10 Amazing Hot Glue Life Hacks You Should Try

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  • Jess Garza
    Jess Garza 1 day ago

    2:38 overwatch reference

  • Layicorn
    Layicorn 2 days ago

    What's this??? Another hack I can't do because I'm broke??

  • Vikingdude64 Gaming

    Those overwatch references made my day

  • Hamster Hayk
    Hamster Hayk 6 days ago

    BEST LIFE HACK CHANNEL EVER keep up the good work:)

  • Drago Kai
    Drago Kai 13 days ago

    2,189 people didn't realize that they were supposed to let the hot glue cool when making grips for things and accidentally glued their clothes to their hangers

  • Sport Unicorn35
    Sport Unicorn35 14 days ago

    Really overwatch jokes

  • Pikachu :3
    Pikachu :3 14 days ago

    i love my hot glue gun i would use it even in the world war if it were shooting glue

  • Gershia James
    Gershia James 15 days ago

    Space travel?
    :( ?

  • PhoenixSavageboi 1087

    Why am I wAtching this.i don't even have a glue gun or hot glue

  • Lucero Arroyo
    Lucero Arroyo 18 days ago

    Easy now fuzzy little man peach... (OLD GREGGGGGGG)

  • Unseen YT
    Unseen YT 20 days ago

    it's high noon is a reference to mccree from overwatch, and justice rains from above is a reference to pharah in overwatch. they are both lines for their ultimates.

  • Jaden Standish
    Jaden Standish 21 day ago


  • Hateful Mexican
    Hateful Mexican 21 day ago

    this dude just glued glue

  • Fantom Tales
    Fantom Tales 22 days ago


  • Kanai Lal Dr
    Kanai Lal Dr 26 days ago

    can we use it on broken driver side mirror?

  • Matthew Portnoy
    Matthew Portnoy 27 days ago

    on the table one was that a over watch reference

  • Samantha Duncan
    Samantha Duncan 28 days ago

    so much overwatch jokes #2017

  • Tutorial Shock!
    Tutorial Shock! 29 days ago

    2:36 aye overwatch reference!

  • It's Robby
    It's Robby 1 month ago

    I was trying some of this........burnt the top layer of my skin

  • YouTubeTähti •
    YouTubeTähti • 1 month ago

    use superglue..

  • -.- Benyovszki
    -.- Benyovszki 1 month ago

    that overwatch pun tho..... XD

  • Logan Palmer
    Logan Palmer 1 month ago


  • Rebekah Hamontree
    Rebekah Hamontree 1 month ago

    I like your old Gregg shirt.

  • real KHz
    real KHz 1 month ago

    glued hangers into all my clothes, now they never fall on the floor

  • gorilla glue
    gorilla glue 1 month ago

    I want your old gregg shirt!

  • Chris Tran
    Chris Tran 1 month ago

    Just buy the glue rolls

  • 1998goodboy
    1998goodboy 1 month ago

    whats that overwatch reverence doing in there????

  • Nahid Sultana
    Nahid Sultana 1 month ago

    i have this hot glue

  • thebmanboss
    thebmanboss 1 month ago

    Overwatch references

  • tøp is my øxygen
    tøp is my øxygen 1 month ago

    Hah the OW reference was appreciated.

  • AstronautGaming8012
    AstronautGaming8012 1 month ago

    Overwatch, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    BROWNIE VLOG'S 1 month ago


  • Lahking AyeSoul
    Lahking AyeSoul 1 month ago

    "It's high noon" is that an Overwatch reference??? lol

  • SuperSunMan
    SuperSunMan 1 month ago

    its high noon and justice will rain from above one month after overwatch comes out

  • Thomas Brashaw
    Thomas Brashaw 1 month ago


  • Tai Eileen
    Tai Eileen 1 month ago

    he said a reference at 2.40 to overwatch

  • DragonFace94
    DragonFace94 1 month ago

    2:37 No. No. No. Just no.

  • TheLastStorm5
    TheLastStorm5 1 month ago

    Oh my god. YES! "What's this" that's a reference to the song from nightmare before Christmas, as you are holding a painting of jack. Amazing. You made my day.

  • Trjm
    Trjm 1 month ago

    Its High noon and justice rains from above " XD XD XD 2:36

  • Yui-chan_1106
    Yui-chan_1106 1 month ago


  • slug2012
    slug2012 1 month ago

    overwatch puns :)

  • Lavender Water
    Lavender Water 1 month ago

    Nice overwatch reference

  • Velociraptor 01
    Velociraptor 01 1 month ago

    At 2:40 is that a overwatch reference

  • Dean Primmer
    Dean Primmer 1 month ago

    You know when I searched for "top 10 hotglue videos", I expected something else entirely...

