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  • karol Rivera
    karol Rivera 6 hours ago

    con este video confirmo que las personas en USA están locas, es lo más tetrico que he visto últimamente iughhhh

  • tayuyya uchiha
    tayuyya uchiha 22 hours ago

    sometimes I swear shes jim carry's daughter

  • Gloria Lopez
    Gloria Lopez 1 day ago

    you should try the half instead of 1/4🙂

  • Jenny Brock
    Jenny Brock 1 day ago


  • Madison Cutshaw
    Madison Cutshaw 3 days ago

    Them-"Bunny your hair's NOT THICK" Bunny- "It just DEFIES COMBS" <<<<<<<Literally Bunny=Me

  • Kiki Loune
    Kiki Loune 4 days ago

    Conspiracy theory: Bunny (grav3yardgirl) is avril lavinge

  • Wendy Hernandez
    Wendy Hernandez 4 days ago

    Lady you talk to much!

  • Jessy Saunders
    Jessy Saunders 5 days ago

    she looks like the dude from blind melon

  • Freya and Caitlin Plays

    Why do u have to talk so much in the intro it was like 5 minutes of talking

  • Jay K
    Jay K 6 days ago

    Giving Avril Lavigne vibes in this vid. Loving it.

  • Qnicorn
    Qnicorn 6 days ago

    Maybe it's because you staightend your hair that it couldn't get to all the split ends? Maybe try it again without straightening your hair 😊

  • Madison McGillvray
    Madison McGillvray 7 days ago

    i had a stupid commercial right as she clamped in on her hair 🙄

  • Janet Aumend
    Janet Aumend 8 days ago

    Huge difference!

  • Abeer Almo
    Abeer Almo 8 days ago

    I think bunny would love to go to my school cuz the gator is our school mascot

  • Sanjana SINGH
    Sanjana SINGH 9 days ago

    Ariana Grande will be so happy because you said so "side by side."

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 9 days ago

    I love her hair I the beginning

  • Sam Hom
    Sam Hom 9 days ago

    *Guy Tang screams in the distance*

  • Dee Awesome One
    Dee Awesome One 9 days ago

    here's an idea! GET A HAIR CUT!!

  • Ivana Stracinski
    Ivana Stracinski 9 days ago

    why is she naked?

  • Kaitlyn Dustin
    Kaitlyn Dustin 10 days ago

    used the guard that kept the razor the farthest from your hair - that's why there was such a small difference between the two 😌

  • Reese Bustanoby
    Reese Bustanoby 10 days ago

    Your eyes are so pretty!! How are they so Blue?!?

  • Lou 130803
    Lou 130803 10 days ago

    your face scare me

    PYDTOMMO 11 days ago

    "there's a travel bag too IN CASE YOU WANNA CUT ALL YOUR FRIENDS' HAIR OFF" lol she's so funny

  • James Madison
    James Madison 11 days ago


  • Nicole Corbett
    Nicole Corbett 11 days ago

    try the 1/2

  • Kids Bandt
    Kids Bandt 12 days ago

    *shakes box violently* *stuff falls out* There we go

  • Vivian Luong
    Vivian Luong 12 days ago

    a second right after she turned it on, an ad cut in😂😂

  • Biff Snoof
    Biff Snoof 12 days ago

    This boy is way too hyper

  • mo ali
    mo ali 12 days ago

    just saying that you are using the 1/4 side not the 1/2 s you wouldn't really see a lot of it getting chopped of

  • Shanarose Hartie
    Shanarose Hartie 12 days ago

    she's so cute😂😂

  • Freya Fisher
    Freya Fisher 12 days ago

    Love ur eyes

  • L and L McMillan
    L and L McMillan 13 days ago

    who is guy tang

  • doggy kitten
    doggy kitten 13 days ago

    2016 seems so long ago

  • Gracie Johnston
    Gracie Johnston 13 days ago

    new drinking game....take a shot every time bunny says today😂😂😂😂

  • Nassim Perez
    Nassim Perez 13 days ago

    Note easy coat across donate breathe utility conflict.

