Love Hotels are big business in Japan. Let's go and check them out.
►►The Hotelion, Sendai: (Love Hotel)

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Author Pkmumbreon ( ago)
So much to take in at once. I'd heard it can be cheaper and the service is better at a love hotel rather than a regular hotel.

Author DGKSK8LIFE ( ago)

Author Lit Lit ( ago)
I'm going to come to one of these soon. Rent a luxury one for the night and try fuck as many escorts in a night. I love Japan.

Author Neil Z ( ago)
i would just go there for the cheap food and drinks and also nice beds

Author peanut girl lol ( ago)
Is it okay if I go there by myself..cuz shitt that place looks freakin gorgeous..

Author TubbsTheCat ( ago)
They should make hotels with the same care as love hotels but with less "love". Except keep the free vibrators, I don't wanna admit it but I need me some of that!!!!

Author TubbsTheCat ( ago)
c r i n g e

Author Sara Ghandour ( ago)
Did you get to spend the night there? or Just tour the place?

Author Nerfed Bee -TNB ( ago)
you went to a love hotel with a man.. WITH A MAN.. WITH A MAN!!!

Author jinx paws ( ago)
Is it sad that I'd go to the love hotel just got the cheap food and lack of interaction with people?

Author Henry Marks ( ago)
That's some big-ass honey

Author Earl of Doom ( ago)
i would go there for the food.

Author Ains Grown ( ago)
And these are sex dungeons

Author Ains Grown ( ago)
150 bucks for a blowjob.......

Author SuperBizalz ( ago)
That's a great price. Wish they had that bang-for-your-buck kind of deal in Vegas.

Author achanwahn ( ago)
note to self, stay in love hotel for an evening just to eat & watch tv in the light up jacuzzi tub.

yup, sold

Author Yuiiski Yuii ( ago)
Those poor cleaners, cleaning up jizz for a living.

Author gggg918 ( ago)
I don't know how i got to your videos, but i'm loving it!

Author Daniel Prymaka ( ago)
I just want to go there and fuck and eat some sushi

Author Tchendje Neves ( ago)
great video...

Author Oliver Hilton ( ago)
This whole video can just be described with ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Noel Clements ( ago)
Sign me up,


Author SisterBrine ( ago)

Author Kade Kana'an ( ago)
"The difference between life and divorce" LMAO

Author Darc Gibson ( ago)
I can't help but feel like very few of those stuffed ducks have been cleaned... There's just too many for some poor cleaner to have to go through every single one.

Author ThatPoorKenyan ( ago)
only just realised in the peeping room those two mirrors next to it are so you can reflect off one another to see into the bath

Author Mongy ( ago)
got halfway through and thought i had a dead pixel on my screen, thank fuck it was just your camera

Author MesserAaron13 ( ago)
Were you expecting a flood in this hotel or?

Author FulfMubLana ( ago)
First hotel i've seen with a pervert hole

Author TheAnimeMan ( ago)
Would it be alright with I came in with my body pillow + pillow case?

Author FulfMubLana ( ago)
Known everywhere else as brothels

Author TableWrens ( ago)
Forget the sex, I want all the cheap food and stay. And look at that amazing bath. Can't find that quality in America.

Author Leafeon ( ago)
I think id be pretty fun to have sex in the teddy bear room

Author Elisha Linzi Balino ( ago)
So what will happen to those stufftoys after being dirted with semen? 😂

Author JA DE ( ago)
well fuck I would stay here just for the awsome stuff in there

Author KingDoms Kingdom ( ago)
My bro went to Tokyo and had a great time... Yeah, I bet you did bro!

Author glotaro1 ( ago)
You can rent these rooms hourly, or overnight.
When we visit Tokyo, we often stay Love hotel instead of regular hotels, because its much cheaper and room, bed and bathroom is much LARGER! (bad part is, overnight check-in is usually quite late.. like after 10pm. but hey, only to sleep)
They clean after every customers. quite well.
Japanese are particular about cleanliness. If place is dirty, No one will come, bad for business.

Author Delete This ( ago)
How can they afford this? The food and rent is cheap, and they offer so many free services, so how do they keep from going bankrupt? Legitimate quesiton.

Author happy chappie ( ago)
subbed, 2 vids in and already loving this content.

Author maxious22 ( ago)
That's not bad at all. 16 hours for $127. About the same price for a night in a bog standard room in England. This has sold it to me. I would love to take my wife to Tokyo and each night spend it in a different room. All I need is to get time off work and save up enough money for a holiday to japan.

Author Arthur Rank ( ago)
Didn't like it. His comments are too sarcastic... he definitely can make the video more fun and interesting.

Author isling cheung ( ago)
amateur wife. who is not very good at being a wife. how true lol

Author Lady Gestalt ( ago)
I would go here and just hang out by myself for a day lol

Author Swordswoman ( ago)
Wow. I wouldn't mind getting fucked in there.

Author MajesticWorld ( ago)
I love to learn but this is a bit much

Author Daniel Bruce ( ago)
this video ruined my life. now i know why my dad used to always leave me behind and go to japan....

Author Muffy the Gaming Bunny ( ago)
The things those stuffed animals have seen.....

