu ( ago)
sorry man you can't say Dog to a woman ( female), dog is a male word. but
you can call her a Bitch, (female dog) lol

Author Mansoor Parwany ( ago)
Hamida you surf

Author reza ibrahimi ( ago)
kaka asif khoda aqobat ta bakhayr kona khili ziyad ba dokhtar khanoma

Author Sha Perth ( ago)
this is directed at this guy who likes to disrespect Afghan culture. You
must be ill informed about afghan culture. greeting is personal approach
weather is short or "hour" long also depending on how close and friendly
you would like to express yourself.

Author Afg. mohajer ( ago)
akhe to ke harf zadan balad nisti chera rafti on ja iranio afghani ro ghati

Author mylove2488 ( ago)
please go watch (ray cries for obama) thank you

Author AfGunMeLo7 ( ago)
No offense, these girls are so khaw borda, Jalali Sahib damet garm ast. LOL

Author Uzma Sarwa ( ago)
thumbs up if your afghan and you know it

Author neoperseus ( ago)
Is this Afghanistan's Johnny Carson ?

Author Seli G ( ago)
c'mon, maybe they are nervous, or something.... who cares, shakband makes
the show full.

Author jhon dil ( ago)
hi to all jest if you could upload shabkhand program by dats so we can see
all now it is deficalt to know which is which. thanks

Author rodakash ( ago)
e hazargi besyar kos gholak ast hahhahahahahha

Author rodakash ( ago)

Author Ahmad john ( ago)
how are you are aguys

Author PamirAFG ( ago)
hahha jalali is the best

Author yakhshe qul ( ago)
fonny khar

Author عبدالرحمن ظاهر ( ago)
ر لاؤلا

Author DARIUSH LUCKY ( ago)
ami Iranigakesh chiqadar ghool ast

Author kushazaher ( ago)
Az karghadanie Programme Shabkhand Abrazie Tashakur wa Amtinan
Miniemaiem.Jalali Saheb LONGLIVE for Afghanistan.

Author kamran2406 ( ago)
jalali very interisting long live for afghanistan

Author shabeerfaisal ( ago)
that fat girl is sooo annoying, she doesnt do anything boring slag, fuck
off back to your mummy, i really do feel sorry for your future husband, if
theres gonna be one!!! i hope you read this comment too!!

Author ( ago)
@yaqubhanifi20 ok i dont think i or anyone else cares what you think of the
program or what your name is.

Author Mohammad Yaqub Hanifi ( ago)
M.YAQUB HANIFI it is one my forovite programs and i love this is programs

Author Waheed Ahmadi ( ago)
Good job, Jalaly Girls are really lost, but Jalaly can be more helpful. I
liked it anyway

Author rimoo alone ( ago)
@khayesta1 hhhahahaha i said she said im 19 what the fuck,she looks too old
and she said im 19???????

Author Zaher Shojaee ( ago)
very nice

Author mehwishf1 ( ago)
girls are not very professional

Author rimoo alone ( ago)
rastem they both are ugly,and she is saying that im 19 hahhahahaha WTF

Author clickafghan1 ( ago)
please go to w w w. click afghan . com Best place for All Afghans. please
click on facebook like button to become memeber. thank you.

Author AfghanGuitarOff ( ago)
Jalaly, goodjob, now look at my video :)

Author koshan666666 ( ago)
بسيار عالي بود ! هر كس كه انتقاد ميكند اول به خود بايد بيبيند بعداء انتقاد
نمايد. اكر إز اينها كرده زياد تر ياد دارد سينما افغانستان ضرورات دارد برايش
واكر ياد ندارد وتشويق نميكند خاموش باشد

Author pakol ( ago)

Author persianofafg (1345 years ago)
آفرين بر شما افتخار افغان و افغانستان هستيد

Author khiam qurbani ( ago)
karmach safid awal buga

Author haroon22 ( ago)
Amena is really lovely well behaved and somehow shy, Arezo is good and
charb zaban but no experience. I reckon they were taught how to act and
what to say but Arezo lost it at the beginning. Anyway i hope they get
better and better

Author minalovevaly ( ago)
He is so rude!! Poor girls..

