American Health Care Act: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week Tonight's catheter cowboy returns to morning cable news to explain that to Donald Trump.

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Added: 2 months ago
Runtime: 18:31
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Benjamin T HadenBenjamin T Haden (4 hours ago)
AHCA should be shitty obamacare in the same way as Sharpay Evans should be nicknamed shitty Regina George

Jake RooneyJake Rooney (11 hours ago)
Just remember the government doesnt make its own money, it prints it yes but that makes the value of money go down they make their money from us through taxes so if anyone wants the government to do more they better be okay with paying more taxes

James WilliamsJames Williams (19 hours ago)
Why don't you cover the fact that the medical costs of our system are the problem not the laws determining who pays for it? We pay twice per capita what most other western countries do on healthcare under the Affordable Care Act and get less coverage out of it. Seems like we are all looking at the wrong problems here.

If our system cost what most European countries cost full coverage for all would be a much easier sell.

Robert MillsRobert Mills (22 hours ago)
barry, born sept. 1, 1946. robin, born dec. 22, 1949, died may 20, 2012. maurice, born dec. 22, 1949, died jan. 12, 2003.

RaphelRaphel (22 hours ago)
Two words my friends, two words:
Canada, eh?

stewieismyhomeboystewieismyhomeboy (1 day ago)
Spoiler: It's Robin and Maurice who are dead, Barry is staying alive.

the last wild onethe last wild one (2 days ago)
I don't think any of us will have to worry long when this orange cock snot is done fucking over the environment.

The LNM Radio NetworkThe LNM Radio Network (2 days ago)
Morons watch this garbage

Philip PapakonstantinouPhilip Papakonstantinou (16 hours ago)
If you are not a troll, i'd like to hear your arguements

Paleo BlasterPaleo Blaster (3 days ago)
I think a good punishment for every middle class American that voted Trump/Republican is in order. Let them eat proverbial healthcare cake. Watch Trump take away healthcare, social security, livable wage, your internet privacy, meals on wheels, public school funding and everything else. Really put the hurt on the middle class who voted Trump/republican and let them feel the pain of thier vote. Maybe next time Bernie won't be such a crazy choice. Bernie 2020! give this country back to the middle class!

Nina ClaesNina Claes (3 days ago)
ritual hay declare everywhere assembly hear executive slam tie

Football & FedorasFootball & Fedoras (5 days ago)
2:59 unless you're viola davis

Eshan MinhasEshan Minhas (6 days ago)
It PASSED in the the Republican House! So much for Dead on arrival! Oh you Americans.......

EinomarEinomar (7 days ago)
Moe Brooks of Alabama... you are a contribution to the downfall of your country. A disgrace is what you are.

Cheryl LokeCheryl Loke (7 days ago)
Make America great again MY ASS!!!!!

Jacob huddJacob hudd (7 days ago)
As if the top 0.1% would give two shits about 100k or even the top 1% saving 30k as if they care.. So what's the actual point it's obviously something a bit more then giving the super rich money they don't care about.

Joseph SimpsonJoseph Simpson (7 days ago)
Next time in Trump's America: women can't vote anymore.

Joseph SimpsonJoseph Simpson (7 days ago)
-God Bless America!- God save America...

Rachel JordanRachel Jordan (8 days ago)
I am glad Canada has free health care. How fun America

Rachel JordanRachel Jordan (8 days ago)
Why do they think poor people are just lazy?

Scott LeopoldScott Leopold (8 days ago)
lets be honest: this is not a health care bill. this is a tax cut for the wealthy that also kills the poor, sick and elderly

Sreenivas KoorapatiSreenivas Koorapati (9 days ago)
This is theeee niceist movie i ever see!!! I advise everybody to waаaatch it :)

JamesonBondyJamesonBondy (9 days ago)
I'd like to add an update to this video:   2 of the 3 Bee Gees are in fact dead.  Maurice Gibb died in 2003 and Robin Gibb died in 2012.  Barry Gibb's still kicking it at the age of 70.

Jill RodenJill Roden (10 days ago)

Ryan EdwardsRyan Edwards (10 days ago)
The Statistic at 7 minutes-ish in the video is really sad. Really very sad. Basically that says "This Income Group had 59% of its members vote against their self interest, for reasons which, quite frankly, make outside parties watching them go: ...Seriously?"

Tony ArenasTony Arenas (11 days ago)
I'm a substance abuse counselor. 100% of my patients depend on state funding to pay. And now 100% of them won't get treated. On the bright side, Trumpcare is a type of population control. . death.

Jude FurrJude Furr (11 days ago)
I'm starting to think maybe John Oliver is only here to make fun of Republicans.

