Seeing My Mom After 7 Years! Longest Day Ever!!

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Author AJ M ( ago)
looking at that photo of Megan when she was a kid compared to her other family members shows you that maybe she hasn't been bleaching her skin like all of you seem to think. honestly why does she get so much shit for that?

Author Cammiboe ( ago)
11:41 Looks like the prologue from GTA 5... o_O

Author Shiro X ( ago)
Lol did your dog just stole your bra? My dog does that too 😂😂

Author Heba Diab ( ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️ lovely people what a sweet family your grandma she is a bless. Greetings

Author Miss Masudah ( ago)
Never forget where you came from its so important ..humble beginnings. May God bless you

Author allpotatoes ( ago)
omg i thought it was park hae jin WHAT

Author Jhope kpop ( ago)
Loll, that bra tug of war tho XD

Author Francesca M. ( ago)
give me my bra back LOL

Author Anne Liu ( ago)
Your family is so adorable

Author OhmySweetlittleBlackheart ( ago)
Even as a kid she was still lightskined, so can yall stop accusing her of skin bleaching?

Author jada marsh ( ago)
lol you are so funny and interesting!

Author immortalXdesign ( ago)
damn your mom is so beautiful! she looks so young!

Author Mira Bella ( ago)
you look like your mom. You have a beautiful family. Blacks don't crack😃

Author Diannis Perez ( ago)
sub en español please 😢😢😢

Author YaoiLuvrMiacosey ( ago)
Your great grandma is just like my grandma, it's so cute! 😍

Author wonhos big tiddies ( ago)
Wtfff I love your mom so much!!!!!

Author T L ( ago)
Your great grandmother is beautiful!!

Author T L ( ago)
Lol! Family is always crazy!

Author Noel S. ( ago)
Super cute family! 💕

Author Lina starlight ( ago)
6:06 reminds me of Vixx Milky Way :D Ravi's Eyy

Author 김미래 Kim MiRae ( ago)
Cutest reunion ever!!

Author Salma mns ( ago)
I want another video with your familyyy i lived this one 😍😗

Author MsPaulii10 ( ago)
curious question, what's that thing in the middle of your lower lip? I was thinking that it was maybe like a piercing that you had, but my cousin has something similar from birth. Just curious :)

Author little shrimpy ( ago)
Happy Family :') Moreover your mom is a badass I love her

Author Alpha Spearl ( ago)
Omg what an adorable family :') <3

Author bora 보라 ( ago)
My dad lived in Korea too for the navy or something and also Japan for 3 years I'm jelly

Author bora 보라 ( ago)
7 years 😱 id be balling 😂😂

Author PanamericanistaM0R3Na ( ago)
Black don't crack!!! Whaaaaaat? 90 years old????

Author PanamericanistaM0R3Na ( ago)
You mom removed her dread locks!!!!

Author fruzimuzi ( ago)
Omg why is everyone in your family so lively and young?? That's friggin' awesome 😍

Author Anthony Stewart ( ago)
Your mom is AMAZING!

Author Aisha Kibwana ( ago)
Your family is so lit.

Author Good to go solo ( ago)
I see where you get your good looks and outspokenness Your family is very cool.

Author Siennia J ( ago)
"I got my booty done!!" 😂

Author Jaya Al Khaled ( ago)
Holly crap GREAT grandma!? Your so lucky to have her alive I never even got to see my grandmother because she died before I was born let alone my GREAT grandparents. Spend as much time with her as you can! 💜💜💜

Author Kangta Lure ( ago)
Nona u have really good skin .

Author Ashley Gutierrez ( ago)
such a cute video Megan! we appreciate you showing this part of your life to us. It's awesome you flew back home + driving a car again. haha. God bless!

Author kaitlynzvang ( ago)
My mom is totally like that 😂

Author xMissSmoox ( ago)
Omg. Your family is awesome. Your grandma and grandpa are awesome

Author KIKI HUNTER ( ago)
God Bless and pretty, just do your thing, love your channel.

Author Andre Fodra ( ago)
hahahahah i love your family. They're so funny

Author Proud Muslimah Alhamdulilah ( ago)
new manager looks like park hae jin

Author Mark Kang ( ago)
yo mom is awesome!

Author Lisa Sweet ( ago)
90 da fuck, she looks 60.

Author Jessica Scott ( ago)
Omg I was there when you were! At the O'Hare international. How exciting

Author andressa m ( ago)
Your family is so beautiful and funny! I'm so happy seeing this video!

Author Gadieliz Geigel ( ago)
" thinking about you"
my heart melted

Author eightball8008 ( ago)
God you are so funny, likable, and beautiful. HOw'd you get interested in Korean culture?