  • DaddiiFrankie _
    DaddiiFrankie _ 13 days ago

    I think you needed like setting 2 and not 4❤️

  • jyjryu22799
    jyjryu22799 13 days ago

    Oh yeah that looks like it worked

  • sipystroki jay
    sipystroki jay 13 days ago

    maybe it needed a bit more inches to get to your hair

  • bright diamond
    bright diamond 13 days ago

    6:41 I had a heart attack.

  • Cutiewolfy495
    Cutiewolfy495 15 days ago

    320$$$ WTF

  • Kim Steinman
    Kim Steinman 15 days ago

    Bunny you wanna see bad hair, check out mine

  • Kevin Frady
    Kevin Frady 15 days ago

    it did make a diffrence

  • LotusLane 19
    LotusLane 19 15 days ago

    I wish I have you hair

  • LadyDietrich1901
    LadyDietrich1901 16 days ago

    Your eyes are gorgeous

  • Daneeka Chudleigh
    Daneeka Chudleigh 17 days ago

    Bunny, you look like early Avril (like SkaterBoy Avril) in the beginning of this video

  • Valeria Pacheco
    Valeria Pacheco 18 days ago

    She looks like avril levigne gone wrong

  • lolitashaina
    lolitashaina 18 days ago

    you're crazy lol i like it. thank you tout try this think for us

  • Audrey's vlogs
    Audrey's vlogs 18 days ago

    you should do it again and change the modes

  • Tyler Marie™
    Tyler Marie™ 18 days ago

    it looks like I worked pretty well....I wish you would do straight hair more often you look very beautiful

  • Kia Davis
    Kia Davis 19 days ago

    If you want to remove split ends and damaged hair you must get a regular pro trim. Just let your stylist know how much you want off if you do it yourself you run the risk of cutting your hair crooked and uneven. I'm a licensed hairstylist and know what I'm talking about.

  • Sofia Cavalcante
    Sofia Cavalcante 19 days ago

    you look like Avril Lavgine in this video

  • Lily Roush
    Lily Roush 19 days ago

    That's a wise tale because some people have layers

  • 3303jeri
    3303jeri 19 days ago

    no difference to me

  • Anapaula Escobar
    Anapaula Escobar 19 days ago

    I died when she said yaaa at 7:27

  • xxGabriella Cxx
    xxGabriella Cxx 20 days ago


  • Synthia Bouda
    Synthia Bouda 20 days ago

    This is a reboot of an old split ender from the 90s, I had one! It sucked !!!

  • Mya Hayling
    Mya Hayling 20 days ago

    You should comb your hair from the ends up to the roots. Because when you comb it from the roots down your just bring the knots from there to the bottom and the whole this just stays tangled. But if you start from the ends you get the knots at the bottom and gradually go up and get everything. If you don't it might hurt more and you might start breaking your hair off.

  • nonamelikethis
    nonamelikethis 20 days ago

    My hairs the same way but mine is very very thin

  • Kayla Levine
    Kayla Levine 20 days ago

    Those hairs sticking out are hairs regrowing.

  • Paige Newham
    Paige Newham 22 days ago

    can not believe I've never watched one of your videos before today! you're hilarious! 😂

  • Bella_Ellagames !!
    Bella_Ellagames !! 22 days ago

    Does anyone else just want to get it just to open it like bunny

  • Noelle Hurley
    Noelle Hurley 24 days ago

    I think it worked

  • sugarcakezz
    sugarcakezz 24 days ago

    Lookin like Avril Lavigne

  • Amy Taddy
    Amy Taddy 24 days ago


  • WhitneyHoustonfan101 LOLXD

    Am I the only one who thinks Bunny's hair is gorgeous in this video?

