Hammond Samples Demo example (xk3, nord, jimmy smith, clone)

Buy Original Hammond B3 organ samples for live or studio usage.
Samples are listed on Ebay. Check out under Hammond B3 organ samples !

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Author Alan Laguda (10 days)
Hi great samples, would love to buy but can't find anything on Ebay have
tried numerous times.. 

Author Jason Darcy (1 month)
how much to buy the package, will it work with my korg triton tr, how do
you load in the new sounds

Author Ivan Fransiskus (2 months)
can i use tha sample on Roland Juno-Gi?

Author FunkyFunkyBeat (3 months)
Top job :)

Author Productions Vidéo Rouge Tomate (5 months)
can you send me a email
on this adress

please i would like to buy your hammond organ sample to load into a pa3x



Author PeteBuchwald (3 years)
Sounds great man! If you could get this mapped out for the (Logic Pro)
EXS24 sampler ... you'd make a killing! Logic has a build in roto-cabinet
plugin, so you wouldn't need to mess with including the leslie samples and
getting them integrated. Native Instruments offers a free sampler, Kontact
Player, that I believe would work in any program like Pro Tools, etc. So
maybe that would be a better way to go to make it more accessible for
people? Good job on the sampling!! Pete

Author Hrvoje Sindik (2 years)
@elkaservis Super Evo poslao sam ti e mail :)

Author Lugg Rench (1 year)
I purchased your sample disc. The instructions were not with it. Please
send the instructions. Bill Odum, PO Box 1182, Alamogordo, NM 88311

Author McHale72 (3 years)
Love the samples. Are they still for sale?

Author ammxx (3 years)
Hey, could someone tell me whats the name of the song at 7:13 ?? please !!!

Author Gorothan (3 years)
ima li ikakve sanse da se semplovi naprave na KORG X3 ili PA 80?

Author elkaservis (3 years)
@Gorothan nazalost, ipak malo preslaba oprema..

Author Andrea Raimondi (10 months)

Author phly23 (3 years)
where do I buy These?

Author elkaservis (11 months)
really ? Interesting...! And why do you think so ?

Author Omar CR (1 year)
need to use a really lesly to play properly, otherwise you will not get, I
made my own samples and listen well because my triton is routed to a lesly!
Greetings! if you use regular monitors will not have the same sound that
brings lesly much of the sound that characterizes him, that regardless of
the effect it will never equal a synthesizer! Greetings!

Author malidabar (2 years)
Bravo za semplove, odlicno zvuce ;)

Author Omar CR (1 year)
no, these samples can load only the Korg line because the format is KMP,
Yamaha needs to ask if those are available in the format for Yamaha, either
way you have to send the sound to a Leslie (not your monitors) for obtain
good results!

Author elkaservis (3 years)
@tyrone69goodlife You'll get the best results with Leslie amp. You can find
Leslie 760 cheap. Tube Leslies are more expensive. Maybe you can try Motion
Sound, they are good too. There's also option to use any kind keyboard amp
and some Leslie simulator ( Neo Ventilator sounds great ).

Author kriskb3 (4 years)
First off: Nice work. Some questions: How did you produce the percussion
samples, since the organ is not a C3? Is it equipped with a
TrekII-percussion or what? Does the percussion work as in the original
Hammond - that is, mute when one key is held down, in other words, not
retriggerable? How did you produce the C3-Vibrato?

Author jtony (2 years)
how do i order?

Author leroyholm (4 years)
I would also like to know, how to buy the samples. (Kriskb3. you just make
the percussionsample monophonic.)

Author commexpainting (3 years)
can you get the samples of a technics sx-c600

Author plasticPlaystation (3 years)

Author Tomas Cortes (1 year)
Im glad i find you ,do you have this collection of your samples for sale?

Author Vlad (4 years)
Pozdrav, dobar posao odrađen, verujem i mukotrpan : ) Baš me zanima u čemu
si radio loopove, pogotovu što visoki zvuče prirodno. Da li stavljaš da se
svaki drawbar aktivira tek za određeni velocity (zbog simulacije
multikontakata) recimo najniži od 0, sledeći od npr. 10 itd. I još u vezi
perca - svi kažu da treba mono, ali ne dobije se onaj legato kao na pravoj
stvari. Možda postoji neka forica, ili jednostavno poly?

Author Jay Marriott (3 years)
I love the sound from 6.20, thats the sound i've been after for years.......

Author karlman23 (1 year)
Can I play these samples on the Yamaha Motif XS?? These sounds exactly like
a real hammond!

Author elkaservis (4 years)
I sent you private msg..

Author Hargrow28 (3 years)
I have a triton classic. When I sample, I cant save my samples on the
keyboard. How can I save my samples. Plus this video you put up on the
sampling the Hammond is Geneus. Please help me .

Author elkaservis (3 years)
@ammxx "When You're Smilin' ".. It's Joey D. version... LOVE IT!!

Author elkaservis (4 years)
Pozdrav! Ma nema greske, Potrudit cemo se da dobro radi! :)

Author Pablo Green (2 years)
Yes..that is very good, been searching e-bay for used Korg CX-,BX-3. My
Hero Brian Auger uses Korg..what a musician and what a tone. Your Korg
shown is just using your samples and not a KORG preset. These sampes are
what format, im using an M-Audio Axiom 25 controller and cakewalk Music
creator, or Ableton Live. Thank you and where do i get your Sampes. Also
have you packaged your favorite presets ie Jimmy Smith et all.

Author elkaservis (2 years)
send me a message to

Author Hrvoje Sindik (1 year)
yes !! k sounds (especially organ) samples are totally useless

Author elkaservis (1 year)
Yes, I did. Actually it was a SOLTON TURBOJET.

Author methodinsane (1 year)
The samples are sold on ebay. Just a search for "Original Hammond B3 organ
samples" or something like that. I found them. Not sure if I can put the
link here. Sorry.

Author Superfly7676 (3 years)
@elkaservis Great sounds! I don't suppose it would work for Kontakt 3.5
would it? I haven't had a need to upgrade to K4 yet.

Author elkaservis (3 years)
@PeteBuchwald Thanks for the comment ! There is Native Instruments KONTAKT
4 format AVAILABLE NOW !! And Logic Pro version is comming soon ! Thanks
for your suggestions ! Karlo

Author papyslapet1 (3 years)
That is a good démo! Thanks

Author elkaservis (2 years)
@Milojica222 Hvala ! :)

Author Hrvoje Sindik (2 years)
Great great samples I have them !! This is real stuff ! btw - Don't buy
K-Sounds Organimation its a fraud !!

Author myfz6 (1 year)
so if i load the sample to my Yamaha Motif XF can i just plug up the 3100
Leslie to my Keyboard and it will sound exactly the same as a B3? I thought
these samples didn't work on Yamaha? yamaha are very strict on the files it

Author Dante Star (4 years)
You did a great job on your video here my friend. I also enjoy what you are
doing with music...... Looks like you are really enjoying the
Hammond/Leslie experience. Best Wishes, dante star

Author phly23 (3 years)
So Great! I would love to order~I'm in San Francisco, CA Thanks Phly23

Author Superfly7676 (3 years)
@elkaservis Great sounds! I don't suppose it would work for Kontakt 3.5
would it? I haven't had a need to upgrade to K4 yet.

Author formercakid (4 years)
how does a person order the B3 samples??

Author lilsprite05 (1 year)
@ korginside666 is k-sounds really a fraud??;

Author Mati Espina (2 years)
Hi, I'm borat

Author Julius DeBerry (1 year)
Lol @lil sprite

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