I Went to Kyoto Japan and had some matcha soba noodles and tried out a LOT of food that Kyoto has to offer.

Here are the places I went to:
1. Ichi (Japanese izakaya)

2. Adachi-ya (The real version of an anime izakaya)

3. Hide-tako (Takoyaki)

4. Issen Yoshoku (Kyoto style Okonomiyaki)

5. Tsujiri (Matcha dessert)

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Author Sanskari Weirdo ( ago)
you should come to Delhi,India.
You will definitely love it

Author Isla ( ago)
lol when he said pork cutlet bowl I screamed "Yuri"
XD anime fangirl✋✋

Author Nono Nini ( ago)
Can i please get the name of the restaurant of that beautiful tonkatsu pork ? ❤❤❤

Author Zurev89 ( ago)
I did the check out that girl whistle when i first looked at that Takoyaki for some reason.

Author Maxio Bakus ( ago)
sea grapes my fab :)

Author Felka L ( ago)
I get hungry every video kkkkkkk

Author Kristin Gallo ( ago)
Sea grapes did not look delicious

Author Jennifer Helmersson ( ago)
Haha, when I watched you eat the seagrapes from Okinawa, and you talked about them being 'small, bursting bubbles tasting like the ocean", the only thing I could think off was "oh, like caviar without the fishiness?"

Author 사랑태태 ( ago)
1:37 I heard Korean or am I hearing things

Author Kai Lim ( ago)
every time u eat

Author Food O'Clock ( ago)

Author erlis guerrero ( ago)
when you come to perù, here we have good food.

Author Angel Yukihira ( ago)
i know this is random but you look like Jackie Chan...

Author e s ( ago)
Your eating, my drinking, go together like a horse & carriage.

Author wackaer25 ( ago)
so why don't you drink alcohol?

Author Beary C ( ago)
Mike, you are awesome! I always enjoy watching your food adventures ~ you make your audience feel like we're there with you! :)

Author aesthetic doggo ( ago)
Bury me in Macha

Author Shu Pei Wong ( ago)
does anyone knows where is this place?

Author Jeff Ma ( ago)
I never knew squid ink was edible

Author SF2TOKYO ( ago)
Matcha Soba noodles are awesome!
But somehow, Jackie Chan here made them absolutely unappetizing.

Author TehEpic fail ( ago)
next time strictly dumpling ...Mike moves to Japan.

Author King Lee ( ago)
I am not sure if there is this other option of what they call a TAMAGOYAKI, it has the same octopus in the center but the flour is replaced by using fluffy eggs and you dip into hot bonito chicken soup rather then having the sauce douse all over the yakis... :-p

what I realized about is that whenever he thinks its good he looks to the left

Author JAchica11 ( ago)
Mike's belly is endless! Lol! I love how he doesn't care who's watching as he does his videos in public. I'll enjoy the food vicariously! Lol!

Author William ( ago)
Baru makan,nonton ginian tiba tiba perut krucuk krucuk lagi.ada apa ini,kenapa ini bisa terjadi.😂

Author Jax Macapinlac ( ago)
7:30 why did that pile of seaweed jump off

Author Cathy Zheng ( ago)
I went there!!! The okonomiyaki was amazing!

Author GhostBoi Yourmum ( ago)
Dude I ate the same type of fried chicken it's so good

Author Rixui ( ago)
*Drinks orange juice* :<

Author FlammablePaper ( ago)
You're like Goku, you never stop eating man

Author Mia Mia ( ago)

Author Ben Is Cool ( ago)
haha whenever you taste something good, you close your eyes, look to your top-right, tap your nose, close your eyes again, and look back at the camera. Great vids, keep it up!

Author Georgia Manu ( ago)
the prices for that quality of food is incredible

Author June Viarruel ( ago)
I've seen much of your. videos and you don't just sample, you throw down!!! how in God's good name, do you have such a FIT body!!!??

Author June Viarruel ( ago)
somehow I knew the macha noodles would be bleh.. but the icecream and popsicle macha float, I knew it had to be YUMMY....

Author Ezu ( ago)
when i look at matcha soba, i think about indonesian cendol. It looks similar, but cendol is sweet, cold and refreshing.

Author Dona Branca ( ago)
Just tell me that you don't like like this everyday...because if you do, I need your secret to stay thin.

Author Wibi Bismanara ( ago)
whoaaa I miss japan so much.. wish I could go back there again someday to hit some delicious food and sake lol..!

Author Purplechu2 ( ago)
i've been watching these videos for the past hour i think. Watching these while hungry is a mistake.

Author tintintin2003 ( ago)
Woa, i remember this matchs restaurant . I was there when u was filming the matcha drink.

Author AnJ B ( ago)
I love the videos, but how do you not have a stomach ache after eating so much!?

Author Kai Lim ( ago)
i think u gained 33pounds

Author Fiona's Vegan Kitchen ( ago)
I think there was a little worm on the sea grapes

Author doneld trumpet ( ago)
why this guy have 10 thumbnails

Author Black Storm ( ago)
Better late, than never. Shall we eat? 🍴🍷

Author FANFAN_ME ( ago)

Author moi ( ago)
I love how your channel has developed! You are doing an awesome job!

Author Pamela Batchelor ( ago)
I'm so happy watching your Japanese shows. Especially the Ramen.

Author Sieren Tokiio ( ago)
squid is one of my favorite foods

Author Sieren Tokiio ( ago)
thank u for doing these japanese videos

Author Asian Movie Enthusiast ( ago)
I'm going to Kyoto and Osaka again in a few months.  I may need to try a few of these things that I haven't yet had.  I love Kaiseki dinners a lot, as well as fresh Tempura, Sushi, and Teppanyaki.  There's actually an excellent Italian restaurant in Gion called "Ristorante dei Cacciatori."

