Joe Rogan and Gavin McInnes on Milo Yiannopoulos Controversy

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  • Joe Rogan Fan Page
    Joe Rogan Fan Page 4 months ago

    Joe Rogan and Gavin McInnes debate on Donald Trump -

    • Jim Capatelli
      Jim Capatelli 13 hours ago

      EXACTLY: And Milo Yiannopoulos prefers sex with very young, preadolescent boys.

    • Jack O' Reilly
      Jack O' Reilly 2 months ago

      There a handful that I listened to that were genuinely very good lectures.  Still funny, but very good content too.  There's one he did on the white working class I'd particularly recommend.

    • Ellie Karpinen
      Ellie Karpinen 3 months ago

      this is alternative fact. be less basic.

    • Ezekialify
      Ezekialify 3 months ago

      I don't like Milo, but I respect him, and would really like to go to one of his talk.

    • Keki Zeki
      Keki Zeki 3 months ago

      It's not bigoted, the percentage of pedophiles is a lot greater proportionally among men who are also gay along with being pedophiles.
      It can also be seen with Catholic priests who were often gay in their school days and who, in 99% of the cases abused boys.

  • Jim Capatelli
    Jim Capatelli 13 hours ago

    Controversy. What "controversy" is that, Joe Rogan: Do you agree with Milo Yiannopoulos and his pedophile preferences or are you just a defender and enabler of him and his sexual sickness? Yes or no, Joe Rogan?

  • Jonathan DeGarmo
    Jonathan DeGarmo 2 days ago

    "an orange in a sock" I'm dead

  • ნიკოლოზ ოთარაშვილი

    I love how this went from free speech to boobs in one video.

  • Finally Awake
    Finally Awake 11 days ago

    12 Year old girls of today used to be "Women" in charge of their own households on the western frontier.

    18 year old women on the frontier were considered spinsters if they did not already have a family.

    The 18 year age of consent is recent construct in America. Other countries see the age of adulthood as 16, 14, even younger.

    Kids themselves....are having sex in middle school.

    Statutory rape of a 20 year old man with a 17 year old girl is just absurd. Sex is prolific throughout the media....the dress, the make up and glorification of sex.....and yet hey stinking pedophile how dare you look at that hot ass 17 year old in the mall. You creep!!!

    Double standard. Some strange social engineering arrangement to guilt every testosterone driven man.

  • Plusmin cares
    Plusmin cares 19 days ago

    "The most insane country the world has ever known. That's what the United States is." -Joe Rogan

  • omg hey there
    omg hey there 20 days ago

    Well, from the Left, it's not that right wing ideas can't be debated- it's actually that some of the racist and sexist stuff said by certain people make them sort of morally illegitimate and therefore not worth debating and it transcending politics.

  • ibcproduction2
    ibcproduction2 23 days ago

    my only problem with Joe Rogan and Gavin is when they refer to Antifa as Fascists Antifa is their own brand of evil they are communist terrorists not Fascists

  • kukalakana
    kukalakana 1 month ago

    The MC was 13 in Big.

  • Golgotha_Mythos69
    Golgotha_Mythos69 1 month ago

    "He's TIIIIRED, that's why he speaks like a retarded 4th grader."
    ~Joe Rogan

  • BD H
    BD H 1 month ago

    This whole Milo thing must be a big distraction for him, Gavin and the like. They have to waste their time spinning this bullshit when they could be race baiting.

  • cqtaylor
    cqtaylor 1 month ago

    If Gavin McInnes is bragging about being Pro-Trump, then have at it Hoss. No one's proud of that shit as of late May 2017.

  • Samuel Mahoney
    Samuel Mahoney 1 month ago

    Just wondering cuz I'm from the UK same as Milo

  • Samuel Mahoney
    Samuel Mahoney 1 month ago

    So did Milo say teen relationship or 13 relationship

  • Samuel Mahoney
    Samuel Mahoney 1 month ago

    In the UK legal age of consent is 16

  • Parks Curtis
    Parks Curtis 1 month ago


  • William Sorum
    William Sorum 1 month ago

    you can do that cheap "what has he/she said that is factually incorrect?" until the cows come home. No one, including McIness, would go very far without failing that test.

