090918 SNSD Shinhan Bank Credit Card CF

new SNSD CF for shinhan credit card


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Author nanda uzumaki ( ago)

Author nanda uzumaki ( ago)

Author feuilles ( ago)
Representing random things 😂

Author Joshua Kim ( ago)

Author October Garden ( ago)
Ah! The CF where they cheated their height =))))))))

Author AKUHaySIYA ( ago)
lol. it's the plank commercial. XDD

Author Leonad12 ( ago)
Wow, 1 million views just for a 15 seconds SNSD CF.

Author SOULsamaOfficial ( ago)
I like sunny and sooyoung what a pair.

Author puckyeol py ( ago)
0:11 sunny high=sooyoung

Author BatteredSav100 ( ago)
How did I get from Kangaroos to here??? 0_o

Author Zakuro P ( ago)
Since when YoonA is taller than Sooyoung

Author Joshua Kim ( ago)
I came here for Yoona and some legs :P

Author MGS MyAngelsGeneration ( ago)
I Love you SNSD!!! 

Author Yoong Aholic ( ago)
Yoona Yoona I love you :)

Author Vichipka Sophal ( ago)
Mangarda Because yoona has to be in he middle Sm put her there for the face
of snsd

Author Thuy Smiley ( ago)

Author PakWan Chakrii ( ago)
yoonA my luvly gurl

Author Kimi no Na wa ? EXO - Kai ( ago)

Author manchester940 ( ago)
Yuri, cute girl

Author thereisnonameleft ( ago)
I guess nobody watched this because he wanted this credit card

Author mangarda ( ago)
grrr...why is Yoona ALWAYS in the middle.....sigh.....

Author friendsforever715 ( ago)
i love it more...LOLXD

Author Zhandos Smagulov ( ago)
Very deautiful girls!But if they had black hairs it would be better!Because
they are Asian GIRLS!

Author Ace Gomez ( ago)
sometimes it's funny to be ignorant

Author Ace Gomez ( ago)
stop bitching about yoona 

Author Ace Gomez ( ago)
if you are not blind you can see 9

Author idontwantto ( ago)
how come the fc can get million viêw, only snsd

Author Zzz230210 ( ago)
thats it im gettin a shinhan bank card

Author Missbeyrouth ( ago)
well she \ he didn't say a sing he said " THE " singer , that means she's
the greatest between all of them 

Author mangarda ( ago)
so there's only one singer in the whole group??? LOL uh oh

Author richzero0 ( ago)

Author Seoul AlliedIntellect ( ago)
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Author Đỗ Nhược Hàn ( ago)
DKM lũ đĩ này ko mặc quần hay váy sát háng thỳ chak là tụi nó sẽ chết mất

Author gem garcia ( ago)
A 15 second CF with almost 900 thousands view WOW SOSHI DAEBAK!

Author MrFattyfatfatboy ( ago)
how the hell did i end up here

Author evilxcookie2 ( ago)
@NiNJAof2011 Yeah XDD they talked about it on a show.

Author Haineko404 ( ago)
@cynthia1003 sooyoung the spokeperson? cheerful princess! ^^

Author persica niko ( ago)
saranghae taeyeong<3<3<3

Author DThunderBird ( ago)
@TiffanySNSDful some of them were standing on bricks and boxes as i
heard.... :D

Author purplemist411 ( ago)
@TiffanySNSDful There is a picture somewhere that shows the danshins
standing on blocks XD

Author amylalaz123 ( ago)
to be honest I accept YoonA as the face of snsd and I don't hate her but I
really want them to give more shots to other members

Author amylalaz123 ( ago)
@TheDellanator I actually agree with you. I only saw YoonA's face in this

Author amylalaz123 ( ago)
so jessica has the shortest upper body xD

Author commercialfree ( ago)
@kimdung2728 : not sure why. but i could see it. try clicking on "see all"
comments then click "sort by thread"

Author commercialfree ( ago)
@kimdung2728 : saw your question already. i could see it. i don't know why
you can't see it

Author commercialfree ( ago)
@kimdung2728 : i haven't removed any comments on any of my videos. maybe it
was rated very low or somebody marked it spam

Author Baleur ( ago)
legs overload

Author yelyel09 ( ago)
would they be in the credit card??

Author friendsforever715 ( ago)
YURI<3 so stunning

Author seoulady ( ago)
i thought shin chan -,- lol

Author fantabulous1995 ( ago)
taeyeon!!! ♥ super gorgeous!!

Author Yen l ( ago)

Author Fsyian Wonderland ( ago)
@kimdung2728 I heard Taeyeon said so in one of the korea reality show. 

Author Joshua Marshall ( ago)

Author Nana the Dwarf ( ago)
I watch this CF and I think: Blocks FTW!!! XD

Author jmcasz ( ago)
this commercial is so cute!!!love it!!

Author TaeNyJeTi ( ago)
I remembered this picture where Sunny, Jessica, TaeYeon , Hyoyeon and
Tiffany had to use blocks with different height. To make all SNSD members
the same height!

Author brnxmd (1076 years ago)
I love the way they made the 2nd to the last group shot to look as though
they were all of the same height. XD

Author Như Đặng Quỳnh ( ago)
@miracleloveza me too 

Author RANDOPAUL ( ago)
Wow, too short!! Wish it were longer!! (2-3 hrs maybe?). Yuri & Tiffany my
favorites, but I like Yoona too, very cute!!

Author davidnodavid ( ago)
Those legs.... 

