Cam Ranh Bay: Tiger Lake

Soldiers swim, dive, ski, sail and play with girls at Tiger Lake.

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Author boyjoja (5 years)
Do you happen to remember much during your time in CamRanhBay? Did you have
any chance to hike over the 3 mountains on the east of Communication
facility south of CamRanhBay? Please share your story with me...Thanks

Author MacFarland Pickard (4 years)
Thanks for the memories (well some of) was there in 69-70 w /524QM CO. was
co armorer and gun truck gunner for convoy escort (petroleum and ammo)
tiger lake was a good place to relax and forget a little. Ever do bird dog
patrols in the mtns. behind the lake? And then there was Su Chin!

Author coach1324 (5 years)
I lived almost right across the road from Tiger Lake. HHD 73d Sig Bn, 1970
-71. Drove by there every day on the way to work. Thanks for the memories

Author NamJock (3 years)
There was nothing better than taking a sunfish out on that lake during the
week when eveyone else was working.

Author trekone100 (5 years)
did you come back to Cr after war?

Author guyanhorn (7 years)
This is where I learned how to sail. Good stuff. Thanks for the memories.
124th Trans Command, Vietnam 1968-69

Author boyjoja (5 years)
Can you show me where the tiger lake on the map? thks

Author lovay (4 years)
What is this, officer privileges only? We had to hump 7 days a week, no
time off. 87th engen, batt. nov 65-66. heard about but saw the lake.

Author trekone100 (5 years)
the lake is in the middle of the hill, suround with mountain, it is still
in the prohibited area. you can not come to ave a visit. it may open ni

Author Ann Kelsey (6 years)
This has brought back so many memories. Thanks for sharing it. I worked for
Special Services in Cam Ranh as a DAC(Dept. Army Civilian) librarian. Ran
the libraries at Cam Ranh post, and 6th CC 69-70. Went past Tiger Lake
every day on my way to work.

Author John Wolf (6 years)
Great video, I flew into and out of Cam Ranh Bay. Didn't like coming in
going out was fantastic. LOL

Author Александр Кулаков (9 months)
А я когда там служил,и мы выезжали к озеру на пикник,нам купаться в озере
не рекомендовали. Паразиты говорят какие-то там водятся)))))

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