  • jennifer mooney
    jennifer mooney 1 month ago

    No JOE it does mean something when our prez can't speak past his clearly 3rd grade level of speech. it is a big deal!!!! HaHa

  • Steve Sellers
    Steve Sellers 1 month ago

    it's no coincidence Antifa members are almost all college age
    goddamn I'm so glad I graduated years ago. college campuses are fucking toxic to different ways of thinking lately

  • guts ????
    guts ???? 1 month ago

    fuck Trump!!!

  • Matthew Walker
    Matthew Walker 1 month ago

    If you say you've never been attracted to a 15 year old girl you are lying to yourself for the sake of your reputation. I understand why guys like Joe Rogan HAVE to say that (they'd be ruined otherwise) but any guy I've ever met has seen hot 15 year old girls and secretly fapped to them.

  • Tommy M
    Tommy M 1 month ago

    So no one is telling me that they would have been stoked to sleep with an older woman when you were a teenage boy? All my fantasies were of older actresses and models. This was pre-internet porn also. Im not saying Milo is right to insinuate that a 30yo and 13yo male OR female should be together. But growing up as a child who is going through puberty and wondering if they are gay or lesbian, why is it so weird that they would sexualize older than them like actors or models, etc? It's not weird for a 13yo girl to rub-one-in to her Johnny Depp poster or a young boy to have "Staceys Mom" thoughts. Why is it weird for gay kids?

  • CJ Shlickem
    CJ Shlickem 1 month ago

    "You're wearing a dumb joke on your head....he doesn't wanna create a new statute called the pussy grabbing statute" hahahahahahaha

  • CJ Shlickem
    CJ Shlickem 1 month ago

    "Eventually people show up with guns"...thats ironic, Antifa was just seen on social media talking about stepping their game up by bringing guns to events, to create a more "Psychological" effect.

  • Onmy Ownway
    Onmy Ownway 2 months ago

    I usually do not disagree with Joe, but its been empirically proven that the victims do not become the victimizers.  I love you Joe, but the last thing victims of sexual abuse need is to be alienated as a future abusers.  I am not saying that all people that have been abused do not become abusers themselves.  you get a pass because usually you are on point.

  • Anthony Robles
    Anthony Robles 2 months ago

    Wow, two white boys normalizing Trump and Milo hahahaha poor Trump is so exhausted after one month of presidency lmaooooo!

  • Erica Donnelly
    Erica Donnelly 2 months ago

    Can you please go learn about rape and pedophilia before you decide to speak on it so you know what the fuck you're talking about? You do know that an orgasm can be involuntary, don't you? You know that these kids can be forced to get hard and even come? It means nothing. It's a physical reaction. Takei's experience is unique due to the environment he was in which he seems to understand. Pedophilia is a sexuality all of its own. Pedos who target young boys aren't 'gay pedophiles' they are simply 'pedophiles'. The age is the focus, accessibility is the focus. The choice of gender is usually tied to the pedophiles own experience with being molested as most of them are victims themselves.

  • RamboCreativity
    RamboCreativity 2 months ago

    7:00 What most black people don't understand

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey 2 months ago

    fascist. hag.

  • ShpadoinkleBeks
    ShpadoinkleBeks 2 months ago

    Hello! My name is Elder McInnis and I would like to share with you the most amazing book.

  • b1bbs g0t h4nds
    b1bbs g0t h4nds 2 months ago

    "it's not like Trump ever said anything that was remotely close to genocide". he literally said that the US should kill the families of terrorists... not the terrorists themselves, their families... that's close enough. that is literally the definition of terrorism... he also said he would break Geneva conventions and break international law to deal with ISIS... what more does this dumbass need? blind Trump dick sucker is all he is

  • stoneman472
    stoneman472 2 months ago

    I saw the line at actual Nazis. I'm talking about actual "Siege Heil" swastika wearing scumbags.
    Fuck them.
    Punch em all day long

  • Hugh G. Cock
    Hugh G. Cock 2 months ago

    Stick to "comedy" Rogan. 10K hours of your non-intellectual horseshit is sucking up valuable YT resources that could otherwise be used to store old Chico and the Man episodes.

  • KingTekins
    KingTekins 2 months ago

    Actually the female equivalent of Big does exist, it's called 13 Going on 30. And the sex angle is played for laughs, perhaps not to the same extent though.

  • paythe Kost
    paythe Kost 2 months ago

    Joe Rogan claims to be "open minded" but roles with the religious belief that fags were "born gay" without a shred of proof. Never has been and never will be proof. It's a religious doctrine plain and simple.

