Rectal Exam A rectal exam is done with a proctoscope.

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Author texbear21 (2 years)
Yeah, I was having rectal pain and the doc said he was just doing to take a
quick look. He had me on a special table that was made for the procedure
(tilted your ass up in the air. He then lubed his gloved finger and stuck
it in my anus and rotated it all around (I am male) so you can imagine that
felt really good (NOT!), then I thought I was through with the "look"--he
then pulled out this 10" stainless steel dildo looking thing and I said
"what in the hell are going to do with that"?

Author Chanse Haines (3 years)
0:58 is pricless

Author Roman Steinberger (1 year)
He didn't adequately explain the insertion procedure. I am waiting for a
more illustrative video to clearly demonstrate this crucial step.

Author missmayi813 (3 years)
i like

Author tinker38801 (2 years)
she kind of looked crazy when he showed her the 10 in rod

Author afm199 (3 years)
the music of the spheres!

Author jim g (3 years)
Looks like she is looking forward to the exam

Author P. Taylor (3 years)
i learned SO quick over this. blew a lot of knowledge all over my belly,

Author KingDavid14218 (3 years)
"...presented for your edification and entertainment..." luv that look of
concern on her face at 1:00 they don't insert the metal tube that far
in,the rigid tube is used to slide a fexible tube-camera thru it and into
your colon...awkward to be sure,but not painful,as long as it's done
right...but that goes for any endeavor ):-)

Author Mrdevandude (3 years)
@colonydude13 But you didn't start by searching anal exam did you?lol First
there was breast exam... then vaginal exam

Author SCmedic28666 (3 years)
what position? On your knees and elbows works best (AKA doggie style!)

Author FreeGovernmentCheese (4 years)
that's hot.

Author danthecoward (1 year)

Author TheMarkAnthony15 (2 years)
I see dead people.

Author Stonefox Videos (4 years)
Great images of her rectum!

Author Yveskeuhh (2 years)
what happened with the full length of the movie? where can I find the full
version...Much better and more funny to

Author DistendedRectum (2 years)
this makes me moist.

Author thebuttonmushroom (2 years)
@LucyDesignz Your comment has literally got me in tears! All these comments
are just so funny and I was laughing as it was. This one broke the camel's
back. Thank you.

Author Boyd W (2 years)
Was the face mask used in case of sudden explosions?

Author Albert Fish (2 years)
Congratulations on 1,000,000 hits!

Author BasslineSynergie (3 years)
Pulls out chainsaw....this may hurt a little bit

Author amek38 (2 years)
la señora cuando lo vio se asusto

Author NHB2010 (4 years)
Its Worse than a Shot!

Author jarhead4lifehomes (2 years)
Albert Fish.... lol

Author Crusader1815 (1 year)
This isn't very educational unless he demonstrates how to lube her up and
they show a close up of him inserting the probe into her anus. Ideally,
this should be repeated several times to make sure we all understand the

Author Albert Fish (3 years)
@endracismguy You mean he should have said it's a lot longer and it's going
to hurt like hell? Now that's professional!

Author EA1729 (3 years)
His name is Albert Fish?

Author kaleb909080 (3 years)
wow this is hot

Author girlishfun (3 years)
instead of that elevator music they should play marching thru georgia....

Author MrElvin1231 (3 years)

Author TheAspenTom (4 years)
Usually exams such as this have more than one professional present,
regardless of the gender of the patient. This is an instructional film and
I'm sure there were other professionals right there, not to mention the
camera/sound crew. Current practice aside, why do you assume exams should
be chaperoned if there is a male doc and female patient? What about the
revers? What about lesbian or gay docs? Would you rule apply only to people
of the same gender. Luckly, it's all moot.

Author colonydude13 (3 years)
lol i just typed in anal exam , cause i was bored lol

Author endofmyth (2 years)
Wait a second, My dentist uses the same tools

Author wood guy (1 year)
0.56 her face is a peach :-D lmao

Author kirilk87 (4 years)

Author LucyDesignz (3 years)
Wow. That music in her rectum is AMAZING.

Author Peggy Genoway (3 years)
yep he did say a short ten inch tube...whoa!

Author hotchowder (3 years)
Would have liked to have seen the entry... purely for scientific reasons.

Author AdventuresOfMrQuest (3 years)
did you see her reaction when he picked up the larger one LMAO

Author Bedasek (2 years)
Sheldon brought me here :)

Author Kash Filburn (2 years)
I randomly typed in rectum.

Author prophet60091 (4 years)
patient face expression is priceless!!!

Author Albert Fish (3 years)
@mishim100 She had several enemas prior to the procedure.

Author TheGreedyGlutton (2 years)
Put it up to your ear and you can hear the ocean…

Author MrAlisted619 (2 years)
I got here because of THE ROCK!!

Author Lucas ARG (3 years)
Nice clean pipes

Author S Nguyen (2 years)
I doubt there has been any more than 10 ppl who used this video for
educational purposes...

Author huyup123456 (4 years)
I want a rectal exam!

Author azriharis (3 years)

Author WulfPMG (3 years)
Have you ever noticed but, usually men are the ones who are breast surgeons
and gynecologists. >:O That's wrong!

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