Author Zuruki ( ago)
are those "escorts" like.. there to have intercourse with you? o-O

Author TheFade ( ago)
Maids for these hotels should be on worlds dirtiest jobs. If ya know what I mean ;)

Author xXJR589Xx ( ago)
Holy crap! My #1 favorite country know is Japan! I'm so going!

Author Shelton McPike Jr. ( ago)
He got Himself an escort, OFF CAMERA.

Author dollofvoodoo ( ago)
This was hysterical

Author Hooded Hero 007 ( ago)
honestly, I watched this just to laugh

Author ALEX T-T ( ago)

Author Really posh Rich guy ( ago)

Author Spencer ( ago)
those stuffed animals have to be coated in jizz

Author No Regrets ( ago)
Yeah....but you still have to bring your own girl right?

Author ハナ ( ago)

Author oooBASTIooo ( ago)
What I found most funny: in every Love Hotel I was in is that you could rent any video game console you want for free... I am still not sure why, though. You take you girlfriend to the hotel to have fun and then play GTA for 2 hours? Or it is for waiting for the escorts? ^^

Author KingHenryXIII ( ago)
4:10 that is a genius idea of making food and alcohol cheaper in the hotel to make the people want to stay extra longer.

Author Ashley Hulbert ( ago)
the room with the teddy cave... it's a ddlg room....the "lil" room

Author Phobia ( ago)
I think all the rooms are just fun and you can see the role play factor as well. >.> especially teddy bear room with school girl outfit.

Author Danny Ocean ( ago)
all i have to say is JAPAN IS DOPE!

Author Pepe Ben ( ago)
Who wants to go with me? guys, girls or fish I'll take anyone.

Author TheRaafeekhan ( ago)
this is so awesome!!! my and my wife would go crazy in one of those! lol booking a ticket to japan... NOW!

Author Em Uram ( ago)
"There must be 100 of these teddy bears... And a goose... *picks up moose * "And Ducks..."

Author Bryan A.Cal ( ago)
futuristic heroine den.

Author さこ ( ago)

Author Nilbog ( ago)
Wait a moment. Those are really nice rooms and 84 for 8 hours is like all you would need to get some good sleep in. Pretty good price too!

Author Karina Rodríguez ( ago)
The room with the teddy bear loft made me think about a pedophile and his little victim

Author Mck Dgz ( ago)
Beautiful rooms tho .. very beautiful rooms to have sex with .. unli pop to the max ..hahaha

Author GumBall Gaming ( ago)
iam forever alone guy why iam here just to get pain

Author David Lessard ( ago)
This was an interesting video, but I really can't stand watching you often because I always get the sense like you don't play totally fair... a bit condescending and/or close-minded, perhaps.

Just my two cents.

Author ACFilms562 ( ago)
What hotel is this ?

Author Nick Tan ( ago)
unscented body soap is GENIUS.

Author evil ( ago)
mood lighting looks like eyes

Author Kurosaki Tagami ( ago)
japan is the country of kink

Author Eva Lise Højen Jensen ( ago)
I just need someone to go there with - since im gonna be travelling alone... and alone in a love hotel.. naaah... xD

Author mikel carrow ( ago)
Is it just me or does he sound like captain jack sparrow?????

Author Dean V. ( ago)
So you're saying for around less than $300, you can enjoy yourself for half a day at a high class sex hotel with a japanese prostitute? Ok I'm planning on visiting Japan now.

Author Well Hush ( ago)
I've heard that some people will stay at a love hotel for non sexual reasons just because it's well priced.

Author Rashaun Campbell ( ago)
Honestly, sex would be the last thing on my mind. This hotel looks awesome!

Author Happy Happy ( ago)
This love hotel is amazing

Author Mark Truong ( ago)
what the fuck this is so good with very reasonable price.... I definitely will go there if i get a chance.. god da**

Author Graylith ( ago)
this is an amazing buisness dynamic. still could beat my gaming pc though.

Author Zach ( ago)
Are you wearing long shorts or short pants?

Author Sup Dude ( ago)
Well is better than my room

Author Marcel Anabach ( ago)
"Rets pray sexu" :'D

Author DON Pablo ( ago)
and this is not age restricted haha!

Author princessthyemis ( ago)
The best part was the crazy goose at the end haha!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Author Heather Richardson ( ago)
It might be fun to go there with my husband but it just looks like exactly the kind of place where all kinds of human trafficking happens. How many of those escorts actually chose that life? Do they have any kind of method to check for consent? Not to be a Debbie downer but that's all I can think about watching this.

Author DOSE OF SCIENCE ( ago)
deliver a deliver of health

Author رعد ولد ( ago)
للمافهمه مع شاب لاجنس 00967733639785

Author max playne ( ago)
Yea, I don't wanna touch those stuffed animals..

Author Hanzo Yabe ( ago)
looks like a girl's room man with all those lights.. if you want to cosplay all alone no one will knows.

Author Saitama Onepunch ( ago)
the name of the hotel? exact? and address?

Author azor ahai ( ago)
so the escort girl will like hold your hand and walk or sit and talk with you only?

Author Ian Crawford ( ago)
Do the escort girls(delivery health) actually have sex with you?

Author Zarko Kamber ( ago)
9:20 I can see myself cumming here hahahah

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