    • ryan rogers
      ryan rogers 2 months ago

      Being born Gay is not a religious view. If it is what religion are you referring too?

  • Pat Ale
    Pat Ale 2 months ago

    Jeez love how regressives pretend to have no sense of hyperbole or satire when it disrupts their narrative... But the fucked up thing is that they DO get it and just love bathing in fake outrage.

  • Kellie Oxford
    Kellie Oxford 2 months ago

    also playing devil's advocate for Muslim's child brides in UK ???

    • ryan rogers
      ryan rogers 2 months ago

      Muslims have child brides everywhere they are, not just in the UK.

  • Kellie Oxford
    Kellie Oxford 2 months ago

    could he be playing devils advocates next hit pizzagate

  • Complexology4 44
    Complexology4 44 3 months ago

    My Father abused me. Now I love gay porn.

    But I truly feel hetero sexual.

  • John Woodgate
    John Woodgate 3 months ago

    Gavin is dressed like Actor Michael Douglas' role as a straight laced 1960's era father who is recently divorced and unemployed engineer William Foster in the movie " Falling down." In the movie, he is trying to walk the city of LA to visit his daughter and encounters violence and general lawlessness from crazy people and goes on an armed rampage to combat it.

  • peter n
    peter n 3 months ago

    Milo was and is nothing but an act.

  • Jerome Allen
    Jerome Allen 3 months ago

    There is an equivalent word for men. A man who sleep around too much is a bounder. Most people don't use it these days, even if they have the vocabulary.

  • Brian Collins
    Brian Collins 3 months ago

    Why is McInnes dressed like a Mormon missionary? Is he looking to sell me something?

  • Patricia Bennette
    Patricia Bennette 3 months ago

    a 13 year old doesn't know about the repercussions of having sex such as STDs and pregnancy. So even if a 13 year old wants to have sex or enjoys having sex  they are not informed enough to consent.

  • Patricia Bennette
    Patricia Bennette 3 months ago

    A women can be raped a cum from it that doesn't mean she liked it. Just wanted to put that out there

  • Edward Norton
    Edward Norton 3 months ago

    Someone should ask gavin if he would give Hitler a platform

  • Edward Norton
    Edward Norton 3 months ago

    @joe rogan shitting on antifascists and he doesnt condemned the acts the US forefathers have committed. Gtfo Joe

  • Alisia Lundie
    Alisia Lundie 3 months ago

    Trump is tired from the stress of the job...takes weekend vacations and watches 6 hours of tv.

  • Alisia Lundie
    Alisia Lundie 3 months ago

    "I'm not a Nazi!" Turns around and says how the holocaust is exaggerated and people should stay with their own race. Call it what you want but your on the same team and there's a reason you get lumped in with them. People need to stop normalizing these really hateful views if only on the sole merit it's distracting us from the fact the 1% is robbing us blind. Fuck whoever you want as long as it's not a kid, and killing people is fucked up, why is any viewpoint opposite of that given any validity?

  • Savage Ben
    Savage Ben 3 months ago

    Milo should go build a table

  • Show Kings
    Show Kings 3 months ago

    Condones and promotes pederasty = law enforcement agencies investigation into how many under aged boys he has possibly fondled and groomed. Possible jail time coming for this one.

  • Jason Ryan
    Jason Ryan 3 months ago

    Gentlemen are you gay? Would you be as traumatized if it was a 13 year old boy and a 19 year old woman?

  • awesome1ru
    awesome1ru 3 months ago

    13:00 kissing ass

  • a_slight_veneer_of_privacy

    People who developed early maybe have a different perspective. I knew what i was doing at 15, certainly by 17! But then the girl i was with had dated one of my teachers when she was like even younger... man things used to be fucked up.

  • Digitize 27
    Digitize 27 3 months ago

    They've done a female version of Big, it's called '13 Going on 30'

  • david gregory
    david gregory 3 months ago

    Joe when you figure out hair loss then you can speak about the origins of sexual preference. Otherwise you just a bald-headed boob.

  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott 3 months ago

    "Its a joke"..... what a cop out!!!

  • MabDarogan2
    MabDarogan2 3 months ago

    Trump doesn't work. His henchmen do that. He's an idiot who can't even explain what they're doing

  • Groove machine
    Groove machine 3 months ago

    Pedophilia is just wrong. No debating it. There is nothing you scumbags won't defend as long as it all supports your right wing bs.

