American Health Care Act: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week Tonight's catheter cowboy returns to morning cable news to explain that to Donald Trump.

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Author Sangheli_ Arbiter343 ( ago)

Author ussteel07 ( ago)
Barry is the only member of the Bee Gees alive. lol. John Oliver is a cold mutha shut your mouth. lol

Author Don Quixito ( ago)
Prussian advisorsary of a crazed homeless man who's major claim to fame is designing Facebook Homeland security and writing a few clever song and stealing any persons soul who laughs and wondering based on the fall of the wall if well how hard is it to fake an accent and what blood types are doing now and using that info to judge who's satate has more say and is more in control sadly I have to out source this theory to be researched

Author PlaystationMasterPS3 ( ago)
people who don't watch this show are going to be confused when they see these ads.

Author TheQUBANQT ( ago)
Those commercials are so FUNNY!!

Author Stefan Reirref ( ago)
Ryan, the idiot said "see the forest through the trees". WTF. Misusing a phrase just shows what a complete tool he is. Bye Bye Pauly. Career over in 3,2,1...

Author IÅℵ ( ago)
_-I can't be the only one who heard that ingeniousness, can I?-_

Author Will Saldeen ( ago)
At least it was defeated.

Author Gerard Duggan ( ago)
Did Obama want his name on Obamacare? Oh wait, it's a nickname... This still rings true.

Author Gerard Duggan ( ago)
But do they really need more money?

Author Lucas ( ago)
A great way of turning USA into Brazil \o/

Author Keith Jennings ( ago)
lmao he MIGHT have an idea of where Woodward OK is...BUTTT... idk that he knows WHAT Woodward Ok is! OK...lmao OK OK shot of man in thong...he might KNOW! missing The Patch fo sho now!!!

Author Seela Mary ( ago)

Author Seela Mary ( ago)
I no longer trust my leaders because they wont pay taxes but the poor pay taxes .

Author HDLowrider03 ( ago)
After this passed weekend, confirmed, DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

Author Kris Van Pelt ( ago)
I live in Idaho. Pardon my language, but why the f*ck would I want to shop for insurance from New York or Florida?

Also, I don't think Chaffetz understands how most people get a new iPhone. Most people don't buy the phone outright for the $800 or so that it costs. Most people lease the new device from their phone provider (like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile) and pay a monthly fee for that lease, ie. that fee is tacked on to their monthly phone bill. Eventually, that fee is paid off within having to sign a new two-year service agreement.

Personally, I pay $47 a month for my health insurance (which doesn't include dental and vision; those are separate charges) but my employer foots the rest of it for $500.50 a month. My take home pay is $1313 a month and my monthly rent is $600. If my employer didn't pay for the majority of my health insurance there's no way I would even be able to have a roof over my head every month let alone consider being able to afford a new iPhone with monthly payments over two years.

Author Octopus Rum ( ago)
Always love seeing this being posted on youtube.

Author shoresofEire ( ago)
Jesus get this idiot out of office

Author §paethon ( ago)
Here's an idea: how about regulating and capping the fucking profits of medical goods/services!?! When you crunch the numbers, it costs a hospital about $35 per CT scan. They then charge $5000 to patients. It costs $5 or less for an IV, complete with bag, needle, and time for nurse to insert. Hospital charges patient $600+. You want a solution to the healthcare crisis? Cap healthcare profit at 100%. Problem is NOT in the insurance industry you damn idiots!!!!

Author Come.At.Me.Bro. ( ago)
Fuck Ted Cruz!!!

Author tyro244 ( ago)
Barry Gibbs as the only surviving member of the Bee Gees.

Author Sanjeev Singh ( ago)
Serves those Rural Poor Bastards right, since they were the overwhelming majority voting for Trump, enjoy dying on the Street and just remember you idiots wanted this :) later

Author Random Name ( ago)
"I think it's just beavers with stethoscopes up there…"

OH CRAP HE FOUND US OUT. HE CAUGHT US. WE HAVE BEEN EXPOSED. However, to be fair, they are excellent at their jobs, so, no complaints yet.

Author Barbara Cowdery ( ago)
I Love John Oliver. Please Give him TV Shows Forever. He's helping me through this Hideousness.

Author JM911204 ( ago)
This is scarier than any horror film ever made.