Author ᄋ ᄋ ( ago)
1:47 that background sound comes from korean women .what a shame it's bigger than him

Author Stuart Tamblyn ( ago)
Nothing worse than seeing Asians slurp there bowl food

Author Kellyann McKillen ( ago)
Mike I've only just discovered you and I've had a bit of a binge watch lol I spent a month in Japan in 2010 and your Japanese videos bring back a lot of memories!! You have a new subscriber 🤗

Author TheZae81 ( ago)
hi could you tel me what is the name of the restaurant the one sell sea grape?and where can i buy seagrape in beside this restaurant? thx

Author Mooncalf ( ago)
Why I watch this when im on a diet? Am I masochist?

Author Leohan Agustlim ( ago)
so u eat all these food in one day?

Author ling80877 ( ago)
love your shirt....aloha from hawaii...

Author Dexter Nubla ( ago)
Sea grapes we have a lot here in the Philippines....

Author TheeSlyPIE ( ago)
Kyoto is so beautiful~ I went there during for about 2 or 3 days during a study tour and it was without a doubt my favorite city (that I had visited). The atmosphere, scenery, landscapes, food and people were just so amazing~ it was unforgettable

Author RCPlayer145 ( ago)
oishi desu...

Author Alice Lin ( ago)
the ultimate cringe when he said oishi des

Author Claire K ( ago)
Mike: *eating delicious food*

Me: *eating fruit snacks*

Author FrugalSAHM ( ago)
If you don't mind me asking, why don't you drink alcohol? I don't for health and taste reasons :)

Author AJ River ( ago)
I so want to move to Japan I am learning Japanese right now.

Author Amanda Rochon ( ago)
Your videos piss me off, me sitting here eating blah American food while you feast on deliciousness. I want all of that food NOOOOOW. I'm so jealous! lmao

Author Love Loveyy ( ago)
poor performance, Marks weins wins....

Author Necronomous ( ago)
Awsome vids. I am sitting here, eating fried duck with oystersauce and of course tons of sriracha on it. :) This time I am happy that I am eating as well for once!

Author Smol Bean ( ago)

Author Dee M ( ago)
seriously ... I have to go to Japan before I die!

Author Tk Muns ( ago)
Japanese street food looks really good.

Author Falco Doge ( ago)
Does jackie chan have a son he doesnt know about?

Author chantell hilliard ( ago)
I'm very interested and would love to go to many Asian countries and eat the food

Author Ong Zhi ( ago)
Hey mike, recently discovered your channel while I was recovering from a bad case of fever. Just wanted to say that your channel is great! I am curious though - do you go on these trips alone? :O

Author Aldei Fontaine ( ago)
all on Reding listes

Author Art Aizen ( ago)
this is the kind of video that I should not see after eating... Now I'm hungry again.

Author Cynthia Read ( ago)
I picked up a pack of matcha noodles at the Japanese market today bc of this video but I'm not actually sure what to serve them with, will have to see what I can find online.

Author DebuPenguSaku ( ago)
what is that drink at 5:43?

Author Nivea Geolingo ( ago)
Waaaahhh. I want to go to Japan, too 😫

Author Kisses De-Love-in ( ago)
I hope one day you visit my country Philippines. Try going to Pampangga,its the culinary capital..Cebu or Palawan also for a beautiful getaway😊 I'm such a fan! Godbless.

Author n3m3sis2 ( ago)
Do the people in Japan still eat see food? I guess the government doesnt tell them how much radiation is in the waters around the islands.

Author priabernamadimas ( ago)
ehm Mike you made a mistake

you should rinse your mouth with water or Gari first before eat the soba

the soda nullified the taste

Author priabernamadimas ( ago)
the sauce is tonkotsu sauce / bulldog sauce

Author Becky Dahl ( ago)
But you definitely have to start eating raw... I feel like it's such a waste to not while you're there!

Author Becky Dahl ( ago)
Yes definitely move to Japan!

Author ramicule ( ago)
In Japan do people cook at home? Seems like they just eat out all the time.

Author Faizal Hergy Veiga ( ago)
I would love to try Takoyaki :D

Author turbocat1984 ( ago)
I found the music in this vid really distracting... kept checking other pages weren't playing...

Author croitor2009 ( ago)
and hes still in shape!he did not gain any weight!!!!

Author Alan Jo ( ago)
lol, does anyone else hear Korean people in the background?

Author Amocoru ( ago)
I love living vicariously through your food adventures.

Author Liam Dot M ( ago)

Author MrMorrigan ( ago)
So glad your channel blew up because you make great videos. Keep up the great work and editing :D

Author Bikge Mahe ( ago)
I've been drinking the *weight loss green store tea* for two months and this is the only thing that's been able to curb my appetite without making me feel strung out. One cup at night gets me through an entire day and I'm not looking for snacks between meals or mindlessly taking seconds anymore.

Author ahmed elsamani ( ago)
I want to go to japan

Author oele ( ago)
need to watch this one all week

Author TADA JIRO ( ago)
are there any bubble tea drinks in japan?

Author twchunghin ( ago)
Mike, How are you? At 0:51 is that a little worm on the sea grape?

Author Aznod ( ago)
Mike you can't get al dente from fresh noodles which i am assuming that udon is because it is so unique. You only get that from dried noodles.

Author madisoned ( ago)
why am I watching this when I'm hungry and supposed to be studying?

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