Galaxy S8 PLUS The Most UNIQUE SETUP!!!

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  • Aarya Chopra
    Aarya Chopra 7 days ago

    hi mamu

  • Anirup Gaikwad
    Anirup Gaikwad 8 days ago

    woooh coool!
    also i found a way to run youtube in a video on youtube press home button, assign play and pause track to a gesture in gesture app and trigger it booom!

  • Programing And Development

    bro..setup tour ka video bna ke do aur jo purchase kiye ho uska link v

  • Aron George
    Aron George 9 days ago

    Bro when i go back to nova launcher the icons change back to nova icons, is there any way i can retain the samsung theme icons

    • D Gray
      D Gray 6 days ago

      TechySaubhagya what icon back are you using?

    • Aron George
      Aron George 8 days ago

      TechySaubhagya thanks bro.. finally can u tell me wht icon pack are u using here .

    • TechySaubhagya
      TechySaubhagya 9 days ago

      Aron George yes Go to Nova launcher settings look and feel and select the desired icon pack...
      1st in look and feel settings......

  • iContact
    iContact 9 days ago

    wow that looks great. But I don't have the ;Show and hide button choice.'

    • TechySaubhagya
      TechySaubhagya 9 days ago

      iContact Wait for the update.... ull soon get it.

  • Gadget 99
    Gadget 99 9 days ago

    Is there any way for other samsung devices to get wallpaper similar to s8 day wallpaper ?

    • Mohannad Kattan
      Mohannad Kattan 9 days ago

      I think yes if the device has Android 5 or higher will be the same.

  • Nikhil Soni
    Nikhil Soni 9 days ago

    Wow bhai. Too good.

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