Author simzark ( ago)
LMAO... the cowboy.... I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Author gabiluch87 ( ago)
The freaky friday proviso is not there coz Paul Ryan is still jacking off to it

Author Angel In Training ( ago)
Gotta say, LWT, my CJ Ethics professor used your program where you talk about 45's lies and his apparent need for education on subjects as a teaching point to the class. I was happy to watch it again!

Author paul jadamiec ( ago)
your show sucks asshole

Author Melody Pond ( ago)
I looked it up! Barry is alive and Maurice and Robin are actually dead. It took me about 2 weeks before I actually did it but I did.

Author Hazel Davies ( ago)
Who else is watching after the AHCA failed?

Author Anderson Dalmeus ( ago)
"the Ted Cruz of health care legislation. . . fuck you Ted fuck you from everybody"

Author Don Benedict ( ago)
"Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated". How does anyone believe a word the turd sandwich named Donald Trump says? I do not get the allure. I think I'd rather stub my toe on the dining room table every morning than look at him again. But it's like a train wreck. Ya gotta look.

Author robert matthews ( ago)
I didn't think it was possible to love someone the way I do John Oliver 😭😭😭

Author Ramy G ( ago)
It failed hahahahah

Author Somprasong U-chupongamorn ( ago)
The fact republicans and the Trump administration don't want people to call it Trump-Care explains just how god awful this health care plan is.

Author Zguy09 ( ago)
Well, the bill failed and was withdrawn, thank Christ. ^_^

Author Alexander Dobyns ( ago)
It failed btw

Author Dennis Magee ( ago)
I'm proud of the American people. They are not swallowing the "big lie" from Trump. We're going to learn from this mistake instead of letting it kill us.

Author Karen Binder ( ago)
Thank God it didn't pass!

Author marisandinianimelove ( ago)
update: it looks like obamacare stays and Health Killing Plan went down the drains.

Author Michael Smetter ( ago)
Tick tock muthafuckas, indeed! I've now been declined three times just trying to renew the insurance I've had for over a decade and have never used! All of a sudden, I apparently don't qualify. This shit needs to be sorted.

Author Sean Morris ( ago)
I like shower sex... clean up is so easy :D

Author dian oreilly ( ago)
Hey..i like the Bee Gees!

Author robbskittles II ( ago)
LMAO! through out this vid... Thanks Oliver and HBO.

Author Geoffrey Harris ( ago)
So, the Republicans didn't even bring up their own plan for a vote after 7.5 years of trying!

Author mrde0mrsai ( ago)
I'm rewatching this now that the plan has failed. Credits to you, Oliver!

Author Will Riley ( ago)
It failed. Rejoice!

Author IN GOD WE TRUST ( ago)
Trump failed once again.

Author Mike ( ago)
And it's dead, thank God

Author Jon Clack ( ago)
These assholes get free medical and awesome retirement after one term.

Author MadKazZzZzZ ( ago)
Hey I like The Beegees ):

Author Johanna Aquino ( ago)
A bootleg Obama care lol

Author Ring0fSaturn ( ago)
Leave it to Trump, Ryan and the GOP to slap a deceptive cover on their heartless, fuck-all budget in a poorly planned attempt to rebrand Obamacare (itself rebranded from Romneycare), drive more profits to the top .01% and prove utter disdain for the poor.

Author Gail Garrett ( ago)
how about covering the other side of the coin. here in MA many, many entities (NON-PROFITS) are spending millions, wasting millions, all doing the same thing that the state is doing, it would undoubtedly be better for us to have single payer. I would happily pay my premium to the state. I am paying over 21000 for a family plan here in MA. People are working for health insurance. it is killing us. Please come and investigate THAT. Love your show!!! keep up the good work

Author kikiwest2001 ( ago)
I don't feel bad for any Trump voter who was on ACA aka Obama care. If this bill passes, you have only yourself to blame when you wont receive coverage or can't afford it.

Author Jamie Tyroler ( ago)
To all you non-Americans who don't understand America's health care system, don't feel bad, we don't understand it either. We pay more per capita for our health care than most, if not all, industrialized nations and we get worse results than most, if not all, industrialized nations. Trumpcare or Ryancare might possibly lower the per capita cost for healthcare, but it's going to be done by having much worse results.

