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Author lee joungmin (7 months)
090918 SNSD Shinhan Bank Credit Card CF:

Author Lee joung min (7 months)
090918 SNSD Shinhan Bank Credit Card CF:

Author October Garden (1 year)
Ah! The CF where they cheated their height =))))))))

Author Alyssa Wonderland (3 years)
@kimdung2728 I heard Taeyeon said so in one of the korea reality show.

Author Ashley Tu (3 years)
@kimarey i guess so. but no one actually likes someone more if they sing

Author JingXuan2002 (3 years)
at 00:11 all same height!But...stools!

Author Soshi Seo (3 years)
@josephbausas I agree with xafxcherry. Although yoona is the face of SNSD,
the other members shoud also be recognized and be given attention. SNSD is
SNSD. 9 members. Or maybe the other 8 members are just back-up dancers and
singers? And yoona is only the SNSD member? Its only my opinion btw, I love
this video.

Author srae kyoo (3 years)
@josephbausas yuna in snsd, and siwon in suju.

Author evilxcookie2 (3 years)
@NiNJAof2011 Yeah XDD they talked about it on a show.

Author amylalaz123 (3 years)
so jessica has the shortest upper body xD

Author Harrison Rhee (3 years)
@josephbausas yeah i saw a backstage video of the concert they had in paris
and tiffany was saying that yoona is the face of snsd

Author Jungahlovex3 (3 years)
oh gosh people, of course fans would say that their bias is the prettiest
>.< im a sooyoungster, that's why sooyoung is the prettiest, funniest, most
talented member to me, same to other people (maybe not sooyoung, ex.
taeyeon, fany...)

Author MrEvldreamr (3 years)
@andana3 soo young is thin too. O.o

Author soshimon (3 years)
omg this is the cf where the shorties had to stand on blocks! lol

Author Leonad12 (2 years)
Wow, 1 million views just for a 15 seconds SNSD CF.

Author jmcasz (3 years)
this commercial is so cute!!!love it!!

Author DThunderBird (3 years)
@TiffanySNSDful some of them were standing on bricks and boxes as i
heard.... :D

Author Zzz230210 (3 years)
thats it im gettin a shinhan bank card

Author Mypinkyrulez (3 years)
@MurakumoChan I know right. =/ Im a black jack and I dont appreciate being
called a blow job... Dont stoop to their level. They're just crazy fans.

Author davidnodavid (3 years)
Those legs....

Author Joshua Marshall (3 years)

Author BatteredSav100 (2 years)
How did I get from Kangaroos to here??? 0_o

Author MurakumoChan (3 years)
@Mypinkyrulez Sorry if it offended you, I know there are some really down
to earth BJ's out there :) it's for those kids who can't avoid things they
don't like and always ends up posting trash, meh.

Author Kris Wu Yifan (3 years)
I think it's interesting that Yoona is this embodiment of Korea's standard
of beauty. I live in North America and I don't think she'd be considered
pretty here... maybe just "cute." I think Sooyoung would be the most
beautiful here. Different strokes.

Author spartanGUN (3 years)
I think the message was, "Invest in SNSD legs." Not sure what it means, but
here, take my money!

Author commercialfree (3 years)
@kimdung2728 : i haven't removed any comments on any of my videos. maybe it
was rated very low or somebody marked it spam

Author everybeautifulday (3 years)
wow snsd truly is incredible from making commercials for food like pizza
and ramen to bank credit cards? they're all so lovely <3

Author Ashley Tu (3 years)
@josephbausas i find yuri the prettiest. but still, i guess its fair to
have her the "face of snsd" because she's mostly there for her looks.

Author Dian Agustin (3 years)
@TheDellanator don't you know Yoona has the most fans in Korea? Taeyeon #1
among international fans. well, ofc I'm not saying that people has to think
that Yoona is the prettiest but I'm pretty sure SM choose her as the centre
of the group was for a very good reason.

Author yakultcat (3 years)
0:02 poor sunny...LOLLL

Author Bird ThaiMeow (3 years)
credit cards egs on it.... my way

Author Nana the Dwarf (3 years)
I watch this CF and I think: Blocks FTW!!! XD

Author thereisnonameleft (2 years)
I guess nobody watched this because he wanted this credit card

Author Thuy Smiley (2 years)

Author LoveSunny5 (3 years)
I think Yoona is cute and stuff, but she has a average look. I love her,
don't take me wrong, but I think the other members should shine more :)

Author crenmao (3 years)
the making of is epic xD

Author amylalaz123 (3 years)
@TheDellanator I actually agree with you. I only saw YoonA's face in this CF

Author friendsforever715 (3 years)
YURI<3 so stunning

Author wwwdotcutecatdotcom (3 years)
Pause @0:01 and laugh at the first guys face LOL

Author Ko gunjoo (3 years)
@xafxcherry that's Asian view!

Author alice sar (4 years)
i miss sica's blonde hair :'{

Author Missbeyrouth (3 years)
well she \ he didn't say a sing he said " THE " singer , that means she's
the greatest between all of them

Author Baleur (3 years)
legs overload

Author AKUHaySIYA (2 years)
lol. it's the plank commercial. XDD

Author Haineko404 (3 years)
@cynthia1003 sooyoung the spokeperson? cheerful princess! ^^

Author manchester940 (2 years)
Yuri, cute girl

Author Vichipka Sophal (2 years)
Mangarda Because yoona has to be in he middle Sm put her there for the face
of snsd

Author commercialfree (3 years)
@xafxcherry : you don't like her? she's one of the prettiest member IMHO

Author Ace Gomez (3 years)
if you are not blind you can see 9

Author Kimarey (3 years)
@tusinyuMITand007 They have to even it out somehow. Although she gets the
most shots, she doesn't have that many parts to sing compare to other

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