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  • Chocolate Field
    Chocolate Field 1 day ago

    I'm so hungry know I'm just gonna eat my noodles and wish I was eating some of these foods .. .

  • George Hamilton
    George Hamilton 2 days ago

    I went to a mall in indonesia it have a 5-10$ ramen with free eggs and noodles refill for free it was GOOD

  • Tippy H
    Tippy H 4 days ago


  • sarah li
    sarah li 6 days ago

    The food looks so good 😍😍

  • Monarch ッ
    Monarch ッ 6 days ago

    If u're Asian like this comment

  • Sameer Rishi
    Sameer Rishi 7 days ago


  • Libni Acevedo
    Libni Acevedo 9 days ago

    OMG shinya shokudo!!

  • bud rhuy
    bud rhuy 10 days ago

    should have included the price

  • bud rhuy
    bud rhuy 10 days ago

    should have included the price

  • Elenor Little
    Elenor Little 12 days ago

    lol bless your such a fatty :'))))) makes me laugh

  • Epic Chibi
    Epic Chibi 14 days ago

    Idk why, but when he said 「美味しいです」I chuckled.

  • Ngez 89
    Ngez 89 14 days ago

    looks like jacky chan...

    CLIFFORD DANG 19 days ago

    Japanese people like to wait in lines.

  • Jose Rico
    Jose Rico 19 days ago

    Its 3am... i cant tell whats watering more, my mouth, or my eyes.. but i think my stomach has decided to eat itself

  • Larra Marie
    Larra Marie 23 days ago

    you look like Jackie Chan 🤗🤗🤗

  • Galean Kea
    Galean Kea 23 days ago

    We also have sea grapes here. They taste good with tomato

  • Tredfsg
    Tredfsg 27 days ago

    Was that a car accident at 10:05?

  • Beautiful Oddity
    Beautiful Oddity 28 days ago

    what is mochi

  • Boy Aditya
    Boy Aditya 29 days ago

    I have urge to watch mr ajjiko after watching this. remember mr ajjiko? (^^)

  • robert holmes
    robert holmes 1 month ago

    my mouth is literally watering...

  • Nixon Lee
    Nixon Lee 1 month ago

    Matcha Soba at 11:37

  • fatloveful
    fatloveful 1 month ago

    How does the ocean tastes like though?

  • mistydreams2266
    mistydreams2266 1 month ago

    That bartender that handed you the Ramune was hot AF. <3

  • Itay C
    Itay C 1 month ago

    Love your channel. thank you

  • Fhakrur Radzi
    Fhakrur Radzi 1 month ago

    Sea grape - little bit salty and little bit ocean..

  • Josh Underland
    Josh Underland 1 month ago

    did anyone else think the music sounds a lot like the rugrats theme song?

  • Project9091
    Project9091 1 month ago

    How languages do u speak

  • Fina Bae
    Fina Bae 1 month ago

    i dunno why but i SWORE the music was from rugrats

  • Uriah Hill
    Uriah Hill 1 month ago

    what in the world is mochi???

  • Thomas t
    Thomas t 1 month ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the sauce his pork chop was in

  • Uriah Hill
    Uriah Hill 1 month ago

    I literally have to eat and watch your channel haha!. much love and blessings!

  • Alice Devaniere
    Alice Devaniere 1 month ago

    You must have the metabolism of a god.

  • Nicholas Su
    Nicholas Su 1 month ago

    i wish i had your job

  • K Julieeya
    K Julieeya 2 months ago

    omg i'm sooooooo hungry right now

  • CurvyUnapologetic Doll

    is Japan vegetarian friendly?

  • CurvyUnapologetic Doll

    I want your job

  • Marika Miettinen
    Marika Miettinen 2 months ago

    Dude, your videos are making me starve!