Why does America provide healthcare like this? Private, for-profit health insurance companies that hate Obamacare because it restricts the amount that can be paid to executives. It seems that the insurance companies would like to keep jacking up their premiums while paying for fewer services while increasing their profits and personal incomes on the backs of the poorest Americans. It's kind of like the Monty Python sketches about Dennis Moore ("He steals from the poor and gives to the rich. Stupid bitch!" - except that the stupid bitches are the poor who keep voting to screw themselves over - often because of things like abortion or the belief that somehow, the lottery, elderly rich relative they don't know about, etc., they too will have to worry about estate taxes or the advantages of paying a 28% tax on their income over $500k instead of 35%, even though they're earning less than $25k/year).

Author Vicki Neises ( ago)
Tryancare, aka "Barely Tryancare", "Sick of Tryancare" or "Done Tryancare"

Author Alan Smithee ( ago)
Yeah, I'm scared to death. My medications post-kidney transplant alone are $800 a bottle, and I'm moving without a job to Illinois, a state with a Republican governor and no money. :(

Author Wind Waker ( ago)
I have severe Crohn's and need Remicade to function, otherwise, I'd die from infection when an abscess came up. I'm not even 18, and I think I need 3-4 vials. Each vial is easily above 4,000$, and I get my infusions every two months. With Obamacare, everything was covered. Somebody please give me advice on what I can do, this is frightening to me.

Author smokeythehobo ( ago)
IMPEACH Trump NOW!!!!! He's proven himself to be a LIAR, a TRAITOR and a HYPOCRITE after just 2 months in office. HE IS NOT PRESISENTIAL!!!

Author William Thode ( ago)

Author Dajvedo ( ago)
You Americans are great people and have a beautiful country, but god damn do you have one of the shittiest governments.

Author Daniel Johnson ( ago)
This guy is a tool

Author Ali Akbar Safdari ( ago)
Guys! If Trump's idiocy has made your healthcare too expensive, come over to India for cheap treatment. You dollars will help our economy too!,

Author Robbert Gelderen ( ago)
Is this a modern country? Nope

Author heinyml ( ago)
Only a liberal would describe lower taxes as "taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich"

Author MistaTofMaine ( ago)
I think what the guy with the poodle hair was trying to say is maybe use your money more wisely when possible. Rather than get a new phone when you already have one that is fine take that money and put in an HSA or something. The proposed plan sucks balls by the way.

Author Chelo Figueroa ( ago)
And to think about it, they did this thing without any hearings or anything.

Author Blake Butler ( ago)
Can you please not call one of my religious holiday's a shitty christmas

Author Catherine Gogan ( ago)
I live in Maine and can confirm we have the best beaver-doctors in the country.

Author R Feyman ( ago)
Apparently, the right wing nutjobs wanted the bill to leave absolutely NO middle class or poor person alive. As such the bill has been "tweeked" to be absolutely sadistically evil.
Who knew when Reagan released all the mentally ill patients into the public, they would all vote Republican?

Author TimothyKK ( ago)
AHCA = American Healthcare for Crappy Assholes, "dead on arrival"

Author James Brattin ( ago)
Seriously, from a Texan, Fuck Ted Cruz. Oh and rich people that buy our government so they can write bills that give them even better tax breaks

Author Julia Yenia ( ago)
I've come to a point where some sentence trigger reflexive thoughts.

*dead/bored/disinterested look in Melania Trump's eyes* - "You spend ten years married to DJ Trump and let's see the look in your eyes." Come on, she signed on to be a rich man's wife, not for politics.

*That has never been done before!* - "_Yes_, and maybe with very good reason! Like I've never inserted an electric screwdriver into my body and I don't feel that I missed out on something."

*_You know what_, those silly people whose health benefits I just cut should just make better financial decisions; after all, they don't earn in two years what I earn in a month, which clearly shows how much cleverer I am* - "Let me just say a short but fervent prayer for one of them to make the decision to [[[[[[censored]]]]]] and [[[[[[even more censored]]]]]] you."

Author Виталий Крючков ( ago)
Вы не видели беспорядки еще будет много людей бесятся, когда их родители, бабушки и дедушки умирают, и не могу себе это позволить

Author Channel83392 ( ago)
GOP: "I'm Christian"

Okay, so what would Jesus do?

