Love Hotels are big business in Japan. Let's go and check them out.
►►The Hotelion, Sendai: (Love Hotel)

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Love hotel is really amazing. It's actually not only for couples. You can have a party there with your friends :D
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KelsenpaiKelsenpai (2 hours ago)
The peeping... hole? thing was hilarious. xD

Guy KatabiGuy Katabi (2 days ago)
tbh these dont look half bad xd

Chaotic Thinker ReviewsChaotic Thinker Reviews (2 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that would be a great pad?, Remodel and fill it with consoles.

Lingxoidong TrungdiobingLingxoidong Trungdiobing (2 days ago)
9:19 ditto

Brandi MitchellBrandi Mitchell (3 days ago)
I just want to stay there to stay there lol

pin head フードpin head フード (4 days ago)
" i can stand here and look at these all day, 'out of curiosity'."

*im so done* 😂

Firman AkhsanuFirman Akhsanu (4 days ago)

sarfina adanisarfina adani (4 days ago)
I want my bedroom to be like that!! 😍😍😍

Bagus RahmanBagus Rahman (5 days ago)
nice one yakuza, nice one..

Sharm ASharm A (5 days ago)
he said it's so terrifying
me it's so cute

Agung WijanarkoAgung Wijanarko (6 days ago)
7:30 "If you sit on that toilet, you feel like a god" ROFL

luk20000luk20000 (6 days ago)
i wouldnt mind staying there all my life as long as they added a gaming pc.

for my eroge

JeshyJeshy (6 days ago)
well now I know where to go for honeymoon

John Gemudiano CalajatanJohn Gemudiano Calajatan (7 days ago)
do u get to order a girl?

Sarah YangSarah Yang (7 days ago)
Seems like a good place to spice up your sex life with your lover. Literally could spend hours just playing around before the real sex. The vibe is kind of scary though :| The lighting is weird and what's up with all of those stuffed animals, one or two is fine but it is freaking creepy when you have hundreds of them

Eavenhascht KraugerEavenhascht Krauger (7 days ago)
can they offer male escorts in thier love hotels?

Ben MarshallBen Marshall (7 days ago)
Forget the sex, I'd go there strictly for the food.

Baka KokoroBaka Kokoro (8 days ago)
that's fun AF

Pendekar SardenPendekar Sarden (8 days ago)
those are some great designs actually

yeolsaber :3yeolsaber :3 (8 days ago)
i wanna stay there it looks nice

DontLiveInDogmaDontLiveInDogma (8 days ago)
Trump look at this! This is cheapest healthcare you can get!

DontLiveInDogmaDontLiveInDogma (8 days ago)
That's me in 2020!

Mallissa TMallissa T (8 days ago)
No dude costumes????

zno3zno3 (8 days ago)
Aww, i'm pretty much sure you need to insert some coin to enter the room...

Penguin SoDaPenguin SoDa (9 days ago)
I still ain't going there if there's no wifi

The Life You LiveThe Life You Live (9 days ago)

Greta M.Greta M. (9 days ago)
I'd pick this over Disneyland any time.

Greta M.Greta M. (9 days ago)
Dude, you're British. Inexcusable.

Greta M.Greta M. (9 days ago)
Yep, getting laid in a load of goat plushies is everyone's dream.

m. fikrim. fikri (10 days ago)
and what is love hotel?

Law's Other Stuff of InterestLaw's Other Stuff of Interest (10 days ago)
im gonna go to this hotel by myself just for the cool stuff

Yuuko MiuYuuko Miu (10 days ago)
I cant believe I just watched this

JanuarJanuar (10 days ago)
Japanese people are so weird and awkward. I visited Japan once. I loved the place. Very interesting. But the people I wasnt very comfortable to be around. Too cold, stiff, and awkward for my taste.

Idraki FaeezIdraki Faeez (10 days ago)
Oh great I'd love to stay here one night and then eating edible grasses the rest of the month

Erin McAnallyErin McAnally (10 days ago)
i would stay in one on my own lol

Savage WolfySavage Wolfy (10 days ago)
gets out the black light

Reido MarReido Mar (10 days ago)
how often they wash all that plush toys ew knowing what this place is used for i dont want to be close to those

ttf frrrdttf frrrd (10 days ago)
wtf is it a bordell??

MagikGimpMagikGimp (11 days ago)
Good luck getting in as a Westerner without a YouTube channel!

Poromon L.O.LPoromon L.O.L (11 days ago)
That's how you promote tourism!

Hercule PoirotHercule Poirot (11 days ago)
7:25 the toilet looks mighty

AsahinaAsahina (11 days ago)
So many people telling shit and lies about they would come there just to chill.I'm pretty sure they would like to have some 'fun' too.

Alex SAlex S (11 days ago)
Pretty cool videos!

Jaden WanJaden Wan (11 days ago)
alright boyysss,we are going to Japan

Partha ChakrabortyPartha Chakraborty (12 days ago)
Now there is one more reason ,why i love Japan.