  • enderlordElite gaming

    he made overwatch puns

  • Viola Lockhart
    Viola Lockhart 1 month ago

    Loving the Overwatch puns

  • Jager D
    Jager D 1 month ago

    2:41 His gun ran out

  • Katie Trimmier
    Katie Trimmier 1 month ago

    Overwatch references

  • RankSlave /GeekSphero
    RankSlave /GeekSphero 2 months ago


  • Just M
    Just M 2 months ago

    holy shit you look exactly like toni kroos

  • oddpodlbkk
    oddpodlbkk 2 months ago

    what hot glue gun do you have

  • Anagha Supekar
    Anagha Supekar 2 months ago

    glue gun best

  • Jacob Ford
    Jacob Ford 2 months ago

    The overwatch memes

  • Mighty Justin Bumanglag

    When you win free glue for a year

  • SythoGamer 123
    SythoGamer 123 2 months ago

    Wow When you move I want to see you struggle to get of the carpet NO JK there is barely any hot glue

  • Dracvla Bland
    Dracvla Bland 2 months ago

    There is NOTHING amazing there !

  • KeroseneHat
    KeroseneHat 2 months ago

    Lol it's high noon and justice Rains from above.

  • Aryanna Vega
    Aryanna Vega 2 months ago


  • MaStRo
    MaStRo 2 months ago

    Justic rain from above.. hahahah

  • Connor Delaney
    Connor Delaney 2 months ago

    Who else did an eye roll when he did the overwatch references.

  • Jack_Wolf
    Jack_Wolf 2 months ago

    why did he add overwatch puns

  • TrailRidingGamer
    TrailRidingGamer 2 months ago

    Its high noon
    Mc cree

    Justice rains from above

  • The legendary mcboop
    The legendary mcboop 2 months ago

    Overwatch reference is already added
    Your answer sucks
    *mic drop*
    Experience tranquility
    *mic pick up and drop*

  • Slyfer
    Slyfer 2 months ago

    I was lying on my bed when suddenly at 1:47 the frame almost off from the wall I immediately got up and tried to catch it.

  • puppy67726 Gaming
    puppy67726 Gaming 2 months ago

    Wish I new the first hack while I was making fursuits

  • mrwhitetiger
    mrwhitetiger 2 months ago

    That overwatch pun really sucked

  • Cassandra Klos
    Cassandra Klos 2 months ago

    Oh my goodness! You've got an old gregg t-shirt! You are even more awesome than I thought!

  • cat gamer
    cat gamer 2 months ago

    stop about overwatch

  • Savannah Munson
    Savannah Munson 2 months ago

    did no one catch the reference at 1:47 ?

  • Storm Giving Castberg
    Storm Giving Castberg 2 months ago

    Did somebody also get the overwatch

  • Ruben Pasion
    Ruben Pasion 2 months ago

    I really like your videos!

  • alec pizz
    alec pizz 2 months ago

    What hot glue gun is that

  • Relax _Kit
    Relax _Kit 2 months ago

    when i rub my penis hot glue cones out so i dont need to waste any money !

    THAT CRAZY CRAFTER 2 months ago

    when you were fixing the table did you do a reference to more and phara's ultiments in overwatch

  • Liam Wagner
    Liam Wagner 2 months ago

    I'M OLD GREGG!!!!!!!! I GOT A MANGINA!!!!

  • SlikierCord674
    SlikierCord674 2 months ago

    Who's been playing overwatch

    ASHUTOSH SINHA 3 months ago


  • Digant Shah
    Digant Shah 3 months ago

    Thanks for your time and sharing knowledge to rest of the world. Liked and subscribed to your channel.

  • El Monsoon
    El Monsoon 3 months ago

    I'm old greeeeeeeeeeeeeg!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Sudík
    Michael Sudík 3 months ago

    úžasný sračky

  • Michael Sudík
    Michael Sudík 3 months ago


  • Michael Sudík
    Michael Sudík 3 months ago

    že tě to baví

  • Michael Sudík
    Michael Sudík 3 months ago


  • Michael Sudík
    Michael Sudík 3 months ago


  • Michael Sudík
    Michael Sudík 3 months ago


  • Focak Nedim
    Focak Nedim 3 months ago


  • AnUnoriginalSlacker
    AnUnoriginalSlacker 3 months ago

    its high noon and justice rains from above

    oh god no

  • Udaya sree kayathi
    Udaya sree kayathi 3 months ago

    hot glue gun really helps you in all the ways

  • FallenEagle 7315
    FallenEagle 7315 3 months ago

    Man those overwatch references lmao!

  • f
    f 3 months ago


  • Rohin Bhat
    Rohin Bhat 3 months ago

    why doesn't he post videos

  • MrLurkMerk
    MrLurkMerk 3 months ago


  • Faathima Padia
    Faathima Padia 3 months ago

    i wish i hqve a glue gun

  • SongDemonAllie
    SongDemonAllie 3 months ago

    Love the old greg shirt!

  • The Entertainment Channel

    Some nice ideas

  • Ramdas Bhosale
    Ramdas Bhosale 3 months ago

    where do we get hot glue gun

  • thatone kid
    thatone kid 3 months ago

    hot glue cures cancer

  • LoL plays & Animes
    LoL plays & Animes 3 months ago


  • im ur father
    im ur father 3 months ago

    The Overwatch references :o

  • pokegodtheone
    pokegodtheone 3 months ago

    omg me just made two overwatch jokes in one video when he dosnt have a gaming channel..... im subscribing for that only.

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