  • John 17
    John 17 3 months ago

    I love Gavin, lmao

  • Bulos Mac
    Bulos Mac 3 months ago

    "gimme that picture. That girl looks 15 to you"

  • coffeefish
    coffeefish 3 months ago

    Nothing better than fucking someone you love.

  • MrParitoshJ
    MrParitoshJ 3 months ago

    Why is this channel not verified by YouTube??

  • Jacob Salgado
    Jacob Salgado 3 months ago

    At 18 I started dating a 15 year old girl. I don't really see much wrong with the situation I would just feel a little embarrassed only cause at that age none of your friends will let you live that situation down. Obviously it would've been different had I been 40 or something but I can easily see how someone could find a 15 year old girl attractive. Maybe I'm wrong :/

  • Jay Milner
    Jay Milner 3 months ago

    What?! :-) lmbao wtf ok

  • Sean Pepe
    Sean Pepe 3 months ago

    ofc ive been attracted to a 15 year old. Some look like they are 18. Dont mean Ill have sex with them

  • Erim Foster
    Erim Foster 3 months ago

    "Free speech has no limits" is something only an ignorant fuckwit says. Of course free speech has limits. That's why we have defamation laws against slander and libel. That's why you can't give false testimony to the cops. That's why you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, for fuck sake. I mean, you can, but there are laws against these things, and for good reason.

    If I photoshop up some images of Gavin with his dick in a twelve year old boy's ass and report him to the cops for child molestation, is that protected speech? If I own a magazine and libel him, publish a made up story of, say, him having been accused of rape my multiple women, is that protected? Of fucking course not.

    This is such basic shit, I don't understand how these guys can breeze over it without question. These are the most important questions to be aware of in a free society. These are complicated issues, not something you can just make one dimensional dismissive statements about. Or, you can, but it makes you look like a fucking idiot.

    And what the fuck is up with that ridiculous moustache? Jesus Fucking Christ.

  • fireballkiller
    fireballkiller 3 months ago

    Laws are not morals. Laws are not a moral compass.

  • Jayne A
    Jayne A 3 months ago

    McInnes sounds so much more reasonable when he's talking to someone else reasonable instead of pandering to his audience on his own channel. Wish it wasn't so cringey to listen to him present his own opinions for max appeal to the most ignorant masses on his side of politics, because he's an interesting voice to listen to.

  • Matt Marino
    Matt Marino 3 months ago

    The song at the end sucks BTW.

  • Geryboy666
    Geryboy666 3 months ago

    7:00 kicking ass goes back and forth, so does every power play, kickg ass is just another way of expressing it. it's lying, stealing your coworkers work,  talking him bad, it all goes back and forth, you just have to chose the lvl you're most comfortable with, and some people like the straight forward approach. Even though in many cases violence goes bad, there's some cases were it is a blessing.

  • Mark Clemmens
    Mark Clemmens 3 months ago

    I love how this guy has this account pretending to be Joe Rogan and making money off his podcasts. This whole channel is misleading as fuck.

  • Everyone Is A Racist
    Everyone Is A Racist 3 months ago

    Two Jew approved shills misdirecting Whites. White heroes Jimi Hendrix hit a White girl in the head with brick. Elvis was the first despicable Whigger. Milo opens speeches bragging about how he loves "black dick". The Jews are behind the Muslim invasion, they ANNOUNCE it, look it up when you stop masturbating for 2 minutes.

  • Zeeman89
    Zeeman89 3 months ago

    How can anyone defend Milo? he clearly don't have any problem with pedophilia and he didn't report on kids getting raped. The only reason that I see conservatives defend Milo is because they are just as hateful as he is, its clear that conservatives will fall in love with anyone who openly hates minorities especially Muslims. Conservatives are the most hypocritical people around, they talk about family values all time and then they defend and glorify Milo who is really a pervert.

  • Mini Kitty
    Mini Kitty 3 months ago

    he leaves the ofice at 630 and then walks aorud the white house in his fucking robe. and thats confirmed from staff in there.. the problem with the uranium thing and others like it is he is clearly not educated to more thnen an 8th grade level he doesnt even seem to be able to read very well at all go watch his depositions.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    It's how homo's "procreate" or rather, infect. Without the media constantly attempting to make it seem cool and edgy, there is / would be only 1-1.5% of the population homosexual. Because of the agenda driven media, people "think" its more like 40-50% of the population. If that wasn't bad enough, now they are attempting to teach or "infect" extremely young kids in SCHOOL! Wake up!