Ron HRon H (11 days ago)
Tell everybody about your revocable trust you and your wife have so you can conceal the $9 million townhouse you bought in the city dodging Taxes you piece of shit tonight

Ron HRon H (11 days ago)
Tell everybody about your revocable trust you and your wife have so you can conceal the $9 million townhouse you bought in the city dodging Taxes you piece of shit

iglidoriglidor (11 days ago)
Hooray for Europe healthcare system based on solidarity and not on lowest bidder system like in USA.

TheRaudmagiTheRaudmagi (12 days ago)
sounds like we need to introduce some communism

Man Of RefinementMan Of Refinement (13 days ago)
when you need your weekly dose of lies and half truths paid for by your corporate masters, look no further than John Oliver.

Man Of RefinementMan Of Refinement (12 days ago)
Henocq Covers so john Oliver who gets his checks signed by time warner, (one of the top donators to the Clinton campaign) who gets paid to push the agenda of his corporate masters. Is honest and truthful?

Henocq CoversHenocq Covers (12 days ago)
Trump supporters then? Just because we say that about your guy, it isn't the same when you say it about ours.

jerico641jerico641 (13 days ago)
To that stupid iPhone reference, I have to make this comment: I am a college graduate with 24 years' experience in my field of Public Works Administration; I hold 4 certifications in environmental regulations and municipal grants administration, and was selected as the Employee of the Year in 1998.  19 months ago, I was laid off from my position as Public Works Director of a small city in Central Florida.  Since then (probably due mostly to my age of 52), I have not been able to land a position in my field in my geographic area.  I've been working 2 jobs, one full time position as a substitute teacher, the other a part time spot selling parking spaces for a theme park.  I routinely work 45 or more days straight without a day off, and average about 55 - 60 hours per week.  Still, I can barely afford to live on the salaries I make, and it is a constant struggle to afford food and even gas to get to and from work.  I couldn't possibly afford an iPhone, and as a matter of fact, use a basic trac phone through a government program.  I have no health insurance, as neither of my jobs offers it, and I cannot even hope to afford it otherwise.  I am not alone.  Most poor people whom the far right-wingers would like to paint as lazy, irresponsible bums are in actuality hard working Americans who are working like hell just to stay alive.  The notion that we go around spending what little money we have on smart phones and other luxuries while ignoring health insurance is absurd, and a reprehensible assertion to make.  Sorry for the long post.

Vaunt D'ananasVaunt D'ananas (13 days ago)
At some point I'm sort of expecting the U.S. to implode. Maybe Canada will take over what's left. It's like but with countries!

Jason PhillipJason Phillip (13 days ago)
Insurance is the business of avoiding adverse risk in order make a profit. Knowing this if you think insurance works for healthcare you must be an idiot or very uncaring.

Maggie RamirezMaggie Ramirez (13 days ago)
Dtrumpf is a backstabing president, all those who voted for him are going to be purged from this earth when they get sick....

Kelso SunshineKelso Sunshine (13 days ago)
oh yeah, a shitty version of already shitty obamacare!

lord6617lord6617 (14 days ago)
5:36 how does it feel to have laid out 300 billion as how much they might cut out, only to find they instead decided to double down and cut out 1 trillion dollars from medicaid?

Big_Steve 380Big_Steve 380 (14 days ago)
G! I wonder why!

Cabbage manCabbage man (14 days ago)
While the rest of the modern world has had basic healthcare for decades America has been finger pointing there way to death.America has become a ME society not a WE.I suppose that's what happens when your media and Govt wants to keep you divided.

itchy scratchyitchy scratchy (14 days ago)
still waiting, in the great state of crrrAZ, still waiting for any rep to have a town hall within 300 miles of phoenix... even in an any R will do state they are running scared.

Jeanne EberleJeanne Eberle (14 days ago)
Haven't laughed this hard in a long time! Hysterical!

Just a ManateeJust a Manatee (14 days ago)
Meanwhile in Canada

juste kevinjuste kevin (14 days ago)
Meanwhile in france we have an universal healthcare since almost a hundread years

hatz4mehatz4me (15 days ago)
Completely forgot Caillou was popular outside of Canada. I just sorta assume anything popular in Canada is only important in Canada

carlotacarlota (16 days ago)
😢. Every time john Oliver uploads a video on a proposal, plan or anything related to trump it ends up helping him lpm john Oliver yetaaaa (don't know how to say it in English sorry)

5Oblivion5Oblivion (17 days ago)
More like the Absolute Horseshit Care Act.