Author yakultcat ( ago)
0:02 poor sunny...LOLLL

Author kei988 ( ago)
not so good 

Author Adele N ( ago)
We all know Yoona is the face of SNSD or whatever. But alot of people are
just pissed off at how they give out the shots. I mean so what if she's the
face of snsd? They should atleast have more shots so other members can be
in it. I don't care if I get hate on this. Im just saying.

Author Gaby42ify ( ago)
Is this a SNSD Cf or a Yoona cf???

Author Chen Cynthia ( ago)
Taeyeon: the singer Jessica: the ice princess Tiffany: the killer smile
Sunny: the call-for-punch cuteness Hyoyeon: the dancing queen Yuri: the
sexy one Sooyoung: the spokesperson Yoona: the image representative
Seohyun: the pure maknae

Author ika ( ago)
@kimdung2728 see girls generation say that yoona is the
visual of snsd..

Author Clown Fish ( ago)
SNSD looks so good in vest :)), i wonder why at 0:11 all shorties were as
tall as Yuri and Seohyun lol

Author TheCandywasted ( ago)

Author wwwdotcutecatdotcom ( ago)
Pause @0:01 and laugh at the first guys face LOL

Author hihihi ( ago)
yoona biased

Author Elsa Green ( ago)
@MrEvldreamr Yes they all are but I dont know, I'm always amazed at how
skinny Yoona's arms are...

Author MrEvldreamr ( ago)
@andana3 soo young is thin too. O.o

Author Sutida Kumyai ( ago)

Author miracle ( ago)
YoonA is the most beautiful girl in SNSD.❤ 

Author Elsa Green ( ago)
@jsmyrski I feel the same. Yoona's quite cute, but Sooyoung is beautiful -
plus Yoona's too thin...

Author srae kyoo ( ago)
@josephbausas yuna in snsd, and siwon in suju.

Author clarin0610 ( ago)
yoona is beautiful ~~ i don't think it is unfair that she got the shot
often though my bias is queen Sica ❤

Author jxthefluffy ( ago)
at 00:11 all same height!But...stools! 

Author ambition415 ( ago)
SNSD can sell anything :D 

Author Mai Maliwan ( ago)
I love yoona <3

Author Nancy Yang ( ago)
even though yoona is my most favorite just stfu people stop complaining

Author Harrison Rhee ( ago)
@josephbausas yeah i saw a backstage video of the concert they had in paris
and tiffany was saying that yoona is the face of snsd

Author Petty San ( ago)
STOP HATING ON YOONA cause SM chose her to be the face of snsd right ? u
could always focus on other members where all of them r in the shots

Author Ashley Tu ( ago)
@kimarey i guess so. but no one actually likes someone more if they sing

Author iAmB2stful ( ago)
OMG what can i say./........ LEGS!!!! <3 

Author commercialfree ( ago)
@kimdung2728 : not sure where i read it or where they said it. even her
SNSD co- members says so too. not sure if they said it on an interview or

Author Kimarey ( ago)
@tusinyuMITand007 They have to even it out somehow. Although she gets the
most shots, she doesn't have that many parts to sing compare to other

Author Ashley Tu ( ago)
@josephbausas i find yuri the prettiest. but still, i guess its fair to
have her the "face of snsd" because she's mostly there for her looks. 

Author soshimon ( ago)
omg this is the cf where the shorties had to stand on blocks! lol

Author Austin Kim ( ago)
@sonyeoshidaeluv SUNNY IS PRETTY ALSO RIGHT???

Author feline37 ( ago)
yeah yoona is an ideal korean beauty bc of her egg-shaped, small, v-line
jawed face. her face is the same in the morning, she has curly, long
lashes, and she's doe-eyed. she's also 168cm - the ideal height for a girl
(not too tall, not too short). there you have it. but jessica is my
personal favorite lol

Author Ko gunjoo ( ago)
@xafxcherry that's Asian view!

Author Hourglass ( ago)
@Marjoyyh1 but yoona isn't the youngest :)

Author balloonheat ( ago)
@josephbausas i actually think SooYoung is the prettiest. Yoona is a bit
too plain.

Author SONE ( ago)
Pls don't have Yoona, it was SM who choose her to be the face of SNSD

Author commercialfree ( ago)
hmm, alot of you guys wants the other members to shine on CFs. as we all
know, Yoona is the face of SNSD & because of that she gets most of the
shots. she did not choose to be the face of the group. SM chose her

Author Adele N ( ago)
@dianaafriya Well I'm just saying I saw a pole of all the snsd members, and
who people liked the most. the percentages, like a ratings. and jessica got
the most. I'm just saying that jessica is pretty damn famous international.
I'm australian and tons of people know snsd and the boys like Sica. and I
dont care if yoona the most popular but every snsd members has a shit load
of fans and they should be giving each member a fair go. its annoying
seeing yoonas face shot on every commercial

Author Dian Agustin ( ago)
@TheDellanator don't you know Yoona has the most fans in Korea? Taeyeon #1
among international fans. well, ofc I'm not saying that people has to think
that Yoona is the prettiest but I'm pretty sure SM choose her as the centre
of the group was for a very good reason.

Author datronent sole ( ago)
i showed my 4 years old and 7 years old nieces snsd's gee and kissing you
mv and asked them who among the girls is the prettiest, and they
immediately pointed to yoona!take note they don't even know snsd. That must
be the reason why she's face of snsd. she's always the first one to get the
attention of the people, even kids'.

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