GOP: Heal the sick to avoid helping pay for them

-__________- 😑

Btw to any single Western nation out there, believing the U.S. healthcare sys is not complicated & who thinks it's simple: Talk to us when your population nears 0.5Billion, has rampant poverty & a retiring Baby boomer workforce, innovative medical procedures, expensive medical schools, and a powerful lobbying branch to be reckoned with behind Big Pharma

Author Per Sona ( ago)
Are they dead?

Author Stephany Ogata ( ago)
Everybody knew. literally everybody. lol well obviously not, but I love the enthusiasm 😀😸

Author Wei Song ( ago)
if I can't afford the treatment. I die. it's fair.

Author moonled ( ago)
Andre Rutkowski and Rick White ~ They can't call it "Republican Insurance Plan" or Trumpcare . They call it Obamacaew Light or Obamacare Phase 2 because they don't want themselves attachted to it. They'd rather try to associate it with Mr Obama in hopes that they can get people to subconsciously blame it on Obama.

Author Kimberly Soenyun ( ago)
What did we do before? Put it back to the way it was in the 60s stop giving tax credits. Government out of medical insurance and defund drug companies cut out half the shit they feed us. But nooo then we might survive. Deep state will be pissed depopulation full steam ahead‼️🇺🇸

Author Kimberly Soenyun ( ago)
Ryan's an ass I don't trust anything he works on

Author Gary Witherspoon ( ago)
Americans have allowed health care in the US to become nothing more than extortion and fraud. And they allow its politicians to claim the USA has the best health care in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Author Jimish Patel ( ago)
What?! Robin and Maurice are dead?!

Author Matt Lane ( ago)
God forbid people who pay 50% in taxes get to keep a little money...

Author Matt Lane ( ago)
so wait you worked for your money, you get to keep it? HOLY SHIT WHAT AN IDEA...

Author jvlaina ( ago)
Trump: "I Could Stand In the Middle Of Fifth Avenue And take away your healthcare And I Wouldn't Lose Any Voters"

Author The Bacons ( ago)
Fuck you, Ted

Author Jared Howard ( ago)
Help fund my study abroad program so I can learn to speak German proficiently if Trump orders martial law. I'll have the option to leave lol. As a fellow fan of Jon Oliver, either a share or donation would be great. Here's the link:

Author Tripserpentine ( ago)
How the hell is the US the only western country without decent healthcare, how? even Obamacare or ACA was a affront to western society and way to expensive? how is military dominance more important than the health of your own population?

Author Paul Colburn ( ago)
Only a liberal nut would think that if we all get our taxes cut it means we're losing our money to the rich. So what if the rich get a tax cut of $197,000. Donald Trump paid 36 million in 2009 what's 200 grand?

Author Researcher Researching Research ( ago)
Here is a better idea for the Republicans, just shoot and kill the poor or older American citizens at this point. This way you can cut funding for all the programs that the government funds that the poor or elderly rely on. Their plan is essentially going to do the same thing, just more suffering.
I honestly can't understand why they just don't work with Democrats to edit/change the bad parts of ACA.

Author Gemnist ( ago)
Of course he gets it. It's why he made such a big deal about the POPULAR vote.

Author Will pkingidiots ( ago)
It's not taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich. It makes it so that the rich are not paying 100x more than any other person for the same thing.

Author GidDragon ( ago)
This looks like a bad joke... Why aren't people rioting to stop that non-sense?

Author Wayland C ( ago)
So they're going go run that ad with an empty 20 seconds of the guy saying, "You get that right? Right?"

Poor choice.

Author Debbie Taylor ( ago)
All American should stop paying taxes and paying for the billionaires in office extravagant healthcare insurance while in office and it continues after they leave office. I wonder what plan Paul Ryan have?

Author Wermhats Wormhat ( ago)
These comments make me sad. I can't believe how many children are watching this British guy read Time Warner propaganda from a teleprompter. Seriously how did we get here, where a bunch of kids are living in this TV fake news bubble separated completely from reality? In real life, these stats his company payed to create don't hold up, it's ridiculous. I look forward to not paying my Obama inflicted "too poor to afford this shitty healthcare" taxes next year.

Author Lawson Odek ( ago)
About Melania, that was hurtful. it's getting personal, huh!

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