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  • Josalyn Molitor
    Josalyn Molitor 2 hours ago

    I grew up in Seattle to so I do it inside to lol

  • XxCringey._.GiaxX /Gia Bach

    Ro: they're really cute
    Justine: *Stabs*
    Me: 😂😂😂 I'm dead

  • Denise Remo
    Denise Remo 19 hours ago

    Found 4 eggs 🍳 🐤🐥🐣

  • Sadie Telles
    Sadie Telles 22 hours ago

    the 3rd one looked like ro's shirt

  • Michelle Duran
    Michelle Duran 1 day ago

    3:15 -3:20 hahaha

  • Medha sahasra
    Medha sahasra 1 day ago

    It's 5 eggs if you don't count the egg rain ☔️ if you do I have no idea 💡 bonus is I also found a 💩

  • Ariel Zuniga
    Ariel Zuniga 1 day ago

    Hi Rosanna I am you number one biggest fan I love you and your videos 💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤💖💖❤❤💖

  • Leighann Farrell
    Leighann Farrell 1 day ago

    15 eggs

  • Valval Squishylol

    I found 6 eggs

  • jim eaton
    jim eaton 1 day ago

    try bunny peeps

  • Christina Torres
    Christina Torres 1 day ago

    hello Justine and ro

  • Pintu Tailor
    Pintu Tailor 1 day ago

    peeps are sooo good

  • Olivia Shenouda
    Olivia Shenouda 2 days ago

    Can you try and make peeps with Justine

  • Olivia Shenouda
    Olivia Shenouda 2 days ago

    Can you try and make peeps with justine

  • Olivia Shenouda
    Olivia Shenouda 2 days ago

    Can you try and make peeps with justine

  • Dakota Dawson
    Dakota Dawson 2 days ago

    what one was your favrite

  • Sharlyn Tan
    Sharlyn Tan 2 days ago

    i found 4

  • Analicia Monroy
    Analicia Monroy 3 days ago

    I only found 3 hidden eggs

  • Anna Goga
    Anna Goga 3 days ago

    I found 6 eggs

  • Cici Thesupergirl
    Cici Thesupergirl 3 days ago

    Do the try not to cry challenge

  • Jannat Ferdous
    Jannat Ferdous 4 days ago

    I looooove Jossana collabs

  • rubie Juarez
    rubie Juarez 4 days ago

    you guys rock

  • Karolina  Siburian
    Karolina Siburian 4 days ago

    I ❤ their collabs 😍😄😆💕👧👧

  • Lyn Car
    Lyn Car 4 days ago

    they say to look for Easter eggs there might be 5 or alot

  • Lyn Car
    Lyn Car 4 days ago

    did you see the Easter eggs

  • #KawaiiPotatozRule Ye

    I found 8 eggs, wasn't payin attention to what they looked like! Either 8 or 4, I don't really care XD 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • Ashley Kimbrel
    Ashley Kimbrel 4 days ago

    OMG those are so good like I love them so much I can eat a whole entire thing but three kind those are just guessing it's just so coconut so do not get those you should always get these no matter what time of year it is because those are good with all of that chocolate and sugar you're going to give me a coma yeah I love your channels and I am subscribed and I love your videos tell iJustine that I'm about to be subscribed to her channel on my phone and my mom's tablet so make sure you tell her that bye

  • bluewolves 123
    bluewolves 123 4 days ago

    Who else watched this video but hates marshmellows like if you agree

  • Malishka Vedak
    Malishka Vedak 5 days ago

    Please try Indian snaks

  • lilg500
    lilg500 5 days ago

    There were 6 hidden eggs🐣🐣

  • Colbern Steve
    Colbern Steve 5 days ago

    there was 6 eggs

  • Hilda Mensah
    Hilda Mensah 5 days ago

    I did not even pay attention to the eggs in the background

  • London Spear
    London Spear 6 days ago

    Who else saw the egg roll behind Ro at 3:49?

  • London Spear
    London Spear 6 days ago

    Who else saw the egg roll behind Ro at 3:49?

  • Angeelaa player
    Angeelaa player 6 days ago

    and the yellow egg is rolling behind them XD

  • Angeelaa player
    Angeelaa player 6 days ago

    the pink egg is in the bush and the golden egg jumped in the pool XD

  • duxaluxa
    duxaluxa 6 days ago

    they were 6 eggs 1 of them was golden

  • Mary Daile Delatado

    Is this a peep or a poop?

  • Juan Solis
    Juan Solis 7 days ago

    I want to be in the notifacaiton

  • Bry_Gaming
    Bry_Gaming 7 days ago

    i just realized how late i am

  • Bry_Gaming
    Bry_Gaming 7 days ago

    I love your videos with Justine!!

