Jagadananda Karaka - Balamuralikrishna - Tyagaraja Pancharatna Kriti

This is a Tyagaraja Pancharatna Kriti written by the Saint Tyagaraja in Sanskrit and composed in Ragam Naata.

In this song, Tyagaraja praises Ramachandra (Lord Sri Rama), one of the incarnations of the main god, Vishnu. He eulogizes Ramachandra as one who is the cause of all bliss in the universe. This is the only pancharatna kriti that was composed in Sanskrit. All the other kritis were composed in Telugu, which was used in the court of the Maratha king Sarabhoji who ruled this area in the 18th century.

The artist who sung this keertana is Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna.

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Author Seshadri Varada Desikan (1 month)
melodious to hear this song in Dr's voice during night time 

Author Gopalakrishnan K A (11 days)
The songs rendered by this great artiste will reverberate in the hall you
hear them. You can always enjoy these immortal creations. K A
Gopalakrishna Sharma

Author Ranganathan Vedantham (13 days)
I find no word to praise.

Author Prasad Mln (20 days)
Dr, voice is godly voice. what sweetness .... cannot be put in
words....happyness to the core....

Author Balasrini Vas (23 days)
what a song

Author R Arunadri (2 months)
Saying this is pure Telugu shows that some one does not know Telugu and
Sanskrit. This is Sanskrit with Sanskrit grammer in the way the words are
put together. All Indian languages include many Sanskrit words but the way
it is used in a sentence will be slightly different. Beautiful Pancha
Rathna Keerthanas each definitely a gem.

Author Venkata Satyanarayana Battu (2 months)

Author ravi varma (2 months)

Author sai sneha (2 months)
learning this song have learnt saadinchanae .

Author vijaya lakshmi (3 months)
Excellant Want to listen everyday

Author Ajay Bharadwaj (3 months)
aaaaha emi gonthu aa mahanubhavudu ichina viboothi tho sangeetham,... deva
devanuku sangeetham tho poojinchavachu.. manaku entho adhrustam vunte
elanti sangeethalanu vinagalam...

Author Kali KS (3 months)
The best of all indian classical.

Author Bandaru Ramarao (3 months)
This is a beautiful composition of Sri Thyagaraja. Notice the large number
of variations on the Jagadananda Karaka and how he develops them based on
the raga. Besides showcasing Thyagaraja's erudition in Sanskrit, this is
musically one of his masterpieces. It is said that the entire kriti
contains the ashtottara satakam of Sri Rama.

Author Ponnathpur Murthy (3 months)
Superb very soothing voice of Balamurali Sir

Author raghu ram (7 months)

Author Lakshman Srivatsav (4 months)
simply he is great

Author Srinivasan Thothathri (8 months)
One cannot compare between a music genius and a Bhaktimaan. MS is a
Bhaktimaan. Dr. BMK is a born genius in the musical heritage. When it comes
to Carnatic Music, it is Dr. BMK. When you come to Bhakti music, MS is

Author Prasad Puligundla (6 months)
We have to hear such a great lazend's voice always.

Author Ramankutty Menon (7 months)
No comparison. He is born gifted. Long Live BMK Sir

Author Sajeev VN (7 months)
The real "Bharatharatnam" 

Author raghu ram (7 months)

Author Seshagiri Yarrajonna (8 months)
Evergreen song.. Wonderful voice of sir Bala Muralikrishna..

Author a v r prasad (8 months)
No words to comment. He is great.

Author SK Naik (8 months)
Thanks for uploading

Author Ramanujam M (11 months)
Jagadananda karaka..

Author Biju Kumar (10 months)
true devotion of ultimate divinity......... thanks to God

Author Abhishek B (10 months)
very blissfull

Author Ravi Puranam (1 year)

Author Shirisha Modoor (2 years)
at the same time knowledge that MBK posseses about ragas should not be
ignored and today it is sad to see Lata Mangeshkar receiving great musician
award and that MBK's work has been totally ignored...

Author bandjag (1 year)
Awesome Song in Granthika Telugu...

Author D.K.Narasimha Kumar (2 years)
Well said..both r poles apart in singing.In carnatic vocal the numero uno
i.e.1st position goes to the legendary MS SUBBALAKSHMI .every body else
comes after her

Author Ramanathan Suryanarayanan (1 year)
cant be compared...great person...we have listened to him HYd,
chennai adn in TVM swati fest...unforgettable experience---

Author M R Raghunath (2 years)
The 5 ghana pancharathna kritis Jagadanandakaraka Dudukugala Nanne
Saadhinchane Kanakanaruchira Endaro Mahanubhavulu

Author shewasregal (3 years)
@texasstarz5405 kanakanaruchira, dudukula, sadhinchane

Author Tondamalli pedda venkat (2 years)
tremondous kruthi

Author samaganam (2 years)
What great singing and improvization.I am a novice to carnatic music and I
thought that sri BMK did not do well with the raaga in the beginning,but
what aalapana dear god!!!awesome!!! What a great master and improvizer what
impromptu twists to the raaga and what singing??awesomely awesome!!

Author joshith rk (3 years)
Amazing rendition.. Thanks for uploading

Author anirudhpraveenkr (1 year)
Mr Gimmeabreak Plz. You are not aware of some of the movies in which Dr.
BMK has sung songs. Those are all art movies and all the songs are
classical based. Please search for Hamsageethe. A classical kannada movie
by G V Iyyar. All the songs are sung my Dr. BMK only. All the songs are in
Bhairavi raga. Also there is one song in Muttina haara ( again a kannada
movie ) the song is called Devaru hoseda premada daara. I agree that he
will not sing for every movie. :)

Author acharyulu Vedala (2 years)
ex lent

Author Dom Brazzale (1 year)
What the heck? Trolls are EVERYWHERE! Now I've seen it all.

Author Karatholuvu Nagarajan (1 year)
No. Thyagaraja composed some songs with Sanskrit lyrics. Jagdanandakaraka
is in Sanskrit. Just check out the lyrics. Another one is Maye in

Author madhu pillai (2 years)
No comparison!! Where is Sri Balamuralikrishna the great and where is

Author Sonali Senapati (1 year)
feelings of bhakti bhava :)

Author Ganesh Arunachala (1 year)
My Salutations

Can someone guide me to complete lyrics of this song in telugu. Thanks in

Author bandjag (1 year)
This is pure Telugu,,,, NOT sanskrit.

Author aaaiiih (2 years)
I get goosebumps when I listen to this song! MBK is a great singer,
composer, instrumentalist...a great human being!

Author Nviswanatha Rao (1 year)
Jagadananda karaka Master piece of Balamuralikrishna

Author Karatholuvu Nagarajan (1 year)
Balamuralikrishna's Tamil movie songs were hits and his name became a
household name. For example, his "oru naal podhumaa" was a mega hit. He has
also sung really light numbers too. He sang for Ilayaraja in Kavikuyil
movie in 1977. It is true that Balamuralikrishna did not have a full career
of singing for the movies, but he never abandoned playback singing.

Author Sairam Burra (2 years)
its great to listen one of the greatest compositions of MBK,but i feel
shamed by some innosent&foolish comments.persons who can sing in a skillful
manner,this type of songs r of no matter for i suggest u guys to
learn music,so that u can know the reality.finally enjoy the music but
don't comment or compare any one,moreover above stated 2 personalities r
already great.

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