7 Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know

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  • Donna Love
    Donna Love 7 days ago

    along with a robot floor cleaner what else can be used to make house work easier?

  • Lps sPriNkle Production

    I killd five fish is that animal crule propbly not

  • original green lizard

    your awsome

  • john smith
    john smith 14 days ago

    best kitchen counter cleaner ever, baking soda and hydrogen​ peroxide. we had a terrible tea stain and though we might have to replace the counter top but it cleaned it

  • DemonKnight 124
    DemonKnight 124 14 days ago

    A drunk drawer? lol...
    my grand dad had one of those...

  • Hobo Hacker
    Hobo Hacker 16 days ago

    Just crack the neighbor's shitty or default WiFi password

  • shashank jain
    shashank jain 18 days ago


  • shashank jain
    shashank jain 18 days ago


  • trmofmusic
    trmofmusic 21 day ago

    If your remote batteries are dead, just rub them vigorously really fast so they rotate around in the compartment. The static charge you build up in the circuit is enough to power a few button presses at a time, and you can keep doing it until you can get new batteries.

  • Ryan Gardner
    Ryan Gardner 26 days ago

    A great way to save money is to move the money that you save into an investment account. You can withdraw it, but since it takes about a week it is a lot harder to spend. It is also pretty fun to watch it grow. https://wisebanyan.com/r/bLq3uiQ1e

  • Mad Loco
    Mad Loco 28 days ago

    you could just use one dead battery then use one battery that is not dead then the TV should turn on

  • Gabe pootis bjork
    Gabe pootis bjork 28 days ago

    these lifehacks don't help at all because i'm homless ;-;

  • DemonKnight 124
    DemonKnight 124 29 days ago

    But... WHY A SCREW/BOLT?....

  • Jordan Rager
    Jordan Rager 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the intro "sound effect" kinda sounds like Fairly Local by twenty one pilots?

  • Alathlind Cratoran
    Alathlind Cratoran 1 month ago

    first time I've ever seen a box of batteries

  • Census
    Census 1 month ago

    Cut your wifi bill, and your internet speed in half guys

  • RyantheEpic07
    RyantheEpic07 1 month ago

    So what do you do if you have no batteries

  • Skylar Stone
    Skylar Stone 1 month ago

    Can we talk about his hair for a moment

  • Tenshy Bloody
    Tenshy Bloody 1 month ago

    I don't understand the toilet one... Could someone explain me please?

  • Tate Woods
    Tate Woods 1 month ago

    Anyone notice that when he split the WiFi bill one guy got the half that said WiFi and the other guys said bill

  • Xx Olixerian xX
    Xx Olixerian xX 1 month ago

    4:20 BLAZE IT BROS!!!

  • CheezyPig
    CheezyPig 1 month ago

    My toilet broke and doesn't flush though... lol

  • alessandro acciari
    alessandro acciari 2 months ago

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  • Dominic Hernandez
    Dominic Hernandez 2 months ago

    He has the same fish as me neon glow fish😁 2:34

  • Sol Goodman
    Sol Goodman 2 months ago


  • Limenesss
    Limenesss 2 months ago

    the sad thing is that it's 4:20 minutes long. that's the internet for you right there

  • Donald McDuckFace
    Donald McDuckFace 2 months ago

    I don't have a sewage bill and my water bill is the same every time

  • Craig Hilton
    Craig Hilton 2 months ago

    Most of these seem a bit extreme lol. Personally i prefer to turn the money i earn into more money and not worry about a screw fucking up my remote control ha! For those in the UK i highly recommend looking into matched betting (https://www.headsandheads.co.uk ).

    Still an entertaining video though...spent a good 10mins laughing at some of the comments

  • Devower
    Devower 2 months ago

    "the average home flushes the toilet about 5 times a day" what the fuck dude? where the hell did you get that stat?

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A 2 months ago

    sharing wifi with don't always work but thumbs up!

  • Kiana Pan
    Kiana Pan 2 months ago

    for the battery one if you don't have a screw you can role up a piece of aluminum foil.

  • JoeAceJR
    JoeAceJR 2 months ago

    you can save even more water by shitting in your yard.