  • CakeFlavored Cookies

    2:26 Justine, that's just the chocolate peeking through the marshmallow. :P

  • julie bean
    julie bean 7 days ago

    Peep battle!!🐤🐤😄

  • Jenna Mikaelson
    Jenna Mikaelson 7 days ago

    Can you do the eat it or wear it with Justine

  • FarerandLove
    FarerandLove 8 days ago

    real vs gummy with Justine

  • A true Crybaby
    A true Crybaby 8 days ago

    5 eggs

  • Yvonne Buccat
    Yvonne Buccat 8 days ago

    behind the Bush

  • Brisey Zarinana
    Brisey Zarinana 8 days ago

    its outside

  • Brisey Zarinana
    Brisey Zarinana 8 days ago

    it is behind the right bush

  • Doggo is An doggo
    Doggo is An doggo 8 days ago

    J: There's like, marshmallow all over my body.
    R: Yeah

  • Crystal McGee
    Crystal McGee 8 days ago

    hi Justine

  • Josephine Park
    Josephine Park 9 days ago

    I don't even like peeps and like liked this video...😂


    Hi Rosanna and Justine 😘😘😘😘

  • Angie Flores
    Angie Flores 9 days ago

    I think there is 15 or 16 eggs

  • isaac rodirguez
    isaac rodirguez 9 days ago

    i foung the eggs

  • комментатор

    я бы выебал этих сучек

  • Annika Muk-luk
    Annika Muk-luk 10 days ago

    I saw 10 eeg

  • Breanna Jones
    Breanna Jones 10 days ago

    they dont sell peeps in new zealand someone send me some...plz...just, one?

  • Moli Elin
    Moli Elin 10 days ago

    i saw 5 eggs!!!!!!

  • Julie Goodman
    Julie Goodman 10 days ago

    Ro I have your cook book and I love it 😍❤️

  • Chue Yang
    Chue Yang 10 days ago

    5 or 6

  • Bonnie gaming
    Bonnie gaming 10 days ago

    omg 3:14 I DIED OF LAUGHTER

  • HD Abdi studio
    HD Abdi studio 11 days ago

    we found 7 like if you did

  • David Owusu
    David Owusu 11 days ago

    i found 6 eggs

  • Jiah Sony
    Jiah Sony 11 days ago

    can you make a pee cake

  • Aliyah Parchment
    Aliyah Parchment 11 days ago

    I found 11 eggs

  • GryffindorGirl Aj
    GryffindorGirl Aj 11 days ago

    Ro, Ro, Ro your boat, gently down Justine! 😂❤️

  • Nursyamimi Atiqah
    Nursyamimi Atiqah 11 days ago

    i just noticed that ro and justine are like sam and cat. 😂

  • Callie Meadows
    Callie Meadows 11 days ago

    U should do a blindfolded peep eating challenge with Justine

  • rachel guerrero
    rachel guerrero 11 days ago

    I found 11 eggs in this video

  • Reina Altahan
    Reina Altahan 12 days ago

    Rosanna plz do gummy vs real food with IJUSTINE ❤❤️👌🏻

  • kimberly martinez
    kimberly martinez 12 days ago

    plz do cars 3 cake🏎🏎🏎

  • BTS Kookie
    BTS Kookie 12 days ago

    this video is literally a meme

  • BTS Kookie
    BTS Kookie 12 days ago

    justine is literally me with the knife.
    yes, cut everythung violently instead of being normal like ro and open it properly

  • BTS Kookie
    BTS Kookie 12 days ago

    I love both of them sm. snzns

  • BTS Kookie
    BTS Kookie 12 days ago

    Justine: THEY ARE SO CUTE!1!1!1!

    also Justine: **chops the cute peeps like there's no tomorrow**

  • Syed Zaidi
    Syed Zaidi 12 days ago

    five eggs

  • Syed Zaidi
    Syed Zaidi 12 days ago

    I am sorry there are four eggs

  • Syed Zaidi
    Syed Zaidi 12 days ago

    I found three eggs

  • Viviana Rodriguez
    Viviana Rodriguez 12 days ago

    I saw / found all of the eggs my favorite one was thr gold

  • BellaWolf Pup
    BellaWolf Pup 12 days ago

    found four eggs

  • Kanaja Butler
    Kanaja Butler 12 days ago

    i love your vids <3

  • kawaii Mad
    kawaii Mad 12 days ago

    I dident now you were in your 30

  • Nathen Dooley
    Nathen Dooley 12 days ago

    i only saw 6 eggs

  • Crazy me
    Crazy me 12 days ago

    4 eggs plus a poop

  • AidanJaceGames Minecraft & more

    I found 7 eggs

  • Pat The Geek
    Pat The Geek 13 days ago

    I found all the Easter eggs

  • iris n.q
    iris n.q 13 days ago

    love your videos

  • Adriana Acosta
    Adriana Acosta 13 days ago

    6 eggs

  • Stefanie Hadi
    Stefanie Hadi 13 days ago

    The easter eggs in the video remind me of the waving snails in Adventure Time😆🐌

  • Molly G
    Molly G 13 days ago

    When Justine said heart palpitations and Matty's tail was going in the background!

  • Coco Brooke
    Coco Brooke 13 days ago

    the part where Justine like slices the peep was so funny oml I watched it like 10 times and I was crying 😂

  • Hamstercake 1
    Hamstercake 1 13 days ago


  • Allison Young
    Allison Young 13 days ago

    I can't get a nuff of you guys

  • Abigail valerdi
    Abigail valerdi 14 days ago

    I found them all

  • keke dolan
    keke dolan 14 days ago

    I found 2 eggs

  • Margea Razvan
    Margea Razvan 14 days ago

    thats the face of evil 3:20 :D

  • Treasure Simon
    Treasure Simon 14 days ago

    i found 5 secret eggs

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