  • Cynthia Clayton
    Cynthia Clayton 3 months ago

    True story told to me by a 30 year old man. "My mother rented our carriage house out to a 'nice' guy who I became friends with as a young kid. He 'introduced' me to sex...with him. I don't know if I would have been gay if I hadn't had this relationship at puberty...I just know that now I am stuck with being gay."

  • Todd James
    Todd James 3 months ago

    As always a very honest and open discussion. I am a big fan of Mr Rogan and his common sense. I also agree with his style of challenging things that he either disagrees with or is not informed enough on. It allows us all to learn and precipitate our opinions.

    on a lighter note;
    In response to the their is no similar term for slut, that refers to guys. It reminded me of a joke.
    - lock and key
    A key that opens one lock is a standard key.
    A key that opens many locks is a MASTER key.
    A Lock that opens to one key is a standard lock
    A lock that opens to many keys is a shitty lock.

  • John Johan
    John Johan 3 months ago

    Joe Rogan you are a Moron. You have made a career out of talking to freaks. You are a freak show ring master, Nothing more.

  • Golgotha_Mythos69
    Golgotha_Mythos69 3 months ago

    Thumbs down for the Trump apologetics ALONE.
    He talks that way because he's a moron, not because he's "tired". As Joe is saying this, I can tell HE knows he's lying to placate his Trump chump guest (whoever the fuck this guy is). The pussy grabber comment was NOT about being "unstatesmanlike" at all, it was about the "I don't even wait..." bit, dipshits.
    He's fucking psychotic. He's Martin Sheen in "The Dead Zone", and deep down, I suspect EVERYONE knows this. Even dumbass Trump chumps in full denial who call the LEFT authoritarian. 18 different states present right-wing legislation that would outlaw public protests.
    How's THAT for authoritarian?

  • Console MonsterX
    Console MonsterX 3 months ago

    Rogan is lying. Every man alive has met a chick that they thought "I want to fuck this chick" until they find out their age. Especially now. Girls look older and older every year and they lie about their age just as much. I met a 15 year old once when I was in my mid 20s that I thought was my age. She was throwing it at me. Then I found out her age and cut that shit off. To be cleat I never touched her. She was just texting me non stop literally asking me to fuck her. Had she lied, I might have gone to jail because there was no way to tell. She looked like she was 25. (I'm not exaggerating at all)

    I'm not saying you should fuck a 15 year old but if you can't honestly say that if you thought she was 18 or older, you wouldn't want to fuck her. The only difference is the knowledge that she's not legal so your morals kick in. (If you have any)

    Plus, Milo said nothing wrong. He never once said that people should fuck underage kids. Not once. And the whole "pedophile" thing is pure idiocy. The definition of the word is "attraction to pre-pubescent kids". 15 and even most 13 year olds are at least in puberty if not through it. So, it's statutory rape. Not pedophilia.

    Plus, the legal age in the UK is 16. So there's a huge difference.

    Milo might not have picked the best wording but he certainly didn't endorse pedophilia like the stupid left (and some of the right) are pushing. Even Gavin almost said the same thing Milo did. LOL.

    Bunch of fucking idiots. It's just a hit piece being spread because he had too many followers and fans for the libtards. It's no different than them calling Trump a rapist.

  • Nathan Wick
    Nathan Wick 3 months ago

    Joe Rogan. Overrated

  • Guy Zondervan
    Guy Zondervan 3 months ago

    Well, this is a tricky subject... Ironic though how the left's 'blurred lines' on thesevsubjects seem to have vanished all of a sudden.

  • Carrie Dennis
    Carrie Dennis 3 months ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos is the new Andy Kaufman but the Regressive Left are too quick to take the bait and become violent.

    SHART SMITH 3 months ago

    Whatever. Sluts are cool. No judgement from me.

  • nafsiammara
    nafsiammara 3 months ago

    Fuck Antifa. They've been attacking the extreme metal community for years.

  • grantmitchel
    grantmitchel 3 months ago

    So 'Gavin McInnes' isn't an act? He's actually a massive twat?