  • Cassie Adams
    Cassie Adams 2 months ago

    Get a battery tester. When small things like remotes "die", they usually use up only one of the batteries. This means when you throw out both of the batteries, you're throwing out one perfectly good and fully charged battery.

    ANONYMOUS LUNATICK 2 months ago

    420 blaze it

  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac 3 months ago

    100% wow factor , 100% stupid. Just put a used battery instead of that stupid screw. Same effect.

  • stich
    stich 3 months ago

    you could use aluminum foil instead of a bolt

  • woop woop
    woop woop 3 months ago

    Baking soda edible or non edible

  • Nadim Kabir
    Nadim Kabir 3 months ago

    What does the bottol do in the toilet one.

  • Tabish Birchol
    Tabish Birchol 3 months ago

    not naes

  • Fifa Royale
    Fifa Royale 3 months ago

    Desi's will do that
    Just too save money

  • Max zz
    Max zz 3 months ago

    save energy save the world

  • joshua membrebe
    joshua membrebe 4 months ago

    o hell no I'm not shearing my wifi

  • AirWalker Sr.
    AirWalker Sr. 4 months ago

    How to save money; Live life like a Monkey pretend its Jurassic Era!!😂😂

  • Ayan Porwal
    Ayan Porwal 4 months ago

    Just replace ONE battery... jeez. Then. Switch them out.

  • Rezo Lobjanidze
    Rezo Lobjanidze 4 months ago


  • TomatoCowAteYourTomato

    get an iPhone 3 and 4, mash them together you got an iPhone 7!

  • snerketryne
    snerketryne 4 months ago

    40% reduced energy bill? how many lamps do you have?

    POTATO GAMING 4 months ago


  • TheBakerBoy B123CANADIAN/ToMassiveWar

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  • TheBakerBoy B123CANADIAN/ToMassiveWar

    just turn off all your elictricity and water and live for a few days at freinds house and it will take of your bill

  • Teodor Alexandru
    Teodor Alexandru 4 months ago

    you scared the fish!

  • Jay Oso
    Jay Oso 4 months ago

    https://ohm.co/1544710 you will earn 75$ just for signing up will reduce your electric bill

  • MisterSir
    MisterSir 4 months ago

    $1000 per year for internet? fuck, I thought my country was ripping me off.

    LG PHONE 4 months ago


  • Viraj patel
    Viraj patel 4 months ago

    I have thos fish

  • sid magger
    sid magger 4 months ago

    why you won't use that empty cell 🤔 instead of screw

    • Omar Alhamadi
      Omar Alhamadi 4 months ago

      sid magger empty cell won't conduct electricity since there is no catalyst inside to transfer energy

  • Ajay Sharma
    Ajay Sharma 4 months ago


  • Jone Montelibano
    Jone Montelibano 4 months ago

    its a good thing I watch your video.. I was save.. thanks for sharing this.. its awesome great ideas too..

  • Josie Rhein
    Josie Rhein 4 months ago


  • Technology Mad
    Technology Mad 4 months ago

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  • Sushant Soni
    Sushant Soni 4 months ago


  • ali hassan
    ali hassan 4 months ago


    MIKEDEWALT2013 4 months ago

    My mom got the light bulb

  • boywithadolphin
    boywithadolphin 4 months ago

    When it it cold I sit over a candle. When it is VERY cold I light it.

  • Andre Wong
    Andre Wong 4 months ago

    I subed

  • Mooni  Angel
    Mooni Angel 4 months ago

    damn your water bill is to high in my country i only pay 50$ for a whole year of water

  • Rabbittwisterz Aj
    Rabbittwisterz Aj 4 months ago

    Oh cool you have neon tetras in you're fishtank? i do too!

  • Toilet Fuze
    Toilet Fuze 4 months ago

    You have a 2015 Kohler cimmaron class five toilet

  • Tech hero
    Tech hero 4 months ago

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  • TheGalaxyCat
    TheGalaxyCat 4 months ago

    I have a life hack...