Author Mary j Datcreolegirl Scott Matsuyama ( ago)
I love your family !!! reminds me of my own. <3

Author Ari Bari ( ago)
Damn your family live a long time! So old and still up and moving - good genes right ther

Author Lynn Eccles ( ago)
for the last time skin color don't mean nothing when it comes to dna.

Author That girl who lags a lot ( ago)
Girl yes! I love mustangs too. Learned how to drive in one. Ugh, so obsessed. Loveeeeee your great grandma! T_T

Author a b ( ago)
yaaaaas! just got back from Thailand (7 years) and will see my parents this April - it's gon be lit edit: apple pies gotdamn gotdamn!

Author J M ( ago)
this is cute. ♥

Author Joshua Fuhrman ( ago)
I can see where you get your eccentricity from. Runs in the family lol

Author Flap Jac ( ago)

Author TRÉS MIGNON ( ago)

Author Hurry Up Kpop ( ago)
i wish my family was that lit xD

Author Clarissa the Wallflower ( ago)
lol, "don't usually drink wine, but trying to get my moneys worth."

Author epiphanyinsight ( ago)
Cute kitty 😀 LOL @ the Inspector Gadget reference

Author Cheese Nips ( ago)
What is she filming for? She's on a TV show?

Author 링수링 ( ago)
7:27 Grandma dancing in the back while resembling a Korean accent had me dying lol 😭😭

Author Anna Z ( ago)
what is your work?

Author mary petrosino ( ago)
She went to Korean from black to quick

Author Shain Contreras ( ago)
There's so much going on wkskdkskdkdksksksks thanks for sharing 💕

Author Amreen Hossain ( ago)
omg im in chicago -_-

Author Dulce Serrano Tovar ( ago)
aww so cute kawaii love ur fam

Author john gonzalez ( ago)
why your mom leave u for 7 years

Author Monica Lee ( ago)
Definitely sees where your personality stems from :) so cuteee

Author Victoria Tsao ( ago)
what are you!! so great. you crack me up! and you've got a super fun family

Author Cher Mira ( ago)
I enjoy watching all your videos. But this video was the top. You're amazing and your family . Love from Italy.

Author SANSUM FTB ( ago)
Your moms is so youthful 😂😊👍🏻

Author MakeupRebel ( ago)
Hahaha i love your mom!!!! Shes too cute!

Author Arby Shenaurlt ( ago)
Hello Ms beautiful Eye's....Welcome to Chicago

Author sc j ( ago)
부모님은 흑인인데..왜? 넌 백인이야?

Author Toni Toussaint ( ago)
I see where you get your sense of humor. Youre family is cool!

Author sehmaffa ( ago)
what a wonderful family omg💕

Author Jolo rick ( ago)
you look so pretty. cool mix lol

Author Olivia Giles ( ago)
Ooooooh Megan, that American slang and accent came real quick!!! Lmaooo. It is so adorable. Definitely enjoyed this video!

Author Amelie Says Hola ( ago)
You look and speak a lot like Maya Rudolph! It's uncanny.

Author Marley Peterson ( ago)
my sisters name is kaila to

Author shaineze ( ago)
OMG 7 years... I don't know how you did that. Impressive!

Author Marley Peterson ( ago)
whats ur show

Author Anna Maria XD ( ago)
Lmaoo the whole family looks like each other and is so goofy. 😂

Author Yesenia Garcia ( ago)
wow what plane did you get on, that you were able to stretch back your chair and have your own little private space? :O

Author Ramona Alexander ( ago)
your family is soo real and funny I am in love with em

Author SilentFox ( ago)
"i look so old"
"but you are"
"yeah but i don't have to look it" XD

Author Freakye_Snorlax ( ago)
your family seems so nice!!

Author misshannahanastasia ( ago)
What is the show she was filming for?

Author Fadime A ( ago)
for every one racist or offensive comment there's like 300 comments defending Megan. Ya'll r so lit yo 👏👏💕

Author Mackaroni Toni ( ago)
Why the heck did I know you were from the Chi??? Haha It's the craziest instinct of mine!

Author Addy Fran ( ago)
when you realize Megan wasn't lying, she really is black

Author Fei O ( ago)
I swear you can hear the Chicago 😂 it actually took me a couple of weeks to start understanding what they were saying when I first moved here

Author Omar Cossio ( ago)
i know that guy that was like "hi im the new manager for megan" IM SHOOK

Author Fdascfasfca Csacsacs ( ago)
This is where black don't crack came from.

Author Josette, obviously. ( ago)
now we know why you're so vibrant and full of life! you have a wonderful family!

Author oreninja ( ago)
Oh my god, your family is so adorable. Thank you so much for showing us that part of your life.

Author Ashley Paige ( ago)
Yassss! I absolutely LOVE this video!

Author cheerio2010 ( ago)
I love your family, they remind of mind.....They are funny.... You are in trouble you showed yo great Grandma

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