  • Mercy Maker502
    Mercy Maker502 25 days ago

    5:00 to 5:40 I was literally pissing myself 😂😂😂 LMFAO

  • kaylie938
    kaylie938 25 days ago

    my hair does the same thing bunny

  • Hunter Hill
    Hunter Hill 26 days ago

    Cool product, but nothing can replace a good old fashioned haircut 😊. lol I'm a hairstylist 💇🏾

  • Danielle smith
    Danielle smith 26 days ago

    She has beautiful hair

  • lalagirl211
    lalagirl211 26 days ago

    There is split trimmer cost 79$

  • Marissa T
    Marissa T 26 days ago

    Try the 1/2 see if there's a difference

  • Kawaii Jewel
    Kawaii Jewel 27 days ago

    I would just get a trim😅

  • Juliana Kilburn
    Juliana Kilburn 27 days ago

    guy tang is probably freaking out

  • Taylor Gosse
    Taylor Gosse 27 days ago

    Your eyes are so beautiful 😍

  • D
    D 28 days ago

    where the hair sticks out when you twist it is NOT split ends....our hair sheds daily so our hair is actually MANY different lengths.

  • brooke cotter
    brooke cotter 29 days ago

    As Soon as she puts it on her hair and just about she turns it on BOOM Commercial.... I'm shook talk about suspense

  • Jayden Powers
    Jayden Powers 29 days ago

    When will you change your profile picture?

  • Brittany King
    Brittany King 29 days ago

    Avril is dat u

  • _Jeriickaa_
    _Jeriickaa_ 1 month ago

    Anyone notice she never looks at the camera when she's filming

  • Phoebe Nolasco
    Phoebe Nolasco 1 month ago

    anyone ever wondered, where she puts the stuff she buys😂😂👌

  • Julia
    Julia 1 month ago

    You can have thin individual hairs but still have thick hair because of the amount of hair per follicle. I imagine it can be visa versa as well.

  • Mary Geee
    Mary Geee 1 month ago

    Every female with long hair: "I HATE HAVING LONG HAIR but I could never cut it."

  • Hassan Zahid
    Hassan Zahid 1 month ago


  • GhastBA
    GhastBA 1 month ago

    does this thing really work is like pokemon you gotta try em all ajaj love that phrase

  • Sheenal Deo
    Sheenal Deo 1 month ago

    I'm dead bunny. "Ooo there's bubble wrap..... oh wait, I think there is makeup in that bag. Whoops, I'm a heathen." 😂😂😂😂😂⚰️⚰️👏🏼

  • Jasmine Elizabeth
    Jasmine Elizabeth 1 month ago

    the reason your hair is hard to go through is cuz you lightened your hair artificially. i bleached my ends and i COULD NOT keep it brushed out

  • Kathryn Durham
    Kathryn Durham 1 month ago

    Bunny is looking very Avril Lavigne in the beginning of this video lol

  • Amber Lynn Thomas
    Amber Lynn Thomas 1 month ago

    bunny kinda looks Carry from the movie carry, I don't think I spelled that right lol Absolutely beautiful tho

  • Shannon McCarthy
    Shannon McCarthy 1 month ago

    "satans plaything"

  • Annie Lawrence
    Annie Lawrence 1 month ago

    i love her hair so much and her eyes kill me

  • Oreo HamHam
    Oreo HamHam 1 month ago

    I could brush my hair for hours, then move my hair the slightest bit and it would tangle again. Bunny, i know your pain.

  • Daniela L
    Daniela L 1 month ago

    Bunny you were absolutely hilarious on this video!! Loved it!!!!

  • leah Reigns
    leah Reigns 1 month ago

    i think there is a diffrenece

  • MatthewPro
    MatthewPro 1 month ago

    Why you are speaking like that are you crazy

  • GoldenWolf
    GoldenWolf 1 month ago

    why where you talking about food instead of frorks like come on

  • Kayla S.
    Kayla S. 1 month ago

    Question, did you have the green arrow always facing the towards the floor? Because I saw both arrows on, and it should only be one..

  • Tenzin tsering
    Tenzin tsering 1 month ago

    she is over acting

  • Nadia Hash
    Nadia Hash 1 month ago

    Hair is never to long btw I love ur hair

  • Curly Cutie
    Curly Cutie 1 month ago

    sounds trustworthy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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