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  • XjMx Force
    XjMx Force 5 months ago

    wait for hack 2 why dont you just keep one dead battery in and then put in the new one

  • Janice Brooks
    Janice Brooks 5 months ago


  • Clorox Bleach *
    Clorox Bleach * 5 months ago

    0:15 but then your wasting money on water😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • ROOKIE chemist
    ROOKIE chemist 5 months ago

    vinegar and baking soda react with each other leaving sodium acetate . btw y did he do so

  • Zavier Chesnutt
    Zavier Chesnutt 5 months ago

    420 weed lol

  • Paradoxal Mindfucker
    Paradoxal Mindfucker 5 months ago

    Best way to save money is to kill yourself.

  • Avery Reagor
    Avery Reagor 5 months ago

    This stuff makes no sense to me
    Put a lietter of water into a soada bottle then put it in ur toilet
    What does it do how does it help?

  • No1wierdguy
    No1wierdguy 5 months ago

    My Aunty and uncle have to bottle of water in there toilet and I finally know y it's there it always confused me

  • Mohammad Darwish
    Mohammad Darwish 5 months ago

    Is opinion outpost trustworthy?

  • Mr KosovanGamer690
    Mr KosovanGamer690 5 months ago

    2:44 what's the ingredient called ? All he said is grab another bottle add baking solder and add some of ..... THAT.... Wtf is that ment to mean

    • Lissie Hickman
      Lissie Hickman 5 months ago

      Mr KosovanGamer690 he said grab some dish soap and add a teaspoon of that

  • jenny taylor
    jenny taylor 5 months ago

    I love your presentation style and so many of your hacks.

    Just a word to the wise about fabric softener. You might want think twice about atomising it in a spray, as it does some serious damage to the human eye on contact - even diluted.

    I recommend switching that ingredient for a natural essential oil like lemon or lavender. It's WAY SAFER in a spray bottle.

    Thanks for the vids. Keep them coming. ; )

  • picantesworld77
    picantesworld77 5 months ago

    this the first video I saw and seen what you look like. nice to a face to the voice. your videos are very good!

  • assassin55520
    assassin55520 5 months ago

    1:32 umm do i add a tube to it or something?

  • All Video
    All Video 5 months ago

    Subscribe me please and I subscribe you:)

  • Cmon famalama Nigga #152552532929734664

    I think that fish at the bottom right is dead

  • m a x b e a s t
    m a x b e a s t 5 months ago

    sharing a wifi password is illegal

  • ViiV Creations
    ViiV Creations 5 months ago

    40% of america is rural and has no cable providers for fast internet, we have to pay fking 80$/m for 12mbps down/ .65 up. And thats without phone. USA has the shittiest internet and no competition, so the only providers just suepr charge customers with their shitty service monopoly and make us pay it or have nothing at all....

    • ViiV Creations
      ViiV Creations 5 months ago

      meanswhile my friends in other countries get 200down/20up for only 45euro/m with TV+phone.....

  • ViiV Creations
    ViiV Creations 5 months ago

    on #2...u dont need to use a bolt...just keep one of the old batteries inside and clean the ends if needed....

  • YodaTron 111
    YodaTron 111 5 months ago

    pls don't show ur face it's. not ugly I just like it the old way

  • Dhya Eddine El Bahri
    Dhya Eddine El Bahri 6 months ago

    4:20 !

  • RäbïN Nêupanê
    RäbïN Nêupanê 6 months ago

    one of those old battry still works with ine new battry so why that trouble

  • Thelegend 319
    Thelegend 319 6 months ago

    3:20 grossly incandescent?

  • Tom Bunyon
    Tom Bunyon 6 months ago

    opinion outpost wont accept my address because they think its not legit wtf

  • MMariaMMedina
    MMariaMMedina 6 months ago

    Yay Oregon

  • bhumanyu Urdhin
    bhumanyu Urdhin 6 months ago

    very interesting

  • CheezPlayz
    CheezPlayz 6 months ago

    With the battery one would the battery only last half as long?

  • King of awesome
    King of awesome 6 months ago

    Hey guys come to my new channel "How to make peanut butter dog treats by King Of awesome".

  • Sheppards1984
    Sheppards1984 6 months ago

    Most toilets can be adjusted. Like mine, you have to move the floating thingy (bobber?) lower, so when the water level rises, cuts off the valve earlier.

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