Author wolf gang ( ago)
jalali for president...and peace will come

Author kumail hussaini ( ago)
poor girls, i really feel sorry for both of them... they are our
celebraties, they dont know even how to talk... lolz arzo kalan kar ast
khoda zada ra....

Author rahmat alami ( ago) it

Author Atef Qayoumi ( ago)
zandebad Farid Azim..... u are the best director ........watan mara degam
ham peshreft beta...... zandabad

Author Atef Qayoumi ( ago)
weee ke cheqa eba

Author Mario M ( ago)

Author Mario M ( ago)

Author Arash Jan ( ago)
salam ba jalaly saheb wa tamam dostan besyar barnamy haly wa ha amena jan
wa arezo jan besyar mafaq astan nam khoda my favourite is arezo jan besyar

Author Shia Afghanistan ( ago)
@Faysal2005 e Khadija Tujjar Bod Lekin Raghso Avaz Ta Tujari Bisyar Tafavot
Dara Chito ?

Author afgfarsi ( ago)
خيلى ممنون افتخار ميكنيم به شيما

Author Wahed Afghan ( ago)
jalale is to funny man

Author PeAcE ( ago)
thank you so much friends for uploading them, they are really good. please
keep it up. Appreciating Jalali Sahib for his great performance.

Author SuperAdventure12 ( ago)
I don't I agree with dawoodsultan007 i think this is great

Author Par100milyon ( ago)
مجري برنامه خيلي شوخ وسرو زبان دار است.كارش قشنگ است..خنده وشادي درمان هر
دردي است

Author NesheGajdom ( ago)
En 2Girls Ke Ba Afghanistan Kalan Shodan, Dari Gap Sadan Ra Dorost Yad
Nadaran, Pass Az Mo Qandolaka Che Gelaa Ke Ba Kharej Astim? :P But
MR.Jalali is really good.

Author Yalda Bashar ( ago)
برنامه بسیار عالی هست و مهمانان برنامه خیلی دختران بااستعداد و زیبا هستند

Author nbaplaye ( ago)
hahahahahahah u r the best!!!!

Author Farhad Opiani ( ago)
hahah kaka asif always get ppl dwon lol haha nice kaka asif ur the best of
best lol

Author Farhad Opiani ( ago)
hHhh en dokhtarak kalan ast mega ma 2o shodam wow. sharminda shodan. w
megan machom dokhtarak aroso mekona ya ne. haha akhh now da geri ma amada

Author Soheil Samimi ( ago)
shokhaka :p Love all my people <3

Author kabul parstv (503 years ago)
آفرين به شيما إفتخار افغانستان هستيد آفرين به شيما

Author AFG herat ( ago)
he isnot bulling them those girls are dumb, kaka asef is the bestt

Author mim min ( ago)
He is bullying them. Not so nice of a host

Author bashir kawoosh ( ago)
nice one keep it up

Author sayed firdous sadath ( ago)
great jalali

Author afghanistan941 ( ago)
affrin ba shema azizan man baheton eftekhar mekonam

Author khoshi Afgunz ( ago)
Nosh Nosh kaka Asef LOLL

Author AfGunMeLo7 ( ago)
Chi bala khaw borda astan. SO BORING GIRLS WALLAH!!! TOBA

Author BlueTv (110 years ago)
khob gosh malakeshan meta loll

Author Sahar megzara ( ago)
@xzaxx Hahahah But that is not all,, unwa ke ajizz ast befam ke yak khab ast

Author xzaxx (634 years ago)
@missmskreal both of them are ajiz just what most of afghan men wants them
to be!

Author Sahar megzara ( ago)
thewhite girl is so arrogant

Author omed sharifi ( ago)
i like arzooo bt amena is liking vary mmmmmm...

Author Champlizell 94 ( ago)
Jalali Saib Idon't think this is fair of you to ask girls or women about
their ages !

Author wsjan1 ( ago)
khob kate az in dokhtaraye maghbole kabul las mezani.