Nicholas WeeNicholas Wee (12 days ago)
is there wifi

i hope they wash the stuffed animals after....use

Michelle BaoMichelle Bao (12 days ago)
I feel like I'd go to one of these places alone and stay in a room by myself

Strange Person! xPStrange Person! xP (13 days ago)
That hotel is cheaper than the hotels where I live. amateur wife included. :o

Tommy HadisusantoTommy Hadisusanto (13 days ago)
where is the biiiiiiitcchhhhhhh???

ichimaru ranichimaru ran (13 days ago)
i will come there with my partner when i'm become an adult ehheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

StraddllwStraddllw (13 days ago)
TIL going to a love hotel is cheaper than paying rent at certain places O.o

Chaos Craft999Chaos Craft999 (13 days ago)
This is why japan is the most smartest yet the most retarded country.

vending machines wth cars inside.
School Girls with short skirts, school boys wearing a LITERAL FUCKING WW2 uniform as worn by navy.
And many shit that can go beyond our minds

Dinah RuggieroDinah Ruggiero (13 days ago)
OH I get it! You're abroad in Japan... or ... a Broad in japan

jack brianjack brian (13 days ago)
...that food though!!!.

mark coblemark coble (13 days ago)
the last room was just fucking awesome

Becky_ Anime_ASMRBecky_ Anime_ASMR (14 days ago)
Dis room is absolutely ridiculous brbsbrbebebrr

Becky_ Anime_ASMRBecky_ Anime_ASMR (14 days ago)
What on earth was going through that guys head when he was showing you everything 😂😂

Becky_ Anime_ASMRBecky_ Anime_ASMR (14 days ago)
I cringe so much 😅

Joel Robert JustiawanJoel Robert Justiawan (14 days ago)
Amazing, you have your own Hotels Heaven instead of Hotels Hell

KhaizurieKhaizurie (14 days ago)
I saw the intro of the building, Im interested lmao.

Waleed AlamWaleed Alam (14 days ago)
You kind of sound like Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones.

Alyx LouiseAlyx Louise (14 days ago)
Eyes Wide Shut moment....extended cut.

Brody CopelandBrody Copeland (14 days ago)
I wish they had this in America!!!

Msdj JdndnMsdj Jdndn (14 days ago)
Damn that's interesting as fuck I wanna go

1221kary1221kary (15 days ago)
Maybe you shouldn't be touching those teddy bears. I mean, if you know what i mean

Bored GameBored Game (15 days ago)
The toast had pockey in it

Jackie OrellanaJackie Orellana (15 days ago)
That's 😜

windddancerwindddancer (16 days ago)
awesome room !! the goose looks so funny

Costin VCostin V (17 days ago)

Tiffany BarbaudTiffany Barbaud (17 days ago)
I want to come here for my honeymoon!

cristopher wongcristopher wong (18 days ago)
Japan population decline up several million percents more...

John Lloyd NaidasJohn Lloyd Naidas (19 days ago)
and thx that there is no age restriction

John Lloyd NaidasJohn Lloyd Naidas (19 days ago)
that's why the stuffed animals are white

TwerkduckTwerkduck (19 days ago)
Isn't prostitution illegal in Japan?

Random StuffRandom Stuff (19 days ago)
do they have male escorts? 😍

nicnic (19 days ago)
I came here just to make sure they had condoms. I am happy now.

Nick CNick C (19 days ago)
If he's promoting a brothel wouldn't he be a pimp?

Seimur SsSeimur Ss (20 days ago)
I can't be the only one that thinks this is the perfect home

justcommentsjustcomments (21 day ago)
What the hell. These rooms are much nicer for a regular stay in some hotels I've stayed at, and not much more expensive.

Lee MillerLee Miller (21 day ago)
Should have had some "model's" in the rooms.

Grethe Marie GugardenGrethe Marie Gugarden (22 days ago)
Thats a cute gurl in the bath tub to peek at

Reupload MasterReupload Master (22 days ago)
What an interesting country 😂

Tavin WongTavin Wong (22 days ago)
But do they have Wifi in it

dosthefakedosthefake (23 days ago)
tomorrow I will be going to japan for work purpose and after that I will try all these womens in magazines goodluck to me :D

Shining ArmorShining Armor (23 days ago)
I've found similar establishments in the upper districts of Canterlot, they're really quite nice

matt kmatt k (23 days ago)
Iv felt felt liked I wanted to so healthy then I do now. I needs lots and many types of health.

Scrotie McBoogerballScrotie McBoogerball (23 days ago)
8:20 A place to hide the dead hooker.

Sasuke KunSasuke Kun (24 days ago)
time to go japan everyone

Noah MartellaNoah Martella (24 days ago)
a escort girl magazine? dang havent heard of that, but it is $150 so of coarse its really steep.

mike GGmike GG (25 days ago)
bucket list update:
Stay at Love Hotel, the most odd and exciting 3way of my life

나서린이나서린이 (25 days ago)
I would go there just alone lol that's like a girls paradise. The crazy bath and big bed and the "gift" who needs a man with you lol. The food too, like hell yes sign me up

Reza AkmalReza Akmal (25 days ago)
amateur wife....

Thomas BriscoeThomas Briscoe (25 days ago)
The owner is awesome i wish i could be as awesome as him.

christopher lewischristopher lewis (26 days ago)
AmaZING <3 <3 <3

Niriel NabokovNiriel Nabokov (26 days ago)
My girlfriend and I went to a love hotel in Paris, just like that on a whim before dinner. It was surprisingly cool, clean and not creepy! Plus we got the "Hell" room, matching our general gothiness. That was a fun hour.

Roy SamaRoy Sama (26 days ago)
it's in sendai,, that's mean Miyagi!! haikyuu knowledge!!
and, one of many reasons I want to go Japan!! Love Hotels banzai!!

F 2F 2 (26 days ago)
full of germ and std . nom nom nom delicious

KenxxkingKenxxking (27 days ago)
The heck is wrong with Japan

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