  • Kian  Salamat
    Kian Salamat 2 months ago


  • leanys j
    leanys j 2 months ago

    all of this ia making me really​ hungry i want Chinese or Japanese food

  • Notice Me Genki
    Notice Me Genki 2 months ago

    Boohoo why are so many dishes in Asia covered in a sweet sauce?!?! I'd love to live there but sweet and savory is not to my taste at all. I've never tried any type of condiment or sauce and liked it. I don't even like salad dressings! Asia please give me something I can eat that is just savory or just sweet!

  • Ymonnie Forde
    Ymonnie Forde 2 months ago

    Food love, that's true love
    -Mickey Chen 2017

  • RCPlayer145
    RCPlayer145 2 months ago

    now that I think about it I want something else matcha flavored other than pocky D:

  • fernando torrera
    fernando torrera 2 months ago

    So many carbs how do they stay skinny

  • The Sleeping Fox
    The Sleeping Fox 2 months ago

    so are we not going to talk about the demonic screams in the background?

  • mo paiaina
    mo paiaina 2 months ago

    The pork cutlery on rice is katsudon.

  • angel lipae
    angel lipae 2 months ago

    sea grapes😑 is not only at okinawa😑
    there's some here in the philippines😑

  • Denise Mullarkey
    Denise Mullarkey 2 months ago

    Never had squid ink

  • Henry Becerra
    Henry Becerra 2 months ago

    I have seen those sea grapes in cuba.

  • Paola Illas
    Paola Illas 2 months ago

    You have a huuuuuge appetite 😜❤️

  • Sanskari Weirdo
    Sanskari Weirdo 2 months ago

    you should come to Delhi,India.
    You will definitely love it

  • Isla
    Isla 2 months ago

    lol when he said pork cutlet bowl I screamed "Yuri"
    XD anime fangirl✋✋

  • Nono Nini
    Nono Nini 3 months ago

    Can i please get the name of the restaurant of that beautiful tonkatsu pork ? ❤❤❤

  • Zurev89
    Zurev89 3 months ago

    I did the check out that girl whistle when i first looked at that Takoyaki for some reason.

  • Maxio Bakus
    Maxio Bakus 3 months ago

    sea grapes my fab :)

  • Felka L
    Felka L 3 months ago

    I get hungry every video kkkkkkk

  • Kristin Gallo
    Kristin Gallo 3 months ago

    Sea grapes did not look delicious

  • Jennifer Helmersson
    Jennifer Helmersson 3 months ago

    Haha, when I watched you eat the seagrapes from Okinawa, and you talked about them being 'small, bursting bubbles tasting like the ocean", the only thing I could think off was "oh, like caviar without the fishiness?"

  • Jungkookie 정국이
    Jungkookie 정국이 3 months ago

    1:37 I heard Korean or am I hearing things

  • Kai Lim
    Kai Lim 3 months ago

    every time u eat

  • Food O'Clock
    Food O'Clock 3 months ago


  • erlis guerrero
    erlis guerrero 3 months ago

    when you come to perù, here we have good food.

  • Angel Yukihira
    Angel Yukihira 3 months ago

    i know this is random but you look like Jackie Chan...

  • e s
    e s 3 months ago

    Your eating, my drinking, go together like a horse & carriage.

  • wackaer25
    wackaer25 3 months ago

    so why don't you drink alcohol?

  • aesthetic doggo
    aesthetic doggo 3 months ago

    Bury me in Macha

  • Shu Pei Wong
    Shu Pei Wong 3 months ago

    does anyone knows where is this place?

  • Jeff Ma
    Jeff Ma 3 months ago

    I never knew squid ink was edible

    SF2TOKYO 3 months ago

    Matcha Soba noodles are awesome!
    But somehow, Jackie Chan here made them absolutely unappetizing.

  • TehEpic fail
    TehEpic fail 3 months ago

    next time strictly dumpling ...Mike moves to Japan.