Robert RiveraRobert Rivera (17 days ago)
Where are the millions of Americans who realize they are getting fucked over by this ?

lesrima88lesrima88 (17 days ago)
hold that L

Kris BaileyKris Bailey (18 days ago)
John Oliver fucking cuck .. totally one sided . .total fucking scab on the slashed ACL of unbiased reporting.... so many of these guys are all the fucking same...the only way to keep afloat as these guys is to completely polarize, because that guarantees a certain percentage of the sheep

voidmindvoidmind (18 days ago)
I keep watching the "You get that, right?" part and it always makes me laugh!

systematic101systematic101 (18 days ago)
How is your health insurance so damn high. $13,500 in credits for health insurance and you likely still pay something out of pocket for that insurance? For a person in Canada making $50K in Ontario their total federal and provincial taxes is about $8400. They would get full health coverage under that tax. Even if that person spent all their net income in that year the total taxes would be $13900 amusing everything they bought was taxable.

MyMMCMyMMC (18 days ago)
GG america

bjorn2flybjorn2fly (19 days ago)
The medical system in america seems very complex. The main problem is that its most expensive system in the world, without even giving full cover to everyone. The way you need to think is that you need to cut costs. Take away the possibility of suing your doctor, and instead take her license if she does not perform. Give everyone free cover, this will take away insurance and a lot of trades in hospitals. Make people pay for screening themselves, except for the very poorest, this will decrease overuse. If successful you should be abel to give full coverage to everyone for half of what you pay today. Good luck.

Maria  OrnelasMaria Ornelas (19 days ago)
karma is a Bitch!!! lol

IHeartTheMusic123IHeartTheMusic123 (21 day ago)
For the record I did google it: Barry's alive. Robin and Maurice are dead.

daniel jobdaniel job (21 day ago)
The US might point and laugh at us for our 'Two guys in a long boat' navy? But we successfully installed a workable UHCS back in the 1980's without having to hire billions of dollars worth of pollsters & analysts! (P.S: there are 2 guys because one holds the shotgun while the other rows!)

studfindingballstudfindingball (21 day ago)
If Oliver weren't such a goof he would offer an alternative, say a payroll tax for hospital bills. A tax based on income level with cost controls in place so hospital systems don't get a blank check. The ruling class is controlling and steering the discussion. Fuck 'em.

Lloyd BensonLloyd Benson (21 day ago)
Thank god I live in a civilised country where I don't go bankrupt when I get ill

foxman105foxman105 (21 day ago)
So... how long until a person that is severely ill and can not afford treatment decides to commit an assassination of a senator that supports this kind of medical system?

Melody WeckelMelody Weckel (21 day ago)
Ironically people seem to like Pirates of the Caribbean 5. AHA not so much.

Nadsenoj1Nadsenoj1 (22 days ago)
holy shit. John, "it's FUCKING important..." lol

Danis ShardaDanis Sharda (22 days ago)
Americans you may as well move to Canada. Less confusing.

Ethan MalloyEthan Malloy (22 days ago)
did anyone else expect a jump scare at the end of the cowboy commercial?

Jack WyattJack Wyatt (22 days ago)
Is John growing a mustache?

TorterraTorterra (22 days ago)
Anyone else want to see a skit where the Catheter Cowboy shoves a used catheter down Drumpf's throat?

And John, feel free to use that.

gerrywawragerrywawra (23 days ago)
Now i'm really happy i'm Australian, where we have a system where we can get alot of medical things for free

Aaron DungeyAaron Dungey (23 days ago)
ever noticed that it just looks like trump is using this bill to assist his own old company?

PhoenixAngel429PhoenixAngel429 (23 days ago)
Obamacare wasn't great, it just made everyone get insurance and pay higher costs. ANd just because you couldn't be denied doesn't mean they can't jack up your rates. Did not address why costs were so high: INSURANCE COMPANIES. And this does nothing to address that flaw in Obamacare. Seriously this is just nuts.

Jacob MarionJacob Marion (23 days ago)
Basically, the entirety of Republican politics are, "As long as you've got more money than you could ever spend in your entire life, we'll make sure you never have to spend a single cent! :D "

Hi ThereHi There (24 days ago)
And in the U.K. We get free health care 👌🏻

SanctriellSanctriell (12 days ago)
thank god. Live in germany. I mean its technically not free since we pay for it. But some percentage of our loan. The other half your employer pays it.

Jacob MarionJacob Marion (23 days ago)
Same here in Canada! :D

psychonosurepsychonosure (24 days ago)
john oliver has to use smaller words and talk slower otherwise trumpets will never understand the message behind the show

stanstan (24 days ago)
did anyone actually find out if any of the beastie boys actually died

Kali NewsomKali Newsom (24 days ago)
hmmm I keep telling people this but they just don't believe that republicans are evil and only love the rich hahah

Bob StokleyBob Stokley (25 days ago)
HBO should fire this asshole what a MORON. do like that democrat pig faggot said JUST DIE!

LunarD3A7HLunarD3A7H (25 days ago)
He's right, I have no interest in googling it.