Author Razoo66 ( ago)
Both of the work in film industry but honestly non of them they can't even
normal talk, my little sister she 4 years old talk better then them .

Author hazara stara ( ago)
orzo is very sexy girl i fack orzo

Author haji fareed bostani ( ago)
وردکی برای بچه خود گفت: شوروی که رفتی ده اونجه زنکه بازی نکنی ، که یک رقم
مریضیست ایدز میگیش ، ترا گرفت زنته میگیره ، زنته گرفت مره میگیره ، مره گرفت
مادرته میگیره، مادرته گرفت کلی افغانستانه میگیره.

Author haji fareed bostani ( ago)
jalali zenda bashi khob dokhtara gir kardihahhahahahaha

Author PoochaqKhor ( ago)
Nice one!!!!!

Author ShIrEEnMahSaGaKMSCK ( ago)
They even dont know how to talk lol...Hech gab zadan yad nadaran lol...

Author Jack Ali ( ago)
Beautiful girls :)

Author Jack Ali ( ago)
hahahaha amazing guy!!!

Author mohammed51602 ( ago)
affrin khely mamnon azizan

Author Azada Hosseini ( ago)
Jalal Sahib (the guy) I have to admit he is really really really funny but
I also have to say that he was kind of bullying those girls!

Author Afghan Gurlie ( ago)
this guys r so sad seriously afghans these dais

Author xzaxx ( ago)
is it allowed to have intercourse outside of marrige in afghanistan?

Author Mehya Haji ( ago)
@123sepehr i am not sure if i understand your point.. i don't know if you
are proud of these girls or ashamed of.... i certainly am proud of them!

Author mustafaamini89 ( ago)
The poor girls, he's bullying 'em

Author Siyar Ahmad ( ago)
TOP show kaka asif jaan

Author sepehr koh ( ago)
these are our country girls, a Islamic country. how the speak, how they
wear clothes. they will say to people and to world, we are Muslims girls.
unfortunately, all people like to follow music, films e.t. they say we make

Author TheSharewired ( ago)
@MyLoverIsMineForever he talks to these girls but would never let his own
wife or daughter out out of the house

Author TheSharewired ( ago)
@MyLoverIsMineForever i agree

Author kabuli jaan ( ago)
زنده باشی جلالی صاحب

Author Hamid Azizi ( ago)
nazare man darbare chize ko noshta kardi in ast= to ham yake az hamon be
sawalaye ahmaq asti, ke az khod zendagi nadari, musolmane mesle tora adam
bayat kon kona. ahmaq

Author AFGpower80 ( ago)
جلالی صاحب جوره ندارید امشب زیاد خندیدیم خدا شما را حفظ کند مکمل هستید
بسیار جالب است پروگرامتان زنده باشید و از فرید جان هم یک جهان تشکر از ویدیو
که گذاشتید منتظر ویدیو های جدید هستیم

Author TheSharewired ( ago)
@baburmirzad17 hey i like the show, but you can't blame the girl, he asks
some stupid question "like how much gold do you have?" and what do you do
with your money, these are private question, i can not believe he asked her
how much gold do you have? would you answer that question?

Author baburmirzad17 ( ago)
The ugly girl in the white has so much attitude and doesn`t know how to
answer the simplest question, but the girl in the red is cute and simple (:
good show!

Author Shia Afghanistan ( ago)
Jomhorie Islamie Afghanistan << Repablic Islamic Of Afghanistan << amist
islami bodane ma afghana ke 2 dokhtare afghana biyaran 2 namuse ma
afghanhara va bogoyan ki meraghsi da kodam film ya ne amist musolmani <<
aya inha saval hayi 1 ba istilah mojri afghan ast ya amokhtahai Qarb va us
Ya Allah ma namekhaim eto mosolamni ra auzobellah menashaytane rajim

Author kajlool ( ago)
they are just weird.only illiterate afghan girls can go wild like these
two. i dont think they know anything about islam and about quran. besawadai
ke gap zadana yad nadaran

Author shapoor sikandary ( ago)
OMG these 2 girls r so weird .....they do not know how to talk

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