  • King Lee
    King Lee 3 months ago

    I am not sure if there is this other option of what they call a TAMAGOYAKI, it has the same octopus in the center but the flour is replaced by using fluffy eggs and you dip into hot bonito chicken soup rather then having the sauce douse all over the yakis... :-p


    what I realized about is that whenever he thinks its good he looks to the left

  • JAchica11
    JAchica11 4 months ago

    Mike's belly is endless! Lol! I love how he doesn't care who's watching as he does his videos in public. I'll enjoy the food vicariously! Lol!

  • William
    William 4 months ago

    Baru makan,nonton ginian tiba tiba perut krucuk krucuk lagi.ada apa ini,kenapa ini bisa terjadi.😂

  • Jax Macapinlac
    Jax Macapinlac 4 months ago

    7:30 why did that pile of seaweed jump off

  • Min Yoongi hurts my hearteu

    I went there!!! The okonomiyaki was amazing!

  • GhostBoi Yourmum
    GhostBoi Yourmum 4 months ago

    Dude I ate the same type of fried chicken it's so good

  • Nekomaki
    Nekomaki 4 months ago

    *Drinks orange juice* :<

  • FlammablePaper
    FlammablePaper 4 months ago

    You're like Goku, you never stop eating man

  • Mia Mia
    Mia Mia 4 months ago


  • Ben
    Ben 4 months ago

    haha whenever you taste something good, you close your eyes, look to your top-right, tap your nose, close your eyes again, and look back at the camera. Great vids, keep it up!

  • Georgia Manu
    Georgia Manu 4 months ago

    the prices for that quality of food is incredible

  • June Viarruel
    June Viarruel 4 months ago

    I've seen much of your. videos and you don't just sample, you throw down!!! how in God's good name, do you have such a FIT body!!!??

  • June Viarruel
    June Viarruel 4 months ago

    somehow I knew the macha noodles would be bleh.. but the icecream and popsicle macha float, I knew it had to be YUMMY....

  • Ezu
    Ezu 4 months ago

    when i look at matcha soba, i think about indonesian cendol. It looks similar, but cendol is sweet, cold and refreshing.

  • Dona Branca
    Dona Branca 4 months ago

    Just tell me that you don't like like this everyday...because if you do, I need your secret to stay thin.

  • Wibi Bismanara
    Wibi Bismanara 4 months ago

    whoaaa I miss japan so much.. wish I could go back there again someday to hit some delicious food and sake lol..!

  • Purplechu2
    Purplechu2 4 months ago

    i've been watching these videos for the past hour i think. Watching these while hungry is a mistake.

  • tintintin2003
    tintintin2003 4 months ago

    Woa, i remember this matchs restaurant . I was there when u was filming the matcha drink.

  • AnJ B
    AnJ B 4 months ago

    I love the videos, but how do you not have a stomach ache after eating so much!?

  • Kai Lim
    Kai Lim 4 months ago

    i think u gained 33pounds

  • Fiona's Vegan Kitchen
    Fiona's Vegan Kitchen 4 months ago

    I think there was a little worm on the sea grapes

  • doneld trumpet
    doneld trumpet 4 months ago

    why this guy have 10 thumbnails

  • Black Storm
    Black Storm 4 months ago

    Better late, than never. Shall we eat? 🍴🍷

    FANFAN_ME 4 months ago


  • moi
    moi 4 months ago

    I love how your channel has developed! You are doing an awesome job!

  • Pamela Batchelor
    Pamela Batchelor 4 months ago

    I'm so happy watching your Japanese shows. Especially the Ramen.

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio 4 months ago

    squid is one of my favorite foods

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio 4 months ago

    thank u for doing these japanese videos

  • Asian Movie Enthusiast

    I'm going to Kyoto and Osaka again in a few months.  I may need to try a few of these things that I haven't yet had.  I love Kaiseki dinners a lot, as well as fresh Tempura, Sushi, and Teppanyaki.  There's actually an excellent Italian restaurant in Gion called "Ristorante dei Cacciatori."

  • ᄋ ᄋ
    ᄋ ᄋ 4 months ago

    1:47 that background sound comes from korean women .what a shame it's bigger than him

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