Marque LampertMarque Lampert (25 days ago)
So if this or anything like it passes, I'll be dead. A diabetic, living on minimal social security(<800 a month), and ESRD (end stage renal disease) on dialysis. Lose my medicade/Medicare- no dialysis for two weeks and I'm quite literally dead. Gee whiz thanks pres!

Marque LampertMarque Lampert (25 days ago)
So if this or anything like it passes, I'll be dead. A diabetic, living on minimal social security(<800 a month), and ESRD (end stage renal disease) on dialysis. Lose my medicade/Medicare- no dialysis for two weeks and I'm quite literally dead. Gee whiz thanks pres!

General ShamicGeneral Shamic (26 days ago)

That is a really nice tie

Laura J.Laura J. (26 days ago)
I think the base problem all around the world causing political unequal decisions in favor of the rich is that idea of getting some that is part of human nature. And sure it's ok to have that idea but why can't we just scrap the b*llsh*it dream term democracy and either make it real or name it oligarchy as it unfortunately is?

Dallas MannDallas Mann (26 days ago)
I gave up on health insurance. $250,000 in my entire lifetime, not including premiums. I could much more easily just pay $65,000 plus tax for the things I'll likely get in my lifetime.

Lee McDonaldLee McDonald (26 days ago)
used to like oliver
gone liberal.

General ShamicGeneral Shamic (26 days ago)
pretty sure he has always been left leaning

Lee McDonaldLee McDonald (26 days ago)
u no america so great. bullshit

Lee McDonaldLee McDonald (26 days ago)
with all the money in america there should be free healthcare

Alexander GoeresAlexander Goeres (26 days ago)
the part with the iphone and the healthcare sounds like the modern version of the mentioning of eating cake if the people didn't have bread ...

kickingmonsterkickingmonster (27 days ago)
Does anyone know why his newer videos don't work?

Jack MacJack Mac (27 days ago)
Fuck you guys I live in Canada

Lenny SmithLenny Smith (27 days ago)

TSal MeiTSal Mei (29 days ago)
Trump: "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated"
Czech Finance minister: "Nobody knew there could be so many kind of business."
Me: "Nobody knew politicians could be so stupid."

FMAfanclubFMAfanclub (29 days ago)
I'm having a great time watching America sink deep into the shit they actually voted for.
Trump's acting the exact way everyone knew he was going to, and no one tried to prevent it. Marvelous.

BrendanJ RiceBrendanJ Rice (1 month ago)
Don't you think the ones who work hard to make their money year after year saving for retirement and for their children's education shouldn't have to pull half their paycheck out their ass to give to the lazy people

BrendanJ RiceBrendanJ Rice (1 month ago)
What great things have companies done for us hmmmm computers, telephones, cars, planes, electricity, weapons for the military, war support, built cities. Seriously I could go on a tax break on the rich helps all of us. It allows more jobs to be opened to more people. That's how you end poverty. Get a job. We don't need to be more socialist like Venezuela and Brazil

Laurinda PierreLaurinda Pierre (1 month ago)
u get that right?U get that?

Cesar CruzCesar Cruz (1 month ago)
One think i can say.... Love Fox because even though it is considered a "right wing channel", they are a free media enough to criticize plans made by anyone including a right wing politician. FOX, U HAVE MY RESPECT !!!!! #LetsEndFakeNews #FuckCNN #FuckGlobalism #FuckSuckingUpTheLeftists

zioncanyon100zioncanyon100 (1 month ago)
that guy was right. maybe not spend money on an iphone and maybe some healthcare you cunts.

Wyatt StarrattWyatt Starratt (1 month ago)
"Come to Canada, we have weed and healthcare"

Alonzo AldabaAlonzo Aldaba (29 days ago)
Wyatt Starratt yep

Timothy J. HollowayTimothy J. Holloway (1 month ago)
The "poodle pubes" guy you insulted has a good point: Consumeristic indulgence in iPhones, iPads, and their Android counterparts while ignoring far more important stuff that _doesn't_ distract from reality _is_ wasteful. They spend money on shit when their health is clearly at stake. All the time. John Oliver, your calling him out makes you look less, shall we say, substantial as a human being.

Timothy J. HollowayTimothy J. Holloway (1 month ago)
You know, as informative and entertaining as I have often found these videos, the slant is such that the bias seems the message. Why not be a little more objective in your thinking, John Oliver/LWT, and then get excited when you're right, not as an attack on conservatives just because they're conservatives.

I used to love this show, but either I got smarter or you got a lot dumber, and my chess skills are such that I have to assume you just got a lot dumber.

Keep your integrity or go back to The Daily Show, John Oliver. Maybe you really belong there.

Hi ThereHi There (1 month ago)
john is brain dead.

C MurphyC Murphy (1 month ago)
fuck Paul Ryan and the new Healthcare Act

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