  • Ellie Karpinen
    Ellie Karpinen 3 months ago

    I just adore it when Trump goes off script. Milo isn't brilliant enough to be the millennial Camille Paglia. He needs to learn non violent communication and mindfulness. The priest joke is hilarious, because NOTHING is off limits. But one cannot be an iconoclast without choosing their words thoughtfully to avoid misperception. Yet, he created a dialogue about something both of these Free Speech Titans are clearly unevolved on and fearful to debate. Ensuring that men of influence can keeping doing it, or, weaponizing blackmail to control said men of influence. When you're just a kid and your body deceives you and you don't know what it was. Or an older victim who can only get off on rape fantasy. These pricks can't imaging how traumatized you become. Joe Is correct, there is a spectrum of its affect on sexuality and PTSD. 13 is a grey area for someone who is playing the alt-right minstrel show of faggy- bojangles for million$$$. I respect they almost acknowledge his use of humor to transcend the pain of his experience.
     He champions Trump who is forced to perform for debt relief in moral bankruptcy.
    Trump is playing tyrannical super-villain archetype because he has to.
    Otherwise he and like 2 family members would be in prison. They would
    lose everything many times over for defrauding countries, communities, a
    California county, contractors, laborers, cities, consumers, etc. Martha Stewart went away for insider trading which is peanuts on Wall Street.
    Notice people saying "I miss Bush"? He too, played the fool in this
    production. That makes him more affable. Playing the fool to win the
    game was a very common tactic in yore and war.

  • wazza davies
    wazza davies 3 months ago

    What most people don't relies is that 63% of gay and transgender male's come from single feminist home's. The rise in Gay males is more single women have children alone. There is know loving male role model in these guys life. What they have is a masculine feminine role model in a man hating women. Its man hating mothers turning confused boys into girls. And stats also show that over 70% of these men have had a gay encounter or were molested by an older male so they think they are gay and then are inbraced by the gay community and are told they are gay.

  • karl k
    karl k 3 months ago

    Joe please stop having Gavin on your show. I like what you do but I just cant take him seriously.

  • T1mbo
    T1mbo 3 months ago

    One was 19 and the other was 13.....are you kidding me? An age difference of 6 years? The law says you cannot have those feelings....well OK

  • Eric Lemos
    Eric Lemos 3 months ago

    Why does it look like Joe always has a fat dip packed in his mouth?

  • RALL
    RALL 3 months ago

    This podcast was tight.

  • pancake rachel corrie
    pancake rachel corrie 3 months ago

    gays have become angry over the years

  • K-THORNaZi •••
    K-THORNaZi ••• 3 months ago

    if everyone can try their hardest to not fuck a child, the world will be a better place,,, wait a bit..

  • A Mill
    A Mill 3 months ago

    Goddammit Milo, you MUST be a victim!

    Milo's entire premise is NOT being a victim. It's kinda fucked to tell someone their views on a situation are wrong, when it was their situation.

    I thought the same thing about "Big".

  • Carolyn T
    Carolyn T 3 months ago

    i agree with gavin about not believing milo whenever he takes about the preist who molested him. maybe it's a change in mannerism, i can't put my finger on it

  • juliana mitchell
    juliana mitchell 3 months ago

    Oh, FFS.

  • ytubeanon
    ytubeanon 3 months ago

    It's such P.C. bullshit to say "I don't get how guys can be attracted to younger post-pubscent girls" when that was the entire fucking point of sex and nature since the dawn of mankind.

  • Baron Blackheart
    Baron Blackheart 3 months ago

    scientific stats show 50% of all homosexuals are created by molestation.

    • Baron Blackheart
      Baron Blackheart 3 months ago

      My dyslexia is showing.

    • DavidLondon
      DavidLondon 3 months ago

      I think you mean Masters and Johnson, who undertook a huge amount of research into human sexuality between the 1950s-1980s but who did not produce any statistics about "homosexual molestation". Kinsey (another prominent American researcher of the same era) came up with 14% of adult homosexuals who admitted that they'd had sex with people under 18 years of age (the age of consent at that time).

    • Baron Blackheart
      Baron Blackheart 3 months ago

      Johnson and Masters, don't recall the year. Quoted by multiple drs to me also

    • DavidLondon
      DavidLondon 3 months ago

      do you have a source for that?

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